Spanking Girls in a Strict Religious Community, Part 1

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


The following 3 reports are being presented since they represent how girls are treated and spanked in Strict Religious Communities, and in Strict-Obedience Homes; and, in particular, in Strict Serbian Religious Communities.  There are some minor modifications for privacy concerns, but otherwise are what was reported in their Spanking Surveys.  The first two of these surveys were submitted in June and July 2015, and the third one in October 2013.  

If any of these girls recognize their survey submission, it would be good to hear from you again


Girl #1, 23-year-old

I’m a 23-year-old girl and am still being spanked, and am being spanked more now than ever before.  I get spanked 3 or 4 days a week with 5 to 10 spankings.  Most often I am naked when I am spanked, but am also spanked by being stripped from the waist down, wearing only my panties and bra, or wearing just my bra.  But, most often I have all of my clothes taken off. 

My spanker is the one who takes my clothes off.  When I am going to get spanked, most often I do resist, but sometimes I cooperate.  When I resist, I will be spanked much longer, or be punished in some other way.  And, some of the other ways in which I’m punished are worse than a spanking.  Other ways that I’m punished are:

Grounded, Corner-Time Naked, Privileges Taken Away, Lectured, …

StrictDisciplineHomes, 15

[These 4 punishments are quite common and are reported by most girls who have submitted a spanking report.  Corner-Time, in particular, is often used for extended punishment, or as the only punishment.  Especially a wife may be sent to stand in the corner until she gets herself under control and obeys her husband.  When a wife gets stressed out, she cannot work right and serve her husband as she should.  An hour or so in the corner helps to calm her down.  In most cases though, after her Corner-Time, she will be spanked and sent back to getting her chores done and being obedient.]

Butt Plug inserted that I have to keep in all day or until my spanker removes it …

StrictDisciplineHomes, 2

[This is generally not so common; however, it is quite common in Strict Religious Communities or Strict-Obedience Homes.  The girl must present the Butt Plug to her spanker and then turn around, bend over and reach back and spread her cheeks.  The Butt Plug must remain in until her spanker makes her report to remove it.  Of course, if she has to use the bathroom, she must ask her spanker for permission and have the Butt Plug removed, cleaned, and reinserted when she is done.  And, she must not have the door closed when using the bathroom.  These girls live in a no-doors-closed home, regardless of what she is doing or how she is being punished.  Anyone in the home can watch her being punished, using the bathroom, or anything else she is made to do.]

Clothing Rules …

StrictDisciplineHomes, 1

The sheer gown shown above can be found at:

The sundress can be found at:

StrictDisciplineHomes, 3

The girl shown above-left being spanked can be found at:

The girl bending over the bench can be found at:

The Pleated Spanking Skirts must meet definite standards as shown below.

StrictDisciplineHomes, 4

The first girl in the skirt shown above-left can be found at:

The girl in the green skirt can be found at:!

There is another reason that the girls must wear short Pleated Spanking Skirts—they can be forced to masturbate at any time.

StrictDisciplineHomes, 5

The photo above can be found at:

The girl continues with her punishment list:

Naked for long periods, … 

[Most girls who are closely supervised, controlled and spanked have to be naked in the home, regardless of who visits or is there.  When a girl visits her girlfriend, she may find that he girl is being spanked and she will have to wait, or go and watch her friend being spanked, which she normally will.  After the girl’s spanking she will remain naked and the two will go to her room to talk.  Of course, the visiting girl may also be spanked, and must remove her clothes and bend over the dad’s knee to be spanked if he tells her to.  To see a routine spanking of a girl, click on the title frame below.]

Nikki--Just Spanking_TF

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The girl continues with her punishment list: 

Forced to ask for spanking, …

[Self-reporting about misbehaviors and disobediences is expected of the girls, and if her misbehavior or disobedience is discovered without her telling on herself, she will be spanked much harder.  Frequently these self-reports are expected during the evening family meeting.  However, if a girl comes home and needs to self-report, she will first be spanked as she enters the home, and then, still crying, she will tell her dad what she has done for which she needs another spanking.  The additional spanking will be given immediately, even though she already has a very sore bottom.]

