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Here you will learn something about your Blogger who is dedicated to helping girls achieve their own goals when other programs have failed them.

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01    From Black-Ops …

R58 with O-1 and SKS

to College Mathematics Instructor & Lecturer … to Intentional Systems Axiomatic Theorist …

to Mentor & Disciplinarian of Disobedient & Misbehaving Girls …

YvonneSpankingSeries Stephanie 4   … Meet your Blogger!

Your Blogger spent many years mentoring and disciplining college coeds and girls who were 18- to 26-years-old to help them do their best in school or at work.  The girls were disciplined with bare-bottom spankings when they disobeyed or did not accomplish the goals that were set for them.

The girls were disciplined not only for academic failures or work failures, but also for domestic failures when they did not maintain their home as required or did not take care of themselves as required.

The relation of each girl was determined by what would be the most effective in helping her achieve her own goals; i.e., she would be reporting to her “Headmaster”, “Daddy”, or “Master” and your Blogger would treat her and discipline her accordingly.

The movies seen on Spanked Coeds are characteristic of the spankings that your Blogger administered to girls who were punished for real.  To bring you the best in the spanking of girls’ bare bottoms, the performers for the movies are, for the most part, being given real spankings for things that they have done for which they actually do need to be spanked.  A certain, proprietary, methodology is used when spanking the girls so that the punishments come across as being quite genuine — because they are!

Your Blogger does not “play” when administering spankings.  If a girl needs to be spanked, then she is spanked for real; i.e., hard and long.

I hope that you enjoy the films that are produced, and the reports that will be provided in this Blog.


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