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German Girls, 1

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


Although there appears to be a per-capita greater number of Serbian girls being spanked-at-home, there is also a history of German girls being severely spanked. Some of it goes back to the 19th and up to the mid-20th Century and before. But even more recently, although the spanking of girls has declined and is definitely not as severe as previously administered, German girls are still being spanked, and spanked much more severely than in the U.S. Although, again, Serbian girls also seem to be spanked just as severely and more frequently. 

Elma came to the U.S. for a year of college and asked me to supervise, control and severely spank her so that she would do well in school and because she was accustomed to such spankings and knew that she would not do as well as she should if she was not controlled and spanked severely. She stayed in my Guest Bedroom where I could keep track of her more easily. We had an initial meeting in which the rules of the home were laid out and I gave her an initial spanking to let her know what to expect. 

Her letter to me is shown below and the photo-stories present some of the history of spanking German girls as well as what I did with Elma. 

German Girls, 12

Dear Headmaster Ken

This is Elma.  I am writing to thank you for all of the spankings you gave me when I attended Ohio State.  I can’t tell you how much it helped me make it through school and improve my domestic obedience when I was there and, more important, when I got back to Germany and dad picked up with my spankings as he has always done.  The severe spankings you gave me made it so that dad’s spankings were not the shock they would have been if you had not really spanked me severely.  If you remember, I was 20 when you spanked me and I am now 24 and dad still spanks me almost daily.  You told me to write and tell you about the spanking of girls in Germany, and I am just now getting around to it!  I guess I should return to you so you can spank and punish me hard for not responding earlier!

German Girls, 11

The day after I got home, dad asked if I had been spanked while in the U.S. and I told him I had, that I had asked you to make sure I did well in school. He was pleased with that. I showed him the grades I had gotten, all A-grades except for 2 B’s. He ordered me to get undressed and bring him my strap that was still hanging on the wall beside my bed. I begged him not to spank me, but then he said I would have to get spanked very severely for resisting. With that, I immediately got undressed and ran to get my strap. I handed him my strap and then had to bend over the back of my Punishment Chair. He proceeded to whip me severely as I pranced and cried but did not dare resist or move my bottom or get up in any way. He spent 10 minutes whipping me and then left me there to cry for about 20 minutes and then came back and whipped me again! Then he ordered me to stand in the corner for an hour, after which he was going to severely whip me for resisting my spankings. Right then I knew I was back home and that I would be getting the spankings that had always helped me be my best. An hour later and I was in my room laying face-down on my bed as dad used my cane on me for 20 minutes. I haven’t resisted a spanking since then!

German Girls, 4

The reason I came to you to mentor me and spank me when I was in school was because that is the one thing that would help me do my best in school. Dad would never put up with any poor grades, not even a B-grade as I found out when I got home, not getting my work done on time, playing around instead of studying, not getting my chores done, talking-back, misbehaving in any way, and especially being disobedient. By you controlling me and supervising me closely, and severely whipping and spanking my bare bottom, you helped me do well in school. If I did not have your supervision and control, I would have felt that I was now “free” from the strict control of my dad and I would start to play around and after a year I would not have accomplished what I should have. And then I don’t know how hard dad would have spanked me when I got home!

German Girls, 2

I believe that German girls have always been spanked much more severely than girls in the U.S., and they were spanked very hard regardless of age. As long as they were home with their family they were spanked. Not so many girls are spanked now, but still a lot of us are. I am getting spanked almost every day for something. Most of my spankings now are in the evening after dinner. That is when dad takes me to the family room and orders me to get undressed and kneel in front of him to discuss my day. Of course there is always something for which I will need to be spanked. Then I am over his knee or bending over in some manner so he can spank me. Previously he used to mainly use the cane on me, but now he is often just using his hand or a paddle. But, the strap is also used a lot. When I come home from a date, I can count on both the strap and cane being used on me.

German Girls, 3

And my boyfriend also spanks me a lot.  He says that I have to learn to obey him and he will spank me hard if I don’t.  I guess he and dad had a talk and dad told him that he should spank me hard.  Well, I actually do like it.  I like a man who takes control of me and makes me do what he wants to do with me and to obey him.  You actually helped me to learn that.  I liked the fact that you would not let me get away with things and I had to obey you and you kept control of me.  You supervised me more than dad can and were very strict with me.  I did not think that you would be so strict with me domestically, but I sure had that wrong!  You made sure that I got my chores done, did not go out too much and spanked me every time I got home.  That actually helped me more than you may know.  And making me strip naked for my spankings also helped me a lot.  A girl should feel very vulnerable when she has to be spanked and being stripped naked makes a girl very vulnerable.  Also it helps her to obey, knowing that her bare bottom is ready to be spanked hard.  I really appreciate all of the time and effort you took in supervising me and spanking me.

As for German girls, yes we are spanked a lot, and have traditionally been severely punished when we disobeyed or misbehaved.  And it did not make any difference who was present.  If we had to be spanked, we got stripped naked and made to bend over to be spanked in front of anyone present.

German Girls, 5

Some of the more severe spankings I got was in my bedroom.  If I am sent to my bedroom to be spanked, I know that I will be in there for a long time and most of the time I will be getting severely beaten.  Frequently these spankings are given on the weekends when dad will have more time to attend to my bottom.  My bedroom is what you may refer to as a Punishment Room.  I am sent there to “get ready” for my spanking.  I have to strip naked before I go and then I will be left in my room for 20 to 30 minutes or so before dad comes in to whip me.  This makes me more anxious and my spanking will be more effective.

German Girls, 6

However, since I have returned, dad has started giving me more OTK spankings than he did before, and using his hand rather than a strap or paddle. My boyfriend is doing the same, so I’m not sure if they have coordinated their spankings of me or if he just wants to spank me by hand more often. However, by so doing he is actually spanking me more, but not quite so severe. Especially on the weekends, he will frequently have me over his knee spanking me. He seems to be looking for the slightest excuse to spank me now.

German Girls, 7

Actually, it reminds me of some of the spankings you gave me which were more like a Just-Because Spanking than anything else. I know that you had to do it to make sure I would obey you and you could keep control of me, but for dad, I think it is just because he wants to spank me.

German Girls, 9

In fact, however, these spankings are reminiscent of traditional families many years ago, and those very strict families even today, in which the dad simply administered a lot of spankings. When he came home from work each day, the children would have to be standing and waiting to serve him. One would go and get his slippers, another one his pipe, one would bring him his beer, and then his newspaper, and then go help with dinner or stand in a corner and wait to be told what to do.   If a girl, or boy, did not serve him properly, she would be immediately stripped naked and taken over his knee and be severely spanked. Then she might be sent to the basement or upstairs to a room to wait for him to come and spend up to an hour thrashing her.

German Girls, 10

I have not been treated that way, but have known of some girls who were.  Dad is strict and spanks me a lot, but he does not abuse me, although I may think he does at times!

One thing that has not changed are my Before-Bedtime Spankings. If I am spanked before bed, it will be severe. This is a time when dad just goes to work on my bottom and doesn’t stop until I am crying convulsively and my bottom is red, bruised, and blistered.

German Girls, 8

Not sure how many girls are still being spanked as I am here in Germany, but I do know that in previous years, all girls were spanked severely, and some of us still are.

German Girls, 12

Spanking Survey: 45-Year-Old Spanked Wife

45-Y-O Spanked Wife, 4

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I previously published posts on another blog site during 2009 to 2011.  I published 33 posts in that blog.  You can see those posts at:

Blog, 2009-2011

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


The following report shows some of the problems I have in publishing many of the reports I receive; i.e., they are inconsistent and difficult to determine if they are real or just made up.  If I do not believe them, I do not publish them! 

For example, in this report, the most glaring difficulty is who spanks her and who sees her being spanked.  When asked “Who Spanks You”, she replies:  “Male Pastor”.  But then in her detailed report she says that she is spanked by her husband and his dad.  So, which is it, or have these disciplinarians simply spanked her at different times in her life?  Who knows, but it raises questions as to the authenticity of this report. 