The girl continues with her punishment list: 

Enemas, essay writing, extra chores, vaginal inspections, forced masturbation, pussy brushings, pussy floggings, loss of privacy, early bedtimes, …

[Punishment Enemas are frequently given to embarrass the girl and to punish her for not keeping herself clean, not shaving properly, and other hygiene-related misbehaviors, or just to humiliate her.  Extra chores, of course, are often given to a girl, even if just to determine if she will be obedient without objecting.  If she whines or objects to doing extra chores, she will be spanked hard, and then have to do the chores anyway, and will be given even more chores to do, and a time limit in which to get them done.  Vaginal inspections are quite routine in a home.  A girl can be stopped at any time in the home and made to present herself for a vaginal inspection and to enjoy her with dildos and vibrators.  (In fact, Nancy, in Florida, specifically told me that she expected me to stop her when I wanted to and make her strip naked and present herself for a groin-area inspection to make sure that she was properly wet, and to evaluate her responsiveness with dildos and vibrators.  Also she was to be given Dildo Punishment where a dildo is inserted in her and stroked very rapidly so that she is hurt and crying.  And this girl just lived in a somewhat “normal” home.  In Strict Serbian Religious Homes, girls are treated very severely.)  Forced masturbation is expected at any time and by anyone who spanks her, regardless of where they are.  Pussy brushings and floggings are also quite routine.  A girl may simply be made to present herself for a brushing and flogging at any time … just-because!  Early bedtimes are often used to impress on the girl that she is just a “little girl” and she will do what she is told to do.  But, also, early bedtimes are used to punish a girl, especially on Friday or Saturday when she might have expected to go out.  Even if a date is scheduled, if she has been misbehaving and been disobedient, she will be sent to bed at 7:00 and her date will have to reschedule.  Of course, when he does, she will be spanked hard for not being ready for the previous date.]

The girl continues with her punishment list: 

Nipple pinching, forced to work in basement woodshop to make paddles, …

[Making a girl make her own paddles is an excellent activity to help keep her in line and obedient.  Just like going to get a tree switch or bamboo stalk, making her own paddles helps to make her spankings very personal.  Also, once made, she should hang them in her room on the wall near her bed, or on the inside of her closet door so that every day when she opens the door she is reminded what happens to her bottom if she misbehaves or is disobedient.]

The girl continues with her punishment list: 

Family presentations on why my behavior was wrong, not allowed to talk …

[First, when a girl is told to “Shut your mouth!”, she must obey.  This is especially beneficial when a wife begins to complain too much or sass her husband.]

StrictDisciplineHomes, 16

[Making a girl stand up before other family members or guests is a very effective way to punish a girl and also helps her to focus on exactly what the problems are and what she is going to do to modify her behavior and adjust her attitude.   When done properly, she will be naked as she presents her report so that she is ready to be spanked.  In most, if not all, of these reports, the girl will be spanked.  But also, this is a time when some of those present will say what they are going to do to help correct the girl.  For example, if her boss from work is there (which often he is), he may say that he is going to start giving her Obedience Spankings when she first arrives for work in order to help her focus her attention on what is expected of her during the day.]

She continues:

I am spanked by many different people:  Mom, Dad, Uncle, Aunt, Grandfather, Grandmother, Male Family Friend, Male Teacher, Anyone Present, and Violin Teacher. 

And, I am spanked on my bare bottom in front of a lot of people:  Dad, Mom, Uncle, Aunt, Grandfather, Grandmother, Older Male Cousin, Older Female Cousin, Younger Male Cousin, Younger Female Cousin, Male Neighbor, Female Neighbor, Boyfriend, Male Family Friend, Female Family Friend, Houseguests, Male Pastor, and Anyone Present.

Most often I am spanked OTK, although I am also frequently spanked in the wheelbarrow position.  And one time I was spanked when I was made to do a hand-stand against the wall. 

There are a variety of implements that are used on me:  Hand, Paddle, Strap, Belt, Hairbrush, Wood Spoon, Wood Spatula, Ping-Pong Paddle, Riding Crop, Ruler, Carpet Beater, and Yardstick. 

I am spanked for as long as my spanker wants to spank me and I am normally given over 500 strokes. 

[This girl is spanked the way a girl should be spanked … with enough strokes to make a difference!  Click the title frame below to see Angelina getting spanked.]

