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Domestic Slavegirls (Girl #3)

Domestic-Slavegirl Slapped Hard

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I previously published posts on another blog site during 2009 to 2011.  I published 33 posts in that blog.  You can see those posts at:

Blog, 2009-2011

NOTICE:  Any comments concerning posts in that blog must be made in this current blog, as the older one is no longer reviewed and is inaccessible for updates.

Severe 29

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In my last post I introduced you to the subject of punishing a Domestic-Submissive.  There are girls, however, who require even more punishment, and more harsh punishment, than what was described there—these girls must be punished very severely—these are Domestic-Slavegirls.  Many girls come to me asking to be treated very harshly as a “slavegirl”.  This includes face-slapping, hair-pulling to drag the girl where you want her, forced Enemas for punishment and embarrassment, forced sex with a stranger, and so on. 

As with the photo-story shown above, these girls do request to be slapped hard when they are insolent, and to be dragged by their hair and pushed into position to be spanked. 

The short clip shown after this discussion demonstrates some of the more harsh treatment that a girl may have to be given, although even this is not as harsh as it would be for an actual Slavegirl that the girls want who have contacted me.  That is, they want to be spanked relentlessly, hard and severe, they want to be “slapped silly”, and they want to be fucked and used and degraded any way that their Master wants. 

And, what are some of the ways they want to be used, abused and degraded? 

Total Power Exchange (TPE) … This is absolutely essential for the control and punishment of any Domestic-Slavegirl.  Her Master must have total and absolute control anything and everything she does.  She has to ask permission to go to the bathroom, to watch TV, to eat, to go out, or anything else she wants to do.  Further, she has to give abject obedience to whatever she is ordered to do—“take a bath” (she immediately obeys), “suck me” (she kneels and obeys), “prepare dinner” (she obeys), “bend over to be spanked” (she obeys), … just whatever she is told to do, she obeys.

Anal probing … She bends over or kneels as ordered and receives whatever her Master wants to thrust into her anus!            “Ankles” (a spanking position) … She immediately bends over and presents her bottom to be spanked.         Bathing / Showering … She obeys as ordered.              Blindfolds … Yes.                Bondage … Absolutely.                  Corner-Time … She will stand for as long as ordered!        Crying … Absolutely.  She must be crying often and for a long time.  A crying girl is a sign of a well-run home, and a Domestic-Slavegirl must be kept crying for long periods of time.

Domestic-Slavegirl Crying

Depilation … Certainly.  She will present herself to be shaved as ordered.             Dildo use … Absolutely.                Domestic service … Absolutely!  She will do whatever chores she is ordered to do.              Domination … Absolutely!  Her Master will dominate her any way that he desires.  She will be given Obedience Training where she is simply ordered to do a variety of tasks or assume a variety of positions for the enjoyment of her Master.                      Enemas … Certainly.  Her body is for the use and enjoyment of her Master.  And giving an Enema is one certain way to let the girl know that her body belongs to her Master and she will obey him completely!                          Full-Body Inspections … Of course.  She will present herself as ordered so her Master can inspect her, probe her and spank her any way that he wants.                        Gag … Certainly.  Used especially if she screams and cries too loudly.                          Groin inspection … Extensive and often.  At any time in the home, the girl may be stopped and ordered to strip naked and present herself for a groin inspection!

Domestic-Slavegirl Exposed for Groin Inspection

Hand cuff & shackle use … Certainly.  She must be cuffed and shackled in order to keep her in position for her Master to use, abuse and whip the crap out of her!              Humiliation … Of course, especially in front of others.  Stripped naked in front of others, probed and brought to climax in front of others, spanked in front of others, made to suck others as ordered and as many as ordered, and so on.  Just whatever her Master wants her to do.             Knees … Certainly—both for a spanking position, a sucking position, vaginal penetration, whipping, or any other kneeling position that her Master wants.                 Masturbation … Yes, but only as allowed by her Master.  She must be whipped severely if she is caught masturbating without permission!