Next, she says that she is naked when she is spanked and she is spanked in front of “Anyone present”.  But then, when asked who she is spanked in front of bare-bottom, she replies:  “Grandfather”.  Well, if she is spanked “In front of anyone present” and she is “naked”, then she is spanked on her bare bottom in front of “Anyone present”.  Again, this glaring inconsistency raises into question the authenticity of this report. 

However, all of that said, her report does reflect the spankings of many wives who are spanked by their husbands and other family members, like her husband’s dad, and by members of the church like her pastor.  This report is very characteristic of authenticated reports from girls and wives who live in very strict religious communities, and previously in homes during and prior to the 1960’s when spankings of girls were more prevalent and acceptable.  Not only were girls spanked by their pastor, but they were also spanked by male neighbors, the dads of her girlfriends, male teachers, babysitting dads, male company in the home, and so on.  Practically all spankings were administered by men, although aunts and grandmothers were also known to administer some good spankings. 

45-Y-O Spanked Wife, 5

For this girl, who was spanked most often around 1990, it would appear that she lived in a very strict religious community where being spanked by a male pastor was accepted, as well as being spanked by her husband and his dad.  Being spanked by a fiancé’s or husband‘s dad is quite common in strict religious communities even today.  The fiancé’s/husband’s dad represents the primary authority figure, other than the pastor, so that he still provides some of the discipline and punishment in the extended family.  This is especially so if the girl is visiting her fiancé’s/husband’s home and misbehaves.  When she does it is the dad of the home who administers the required spanking. 

So, this report will be presented as she submitted it to me, but I will make notes along the way to help clarify some of the inconsistencies as well as to expound on how many of the wives and girls are treated from more reliable reports that I have received. 

She reports: 

I’m a girl who is (approximately) 45-years-old and am still being spanked.  However, I was spanked most often when I was 25.

In addition to being spanked, I am also given Corner-Time Naked.

I am spanked 1 or 2 days a week with up to 5 spankings.

I am spanked by my male pastor, my husband, and my husband’s dad.

45-Y-O Spanked Wife, 7

[NOTE:   In homes where the wife is spanked by the husband, his dad and the male pastor, she is often spanked by the pastor during a Family Meeting in the home when the pastor comes to visit once or twice a month.  When he comes in, the wife, husband, pastor, and possibly some others (grandfather, neighbor, and boss from work among possibly others) sit around a dining room table to discuss the misbehaviors and disobediences of the wife.  The wife must sit with her head bowed and her hands clasped in her lap.  She must not speak.  The husband then states how she has been misbehaving since their last meeting, and how she has been disobedient, like not completing her domestic chores, spending too much money shopping, talking-back to her husband, and so on.  Then others at the table report anything that they have seen about her behavior that needs correction.  When it is clear that she will have to be spanked, she is ordered to stand up and stand in front of her pastor.  Since she knew that she was going to be spanked during this Family Meeting, she had to wear only a sheer gown that could be easily removed.  As she stands in front of her pastor, he grabs the bottom of the gown and she bends over as he pulls it off over her head.  She then must stand at-attention with her hands clasped behind her head or arms crossed behind her back. 

45-Y-O Spanked Wife, 8

She is then told what implement to bring to the pastor, most often a hairbrush so that each cheek can be more easily spanked, although straps, paddles, etc. may also be ordered.  She hands it to the pastor and then goes over his knee or assumes whatever position she is ordered to assume.  As everyone watches, he proceeds to spank her hard for as long as he wants, but most often for at least 10 minutes.  When he finishes spanking her, she has to stand naked in the corner for up to an hour as the others discuss how they will help to control and correct her during the next week or two before their next meeting.  If she works, then her boss may say that he will be spanking her more often at work, and will spank her each day before she starts work as a Preemptive Spanking as well as any time that she does not get her work done as ordered.  Sometimes, after about 30 minutes, if the husband believes that she needs to be punished some more due to her insolence or significant misbehavior or disobedience, he may call her back and make her bend over the side of the table.  He will then use his belt or a strap to spank her hard, and then send her back to the corner for another hour.  Then as she remains in the corner crying, the others attending the meeting will have snacks and drinks, and talk about how the wife was going to learn to do better and how hard she should be spanked next time if she didn’t.] 

45-Y-O Spanked Wife, 9

[She continues:] 

When I have to get spanked I do cooperate in getting undressed and getting ready to be spanked.  If I don’t I’ll get spanked harder.  The one spanking me takes my clothes off.  A strap is used to spank me for as long as my disciplinarian wants to spank me.  But, the maximum number of strokes is about 50.

[NOTE:  First, most wives and girls do cooperate when they have to be spanked.  If they don't, then the most common consequence is that they will be spanked harder.  However, a more effective consequence is that the wife or girl be given a Disobedience Spanking about an hour after the first spanking.  This helps the girl to focus on just why she is being spanked.  Just spanking her harder does not really do any good since she does not know if she is being spanked harder because she did not cooperate or because of her misbehavior or disobedience.  By separating the two, it is more effective and she is spanked twice! 

50 strokes of a strap is actually not that many.  If I use a Punishment Strap or Stirrup Strap on a girl, I will administer 35 strokes/minute.  So, 50 strokes will not even be a 2-minute spanking.  Also, it is difficult to believe that if a disciplinarian is spanking her for “as long as he wants”, that he will spank her for less than 2 minutes, or for more minutes but with very few strokes during that time.  Even if I am using a Discipline Strap (that is lighter than a Punishment Strap) I will administer 50 strokes/minute.  So again, either this girl is not really being spanked all that much, or her husband is just not really spending very much time spanking her.  If I have to punish a girl that requires a severe whipping with a Punishment Strap, then I will spend 5 to 10 minutes or longer spanking her.  That could be up to 500 strokes.  Many girls write to me, or I interview them, and they confirm that they are whipped with 500 strokes or more when they need a severe whipping.] 

45-Y-O Spanked Wife, 3

45-Y-O Spanked Wife, 2

45-Y-O Spanked Wife, 1

[She continues:] 

If I misbehave away from home, I will get spanked on my bare bottom in private.

I am given Submission Spankings.

[NOTE:  Submission Spankings are very important in a strict religious or strict discipline home.  This is one thing that makes me believe that this report is fairly accurate.  I’ve had some recent reports from girls who claim that they are given not only Submission Spankings, but also Proprietary Spankings.  I coined the term ‘Proprietary Spankings’ about a year ago.  Prior to that time, it was never heard of, so I doubt that most girls are ever given Proprietary Spankings.  In fact, such spankings are only administered to Slavegirls; hence, the term “proprietary”.  Slavegirls are “property” and, therefore, they must submit to being given Proprietary Spankings to let them know that they are “property”.   Submission Spankings are different—they simply confirm that the girl will strip naked and bend over to be spanked when ordered to do so.  There is no proprietary intent involved.] 

[She continues:] 

I got spanked by dad when I was growing up, and after I got married my husband took the strap to me when I messed up. His dad spanked me too, but not a lot of times. I got my strapping in the living room usually and then I had to stand in the corner for a few hours. The whole family could see me, which I hated. Whoever spanked me took all my clothes off and that’s how I did my corner time. When I was in the corner I was not allowed to talk and all our kids knew that when Mommy was in the corner they were not supposed to talk to me.  

[NOTE:  In a strict religious home, or in a home where spankings are quite common, any girl will be spanked naked in front of anyone present, even the children.  One single mother told me that she wanted her daughter to watch her getting spanked so that she would learn that it was quite normal and she had to obey her disciplinarian when she was told to get undressed and bend over to be spanked.  When I spanked Nancy and her mom, Karen, in Florida back in the 1960’s, that was the norm.  When I had to spank Karen, Nancy would just stand and watch.  Frequently, I would spank both of them together, so that as Karen was sent to the corner, Nancy had to get undressed and bend over for her own spanking.  Many recent reports from girls living in a strict religious home also indicate that any of the girls in the home—wives, daughters, visiting girls, etc.—will be spanked in front of anyone present and will be stripped naked to be spanked. 