Angelina OTK Spanking_TF

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If I misbehave away from home, I’ll get spanked when I get home.  And, I get spanked for a lot of different reasons, which is why I get spanked so much: 

failure to do chores well enough, …

[This girl is being properly supervised, controlled and disciplined.  In most homes, a girl is spanked only if she does not do her chores.  But, in fact she should be spanked if, as here, she does not do the chores properly.  But such girls must be closely supervised and controlled, and most often her disciplinarian just does not have the time to supervise her properly.  This girl is being properly cared for and spanked hard when she does not do her best.]

The girl continues with the reasons for being spanked:

Leaving a mess, being late, …

[In a Strict Religious Home or Strict-Spanking Home, a girl leaving a mess is not tolerated.  It starts with her cleaning her room every morning and making her bed.  If she makes her bed, but leaves clothes out on the floor or bed, she will be spanked.  If she does not clean up after herself in the kitchen or anywhere else in the home, or even outdoors, she will be spanked.  And, being late is never tolerated.  Girls are given curfews, not only when going out at night, but also when they go somewhere during the day.  If a girl goes shopping, she will be told when to be home, and will be spanked if she is late getting home.  That is her daytime curfew.]

The girl continues with the reasons for being spanked:

Failure to pay attention in church, not memorizing weekly Bible verses, …

[Especially in a Strict Religious Home, a girl’s religious behaviors and expectations are very important.  When she goes to church, she must listen to what is said or studied, and report to her dad when she gets home about what she learned.  Also, she will be given Bible verses or religious lesson passages to memorize, and she must stand naked at-attention in front of her dad or other disciplinarian and repeat what she had to memorize.  If she does not state the verses or passages precisely, she will be whipped hard.  Also, she must attend Bible study sessions and any other church activity she is ordered to attend, and then report on what she did when she gets home.]

StrictDisciplineHomes, 9

The girl continues with the reasons for being spanked:

Poor clothing choices, if I don’t eat enough. …

[What a girl wears is very important as discussed previously.  And, a girl must maintain proper weight; i.e., she will be given an ideal weight that she is to maintain, and she must always be within 5# of that weight.]

The girl continues with the reasons for being spanked:

My step-grandfather gives me what might be a submission or proprietary punishment

[Most often, girls who live in a Strict Religious Home, or Strict-Spanking Home will be given Submission or Proprietary Spankings.  Whereas with this girl, it is her step-grandfather who spanks her, in other homes it can be anyone who is authorized to spank the girl.]

The girl continues with the reasons for being spanked:

Talking-Back, …

[Talking-back is absolutely not tolerated in these homes.  Girls are severely spanked if they ever talk-back to anyone in authority over them.  And, that includes at work in the Strict Religious Communities.  A girl’s boss at work will often spank the girl for being late getting to work, not getting her work done properly, or misbehaving, like talking-back.   She is also frequently inspected and punished at least one day a week during a Submission Obedience Session.]

StrictDisciplineHomes, 7

The girl continues with the reasons for being spanked:

Swearing, Smoking, In Trouble At Work, Skipping Work, …

[As shown below, for most “routine” spankings, the girls are simply taken OTK and spanked.  Although getting in trouble at work and skipping work are serious misbehaviors, since the girl will be severely punished at work, she is just given a routine spanking at home.  Although, some dads will spank her quite severely even at home for work disobediences.  But, most often, it is treated as if she had been spanked at school, and must be spanked again at home—she is simply given a good hard spanking that does not take too much time.]

StrictDisciplineHomes, 8

The girl continues with the reasons for being spanked:

Not Doing Chores, Not Doing What I’m Told to Do, …

[It is important for girls to complete their chores properly and on time, and to do whatever they are told to do.  As I spank a disobedient girl, I will often tell her, as I slap her bottom:  “When I tell you to do something, you get it done!” … as her spanking continues.]

The girl continues with the reasons for being spanked:

Past Curfew, …

[Returning home past curfew is very serious, and girls are spanked severely for doing so.]

The girl continues with the reasons for being spanked:

Maintenance Spankings, and Preemptive Spankings.

StrictDisciplineHomes, 6

[For girls living in these homes, Maintenance and Preemptive Spankings are quite routine.  They are not necessarily spanked every time they leave the home, but frequently they are.  However, in a home where the girl is being very closely supervised and controlled, as is the girl reporting here, she will be given a Preemptive Spanking almost every time she leaves the home.  Maintenance Spankings are given several times each week.  One girl I had who lived in a Strict Serbian Religious Home was given the following spankings by me (KRT) when she reported for a few weeks of training:

1)      Report each morning to KRT after getting up to receive my Morning Obedience Spanking.

