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Are 18+-year-old Girls Actually Spanked-at-Home?—Overview

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This Overview is the first in a series of reports that I will present concerning girls who are 18- to 24-years-old and still being spanked-at-home for discipline and punishment.  There will be 4 more reports on this subject.

Part Overview, 1  There has been much discussion as to whether or not 18+-year-old girls actually get spanked-at-home for discipline and punishment.  Of course, it is reasonable to believe that some do, but are there a significant number of such girls?  I have considered this question for over 40 years now through various polls as well as first-hand experience of administering such spankings, and reports from interviews with girls who I consider reliable.

Part Overview, 11  The results of my research are not what would be considered “scientific research”, but it is believed that the results are reliable enough to establish that “Yes,” there are more girls than one might suspect who are 18+-years-old and who are still being spanked-at-home by their dad, mom or other disciplinarian.  In fact, the ones administering the spankings cover a wide scope that include:  Dad & Mom, Uncle & Aunt, Grandfather & Grandmother, Siblings (Older & Younger), Neighbors, Girlfriend’s Dad & Mom, Boyfriend’s Dad & Mom, Boyfriend for Discipline (in addition to sex), Cousins (Older & Younger), Family Friends, Teacher or Mentor, Child’s Dad & Mom when Babysitting, Houseguests, Pastor, Boss, Roommate, and my favorite—Anyone Present!

Part Overview, 12  The results are a compilation from unscientific polls from which conclusions have been extrapolated as they correspond to known empirical anecdotal evidence.  The reported experiences of girls who have been spanked-at-home are accurate and do reflect, to a certain extent, the “findings” shown by the polls.

First, a note about the claims by others that since they do not know of any 18+-year-old girls who are being spanked-at-home, that claims by others must be bogus.  Such is not the case.  Just consider an interview of a Spanking Performer concerning the matter:  [Elizabeth Simpson in an interview with The Spanking Spot ( … “(spanking) was always a big fantasy for me.  Not though the kind of thing you go around making public knowledge.”]   Now, if one is not going to make it generally known that they have a fantasy of being spanked, how much less would they tell you if in fact they were actually spanked-at-home for discipline and punishment

Part Overview, 13  And then, how many of you who are being spanked will go out and tell others that you are being spanked?   And, how many would admit that they are being disciplined and punished at home by being spanked?  One may divulge a fetish, but how many who are not “into” spanking will admit that their dad still spanks them at home to punish them?  Not many.  Further, in terms of percentages, it will be seen that there are really very few, in terms of the overall population, who are being spanked-at-home.  So, whereas you may meet girls in your daily life who are still being spanked-at-home, the likelihood that they will confide in you is slim to none.

Part Overview, 14  For example, I have a record of extensive communications with a girl who is over 30 and is still spanked by her aunt for discipline and punishment. The discipline and punishment is, of course, “consensual” in that the girl asked her aunt to continue to spank her when she misbehaved since she was living with her aunt and worked for her in her aunt’s store.  The girl continues to get spanked for both domestic problems and problems with her work at the store.  Does anyone else know that she gets spanked?  Of course not.  She contacted me and discussed her situation with me because she also wanted me to discipline her at times since I would spank her harder than what her aunt would or could.  She knew that I would not be swayed by her crying and pleading for me to stop spanking her once I had her naked and bending over so I could use a paddle or strap on her.  But, as this shows, not only are there more girls in the 18- to 24-year-old age range who are being spanked than one may suspect, but there are those who are older who are also being spanked for discipline and punishment at home.