Domestic-Slavegirl Caught Masturbating

Obedience training … Absolutely.  She must learn that she must be totally and abjectly obedient to her Master.                Oral Sex … Obviously!        Vaginal sex … Certainly!                Vibrator use …. Of course!                  Orgasm … Only as allowed by her Master, and she must have an orgasm when ordered to do so!                   Pain … Obviously.  A Domestic-Slavegirl must feel a lot of pain, and her Master must spank her and whip her and slap her hard so that she is frequently in pain!              Spanking / Strapping / Whipping … Certainly!   As Girl-#3 said (the girl who is featured in this post):  “I don’t want this but must have it!”                 Speculum use … Of course!            Submissiveness … Certainly!      Vaginal probing … Of course!

take a look at the following movie.  Just click on the title frame: 

Domestic-Slavegirl Punishment

However, there are many problems that most of these girls have when deciding that they do need to be punished, but are uncertain as to how to proceed.  Girl-#3 exemplifies many of the problems that these girls have who want to be sexually used and severely spanked for their misbehaviors at home.  …  The confusion arises due to their desire to be punished hard, but they really do not want to be punished hard! 

Girl-#3 is a girl who is now being spanked on a weekly basis and wrote and said that she is not only spanked, but she is also fucked by whoever her husband wants to fuck her.  She said: 

My husband has told his first wife that she is to spank me whenever she wants to and have me fucked by whoever she wants to fuck me.  I think she is going to have me fucked and spanked more often now.  But, whatever she tells me to do, I have to do it.  I have to strip naked when she orders and bend over as she orders to be spanked or fucked or kneel to suck whoever she orders me to suck.  If I do not obey, she will whip me much harder.”

Then she asked: 

Is this acceptable?  Is this normal?  Do I just go along?  Do I have a choice?

The problem is that this is the same girl who came to me to be punished because: 

I am married and my husband is only 4 inches long.  My constant fantasy is to have a long one and more than one.  Like 3 or 4 eight-inch ones in a row, one right after another.  I know this is wrong and I feel dirty for wanting it and really desire to be punished for it.  I wouldn’t feel guilty about it if I was punished.”


“I have felt guilty and do find relief in a way in knowing that I will be spanked. I feel as I need it. It scares me to think that I am going to be spanked by someone that thinks as you do that I cannot be spanked enough. I do dread it but also feel it necessary. I do understand that I have no say as to how long or how hard I am spanked. I understand that there will be no safe word.  I hate the sound of that and do not want that but I understand and accept spanking punishment right from the start. I understand that you will give me a 5 minute hard spanking with a hairbrush on my bare bottom and I will be completely nude. I choose to forfeit the option after the 5 minute spanking of walking out. I do not want the option to stop and leave, that option is not good for me.

[NOTE:  This is the option given to girls who come to me for punishment.  To make sure that they will be able to take what has to be done, I give them a 5-minute “Spanking Evaluation” to see if they can actually take the required spankings.  This girl does not want that option.  So I did not give it to her and just continued to punish her as I deemed necessary.]

I know that I will stop and walk out and leave if given the chance. I know that. I do not want that option. I forfeit that now because I know that I won’t then. Please accept that change and remove the option. I choose to have my clothes taken away from me the moment I arrive. I understand that I will be undressed by you or anyone of your choosing or be required to strip in front of whoever you choose. I need you to take my clothes away so that I can’t leave. I understand that I will be naked and stay naked for 1 whole entire day in front of whoever you put me in front of.  I will do chores nude. I will bathe nude and will use the restroom with permission only and I know you will watch me as I use the restroom. I am extremely afraid that I will not be able to keep my bare bottom in place over your knee or bending over. Being bound is going to be best for me. I assume I would lay nude on my back on a bed, have my hands cuffed to the headboard and then have my ankles cuffed to the headboard as well. I understand that this will lift my bottom up into the air, it will also stretch it tightly, and also spread it wide open. This will be a very humiliating, embarrassing, and painful position, but might be necessary for me to stay in place. This is not the position you would want to find yourself for disobedience spanking but I do see it as my fate. I will present my nude body for a complete inspection. I understand that while I am tied with my bottom open and exposed that you will masturbate me, that you will give me a vaginal inspection, and that you will vaginally climax me, and you will do all of this in front of anyone you want watching what you are doing to me.  And as my nude bottom sticks up wide open as I am restrained, masturbating, inspecting, and climaxing are things that I have no control over.  And, then you will use straps and paddles to spank me as hard as you want and for as long as you want, and no amount of my screaming and crying and begging you to stop will make you stop.  You will just keep on spanking my bare bottom for as long as you want, and I know you are going to enjoy hearing me scream and cry and begging you to stop!  Just as I know that you will not stop until you want to stop.”