2)      Report to KRT for any scheduled Maintenance Spankings.  At a minimum, Maintenance Spankings will be administered Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings at 8:00 and Saturday morning at 9:00.  Additional spankings may be given as required. 

3)      Report to KRT each day at 4:00 to receive my Daily Preemptive Obedience Spanking, this is frequently the After-School Spanking, but may be “after-work”, or “just-because”.  These spankings help to focus my attention on what is expected of me during the evening. 

4)      Report each evening at 10:30 for my Before-Bedtime Spanking.

5)      Report each evening as ordered for my Punishment Spankings.  I am not always spanked at the time I misbehave or am disobedient, but I must still be punished.  Normally after dinner I will have to report to the living room where I will be given my Punishment Spanking.

6)      Report as ordered in the evening for my “family meeting”, during which time I will be given Punishment Spankings as required.  

7)      Report as ordered for my Spanking-Submission Session.  This session is required so that I am always ready to submit to my spankings.  I will have at least one of these sessions each week. 

8)      Present myself OTK as ordered for required Preemptive Spankings.   I must learn to present myself properly OTK so that my bottom is properly presented to be spanked.  In particular, I must learn to present my bottom properly in the Inverted-V Spanking Position

9)      After all spankings, I will kneel at-attention and thank KRT for spanking me. 

10)   Must submit to being spanked by tutor when ordered to bend over.  My tutor will spank me for any work that I have not completed properly, for not answering questions properly, and for any other behavior that is not accepted for my academic work.  When I am spanked by my tutor, I must take all my clothes off. 

11)   Must have my boyfriend pick me up at home and meet KRT.  I must then raise my skirt, pull my panties down to my knees, and bend over KRT’s knee to receive my Preemptive Date Spanking in front of my boyfriend.   If I have a steady boyfriend, then my boyfriend will administer this spanking. 

12)   Must report for a full nude inspection before and after each date.  I will get ready for my date and report to KRT for a full nude inspection to make sure I am shaved properly, my hair is done properly and I am ready to dress.  After dressing I will report to KRT for my dress inspection.  When I return from my date, I will stand for a dress-inspection, and then strip naked for a full-body nude inspection.  Most often I will be spanked after returning from a date. 

13)   Must submit to being spanked by babysitter when ordered to do so.  If I have been behaving in a childish manner, or have been repeatedly misbehaving and disobedient, I may be assigned a babysitter who can order me to strip naked and bend over to be spanked. 

14)   I will receive a Preemptive Test-Day Spanking whenever I have a test.  This spanking is in addition to my daily Morning Obedience Spanking

15)   I must tell KRT my destination whenever I leave the home, and call to ask permission if I want to change my destination after I leave.  Most often I will be given a Preemptive Going-Out Spanking before leaving the home.    

16)   Do not oversleep in the morning.  If I do, I will be given my Morning Obedience Spanking and a Punishment Spanking for getting up late. 

To see a Prolonged and Sustained Spanking Punishment, click on the title frame shown below.

Zara Spanked, Vaginally Probed and Whipped_TF_cropped

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Girl #1 provided the following additional comments about her spankings:

My dad & I had to move in with my new stepmom’s whole family for financial reasons and part of the deal was that anyone in my new ‘family’ had the right to punish me however they wanted and for whatever reason while I lived in their house! I thought those punishments were bad and unusual until I read some of the other accounts on this site and others.