Part Overview, 8  They confide in me because they know that they can do so in confidence, and since they know that I spank girls.  In addition, for whatever reason, I just seem to be able to bring out the confidence that girls have in me.  One of my earliest experiences with a girl reporting about her being spanked was actually at a dinner I had with the girl when we were about 20 or 21.  I took her to dinner at Scioto Downs (a harness racing track in Columbus, Ohio), and, for whatever reason, as we were chatting, she said that she had gotten spanked just before I picked her up for the evening.  I was somewhat surprised, and asked her again what she said, and she repeated that she had gotten spanked before our date.  She said that she had been sassing her mom when her dad heard her.  She said that he took her over his knee, raised her skirt, pulled her panties down and spanked her.  She said that she got spanked a couple of times a week or so.  Not sure how much we won or lost for the evening as a result of the races, but it was obviously a very enjoyable evening!  She was checking to see if I was into spanking her, well …Smiley Faces-1

Part Overview, 2  Now, just how many girls who are 18+-years-old are still being spanked-at-home?  There are studies concerning the spanking of girls in various countries.  These will help to put things in perspective.

One thing of interest is from emails that I have exchanged with girls in countries such as Israel, Britain, and Sweden.  In each case, they say that girls are now not normally spanked there, as it is now illegal in some countries, but that they are still being spanked.  So, even in countries where spanking is not encouraged or is illegal, girls may still be spanked.  However, for the following countries, girls are still spanked and the percentages are much higher than the 5% estimated for the U.S.

Tanzania is the country with the greatest percentage of girls being spanked at 21%.  Taiwan is next at 17%.  Zambia is next at 16%.  Singapore is next at 13%.  Mexico is next at 11%.  Indonesia is next at 9%.  S. Korea, Venezuela, Iran, Romania and Lithuania are next at 7%.  China, Russia, Brazil, Greece, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, and Guatemala are next at 6%.

Part Overview, 16  Now, if there are 5% of the girls who are 18- to 24-years-old in the U.S. being spanked, then that means that there are about 1,447,600 girls who are 18- to 24-years-old being spanked-at-home in the U.S.  Add in all of the girls in the other countries where spanking is prevalent, and the result will be millions of girls in the world who are 18- to 24-years-old who are still being spanked-at-home!  If you are a girl in this age group who is still being spanked, then you have a lot of company!

The research shows that of those girls who are spanked, the following apply:

19% of girls in the U.S. who are spanked get spanked every day, and another 14% get spanked several times a week.

So, ⅓ of the girls who do get spanked, are spanked on a fairly regular basis.

This seems to be quite reasonable since, if a girl is being spanked, …, she is being spanked fairly often or she will begin to resist being spanked.  A disciplinarian, who controls a girl by spanking her, will make sure that she is being obedient and behaving properly on a more-or-less daily basis, or will spank her on a regular basis, since girls will always misbehave or be disobedient.  In other countries where spanking is more prevalent, the percentage of girls being spanked every day or more than once a day is probably higher.

Part Overview, 9  2% of the girls get spanked more than once a day; i.e., about 28,950 girls in the U.S.

Those who are spanked more than once a day seem to be spanked in the evening when their dad gets home and the girl has to tell him about her day, or her mom tells on her and she is spanked, and then, many times, she is spanked again just before bed.  Also, they seem to get spanked 3 or more times on Saturday when they are expected to do various chores and fail to do them.  Also, they seem to get spanked more frequently when they come home from a date on Friday and Saturday.  The girls who report that they are spanked more than once a day say that they are very closely supervised and get spanked for the slightest infraction of a house rule.

Part Overview, 20  One girl had to bring home all of her schoolwork and if there was a problem with any of it, or she did not get an “A” on tests, quizzes and reports, she got spanked.  She was also closely monitored in terms of being home on time, getting up on time, dressing properly, getting her chores done on time, and generally behaving properly in terms of not swearing, not smoking, not drinking, not running around with boys, not going to bars, and all of the other very strict things that girls are not supposed to do.  Essentially, her parents just supervised and controlled everything the girl did.

Part Overview, 18  One of my first reliable reports about college-age girls getting punished was from 2 girls in a town along the Ohio River in Southern Ohio.  These girls, in addition to getting frequently spanked, were made to submit to a nude vaginal inspection when they came home from a date.  If they were suspected of having sex with their date, they were spanked, which, of course they normally were since, even if they had not had sex, it was presumed that they had.  I do not have any real indication of how many girls are given full-body inspections in addition to being spanked, and the reports that I do have are very few.  However, additional punishments that were common included grounding, privileges taken away, corner time, and lecturing; with some less-common punishments that included mouth-washing and enemas, with only a few admitted to for each.