However, there are also "Naked Homes" in which everyone simply remains naked in the home for most of the time.  There is nothing unusual about seeing someone naked, and certainly not seeing them get spanked naked.  In a strict religious home or strict discipline home, when a girl is going to have to be spanked, she will most often have to strip naked and remain naked in the home until she is told she can get dressed.  As she is naked in the home, others will know that she is going to get spanked and when.  If she is normally spanked in the living room, then those present will go to the living room shortly before the girl is to be spanked and sit and wait.  After the girl is spanked, she must remain naked for the rest of the day, and when anyone comes to the door, she must greet them, still naked, and invite them in.  Also, she must remain naked and she cannot have any doors closed on her in the home, even the bathroom!     

45-Y-O Spanked Wife, 6

Now, since this girl was spanked by her dad and then her husband essentially took over with the spankings after they got married, it is probable that she was also spanked by her fiancé before they were married.  In most homes where the husband spanks the wife, he was spanking her before they got married.  In fact, reports that I have received show that when girls are spanked by their fiancé, they are spanked in front of her parents, especially if she is also spanked by her fiancé’s dad.  Over the years, several girls have reported that when their fiancé came to pick them up for their date, that they would give them a Preemptive Date Spanking in front of her parents, especially if she had a single mom.  When her fiancé came to pick her up, she would have to get undressed and bend over his knee to be spanked either by hand or with a hairbrush. 

When she is spanked by her fiancé’s dad, there may be more involved.  When she visits her fiancé if she misbehaves, then it is his dad who does the spanking.  In fact, frequently she is being trained in the home to do domestic chores, and when she does not help with dinner, or do assigned chores, his dad will spank her.  Also, however, when she misbehaves when in the presence of her fiancé, he may take her to his dad for him to spank, and tells her that even after they are married, he will take her to his dad once or twice a month for him to spank, normally on Saturday or Sunday.  These spankings help to establish the domestic control that her fiancé has over her, and that she must be obedient to whatever he tells her to do.] 

Wife Frequently Spanked

Helen 5

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I previously published posts on another blog site during 2009 to 2011.  I published 33 posts in that blog.  You can see those posts at:

Blog, 2009-2011

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


Helen, 23-year-old wife: I received a kind message from Helen who is a housewife and is frequently spanked. In fact, she was spanked when she was dating her husband before they were married, so she knew that she would be spanked after they were married, …, which is why she married him. She has always wanted a man who would take control of her and make her obey him, submissively-submit to serve him when ordered to do so, take care of the domestic chores in the home that any girl should be expected to do, and behave herself. And when she doesn’t do these simple things, she wants to be spanked hard. And she must be spanked hard. 

If her date would not spank her or not spank her hard enough, she would not date him again. She wrote to me and thanked me for showing the movies of Mila being spanked: 

“Dear Headmaster,

I really enjoyed the movies of Mila being spanked. They reminded me of some of the spankings I have received from my boyfriend who is now my husband.

I married my husband because he would spank me when I misbehaved or did not do what I was ordered to do. And I knew I was going to marry him when he caught me one day cheating on him with another boy. And all I did was accept a lunch-date with a boy. My boyfriend caught us at the restaurant and ordered me to get to his car. I was so embarrassed, but knew better than not to obey. We had been going together for 3 months or so and he had been spanking me on a very regular basis, in fact almost every time he took me out!   So, when he ordered me to get to his car, I got up and ran to obey! He followed me out, got in the car and took me to his home where he proceeded to strip me naked and whip me hard.

Helen 11

I thought of that whipping when I saw your movie of Mila getting whipped for cheating on her boyfriend. The main difference is that I was whipped much harder and much longer! Of course, I was naked, but I did have to bend over with my hands on the wall similar to what Mila had to do. But my boyfriend whipped me for 20 minutes and then paused for about 10 minutes as he lectured me about cheating on him and then whipped me for another 20 minutes. Then he paused for 10 minutes before giving me another 20-minute whipping! He enjoys whipping me for an hour or more when I really need it! Right then I knew that I would be marrying him! He would not let me get away with even the slightest thing, not even just having a friendly lunch with someone. He knew that lunch with a boy is never just a ‘friendly lunch’, as he ‘explained’ to me as he was whipping me.

Helen 12

Click the following link to see the above movie:

Of course a girl must take care of the home. And, when we were just dating he would come to my home and inspect everything to see if I was doing my domestic chores right. I not only had to do them, but I had to do them ‘right’! And, if I didn’t, of course, I got spanked. Of course the bathroom had to be kept clean. But I did not know what ‘clean’ meant until he came in and found toothpaste still on the sink.   I had rinsed out the bowl of the sink but had not really washed all around the side and I had dropped toothpaste on the edge of the sink. Of course I was already naked, which I had to be when he inspected my home, so he just sat right down on the toilet seat and pulled me over his knee and got to work on my bottom. I was screaming, kicking and crying right from the start. Again, as he was spanking me he continually ‘reminded’ me that ‘clean’ means ‘clean’! When he got done, I spent the next hour washing that bathroom thoroughly, and from then on I washed it every day so it would be spotless! Once in a while I would mess up and not have the bathtub drain properly cleaned or something like that and would have to go over his knee for a spanking, but most often I passed inspection. But, when I didn’t, I got spanked hard. The movies you have of Mila getting spanked are very familiar to me! I get put into a lot of different positions for my spankings and I get spanked for many of the same reasons that Mila gets spanked. That is, my husband checks everything very carefully every day and if there is the slightest thing wrong, I will get spanked. He is home most of the time since he is a business consultant and does most of his work in the home office. As a result he will stop his work every hour or so and check-up on me. He will check to see what I have gotten done and whether or not I have done the chores he ordered me to do when he gave me my Morning Obedience Spanking when we got up. Every morning when we get up I have to go over his knee to be spanked. When I go over his knee, he spends 5 minutes or so telling me what he expects me to do for the day in addition to my normal chores. Then he spanks me for 10 minutes to make sure that I will obey him and remember what to do.

Helen 13

Click the following link to see the above movie:

Normally he works at home in his office in the morning and leaves the home right after lunch. After I get spanked at 6:30 in the morning when we get up, I go and prepare breakfast as he gets ready for his own work. After breakfast I get busy with my own chores as he goes to his office. At about 10:30 he comes out to check on my work. Of course, if I have not gotten my work done properly and done the special tasks he ordered me to do, I’ll get spanked. Most often he has to spank me for something. At 12:00 I have to report to his office and bend over his knee for my Preemptive Lunch Spanking. Then I prepare lunch, we eat and he leaves. He often is gone until about 4:30. But, one day when he came home I was outside in the street talking with some of my girlfriends. When I saw him coming I ran as fast as I could to get inside! Of course, I was too late. As soon as he came in the door I was over his knee getting the crap spanked out of me! Of course I had gotten my clothes off as fast as I could, and I was already naked as is expected, and he just pulled me over his knee and started slapping my bottom hard. Then I had to get the hairbrush and go back over his knee for him to continue spanking me. Then I had to kneel on the floor and get my bottom up for him to use my strap on me! I should have known better than to be outside talking when I should have been inside getting ready for my husband to come home so I could get spanked and then kneel and satisfy him! This time I got spanked for an hour and then had to kneel and satisfy him and then get spanked again! Then I got spanked for not having dinner ready! Well, I never again was outside after 4:00 in the afternoon!

Helen 1

One thing I have learned to do is to stand up and stay still as he spanks me. This is especially important when I have to be spanked before sending me to the Punishment Room for more spankings.   Sometimes he just wants to give me a quick spanking and will make me stand and wait until he is done. But, other times, when I have to be punished hard, he will start my punishment by making me stand up with my hands clasped behind my head as he uses a bathbrush on me with 20 strokes very hard to each cheek. Then I have to run fast to the Punishment Room to wait to be spanked and punished a lot.   I get these punishments once or twice a month.