But there’s one part of my situation that I haven’t heard anyone else mention and I wonder how common it is. My dad was worried that I’d get punished for unjustified reasons and so he convinced stepmom to institute an appeals process. I still have to submit to whatever punishment is decided but then I can choose to appeal it by writing down exactly how I was punished and then posting it on the fridge and asking for an appeal. The problem is that the appeals process is shit! Whoever punished me can choose any three adults they want to serve on a jury, like neighbors, family friends, my pastor, other family members, even my ex-boyfriend have all been on juries and they aren’t all exactly impartial! At the start of the appeal I have to strip completely naked and ask each member of the jury to spank me and then ask each one to inspect me!! Then, I have to read the account of my punishment and if the punisher can remember anything deemed important that I left out I get paddled for my error. Then whoever punished me is allowed to talk about why their punishment was justified and during that they are allowed to ‘recreate’ all or part of that punishment to show the jury what happened! then it is my turn to present my case but I’m only allowed to while wearing really tight nipple clips ‘to ensure I am efficient and don’t waste people’s time’!! Then the jury can ask questions. When they are done I have to stand in the corner while they deliberate. This process just sucks!! Just to get a ‘verdict’ from the jury is 100% humiliating and painful!! If the jury agrees my punishment was unjustified they can order the punisher to make whatever amends they want. The first time I went through the appeal I actually won and as compensation my grandfather lost the right to punish me for two days and I got out of all chores for three days and my step grandfather had to get me a $250 Amazon gift card. But every time I’ve appealed since, I’ve lost. When that happens then for the next three nights I have to go to each member of the jury and ask them to punish me in the way I objected to, plus they can add other punishments. Then the following Saturday I have to spend an entire day naked with the person who punished me. That day starts and ends with the punishment I originally objected to and it includes maintenance spankings and doing chores, sometimes with a butt plug in or something like that. Dad never spanks me but he says that making the appeals process difficult keeps me from using it except when it is absolutely necessary. But I think it might be making my punishments worse, because they know that if they make the punishment extra hard or add an enema or something that I won’t risk having to go through it potentially another six times: once at trial plus three times with each jury member plus twice on my compensation day.

[This is the only report I have had in which a Punishment Evaluation is structured so unfairly.  In similar situations a girl will have to report for a Family Meeting or Behavior Evaluation.  Sometimes these meetings are held with guests sitting at a dining room table, conference table, or sitting in a rec room or lounge area.  In all such meetings, the girl must enter when called (after all participants have arrived and been seated), strip naked in front of everyone and kneel at-attention and be quiet.  Preferably the meeting will be in a rec room or lounge area where the participants will sit in a circle and the girl will have to stand in the middle of the circle to get undressed and then kneel in the center with her head bowed as everyone discusses her behavior and what spankings she will need.  After discussion, the girl will stand to be lectured about her behavior and what will be expected of her.  Then she will bend over the knee of each participant to be spanked by each one for 3 to 5 minutes with an appropriate paddle or strap.  The number of participants should be restricted to 3 to 5, unless the girl has been really bad and needs a more severe punishment session.  In some homes, these sessions will also include full-body inspections by each participant that may include the use of a Glass Punishment Dildo or a vibrator to evaluate her responsiveness, or she may be given a Pussy-Scrubbing or Pussy-Flogging, or she may be given an Enema, or an Anus-Spanking, or any number of activities to punish the girl, depending on how bad she has been.  Some girls are made to bend over the back of a chair, sofa arm, table, etc. so each participant can use a strap to whip her hard.  In all such meetings the girl will end up screaming and crying hysterically and will have to report to some or all of the participants over the next few days when she will have to ask to be spanked again.]

I’m saving up enough money to get a place of my own. In every other way my stepmom and her family treat me great and they live in a gorgeous mansion with a big ass TV and I get to use their car, but I hate the punishments they give even when they are deserved.

[This is a complaint I get at times from girls who are living well, but are severely spanked.  They want to leave because of the spankings, but do not want to lose the benefits of living in a very comfortable home.  But then, a couple of girls have written saying that they moved out of such a home, only to move back in a few months later, not because they missed the luxuries of the home, but because the missed the spankings.  When they finally got out on their own, they were no longer controlled and began to live in a manner that they did note like—missing paying bills, not getting their domestic chores done, being lazy, developing bad habits like smoking and drinking and swearing a lot, not doing as well in school or work, and so on.  They actually missed the control that they were given before and wanted that control again so that they would feel safe and cared for.]

While I’m still living there I don’t know if I should dare to appeal any more punishments since I’ve lost the last 6. Step-grandad says that I’ve got to learn to be obedient and submissive and that I lost my boyfriend who he really liked because I wasn’t submissive enough and my job which he arranged for me because I wasn’t obedient enough.

[I have had several girls write to me stating just this point—they recognize that in order to get the husband and life they want, they must be submissively-obedient.  These girls write to me asking for such a training program where they are severely spanked if they are not obedient and submissive.  They want training in domestic obedience and sexual submission and service.]