Domestic-Slavegirl Spanked Severely

So, the first thing is that this girl does need to be punished, and punished hard.  She knows it and has said that she would have to be bound when spanked because she would not be able to hold her position in view of how hard she needs to be spanked.  These are the characteristics of a Domestic Slavegirl rather than a Domestic Submissive; i.e., the Domestic Slavegirl is punished much harder, has to be restrained in order to be able to hit her hard enough, must
be sexually used and abused as her Master desires, and must be confined to the home so that she cannot avoid her punishment. 

But now, let’s consider her questions: 

Dom-Slavegirl 4

Of course, all of these girls who need to be punished have a choice.  …  They can all leave and not receive the punishment that they need and have asked for

Girl-#3 knows that she needs to be punished, but does not want the former wife to spank her.  However, there have been many cultures in which the first wife of a polygamist family has control of the family and can and does treat the newer wives fairly harshly.  India families have had such a history.  But, in some families it may be the grandmother who has control of the extended family living in the same home.  Many African cultures may have the grandmother administer the spankings to the girls in the home with a horse-tail whip.  When the grandmother calls for a girl to come to her to be spanked, the girl obeys.  She goes in, takes her clothes off and stands in the center of the room with her hands behind her head.  The grandmother then proceeds to whip the girl as desired.  So, whether this girl likes it or not, she is living in a de facto polygamist family, even though she is the only one currently married to the husband, where the first wife controls the discipline of the family as directed to do so by the husband.  Each Saturday the girl is sent to the first wife’s home where she is stripped naked and tied in position with her legs raised and spread to be spanked, and then fucked by whoever the wife has brought in to fuck her. 

Domestic-Slavegirl Severely Spanked Legs Up

Here a “wife” is spanked hard.  She must keep her legs up and spread, or be bound so that she cannot lower her legs or get in the way of her spanking. 

So, does the girl have a choice?  Of course she does, but the choice is simply to leave, which she really does not want to

Why doesn’t she leave?  First, she knows that she needs the punishment and has asked to be punished, but she just wants to be punished by someone other than the first wife. 

But second, and this seems to apply to many of these girls, she is being well taken care of by her husband who is much older than she is.  Such girls have previously been referred to as “Trophy Wives”, but there is nothing necessarily derogatory about it.  Both the wife and the husband are getting what they want.  But that does not minimize the guilt the wife feels for what she believes is “cheating” on her husband. 

So, is she going to give up her home, car, phone, computer and credit cards?  Of course not. 

So, does she have a real choice as to whether or not she is spanked and fucked?  Of course not. 

She will continue to be spanked and fucked as she should be.  She knows that she entertains her husband by playing with her girlfriend in a pool as her husband watches, and she lets her husband fuck her girlfriend, and she provides all kinds of erotic-fantasies for her husband, who in return takes exceptional care of her, provides for others to fuck her since he knows that at his age he cannot provide for her sexual appetites and so on.  What is she complaining about?  She just needs to be spanked and punished hard just for complaining if nothing else! 

Does she have a choice?  Not really, so let’s get to the punishment. 