Helen 2

One thing that is very important is that I am always spanked on my bare bottom.

Helen 3

Also, I am most often spanked at the Punishment Chair.

Helen 16

And, all of my spankings are very domestic. My husband is actually just very concerned that I am obedient and submissive, that I get my chores done properly and on time, that I serve him as he orders, and that I behave myself. When there is a problem, he just wants me over his knee getting spanked.

Helen 15


Click the following link to see the above movie:’s Very Domestic Spankings.wmv

Of course, sometimes I just need some special punishment, like when I stay out way past curfew.

Helen 14

Click the following link to see the above movie:

Presenting my bottom properly to be spanked is very important. My husband will take several minutes getting me into position for my spanking. He says that a properly presented bottom is very important for an effective spanking. And, if I do not keep it in position, he will really blister my bottom with the Punishment Hairbrush. Especially when I am taken to my room and made to kneel on the bed, he will take a long time getting my bottom in position as he massages me and uses dildos and vibrators on me before taking my strap and whipping me hard.

Helen 4

When I have to be punished, getting me ready for my spanking is very important, and if I am not already naked, I will be.

Helen 5

Of course, I normally get a Before-Bedtime Spanking. These spankings can be administered in my room, of course, but often I will have to report to his office or the Punishment Chair to receive my spanking.

Helen 6

I am often spanked in the kitchen as I am preparing a meal or when my husband comes to check on whether or not I have gotten my chores done.

Helen 7

In addition to the kitchen and my husband’s office, I will be sent to my room to ‘get ready’ to be spanked. When he comes in, I go over his knee and get spanked hard. He really enjoys spanking me in our bedroom.

Helen 8

Although I have emphasized how important it is for me to be naked when I am to be spanked or inspected, it is worth emphasizing again. Even when we have company I may have to be spanked and when I am I have to be naked. Our friends know that I am spanked, as are the wives of all of our friends, which is why we are friends. We do not hide anything from each other. If they are visiting and I misbehave, they know that I will be spanked, and when I am I will have to strip naked. It is important for a wife to strip naked when she is ordered to do so, and I do. Then after I am inspected and lectured about my behavior, I am taken to the Punishment Chair and made to bend over his knee to be spanked … right in front of our company.

Helen 9

Also, even in front of company, if my husband wants to enjoy me, I will have to strip naked and kneel as ordered for him. He may massage me to climax, or he may order me to masturbate in front of everyone to climax. I must not hesitate to obey. Then, when he is done, I have to get into the Kneeling Punishment Position so he can use the Stirrup Strap on me for my Proprietary Spanking. All of the wives receive Proprietary Spankings, as they should. In fact, once a month we have a ‘party’ at one of the homes (there are 5 families) as we rotate homes for the party. All of the wives will be stripped naked and enjoyed by their husband and then ordered to submit to the other husbands for them to enjoy. If there is a problem, of course, they will get spanked hard. In addition to being enjoyed with dildos and vibrators, all of the wives will have to line up to be taken over the knee of each husband to be spanked for 5 minutes each with a hairbrush. So each wife gets spanked for at least 25 minutes, and most often a lot longer since most of them will misbehave and have to be punished. These parties normally start about 8:00 and will last until 1:00 to 2:00 in the morning if not longer, sometimes all night.

Helen 10

Well, that’s about it except that you should know that sometimes I find out what a sofa-arm is for … to bend me over to get spanked! Although I was whipped when I cheated on my boyfriend, I liked the movie of Mila having to bend over the sofa arm to get spanked. I’m in that position once or twice a month for something. Sometimes he just puts me in that position just for the sake of some variety so that I am not always over his knee. And, instead of using a hairbrush, although he does use it at times, he’ll take his belt off and use it on me, or make me get my strap to hand to him for him to use to whip me. I get these spankings at times when I come home and have spent way too much shopping! Anyway, I really enjoyed watching Mila get spanked over the sofa arm, as well as all of the other positions!

Helen 18

Helen 19


Click the following link to see the above movie:

Well, that’s about it. Let me know if you want to know anything more. My husband is sending me to you next week and expects you to spank me hard. He also says that you are to enjoy me as you want with dildos and vibrators, and that I must kneel to thank you as ordered for you spanking me. I expect that and look forward to serving you. Although I don’t want it, I know that you will have to spank me really hard. And, I am really dreading your Master’s-Correction Blistering Punishment Hairbrush that you have described for me. I know that I will be screaming, kicking and crying the entire time, and you will really blister my bottom!

Of course, I am reporting to you for the Behavior and Obedience Counseling and Punishment I need to be a better wife, and will send you the $750.00 for your weekend counseling session tomorrow. I look forward to having you correct me and sending me back to my husband as a well-spanked and obedient young lady. He says that he wants to start limiting the number of spankings I need and knows that you will give me what I need so he can start punishing me when necessary, but not having to give me all of the preemptive and maintenance spankings I have needed. He thinks that when you finish with me that I will be a very hyper-obedient girl and will do what I’m told to do and behave better. I hope so!

Your Domestic Girl, Helen”

Helen 17

Be Careful What You Wish For & Self-Spanking

Serbian Spanking Request 1

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Blog, 2009-2011

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


I have recently had several “requests” from girls to be “spanked hard”, or “spanked severely”, or some other such request.  In each case I reply that they should “Be careful what you wish for.”   As expected, many of them are Serbian girls who know what a hard spanking is and just need a disciplinarian who has no problem actually giving the girl “what she needs”.  Serbian girls come from families where spanking is routine, regardless of how old the girl is, and the spankings are very firm to severe. 

However, a few of the girls were not Serbian and did not seem to be really too serious about being spanked.  One of the more amusing requests is the following in which a girl asks that I “light (her) ass on fire with a self spanking”.  Now this girl is definitely not Serbian, since in a Serbian family, her behavior would not be tolerated and there would be no problem finding someone who would give her the spankings she needs. 

First, self-spankings are difficult to administer since one normally will not hit hard enough to be really effective.  And, as this girl shows, at 24, she does need to be spanked hard as it is clear that she has just not learned how to behave properly.  But then we will find out that she is not really serious.  She really does not want her “ass lit on fire”, she just wants to play.  I do not play. 

And that is the situation with most girls who ask for hard spankings … they really do not want such a spanking at all.  But, let’s have a laugh as we consider this 24-year-old very naughty girl: 

Hello Headmaster Ken,

My name is xxxxxxxxxx. I am 24 and currently live in Concord, New Hampshire.

I contacted you because I have been very dishonest and deceitful to my friend and sabotaged her relationship. I have also been very disrespectful to my elders (my 77 year old grandparents) that I live with.

Please light my ass on fire with a self spanking punishment. I have a bath brush, hairbrush, wooden spoon, belt, and rod.


Well, as we can see, a 24-year-old girl who “sabotages her girlfriend’s relationship” does need to have her ass “lit on fire”. So, I provided the information shown below to help her administer her own punishment. As will be seen, she just does not appreciate all of the effort I went through to answer her question! Now that lack of appreciation itself deserves a hard spanking! And when administering a hard spanking, the spanking can be judged by how red and bruised the girl’s bottom is. 

Serbian Spanking Request 2

Dear xxxxxxxxxx,

 Thank you for contacting me.  I see that as a 24-year-old girl, you certainly do need some correction.  There is no excuse for you behaving as you have been. 

 In order to punish you properly, I need to know “why” did you sabotage your girlfriend’s relationship? 

 And, of course, there is no reason for you being disrespectful to your elders.   Your self-punishment for that is easier than for your other misbehaviors … Stir up a “frothy” bowl of soap suds.  Put it aside.  Take your toothbrush and run it across a bar of soap several times to get it really soapy.  Then stand in front of a mirror and stick your tongue out and brush it very hard!  And, I mean HARD!  Keep that up for 5 minutes.  Then wash your mouth out with the suds.  But, it is not just a quick rinse.  You take the suds in your mouth and swish them around for 2 minutes and then hold them in your mouth for another 2 minutes.  Then, spit it out.  …  Then do it again!   As you are doing this punishment, you keep telling yourself that you will be kind and obedient to your elders, you will treat them with respect, you will do things for them willingly and will ask them if there is anything you can do for them.  This is the lecture I would give you throughout your punishment.  Also, however, after you rinse your mouth out 3 or 4 times, you then bend forward over the bathroom sink, take the bathbrush and spank each cheek with 30 strokes, …, HARD. 

