Shelly, 19-years-old, lives South of Casper, Wyoming on a ranch

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Shelly reports that she is frequently spanked, even at 21-years-old.  In fact, she seems to be spanked more now than ever before, because much more is expected of her.  She is expected to behave properly, be obedient, and get her work and chores done as ordered.  She attends Casper College with a major in Animal Science.  And, this is the main reason she is spanked more now than before—she is expected to do exceptionally well in school, and when she doesn’t, she is spanked severely.  

She cannot go out in the evening during the week, and when she dates on Friday or Saturday she has to be home by 12:00—not a second later!  Hard paddle-spankings are immediately administered if she comes home past curfew.  See photo-story below. 

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She says that her dad is not very “creative” in administering her spankings, and that she just has to take her clothes off and bend over his knee, or bend over a Saddle Stand.  Most often, the only real difference is what he uses on her; his hand, paddle or strap, and how long he spanks her—from about 5 minutes to over 30. 

There are a variety of Saddle Stands on the market.  The best one for making a girl bend over to be spanked is probably the one shown below.

Although I do not have a Saddle Stand to bend a girl over, making her bend over a sofa-arm is just as effective.  See video below:

Now, although apparently 90% of the time Shelly is either spanked OTK in the kitchen, or bending over her Spanking-Saddle-Stand in the basement or in the barn, there do seem to be some variations in the spankings she receives, mainly determined by where she is spanked and why she is spanked.  Most often, of course, she is spanked in the kitchen or bending over the Spanking-Saddle-Stand.  But, in the kitchen, she may just be made to bend over the kitchen counter to be spanked.

Also, Shelly is expected to help her dad with his work by doing assigned projects in his home-office.  If she does not complete them properly and on time, he will strip her naked, lecture her, spank her as she stands with her hands clasped behind her head, and then whip her as she is made to bend over.

Shelly is also expected to be obedient to her boyfriend, not so much because of him, but to further her training in self-control.  When she is told to do something, she is expected to do it or get spanked.  Her boyfriend is also expected to spank her, but if he doesn’t, she will still get spanked at home.  And, when she comes home after a date, she must go to the kitchen and get her clothes off, ready to be spanked.  Her dating is not just for her to have some fun, but is part of her obedience training.

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To maintain total control of Shelly and to check up on her, every evening before bedtime, Shelly has to report to her dad at 10:30 in the evening so he can review her day.  This is a Daily Evaluation and Discipline Session.  She reports to him in the living room wearing her nightgown.  She kneels in front of him and tells him about her day, and he lets her know if she has gotten her chores done as expected.  Her schoolwork, in particular, is discussed.  Of course, she most likely has already been spanked during the day, and, as they discuss her day, there are other things she has done or not done for which she needs to be spanked.  There discussion normally takes about 30 minutes, and her schedule for the next day is established.  If she is going to have a test the next day, she knows that she will have to be up at 6:30 to receive her Preemptive Academic Spanking that she gets each day before a test.  After their discussion is finished, she is made to stand up and remove her nightgown and bend over her dad’s knee to be spanked for anything discussed during their session for which she needed to be spanked.

After she is spanked, she takes her nightgown and runs to her bedroom for her Before Bedtime Spanking that she receives any evening when she has been spanked during the day, or when there are things that were discussed for which she had to be spanked.  As a result, she is essentially given a Before Bedtime Spanking every evening.  These spankings are tailored according to her day … if she has been very bad during the day and had to be spanked 2 or more times, or if she did not get her chores done as expected, or some other serious misbehavior, then this spanking will be with a hairbrush and her dad will administer 500 strokes to each cheek.

On more “normal” days she will only receive 200 strokes to each cheek.  In the morning, her Preemptive Academic Spanking will be administered with 300 strokes to each cheek to make sure that she is very hyper-obedient and alert to what is expected of her on her test.  These spankings are not “punishment” but are to make sure the girl is very alert and focused.  Being hyper-obedient will mean that she pays closer attention to the instructions for the test and closer attention to each question or problem on the test.  As a result, she will do much better than if she goes in still groggy from sleep and not really focused.  Also, these spankings are similar to what a girl needs as she studies.  When she is sent to study, especially in the evening, she should be given an Academic Focusing Spanking before she goes, and then another one every 45 minutes to an hour as she is studying.  These spankings are administered with 100 strokes of a hairbrush to each cheek, or 200 strokes of a strap as she is made to bend over her study desk.