Part Overview, 10  For girls who are spanked (for any number of days in a month), we have the following:

88% are spanked by their father;   41% by their mother;   27% by an uncle;   4% by an aunt;   11% by a grandfather;   18% by a grandmother;   11% by an older male cousin;   2% by an older female cousin;   [statistics for being spanked by a younger male or female cousin were insignificant];   20% by an older brother;   4% by an older sister;   4% by a younger brother;   1% by a younger sister;   25% by a male neighbor;   3% by a female neighbor;    22% by girlfriend’s dad;   7% by girlfriend’s mom;   27% by boyfriend’s dad;   10% by boyfriend’s mom;   44% by boyfriend for discipline (non-sexual);   17% by a male family friend, other than neighbor;   6% by a female family friend, other than neighbor;   9% by a male teacher/mentor;   15% by a female teacher/mentor;   8% by a child’s dad when babysitting;   17% by a child’s mom when babysitting;   4% by a male pastor;   [statistics for being spanked by a female pastor were insignificant];   5% by a male boss;   1% by a female boss;   16% by a male roommate;   22% by a female roommate;   18% by a male personal friend;   and 23% by a female personal friend.

Part Overview, 15  It has been found that grandmothers, female teachers/mentors, and moms of children for whom a girl is babysitting are much stricter than their male counterparts and administer spankings much more often for misbehavior, and they spank much harder.  Essentially, they do not let the girls get away with behaviors that the male counterparts tend to overlook.  Girls who are spanked by a parent of a child for whom she is babysitting said that such was simply a part of her working for them, and in practically every instance the girl was also required to do chores and was spanked for not completing her chores.

When I mentored, disciplined and punished a girl, Nancy, in Orlando, Florida, I would spank her for various things.  When I did, her mom, Karen, would practically always tell me to spank Nancy longer and harder.  And, she would often bring Nancy to me, make her undress and tell me that she needed a spanking, even if it was for something that I would probably just let go.  I have also had reports from girls in Ghana and other such countries inform me that it is the grandmother who normally punishes them by making them strip naked and stand at-attention in the center of a room with her hands behind her head as the grandmother sits in a chair beside her and uses a horsetail whip to spank her.

Part Overview, 19  4% are spanked by a girlfriend’s dad when away from home;   and 1% by a girlfriend’s mom when away from home.

These spankings occur; for example, when the girls are being supervised shopping, when traveling together overnight on a trip, when at a beach or recreation park, when caught misbehaving in public, etc.  Most of these spankings are administered by taking the girl to the parent’s car and spanking her, or, of course, back to the motel room for a good spanking.

51% of the girls who are spanked are naked when spanked.

Part Overview, 3  76% get spanked OTK;   39% bending over furniture;   35% laying face-down on a bed;   30% legs-up;   18% on all 4’s.

For girls who are spanked every day or several times a week, the following apply:

91% are spanked by their father;   59% by their mother;   39% by an uncle;   11% by an aunt;   15% by grandfather;   26% by grandmother;   23% by older male cousin;   9% by older female cousin;   29% by an older brother;   11% by an older sister;   17% by a younger brother;   8% by a younger sister;   36% by male neighbor;   21% by female neighbor;   32% by girlfriend’s dad;   22% by girlfriend’s mom;   36% by boyfriend’s dad;   18% by boyfriend’s mom;   61% by boyfriend for discipline (non-sexual);   21% by a male family friend, other than neighbor;   16% by a female family friend, other than neighbor;   42% by a male teacher/mentor;   61% by a female teacher/mentor;   18% by a child’s dad when babysitting;   26% by a child’s mom when babysitting;   21% by pastor (regardless of sex);   32% by boss (regardless of sex);   28% by a male roommate;   37% by a female roommate;   31% by a male personal friend;   and 42% by a female personal friend.