 NOTE:  The problem with self-spanking is that you will not hit yourself as hard as you should be hit.  There is one possible solution to this problem that I will discuss below. 

 But, for now, hit each cheek 30 times as hard as you can, …, or will.  (You really need to come to Columbus, OH so I can give you the spankings you really need!)  :) 

The photo-story below shows why self-spanking will really not work, and as can be seen by this girl, it clearly will not! 

Serbian Spanking Request 3

Your punishment for misbehaving toward your girlfriend will have to wait until I hear back from you as to why you did it. 

 However, for your actual spanking, you say that you have:  a bathbrush, hairbrush, wooden spoon, belt and rod.  I guess the “rod” is like a cane.  I have a Tiger Cane that I use on a girl which is very effective.  (See attachment.)  The problem is, that would not be effective for a self-spanking since it is too unwieldy. 

Serbian Spanking Request 4

The bathbrush is good, but, again, you probably would not hit yourself as hard as you should.   The hairbrush is effective, but, unless you are ambidextrous, you will not be able to spank your “opposite” cheek as hard as it should be spanked.  The wooden spoon just depends on how long it is.  If it is a BBQ spoon, then it might be long enough.  I have attached one that I use.  At 20″, it is very effective.  It is similar to the bathbrush in terms of ease of use and effectiveness, so you might be able to use it. 

Serbian Spanking Request 6

The belt is effective, but should be one that is at least 2″ wide and 40+” long.  The problem with it is that it needs to be doubled over to be effective, and it would be difficult to use.  Without doubling it over I use the belt on a girl’s legs and thighs and back.  Again, your problem would be that it is difficult to use for a self-spanking. 

 Now, what I would recommend is that you get a flogger similar to that shown in the attachment.  You possibly have heard of, or possibly seen movies of self-flagellation where one uses a flogger to whip, in particular, their back.  By swinging the flogger hard over your shoulder it will hit your back very hard since you will not have time to stop the momentum.  However, instead of over your shoulder to hit your back, you can swing it horizontally at hip-level so that it raps around your hips and catches your opposite cheek.  If you are right-handed, then it will be very effective in spanking your right cheek.  However, your left cheek will hardly be touched.  You will have to learn to use your left hand with the same force.  Now, this spanking is done with you standing.  Again, the problem will be whether or not you can administer what needs to be done; i.e., to give yourself a 5-minute spanking with continuous, non-stop strokes. 

Serbian Spanking Request 5

The flogger can also be used with you on your back and your legs up and spread wide.  I make a girl assume this position when I am going to give her a pussy-whipping.  You can do the same by bringing the flogger down between your legs.  However, I am thinking more in terms of spanking your bottom in this position.  Now you can use your right hand to spank both cheeks by bringing the flogger down at an angle to catch your cheeks instead of your pussy, although it may also catch your pussy, which is alright since that would punish you even more which you seem to need. 

 Anyway, that is enough for now.  Let me know if this has been helpful.  And, of course, come to Columbus if you really want to have your ass “lighted on fire”!  But, then, again, … be careful what you wish for!  :) 

 Best wishes,

Headmaster Ken

Now, after all of the work I went to in order to help this girl, the “thanks” I get is: 

Hello Mr. Ken

You sound like a sadist. So I will no longer need your help.

Thank you, xxxxxxxxxx

I’m not sure if she just cannot read properly or what.  Of course, behaving as she does, she may just be a joke! 

Remember, if you do not want to hear the answer, do not ask the question.  

Further, she was given various suggestions intended to help her choose.  Obviously, she really was not interested in learning anything.  But, at least she is amusing by assuming that just because required spankings are administered to a girl that the disciplinarian must be a “sadist”!  Oh well.  …  She’ll continue to sabotage her girlfriend’s relationships, disrespect her grandparents, and behave in numerous unacceptable ways.  If she were a Serbian girl or a girl who actually knew what a punishment-spanking is, she would get her behavior modified very quickly.  As we’ve seen with Serbian girls, when I have to punish a girl, I will have her naked over my knee using an implement on her that will give her the hard and severe spanking she needs! 


Now, to see what this naughty girl should receive, shown below is Zara getting whipped: 

Serbian Spanking Request 7    Click link below to see movie: Spanked Dont Play Around at Night in Vegas.wmv


Girl Needs Hard Whipping

If, as the girl shown in this post, you need a hard whipping, please contact me at: 


Serbian Girls’ Spankings


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I previously published posts on another blog site during 2009 to 2011.  I published 33 posts in that blog.  You can see those posts at:

Blog, 2009-2011

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


The number of girls from Serbia who visit my site are greater by far than any surrounding country of Serbia. 

From reports that I have received here in the U.S. from Serbian girls who live here, they say that they are frequently spanked and spanked severely when they are spanked.

I would like further confirmation from Serbian girls.  If you are a Serbian girl, either in Serbia or in the U.S. or any other country, please contact me and let me know about your spankings.  You can contact me by email  at:, or you can contact me through my Spanking Survey for Girls by clicking on the following banner:  


The following photo-stories characterize the reports I have received from Serbian girls’ to-date.  If you are a Serbian girl and can confirm the spankings and punishments described here, please let me know. 










The above photo-story is added in again because it clearly shows how these girls are spanked and punished. 

If you are a Serbian girl in  Serbia, the U.S., or anywhere else, please contact me and tell me about your spankings and punishments.

Sybian Punishment & Punishment Chairs/Stools

A viewer requested information about the use of a Sybian.  Below is a post concerning  the Sybian as well as Punishment Chairs and Punishment Stools and the girls who are punished as a result of their use.

Sybian, Blog 1

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I previously published posts on another blog site during 2009 to 2011.  I published 33 posts in that blog.  You can see those posts at:

Blog, 2009-2011

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


Sybian Punishment and Punishment Chairs/Stools are often used for a more personal and sexual punishment of a girl, or to make sure that her Master really gets her attention that he does in fact own her and she will be totally submissively-obedient to him. Although the Punishment Chair can be used to pleasure the girl, it is most often used for punishment or for forced masturbation. Of course, the Sybian is most often used by a girl to pleasure herself. For forced masturbation, the girl is made to mount the Vaginal Punishment Chair, sit down and then rotate her hips or rhythmically raise and lower herself until she climaxes. A Riding Crop, Jump Bat, or other implement may also be used to whip her back and thighs as she masturbates. Further, before she mounts the chair, she should be taken OTK and given a good, hard spanking so her bottom is already sore when she sits on the rough chair seat. As described in the Jump Bat photo-story below, the Jump Bat can also be used for many other disciplines, and is very effective for getting a girl’s attention and proper performance! 

Riding Crop, Jump Bat

Forced Masturbation using a Vaginal Punishment Chair is a more effective punishment in that the girl cannot simply use a dildo to insert into her with her hand, but must be more actively involved as she is made to keep her arms crossed behind her back as she has to work to masturbate as she moves her hips or raises and lowers herself with her feet and legs. Also, as she is given Forced Masturbation, a Jump Bat is used to whip her back and thighs hard so that she cries. It is important that she is crying as she is given Forced Masturbation, and should be crying before she even gets on the Vaginal Punishment Chair from the spanking she received before proceeding to the chair. If she stops her Forced Masturbation by just sitting or not moving fast enough or hard enough, a Punishment Strap is used to severely whip her thighs and legs. In fact, after a minute or so of beginning her Forced Masturbation, she should have her thighs whipped hard with the Punishment Strap just to encourage her to work harder, regardless of how hard she is already working. She has to know that she can always work harder and more perfection, obedience, and energy in completing her tasks is always possible, is expected of her, and she will obey. When she climaxes, she should also be crying freely or convulsively from being whipped. To prepare the girl properly for the Punishment Chair she should be spanked before being made to sit on the chair so her bottom is already sensitive and sore, thus making the rough surface of the chair further her punishment. A hard 5-minute spanking with a Blistering Hairbrush, Jokari Paddle, or other such implement is recommended so each cheek is very tender when she sits down. A 3-minute spanking to each cheek is very effective. 