Domestic-Submissive and Sexual Use


Dom-Slavegirl 3

No, not really, if she does not want to.  As noted above, she can just leave.  However, she must “go along” until she can make some changes.  She must be obedient and take whatever spankings she is given and submit to any sexual use she is made to accept.  If she disobeys, she must be whipped hard. 

Domestic-Slavegirl Whipped Hard

Here’s the problem … Girl-#3 knows that she needs to be spanked and sexually used to punish her.  But she is  attempting to minimize the spankings and just take the orgasms!  But then she will not really be punished and she will still feel guilty.  So, she either goes along with what her Master tells her to do, or she leaves. 


Dom-Slavegirl 2

It is very “normal” in such relationships as Girl-#3 has.  Is it “normal” in the overall American lifestyles?  Probably not, but she does not have a “normal” American lifestyle, … but so what? 

Everyone has a right to their own feelings.

Everyone has a right to their own beliefs.

Everyone has a right to do what they want to do.

Everyone has a right to agree to do whatever they want to do with someone else! 

“Normality” has nothing to do with it!  The question is irrelevant! 

If her relationship was “normal” she would be going mad!

She would never be able to satisfy her sexual needs nor her submission needs nor her spanking needs in a “normal” relationship. 

So, don’t ask whether or not it is “normal”, …, it is “normal” for her and that is all that is important. 


Dom-Slavegirl 1

It is acceptable for the home-life Girl-#3 has chosen.  Here’s the thing:  If she were with me under similar circumstances, she would have to be obedient to whatever I told her to do or whatever I wanted to do with her.  The only difference is that, with me, she would enjoy it.   Smile  From her letters to me, it is not that she does not want to be spanked and made to be submissively-obedient, it is just that she wants me to do it rather than the first wife.  And this is the conflict that many Submissives have—they want to be submissive … but only under their conditions … which means, of course, that they are not true Submissives, they are only selective-Submissives … which is alright too.  They have a right for their own enjoyment as a submissive and have a right to choose who to submit to. 

So, whereas with me she knows that she would enjoy it, since I actually am concerned about her wellbeing and checking up on her to see if she is alright, those around her now; i.e., the first wife, are not at all concerned about her wellbeing or anything about what she wants.  I believe that her husband is, but he may just now really be considering all of the alternatives that would make for a better life for her as well as for him. 

As Girl-#3 admits: 

I do need to be submissively obedient and need to be required to give oral sex on demand, and vaginal sex on demand, and I need to be spanked and whipped hard whenever you want to spank or whip me.” 


Another girl will be considered next time who also needs to be sent to me by her husband so that I can make a “new girl” out of her and send her back a changed girl ready to please her husband. 

Domestic-Submissives & Domestic-Slavegirls

Domestic-Submissive Must be Spanked Severely

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I previously published posts on another blog site during 2009 to 2011.  I published 33 posts in that blog.  You can see those posts at:

Blog, 2009-2011

NOTICE:  Any comments concerning posts in that blog must be made in this current blog, as the older one is no longer reviewed and is inaccessible for updates.

Severe 29

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I am starting a new series of posts entitled:
Domestic-Submissives & Domestic-Slavegirls! 

This first post is a brief introduction of what will be presented in these posts. 

In addition to reports about 18+-year-old girls who are still spanked-at-home, I have many reports from girls who are wanting to be punished for things they have done while being married, or who have caused the break-up of their marriage, or have been bad at home and run off from their responsibilities.  In these situations, the girls are looking for a “father” or “Master” who takes control of them, makes them be obedient  and punish them severely with repeated spankings.  In view of the number of requests I have had from girls who want to be spanked for being bad due to destroying their home life, as well as those who have just sent me reports about their home life and what they want, there may be more of these girls than what one might suspect. 

From reports and other research that I have received, it appears as though there are anywhere from 5% to 8% or more of 18- to 26-year-old girls in the U.S. still being spanked at home. 