If I give up on appeals altogether then maybe he’ll be proud and take that as a sign that I’m accepting my punishments more and go a bit easier on me. But I also want to keep some appeals process open because at least then I have a formal way to object to how I’m being treated. Just thinking out loud I guess. Thanks for reading my story!!!!!

Reports from 2 more girls will be included in the next post.


18-Year-Old Girl Spanked-at-Home

18-yr.-old, 1

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I previously published posts on another blog site during 2009 to 2011.  I published 33 posts in that blog.  You can see those posts at:

Blog, 2009-2011

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


I received an interesting Spanking Survey Report from an 18-year-old girl who is still being spanked-at-home, and is being spanked more than ever before.  This girl probably represents the majority of girls who get spanked; i.e., at 18 she is still being spanked, she is spanked 3 or 4 times a week.  She is naked when she is spanked, and she is spanked with only a maximum number of strokes of 75.  To many girls, 75 strokes seems like a lot of strokes, but when I spank a girl, she receives a lot more strokes than that.  For example, see below: 

18-yr.-old, 4

And, if she misbehaves away from home, she is spanked when she gets home.  This girl seems to live in a very domestic home and is spanked in a very domestic manner; i.e., not too hard, not too many strokes, and not too many spankings

If she would like to fill in any more details, please contact me at

She reports as follows: 

I’m an 18-year-old girl and I am still being spanked, and am being spanked more now than ever before.  In addition to being spanked, I also have to write lines. 

I’m only spanked 3 or 4 days a week, and only once each day.  I am spanked by a male family friend.  When I am spanked, I have to be naked and my friend takes my clothes off.  When he spanks me, I do resist, but then he spanks me harder.  He uses a tree switch on me which I have to get and give to him for my spanking.

18-yr.-old, 2

Although he can spank me for as long as he wants, I do not get more than 75 strokes. 

If I misbehave away from home, I’ll get spanked when I get home.  And, to make sure that I will be obedient and behave myself, he does give me Submission Spankings in addition to any Punishment Spankings that I may need. 

18-yr.-old, 3

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Spanked by Pastor & Murghi (Murgha) Spankings

There appear to be many girls who are spanked by their pastor.  This post describes these spankings.  Also presented are some Murghi spankings for our Indian and Pakistani girls!

Murgha, 11


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I previously published posts on another blog site during 2009 to 2011.  I published 33 posts in that blog.  You can see those posts at:

Blog, 2009-2011

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


Before considering the girl who is spanked by her pastor and boyfriend, here are films for our Indian and Pakistani girls who have been asking for more Murghi (Murgha) movies. 

Murgha, 1

[NOTE:  Most often these spankings are referred to as "Murgha", but when a girl is punished, it is "Murghi".]  So, enjoy the following Murghi films, and then enjoy the spankings of a girl by her boyfriend and pastor.  Maybe they should consider spanking her in the Murghi position! 

Now, enjoy the film!  Click on the banner below. 

Murgha, 6

And now, see how Murghi is really done in making the girls “walk” in the Murghi position!  Click the link below

And now, see how Murghi is really done in making the girls “walk” in the Murghi position!  Click the banner below. 

Murgha, 5

Now let’s see about our girl who gets spanked by her pastor! 

Here’s a girl who is characteristic of girls who are spanked by their boyfriend or husband, and their pastor

It would be good to hear more from this girl about her spankings and punishments. 

Murgha, 8

Although she is not spanked every day, she is spanked up to 4 days a week, and apparently is spanked a couple of times a day when she is, although she says only once a day.  However, with her disobediences, she is probably spanked more often.  From reports by other girls who are spanked by their boyfriend/husband and pastor, they are spanked fairly often and most often twice a day if not more, and spanked daily. 

When they are spanked by their pastor, they must report to him, tell him why they need to be spanked, get undressed and bend over his knee.  Or if the boyfriend takes her, he will tell the pastor why she needs to be spanked. 

Sometimes, the pastor will visit their home and take care of the spankings there.  When he does, there is normally much more involved.  He’ll sit and discuss the girl’s behavior with the family and what should be done with the girl so that she behaves better and is more submissively-obedient.  While there, he may take care of more of the spankings she needs.  He may also give her, her Before-Bedtime Spanking.  