Punishment Chair with Dildos

The Sybian can also be used to train a girl to provide oral services (see links given below) or to use her mouth to put a condom on her man—a video of such condom application is available and may be shown at a later date. We’ll see. 

For some of the very strict religious communities, as cited below, the sexual services of a girl are considered very important and much of her punishment has strong sexual overtones, or are very directly sexual. The girls are expected to and are trained to provide sexual services on her boyfriend, fiancé, or husband in front of anyone present. More later. 

For Sybian Punishment, the girl can be made to sit on the Sybian with the protrusion in her vagina as she is whipped on her back, thighs and bottom. 

To see photos and videos of the Sybian, please go to: and

Although the Sybian is used less-often for punishment, the Punishment Chair (or Punishment Stool) is used extensively in some strict communities, especially very strict religious communities. I have had reports from many strict religious communities throughout the U.S. where the strict training of girls is practiced and the use of the Punishment Chair is routine. And, from the reports I have received, the training is very similar in all of these communities. 

Punishment Stools, Photo-Story

Punishment Stool, 1

Over the years, I have had reports from girls living in these strict religious communities: California (27-years-old), Maine (22-years-old), New York (18-years-old), Alabama (23-years-old), Ohio (26-years-old), Louisiana (19-years-old), a province in Canada (18-years-old), among a few others, and two reports from states in which the girls were very severely and harshly punished: Arkansas (19-years-old), and Mississippi (24-years-old). 

In all of them the girls are closely supervised and severely punished for disobedience or misbehavior, and are given frequent Maintenance Spankings and scheduled weekly Spanking-Punishment Sessions. They are spanked in front of anyone present, and must submit to being spanked by anyone who controls them or who they are told to report to for a spanking. Sometimes they are sent to someone they have not even met, and must go into their home, take their clothes off, hand the person an implement and ask to be spanked. They must strip naked when ordered to be spanked, and must not resist or they will be severely whipped. To assure their abject obedience, they are given forced masturbation where they must masturbate in front of anyone present. Also, the girl is taken to the pastor once or twice a month, sometimes weekly, to be spanked. 

When a girl is taken to the pastor, it may be a private spanking, or, more often, she will be spanked along with other girls who have been sent to him to be spanked. Sometimes they have to report right after the Sunday morning service, or they may be scheduled to see him on a Saturday or an evening during the week. When they go in, they all have to strip naked and stand at-attention with their back against a wall until they are called for their spanking. By facing out, they can all witness the other girls being spanked. And, these will be fairly severe spankings—see photo-story below. 

Sybian, Blog 12

I was going to provide the reports from the two girls in Arkansas and Mississippi, but their punishments are so severe, especially the one in Mississippi, that I have decided not to post them. Although these girls are over 18-years-old, it seems as though such punishment is also administered to girls who are younger, and such punishment I consider to be extremely abusive. I would report them to the FBI but the FBI is not that interested in pursuing such reports. I previously reported a suspected pedophile but the FBI did not take it seriously and did not determine the facts relating thereto. 

Regardless, I will not provide the reports of these two girls, but will provide some of the associated photo-stories that will give you an indication of some of the less-abusive punishments–so you can guess as to just how severe and abusive some of the other punishments probably are. 

One thing did stand out concerning these two girls, and that is that they both lived on farms. So, the question is: Are girls who live on farms more severely punished than girls who don’t? 

And, for girls who live on farms, they are often taken to a barn to be punished. One reason is all of the available furnishings and implements available to punish her. 

For example: 

Punishment Furnishings: Spanking Horse, Punishment Chairs, Tack Benches, Posts to String Her Up On, Spread-Bars, Bails of Straw & Hay, Saddles, Girths, Reins, Lead Ropes, Horse Blankets, Roping Dummy (can be used as a Spanking Horse), Cribbing Straps, Horse Mane and Tail Brushes, Training Forks …

Punishment Implements: Riding Crops, Quirts, Stirrup Straps, Horse Whips, Floggers, Heavy Belts, Reins, Spur Straps, Stirrup Leathers, Fly Whisk (can be used as a flogger). 

While I will not now present in detail the controls and punishments that the two girls received, a few notes will help to indicate the extent to which they were controlled and punished. 

Both girls could only date boys who would spank them for disobedience or misbehavior. The girls had to submit to their boyfriends and let them enjoy them any way they wanted. In particular, after they were spanked, they had to provide sucking-services to thank her boyfriend for spanking her. 

The 24-year-old girl from Mississippi, Jackie, had to meet her boyfriend at the door naked when he came to pick her up. She had to give him a good kiss to welcome him and then take him to the family room where she had to hand him her hairbrush that would be used on her and then bend over his knee for her Preemptive Date Spanking. All of this in front of her parents and anyone else who was there—her younger brother, her female friend, their next-door neighbor, her boss (who was a family friend and often visited), her cousins, and anyone else who was visiting. See the photo-story below for more details. 

Sybian, Blog 9

The sexual use of a girl in these communities is quite common and expected. The father of one 23-year-old girl, when told that she didn’t think she needed to be spanked replied: 

“I don’t care what she thinks, she will be spanked, she will strip naked, she will present her bottom to be spanked, and she will stay in position until I get through with her bottom. And when I tell her to masturbate, she will obey or I’ll use a strap on her hard. And when I tell her to get her clothes off and bend over and spread her legs so my friend can enjoy her when he visits, then she will obey or I’ll use my belt on her, he’ll then use her and I’ll then blister her bottom so she never resists or complains again. The focus of her obedience and behavior is in her pussy, and she is going to learn that her pussy will be used anyway she is told to use it, and I will give her pussy-whippings all day long until she learns.”

Check out the photo-stories below and use your imagination as to what they indicate about the severe, harsh and abusive treatment some of these girls are receiving, and that there are girls like this in many states throughout the U.S., and many countries in the world. 

Sybian, Blog 4

Sybian, Blog 6

Sybian, Blog 5

Sybian, Blog 7

Jump Bat

Sybian, Blog 3

Sybian, Blog 8

Sybian, Blog 10

I trust that this post has been informative for you, and if you have any questions or comments, please contact me at:   


Maintenance Spankings

Maintenance Spankings, 1

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Blog, 2009-2011

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


Maintenance Spankings are often thought of as being but a light to firm hand-spanking—or possibly with a hairbrush—more as a playful gesture than for the purpose of making sure a girl continues to focus on being obedient and behaving herself. In fact, previously in discussing Maintenance Spankings I said the following: 

Girls who receive Maintenance Spankings 2 or more times a week, say that they feel better and behave better. They do better in school, at work and at home. They are more obedient to their Master, and exhibit more self-control. And, they do not have to be given Punishment Spankings so often, so they are actually spanked less. Although these spankings are not as hard as a Punishment Spanking, they are longer as their Master holds them over the knee longer and just continues to slap their bottom.

While all of this is true, I have subsequently found that girls who are given Maintenance Spankings hard to severe actually do even better, and they say after they are spanked that they feel even much better than they did when not spanked so hard.   The reason is that when they are spanked hard to severe, they cry much harder, they cry convulsively and, therefore, when their spanking is over they have a cathartic experience that lasts much longer. Also, instead of just being more obedient, they are very hyper-obedient so that they behave better, obey their Master immediately, and complete their chores faster and better, and feel much better about themselves and their accomplishments. 