Domestic-Submissive, 1

Now we have girls in the 18- to 36-year-old range who have disrupted their families and believe that they are in need of being punished and want to be punished to help them be the submissive girls that they want and should be.   In addition there are some who have been sent to me by their husbands to be punished and returned to the husband as a more submissive and obedient girl. 

I refer to these girls as the Disobedient Domestic-Submissives; i.e., Girls in Need of Severe Spankings.    However, they also include the Disobedient Domestic-Slavegirls. 

Domestic-Submissive, 2

So that there is no attempt to try to identify any of these girls, I will but refer to them by number.  One of the first girls I punished was Girl-#1 who was 19-years-old, had cheated on  her husband and ruined their marriage.  Her request to me was simple and direct: 

“I am now single after having cheated on my husband and ruined our marriage.  I need to be punished hard and often.  I want you as my daddy who will punish me severely several days a week for having been such a bad girl.”

At the time, … many years ago …, I was also single and several years older than she (well, actually, only about 9 years older, but looked a lot older), so in addition to spanking her frequently, I also made her submit to me with oral-sex-on-demand or to kneel to be taken from behind.  (It is very important that the disciplinarian never “make love” to the disobedient girl, as such would cause extreme confusion and be counterproductive in terms of punishment!)  As it has turned out, most of the other Domestic-Submissives who need to be punished also have desired to be sexually used to punish them further for their sexual misconduct.  Especially after spanking Girl-#1, she would have to kneel and offer to  “thank” me for spanking her.  I believe that I only spent about 3 months or so punishing her (it was a long time ago, and maybe it was 6 months or longer, but I forget!).  She had to report to me weekly every Wednesday evening for a 3-hour punishment session.  In addition, she had to report to me on  Monday and Friday to do domestic chores.  And, she would come over at other times, especially Saturday or Sunday
afternoons when we had more time to punish her, when she felt the need to be spanked.  She always had to call me
“Daddy,” (being called “Daddy” or “Master” or whatever title you want is very important to establishing the proper rapport between disciplinarian and submissive) had to strip naked when ordered, had to perform whatever domestic chores I ordered her to do and she had to present herself for my use or kneel and serve me when ordered to do so.  With few exceptions, in every case with these girls, their sexual use was a required part of their punishment. 

Domestic-Submissive Frequently Spanked

Girl-#2 is a 32-year-old girl who has a lot of trouble domestically and knows that she needs to be punished hard in order to help her become the submissive wife she wants to be.  She knows that if she is not brought under control, that she will mess up her marriage the way she messed up her family-life and then her boyfriend relations.  She says: 

“I was disobedient, disobeyed my parents, and ran off with a so-called boyfriend who turned out not to really love me at all, but only wanted to use me.  If I had obeyed my parents I would not be in the mess I am.  It is actually my fault that I ran off rather than being a responsible girl and obeying my parents.  I ran up extensive bills, ran around at night instead of studying, and just generally getting into trouble.  I now know that I need to be made to be a submissive girl who obeys my parents and prepares me to be an obedient wife with someone who will take control of me and spank me when I disobey him.  I returned to my parents over a year ago with the understanding that they could and would spank me any time they thought that I needed to be spanked.  Both my father and mother spank me and I have to obey them and present myself to be spanked when ordered or I will have to leave and be on my own.  I actually came to them and asked them to control me and spank me, and they agreed.  Since I returned I have been spanked several times every week and often several times a day.  Daddy, in particular, makes me go to his study each evening to see if I have to be spanked.  When I enter, I have to take my clothes off and stand in front of him with my arms crossed behind my back.  He then evaluates my behavior for the day and determines if I need to be spanked.  When I first returned, he would spank me every evening whether I needed it or not.  But now, I get spanked just a few evenings a week unless I am disobedient or misbehave, in which case I get spanked when I report to him and I get spanked at bedtime.  I also know that I must find a man who is several years older than I am who will control me and spank me when I disobey him.  To prepare me properly, I now need to be punished much harder than what mom and dad do and be punished hard for being such a bad girl, and I need to be made to submit to doing the domestic chores that I should have been doing all the time and will have to do in the future.  Also, I need to be made to provide sexual services that dad and mom, of course, cannot demand.  I am now 32-years-old and need to be made to submit to being the submissive girl I should be so that I can have the loving relation I really want, but have misbehaved so badly and not submitted to the sexual use that I need to that I cannot find the right man for me.”

