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Master’s-Correction Hairbrush

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This is the first of a series on The Spanking-Implements of Girls-Spanked-Bottoms.  Introducing a very effective spanking-hairbrush!

Master'sCorrectionHairbrush 001  A good friend recently sent me an exceptional hairbrush that he and his girlfriend found at a flea market.  As shown here, it was contained in a beautiful wood box.  It is my “Master’s-Correction Hairbrush” and is used when girls need to be severely punished.

Master'sCorrectionHairbrush 002  The hairbrush is a 3-piece laminated hard wood that measures 10.5″ long, 5.25″ long handle, 3.25″ wide head, and 1/2″ thick.

Master'sCorrectionHairbrush 003  This is the hardest hairbrush that I have recently seen, although I have seen some that are harder, but they were from many years ago, were longer [about 13.5" long], had a longer handle [about 8" long], and had a wider head [about 4" wide].  They were shorter than a bathbrush but could be more easily handled and delivered a spanking just as hard as a bathbrush would deliver.

Master'sCorrectionHairbrush 004  The problem now will be finding a girl who can take a very hard spanking with this hairbrush.  What I had been using as my “Blistering-Spanking Hairbrush” is now relegated to second-place, as this new hairbrush will blister a bottom much more effectively.

Master'sCorrectionHairbrush 005  Although if I find a girl who wants to be my Domestic-Submissive, then she’ll have to just take whatever I give her and I’m sure that I’ll have many opportunities to use this hairbrush.  But, until then, I’ll see if I can find a masochist who will really “enjoy” the hard spanking that this hairbrush will administer.

This is the first of a series on Spanking Implements that will feature the implements that I have in stock to use on the girls.