Maintenance Spankings, 2


Maintenance Spankings, TF

Maintenance Spankings: These spankings are administered to assure continuing obedience; i.e., to assure that the girl will present her bottom to be spanked as ordered and to be submissively obedient to her disciplinarian in everything she does. Making a girl present her bottom properly to be spanked, and holding it in position until her spanking is finished, is very important in that it demonstrates total submission to the need for the spanking and the respect her Master deserves in taking his time to make sure that she is submissive and obedient, and behaves herself, and serves as she should. This is a routine “Obedience Spanking”. It should be administered 3 to 7 days a week, but is most effective when administered daily. And the spanking should be administered hard to severe. As one girl said:

“A very hard spanking shakes me into this place of being responsible and feeling like the punishment is useful! I become hyper-obedient and jump immediately to obey when I am told to do something. That is how a girl should respond to her Master.”

A Maintenance Spanking should help a girl to maintain that state of hyper-obedience. A properly disciplined girl is one who is hyper-obedient and immediately obeys when she is told to do something. If she does not immediately obey, she should be given a very severe Disobedience Spanking. This is especially so when she is being given a Maintenance Spanking, since if she is disobedient during this spanking, it is but a sign of things to come. She must understand that she is to be obedient at all times, and especially when being given a Maintenance Spanking.

Maintenance Spankings, 5

A Maintenance Spanking is not simply an after-thought or a spanking that just has to be given. It should be administered in a very formal manner. 

It is a time to evaluate and inspect the girl and consider her behavior and obedience since her last spanking. 

I like to have a girl report for her Maintenance Spanking, strip naked and kneel in front of me as shown below as I visually check her and then discuss her behavior and obedience. This will help to determine whether she gets a 5-minute, 10-minute, 15-minute or longer Maintenance Spanking, and what implement will be used on her. While most Maintenance Spankings are normally for 5 to 10 minutes, longer ones may be necessary. 

Maintenance Spankings, 3-2

A Maintenance Spanking should be administered just as any other Punishment Spanking. As one girl said: 

“I want to be told what to do and punished if I do not obey. Even when I am spanked, I want to be told exactly what I am to do, what implement to bring for my spanking, what position to assume, and when I can get up. I want to be told what chores to do and then have them checked to make sure I did them as ordered, and if not, I want to be made to present myself to be spanked hard. There is no excuse for not doing my chores properly! I like a man who takes charge and makes me obey. If I am not crying when he finishes my spanking, then he did not spank me hard enough. I cannot respect a man who cannot take control of me and spank me hard until I cry. And, Maintenance Spankings are just as important and I should definitely be crying when he finishes with my bottom. A Maintenance Spanking is to help me ‘maintain’ my submissive-obedience to my man and must be administered hard so that I know that he does in fact expect me to obey him and behave.”

Maintenance Spankings, 4-1

Most often, Maintenance Spankings are administered OTK, but to make them more pointed, other positions should be considered. As shown below, making the girl lay down on the floor and hold her legs up as she is spanked really gets her attention. 

Maintenance Spankings, 6


Click on the “Transgenders” Category to see the previous posts.

Transgender Girl, 20

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I previously published posts on another blog site during 2009 to 2011.  I published 33 posts in that blog.  You can see those posts at:

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


Monica updated me on her punishments that she is receiving, and on the progress of her transition to being a girl. First she writes about her spankings: 

Hi Headmaster Ken,

I never told you how the spankings went last weekend. My bottom has never been so sore. The paddling for not making a better date choice stung like you wouldn’t believe. He really walloped me hard. Good to know that I broke the paddle half way through that spanking. Sadly dad had another. 

For the next few months, I will have to get a spanking before leaving on a date. The date is allowed to watch.  I know why I am getting these spankings, but I feel that it puts me in a not so good looking light. I have to go out with someone with messy makeup and red eyes from crying. It’s hard enough to keep someone waiting while I get dressed, now they have to wait for me to be spanked. Just doesn’t seem right. 

Well not my decision. I only have to obey. 

Happy Thanksgiving.

First note that she has the proper attitude that every girl should have: “It is not my decision. I only have to obey.” Girls would learn more and learn faster if they always had that attitude!   My response to her: 

I only have to obey.”  That is one thing that a lot of girls do not focus on.  I am proud that you do.  Actually it is much more difficult for your disciplinarian to spank you properly and knowing when to spank you and to make sure that all spankings are very positive, than it is for you to be spanked.  All you have to do is “obey”–get undressed, hand your disciplinarian the appropriate implement to use on you, bend over as ordered to present your bare bottom properly, and hold your position until your spanking is done.  Also, this is very important in a relationship so that everything goes well.  If a girl is always back-talking, arguing, or not being obedient, the relationship is just not going to go very satisfactory and will not last long, at least not in a positive manner.  Not that she is not to give her opinion or recommendations, but she must do so in a proper and submissive manner.  This is especially so when out in public.  A girl is never to object or counter what her date says, … even if he is wrong.  In private she is to bring up her point, but not in public unless he asks for her opinion.  But she is never to offer her opinion without permission.  If she wants to say something, she should start by saying:  “Sir (Bob or whatever name is allowed), may I suggest (or recommend) something?”  Most often he should say, “Why, of course.”  And then you can say whatever you want.  But that maintains a very positive relationship and any company present will be pleasantly surprised by how respectful you are.  And, your boyfriend will treat you with much more respect also. 


I also stated: 

One thing I wanted to follow-up on from your last message was your remark that:  “It’s hard enough to keep someone waiting while I get dressed, now they have to wait for me to be spanked. Just doesn’t seem right.”    First, if you were with me and were not ready when your date was to pick you up, I would spank you for that, and it would be a punishment spanking, very hard with a paddle.  And, you should not have to be keeping them waiting for you to be spanked.  If you are receiving a 5-minute spanking, then you are to be ready to be spanked 5 to 10 minutes before your date arrives.  So, when he arrives, you have already been spanked and greet him with messy makeup and red, crying eyes.  With me, you do not wipe your tears away after a spanking, so when he arrives, you should still have tears running down your face.  Of course, if he is late, then you may have recovered from crying before he gets there.  But if he is more than 5 minutes late, I would not let you go out with him.  That is just disrespectful of your time, unless he has called and told you that for some reason he will be late.  I expect you to be treated well by him as much as you are to treat him well.  Now, with Nancy, if she was going with someone who would also spank her before they left, then she would meet him at the door naked, ready to go over his knee to be spanked.  Her clothes would be placed neatly on the sofa ready to put on.  After her spanking, she would get dressed, still crying, and go out.  The main point is that you should not be keeping your date waiting for any reason! 


And, I continued: 

Now, if you disobey in public or disagree with your boyfriend, he should take you to the car and spank you hard.  I have a van with tinted back windows on both sides, and will take a girl there to spank her hard as shown in the attachment. 

Transgender Girl, 22

Another point she made in a later message was that before she is punished with a very hard spanking, she is given a “Warm-Up Hand-Spanking”. I replied as follows: 

Warm-Up Spanking

When I spank a girl, there is no “warm up” with a hand spanking.  The girl has to be punished and any “warm up” minimizes the effectiveness of the spanking.  I get a girl positioned properly and then administer her spanking.  With her in the Legs-Up Position (Diaper Position … I hate that name!), I will use a strap, Jokari Paddle, or hairbrush on her as shown in the attached photos.   Also shown there is a more in-depth description of the spanking. 

Transgender Girl, 21

In addition, the following observations were made: 

It is difficult when you don’t know why you are being spanked, but your dad believes that you should know why.  I have often spanked a girl without telling her why she is being spanked, and the reason is that she normally has not really been paying close attention to her behavior the way she should and may actually, therefore, not recognize why she needs to be punished.  By spanking her without telling her helps to make her, as you now are, start thinking more about her behavior and what is expected of her.  It may be that she had become used to doing things that she had been told not to do, and yet she had done them so often she forgot that she was disobeying an order or was behaving in a way she had been told not to.  That may be your situation.  But do think about every detail of what you did yesterday and see if anything you did comes close to having been a misbehavior. 