Murgha, 9

A girl may also be sent to the pastor right after church or after school to be punished.  When she is, she is normally also given a very thorough body inspection as shown below. 

Murgha, 13

To see a girl being given several spankings, click on the banner below. 

Murgha, 10

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Shown below is the report that I received from the girl who is spanked by her pastor

I’m a girl, 37-years-old (approx.), and I am still being spanked, although I was spanked the most when I was 23. 

In addition to being spanked, I also get Corner-Time Naked, Mouth-Washing, Lectured, and Enemas. 

I get spanked 3 or 4 days a week with 3 or 4 spankings. 

My boyfriend punishes me with spankings, and my male pastor spanks me really hard.  And, when I get spanked I am naked and I cooperate when I have to be spanked in getting ready for my spanking.  But, if I resist in any way, I’ll get spanked again.  I have to take my own clothes off. 

When I am spanked, I am spanked by hand, or with a paddle, strap, belt, hairbrush, or tree switch, which I have to cut to be used on me. 

When I am spanked, I get spanked with at least 50 strokes for 10 minutes and up to 300 strokes for 20 minutes or more.  When I am spanked, I just get spanked for a long time to let me know that I had better behave myself.  I am spanked for as long as my boyfriend or pastor want to spank me, and I am spanked until I cry a lot.  But, the most strokes I will get is 300, but that is a lot!  I am definitely crying when that spanking is done. 

I am spanked in front of my male neighbor, my female neighbor, my boyfriend’s dad and mom, houseguests, male pastor and male friend.  I am spanked on my bare bottom in front of my boyfriend’s dad and mom. 

When I was in school, if I got spanked, I also got spanked at home, so I am really used to being spanked a lot. 

If I misbehave away from home, I am spanked on my bare bottom in private in the car, and then I also get spanked when I get home. 

I get spanked a lot because I get spanked for talking-back, which I do a lot; for swearing, which I do a lot; not doing my chores since I’m lazy; getting up late, almost every day; just-because—just-because I need a lot of spanking-attention in order to behave myself and be obedient; Maintenance Spankings, which I get several times a week, Preemptive Spankings to really remind me to behave; and Submission Spankings to make sure that I am obedient and submissive. 


22-Year-Old Scottish-Girl, Part 3

Scottish-Girl has been very informative about what she wants, which provides a lot of context to write about. If you have any questions or comments about what is here presented, please write and tell me at

This is the 3rd post concerning Scottish-Girl. There will be at least 1 more and probably 2 or 3 more, so keep checking!

DD Home, 20


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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


In a Domestic Discipline Home, girls are frequently given Before-Bedtime Spankings.   Here are 2 girls being given 3 spankings each and told that they will have to report the next morning to be spanked again. In these strict homes, both daughters and wives are most often given daily spankings and especially at bedtime. And, as here, the spankings are hard and the girls will cry! 

In considering a Domestic Discipline Home we will take a look at the spankings these two girls received by clicking on the link below. They depict the control that is required in such homes and the spankings that must be administered. They are each spanked for only a total of 95 seconds, but they are spanked hard, and making them transition actually increases the intensity of their punishment as they are thinking about what is coming next. Also, the rapid and hard final strokes are critical to impressing on the girl that she had better be obedient. 

DD Home, 19

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Now, before proceeding, we will take a more in-depth look at how a Domestic Discipline Home is controlled. 

During the past couple of years or so, I have had several reports from girls who are living in a Domestic Discipline Lifestyle Home.  Three of these reports are of interest in that they are very similar to each other.  And, these are families that have had a successful marriage for many years in which the wife and daughters are frequently spanked and must submit to their husband/father to be controlled and spanked.  Several of the others did not last as long due to the wife or husband not behaving in a manner consistent with a Dominant/Submissive Lifestyle.  In one case, the wife rebelled against the required control, but in the other cases the husband just got tired of having the responsibility of having to control and punish the wife and daughters.  While a Domestic Discipline Lifestyle may seem to be what a husband may want, in fact it requires a lot of time and effort to keep such a relationship positive and under control. 