Part Overview, 25  13% by a girlfriend’s dad when away from home;   8% by a girlfriend’s mother when away from home.

These percentages for girls who are spanked every day or several times a week are much higher than for the girls who are just spanked because the girls who are spanked every day tend to be the ones who associate with those who provide strict mentoring on a daily basis.  That is, they are supervised more, controlled more, and, therefore, it is recognized by their disciplinarian that they require more correction.

Part Overview, 21  These percentages seem to be higher due to the perceived need by the girl to be spanked for disobedience or misbehavior.  These girls frequently take the initiative in recommending to their pastor or boss that she would do better, and wants to do better, if they would spank her when she fails to meet their expectations.

Part Overview, 4  6% of the girls who are spanked every day, about 16,500 in the U.S., are also “beaten” in addition to being spanked; i.e., while they are spanked at times, they may also be taken to a “punishment room” (basement, barn, etc.), made to strip naked and bend over, possibly bound, or bound with their arms overhead, and are spanked very hard for 20 to 30 minutes or more with paddles and straps.  These are not just hard spankings, but are administered in a manner that the girl is “beaten” hard.

Part Overview, 22  I know of one girl who I witnessed being taken to a barn and spanked and whipped for an hour, not continuous, but for long periods of time, 5 to 10 minutes at a time with a paddle or strap, with 5-minute pauses between beatings.  Another girl was sent to her room and made to bend over the end of her bed as her dad used a strap on her for over 30 minutes, again, not continuous, but a very severe beating none-the-less.

Again, these are girls who are spanked on a daily basis.  As a result of being spanked on a daily basis, it is apparent that it is felt that the intensity of her punishment must be increased at times; hence, the beatings.  Of all girls who are spanked, only 0.01% of the girls are “beaten”.

≈ 100% of the girls who are spanked on a daily basis are spanked in front of others, especially girlfriends.

Part Overview, 5  For girls who are spanked every day, the embarrassment of being spanked in front of girlfriends and others seems to be a natural part of their punishment.  Apparently if a girl is going to be spanked every day, it becomes much more common and it is not considered unusual, and, especially her girlfriends know that she is spanked. Frequently the fact that the girl is going to be punished is announced to other family members as well as girlfriends or others in the home so that they will be available to watch when she is punished.

Part Overview, 23  She may even be more-or-less “paraded” through the home so everyone can see her naked and will know that she is going to be spanked.  They then watch as she is made to get into position.  When she is properly presented, her dad (most often) will then commence to whip and spank her mercilessly as she kicks or prances and cries uncontrollably.

Part Overview, 17  One girl I know, as mentioned above, was dragged by her dad, crying all the way, to the barn on the farm where she was stripped naked and bound by her wrists to a hook in a post and then whipped her hard with a stirrup strap as well as her own strap that she had previously had to buy just for him to use on her.  After about 15 minutes he took her down and made her bend over a saddle that was placed on a workhorse (conveniently designed as a spanking-horse), so he could use a paddle and strap on her.  Then she was taken over his knee so he could just slap the crap out of her with his hand.  Her dad spent an hour whipping and spanking her.  When he finished with her, she had to pick up her clothes and run naked to the house and her bedroom, still crying all the way.

Part Overview, 6  ≈ 100% are spanked OTK;   60% legs-up;   ≈ 100% over furniture;   ≈ 100% are spanked by hand;   82% with a paddle;   71% with a strap;   ≈ 100% are spanked for at least 5 min.;   56% are spanked for at least 10 min.;   31% are spanked for at least 15 min.;   18% are spanked for at least 20 min.;   and 4% are spanked for over 20 min.

Part Overview, 7  37% must submissively model before or after being spanked and must stand naked for corner-time.

Part Overview, 24  Submissive modeling; i.e., making the girl present her body as ordered also seems to be a means of embarrassing her as well as asserting control over her.  This is used for punishment-embarrassment when she has to present herself naked in front of her girlfriends and others.  The girl is going to learn to be obedient and is going to do exactly what she is told to do.