Transgender Transition


And then she continued with an update on her transition to being a girl: 

I know this is not proper thinking, but when I lose my female virginity, I hope it is with Billy or someone just like him.  But that won’t be for at least 18 months. My SRS surgery has to take hold. Right now my body sees my vagina as a wound. So I have to keep it open using a device, similar to a sex toy, that will be larger gradually. Initially I need to do that 3 times a day for 20 minutes. Then after a time my body will accept that my neo-vagina is not going away and I won’t need to do the vaginal stretches anymore. 

Remember: Do Not be Dead Right! 

Transgender Girl, 5

Just be sure to stay safe!  If he beats you up once, he will eventually kill you!   Get away fast! 

If you want to be spanked, then that is your choice.  But that request does not allow for abusive beatings! 


Getting Ready to be Spanked, 1

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


When a girl has to be spanked, getting her ready for her spanking is often just as important as the spanking itself. The Spanking-Preparation sets the mental anticipation and focus for the spanking so that it becomes a learning experience for the girl rather than just a thrashing, although even if it is a thrashing to punish the girl, and it is a prolonged and sustained spanking, the preparation for the thrashing is also important so that she is very anxious before she is thrashed. 

Spanking-Preparation by a girl is not just to get her presented for her spanking, but also to establish control of her so that she is more obedient and behaves herself as ordered. Proper presentation of a girl has been discussed before in this blog, but it is important enough to consider again. When a girl does not prepare properly for her spanking, she should be given a Disobedience Spanking. When she is, she should be positioned so that it is more difficult for her to move her bottom and essentially impossible to cover her bottom with her hand. To see such a position, click on the Title Frame below that shows the spankings administered to Jessica and Tonya when they disobeyed and had to be strapped hard. 

Getting Ready to be Spanked, 6

Spanking-Preparation was one reason that the girl I mentored in Florida for almost 2 years did so well. She learned to control herself by being obedient to the orders I gave her. The more strict I was with her, the better she did in school, the more proficient she was at completing her domestic chores on time, the better-behaved she was when on a date and out in public, and, generally, the more self-control, assertiveness, and pride she had about her own actions and behaviors. It is important for a girl to know that her Master is proud of her and wants her to behave herself. If she is not spanked when she misbehaves, she will not believe that her Master cares enough for her to make her obey. Spankings are critical for the proper training and development of a girl. 

The Spanking-Therapy, Spanking-Discipline, and Spanking-Punishment programs I have available that are designed to obtain your Attitude-Adjustment, Goal-Achievement or Behavior-Modification that you need to succeed are described in a separate post that you can see by clicking on the banner below. At the end of the post I give some instructions on applying for your own program; i.e.: 

If you want to be strictly controlled and spanked when you disobey or misbehave, please contact me and tell me about yourself.  Also, send several photos of yourself, at least one headshot and one full-length.  If you want to send nude photos that will be alright, but is not required.  Tell me why you want to be spanked in order to achieve your goals.  These programs are not free and will cost a minimum of $200.00 for a weekend session.  Longer programs generally cost $200.00+ per day depending on what you want to achieve.  You can contact me at:

The stated fees are changed and will be provided upon request. The weekend session, starting Friday evening through Sunday late afternoon, is a minimum of $200.00, but may be more depending on the degree of supervision and control desired. That is, a program can be designed so that there will be some “Free Time” where you will not be supervised and controlled, or where you simply need to be punished and you will have scheduled punishment sessions. Those programs are generally $200.00 for the weekend.   However, if you want the stricter program where you are supervised, controlled, disciplined, and punished the entire weekend 24/7, then the weekend will be $500.00 to $1,000.00, depending on whether or not you also need instruction; e.g., as one girl wrote: 

Master Ken, I am reading your blog, but have stopped here in the blog on your email link to write you. May I ask a question? I don’t know if I should be ashamed or not but there are times when I am intentionally bad because I really want a hard spanking with a belt, strap, paddle or something that will really spank me hard, and I really, really want it to hurt and I really, really want to be made to obey in every way. I want to be already naked as you take me down over your knee. I want you to use a paddle to spank me really hard as I scream, kick and cry. For 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes or longer I want you to keep beating my bare bottom. Regardless of how much I scream and cry and beg for you to stop, you are to keep on beating my bottom. Then you make me get up and bend over and grab my ankles as you whip me for as long as you want—5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes … just however long you want to whip me, I want you to give me a prolonged and sustained spanking … you are not to stop beating my bottom even for a second.   I am screaming and crying convulsively the entire time. I want to be severely punished. And when you finish spanking me, I want you to massage me to climax, and then spank me again if I climax without your permission. I would also like to kneel and satisfy you, but I know that you never have sex with the girls you control. Just a thought?   Another problem I have had and still have is holding my orgasm until I have permission to let it go. I was hoping that when you massage me to full climax that you might help me by spanking me very, very badly to the point that sitting would make me cry when I had to if I didn’t hold my orgasm until I had permission to let it go. Can you do that for me? I have a lot to learn, and I want you to punish me until I learn to behave properly and do what I am told to do. I want you to give me domestic chores to do and to beat my bottom hard if I do not do them properly. I want you to order me to do things and spank me hard if I disobey. I want you to take me out in public and when we get home you spank me hard if I do not behave properly in public and am not obedient to you. I know that my social skills are not the best, and I think that if you would just beat my bottom hard when I misbehave that I would learn what to do to be a better girl. Can you help me?

Getting Ready to be Spanked, 2

I can help girls who are serious and are in need of very strict supervision and control, and who know that they need to have their bare bottom spanked very hard when they misbehave or disobey and are willing to submit to whatever prolonged and sustained spanking their Master believes that they need. For more information, click on the banner shown below. 

Getting Ready to be Spanked, 3

Getting Ready to be Spanked, 10

As part of the training requested by the girl cited above, she had to prepare herself for every spanking she received. When she disobeyed or had an attitude about obeying, she was whipped hard. To see what happens to a disobedient girl in need of a whipping, click on the Title Frame below. 

Getting Ready to be Spanked, 8

A girl’s poor attitude is considered very serious and she will be punished hard for any unacceptable attitude. To see a girl being spanked for poor attitude, click on the Title Frame below. 

Getting Ready to be Spanked, 7

Spanking-Preparation is very important as indicated in the photo-story below. 

Getting Ready to be Spanked, 4

This Spanking-Preparation is critical if the girl is to actually learn to modify her behavior or adjust her attitude, and learn to do better in school or work. See the photo-story below. 

Getting Ready to be Spanked, 9

Contact me for your own training program. 

Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4



See the next 2 posts for the initial report and update! 

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I previously published posts on another blog site during 2009 to 2011.  I published 33 posts in that blog.  You can see those posts at:

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


I have just received another update concerning the beating received by Monica. 

Monica looks “horrible”!   2 black eyes, bruises on both breasts, lots of bruises on her arms and legs!  Fortunately, no broken bones! 

Without blaming the victim, a girl must learn who to trust.  If my girl comes home with 2 black eyes and has been beaten up, I will spank and whip her hard! 

Lexy Whipped HardA girl must learn to be very careful, and the best way to make sure she is, is to whip her bare bottom hard under controlled conditions until she learns to never go alone with someone until she knows for certain that he will treat her properly. 

With Monica, she was beat only with fists, and is fortunate that she is not disfigured.  Monica says that she told her date that she was a transgender.  However, that, clearly, was not enough. 

Strange as it is to say, it may be that he did not really “appreciate” just what that meant until they started to do more than just talk!  Or, more likely, he went with her planning to brutalize her!  That is why a girl should most often never go with a boy alone until she gets to know him better. 

Click on the following Title Frame to see what happens to my girl Lexy when she has failed to take proper precautions and comes home with 2 black eyes! 



Monica has seen these posts and greatly appreciates them.  She hopes that they will help others to be more careful. 

I know that Lexy will begin to think more about who she dates, and, if she doesn’t, she’ll be stripped naked again and whipped harder. 

Transgender Girl, 10