This is a common theme from many girls who contact me—they need to be punished for their misbehaviors in order to make sure they have a better life.  Girl-#2 had to report to me for an orientation day to make sure she knew that she would have to be obedient to me.  Regardless of how much a girl may think she wants to be punished, often when the time comes, she just cannot go through with it.  In fact, one girl who contacted me and we spent a couple of weeks discussing what would happen, finally decided that she would not want the pain that a spanking would inflict.  At first she said:  “I am  starting school in August and I will be needing someone to keep me in line.”  But, to keep a girl “in line” requires that the girl actually be spanked hard so that she knows that she has to obey.  Just playing at this will not work.  After a patty-cake spanking she will be “wet”, as this girl said, but as a result she will know that the spanking is not serious and she does not have to be kept “in line”.  As a result, she finally admitted:  “I am more in to pleasure not pain. A little pain is fine but not what you give.”  That is fine, I do not impose on anyone, but it does no good to pretend that a light spanking is going to be effective in making a girl obey. 

With our Girl-#2, however, she knows that she has to be spanked: 

“I do find spankings keep me focused and on track.  I know that I need spankings for punishment and also for maintenance to keep me from acting out in the future.  But also, I believe that you should give me what you call preemptive spankings so that before I start to do something that I will be focused on behaving properly.”

Now, this is the kind of girl that I will work with—a girl who understands that to help her modify her behavior she actually  has to be spanked in a way that will make her actually “modify her behavior”!  And then she continues: 

“My spankings should always be on my bare bottom.  I should be spanked before bedtime, after I shower so that my skin is soft and moist which will make my spanking hurt more.  And by making me shower before getting spanked I will have to obey you or get spanked for not doing what I’m told to do.  I need a lot of rules to follow and be spanked when I do not follow them.  You need to tell me when I have to go to bed, when to take a shower, when to get up, what to wear, and so on, just everything I do I must get permission from you or do whatever you tell me to do.  When I report for my bedtime spanking my towel will be removed or you order me to go to my bedroom naked before you spank me.  Even if I am spanked during the day it must still be on my bare bottom.  If we are home, you must tell me to remove all my clothes and then bend over for my spanking.  If away from home, I believe you will take me to your car, make me bare my bottom to spank me and then spank me again when we get home.  The point is that I just need a lot of spankings.” 

And not only must the girl be spanked on her bare bottom, but an implement must be used that will actually make an impression on her. 

“For punishment I want you to use a paddle or strap on me, or maybe the blistering hairbrush that you have. You are to spank me hard so that I do cry.  As I know you do, I also believe that it is important that I cry a lot when you have to spank me.”  

And then this girl understands that I have control over how hard and how long she will be spanked. 

“As for how many strokes or how long you spank me that is up to you, but it should be for a long time.  My bottom should be red, bruised and blistered when you get done, and, if not, you should spank me some more.  I need to be screaming and crying from the pain, or even crying hysterically so that you know that I am being properly punished.  I know that spankings hurt and I want mine to really hurt and to let you know that your spankings hurt by my screaming and crying.  I know that you will spank me until you have achieved a desired result—the color of my bottom or how bruised it is or how long I’ve cried may be a deciding factor as when the spanking will end.  But, it will not end until you are satisfied that I have been properly spanked.” 

This girl came in for an initial 3-hour punishment session. 

Domestic-Submissive Initial Punishment

More reports will be provided in future posts. 

To see the spankings that I have administered, including whippings of bound girls in a Punishment Room, go to Spanked Coeds!  Search, in particular, for Zara, Brooke (shown below as “Carina”) and Amanda. 


Post 3, Carina's Comments 3