Emersion Performance Acting Methodology

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Method Acting, an acting methodology frequently used by Hollywood actors, is characterized by an “immersion” of oneself in the character, whereby their personality is changed to that of the desired character.

Emersion Methodology is characterized by an “emersion” (“emerging from”), a drawing out or presentation of oneself from a particular environment or activity—the scenario.  An “emersion” of oneself within a scenario is one in which you behave as you would naturally in that situation whereby you reveal yourself, your own identity, as being the actual character.  By so doing, the “performance” becomes a reality and the resulting film is in fact authentic and realistic.  Hence, the reason that my films are recognized for their authenticity and realistic portrayals of an actual punishment session … because they are real. 

Behaving normally in a “performance” is the foundation for the Emersion Methodology.  There have been Hollywood-type films in which this methodology has actually been implemented, although it was not named as such.  The Blair Witch Project is possibly the most well-known.  But, many years ago, a part of a Hollywood film implemented this methodology—Last Tango in Paris.  The following interview was conducted that described what happened: 

In a recently resurfaced video interview from 2013, Bertolucci confirms that Schneider, who died in 2011, did not know about the rape scene ahead of time, and that the graphic nature of the scene was improvised on set.

We were having, with Marlon, breakfast on the floor of the flat where I was shooting. There was a baguette, there was butter and we looked at each other and, without saying anything, we knew what we wanted,” the director said then. “I had been, in a way, horrible to Maria because I didn’t tell her what was going on.”    Bertolucci said he felt guilty about how he treated Schneider, but does not regret the scene.    Nothing in the resurfaced video is news as the director has been very vocal about his filming of the scene and how it affected Maria Schneider in multiple interviews over the years, most recently during a press tour for his last film “Me and You”, during which the YouTube video interview was shot.    He expressed roughly the same sentiment in a 2013 interview with The Telegraph: “No, I don’t feel guilty, but when she died I thought, God, I’m so sorry that I can’t apologize for what Marlon and I did with that scene and we decided not to tell her. Her sense of humiliation was very real, but I think what really offended her was that she didn’t feel she’d been allowed to prepare for the scene as an actress. But I wanted her reaction as a person, not as an actress.”

I wanted her reaction as a person, not as an actress“: 

That is the essence of

Nicole Kidman recently used Emersion Performance Acting Methodology in a film with Miles Teller.  See story below

Another article is accessed below.  Again, click on the image. 

So, there is a reason that my films are greatly appreciated throughout the world