DD Home, 1

I believe that part of the problem is seen in some websites that discuss “how to establish” a Domestic Discipline Lifestyle.   They say that various “agreements” must be signed so that everyone knows what to do.   Such agreements, however, miss the point of such relationships—the husband/daddy is in charge of the wife and daughters, and they are to do what he tells them to do.  By defining that obedience and when it can occur and how it can occur defeats the very purpose of such a lifestyle.  Girls I have discussed this with have simply said that they want a “man to take charge; i.e., take-her-in-hand (TIH), tell her what to do, and spank her when she disobeys or misbehaves.”  If the relationship is so heavily scripted that all interactions are defined, then there is in fact no actual control of the girl, since agreements can be interpreted in many different ways, depending on what one wants at the time. 


To the contrary, when a girl comes to me the process is quite simple:  (1) We communicate for several weeks.  We do not just meet on a chat line and schedule a meeting.  She has seen my website and movies and she knows what to expect.  I have learned whatever I can about her online.  We then meet and have lunch.  We then schedule some more “dates”.  Only when we are very comfortable with each other do we proceed.  But then she knows that she is going to be submissively-obedient and that I am going to spank her when she isn’t, or when she misbehaves, or just whenever I want to spank her.  Then she shows up for an “audition”.  (2) As soon as she enters, I order her to strip naked and kneel in front of me with her arms crossed behind her back—she either obeys or goes home.  When a girl is “auditioning” for such a position as a girl who is to be TIH, she already knows that she is to be obedient and that she will be spanked if she is not.  (3) I then tell her what I expect of her and what will happen to her if she disobeys.  She either agrees or goes home.  This part, however, can be and is a conversation about what is expected of the girl, and her desires as to what she wants and needs are discussed at this time, and the girl will state how she expects to be punished when she disobeys and anything else that she may want or need in such a relationship.  But the discussion is controlled by me and the girl does not speak without permission.  The one thing that might, and probably should be written in an agreement is a Consent Agreement as to what punishments the girl will receive and what unusual handling, if any, she will receive; e.g., will she be given Enemas, will she be strung up in a Punishment Room or barn to be whipped, will she be given pussy-whippings, will she be punished with a rough-sided glass dildo, and so on.  The girl must sign this agreement.  This is the extent of such “agreement”, and that is mainly to protect the Husband/Daddy from liability in case the girl wants to claim that something was not agreed to!  The conversation is much like one might have when dating—finding out what each desires to see if they are compatible.  We will meet with each other over a period of time until we are comfortable with each other and wish to proceed.   When we are, then the girl will be ordered to report to me at a specific time and place, and she had better show up early! 

DD Home, 2

(3) Then the girl is ordered to bend over my knee to be spanked, after handing me a hairbrush that I will be using on her.  I will then spank her by hand for at least 5 minutes, and then use the hairbrush on her for another 5 minutes, and she will cry.  If she does not cry, I will spank her harder.  At any time, if she wants, she can get up and leave.  When I am satisfied with her obedience and crying, I will make her kneel again.  Then for the next 2 or 3 hours, I will order her to do a number of domestic chores, or to study if she is in school, and will spank her hard for any disobedience.  If she does not like it, she can leave.  However, in every case, the girl has asked to be controlled more strictly, spanked harder, made to do things more precisely, and so on.  If she did not want to be taken-in-hand, told what to do, and spanked hard when she disobeyed, she would not have shown up in the first place.  This meeting is also an “audition” for the husband/daddy in that the girl is finding out if she is being controlled and spanked as she desires.  Just as with any dating arrangement, either both are satisfied with the relationship, or they leave. 

DD Home, 26

In a Domestic Discipline Lifestyle Home the wife or daughter must ask permission to do whatever she wants to do, but most often she will just have to obey what her husband or daddy tells her to do.  In one home she would go and sit down as she was told what to do.  In the other 2 homes she had to strip naked and kneel in front of her husband or daddy.  If she has to be spanked when she comes home, which she normally does, she will be lectured for 5 to 10 minutes or so and then ordered to bend over her husband’s or daddy’s knee. 

Also, to maintain control of the girls, they will be ordered to present themselves for nude inspections as they are made to stand to be inspected, and then kneel to present themselves.  These inspections are done almost every time a girl comes home, but a girl can be stopped at any time in the home, made to strip naked and present herself for an inspection.  Daughters, in particular, are frequently stopped during the day to be inspected so that her father can check to see if she has been masturbating or fantasizing too much. 

DD Home, 3

While there, of course, are some differences between the 3 families who reported about their Domestic Discipline Lifestyle in terms of how they are spanked and controlled, there is a lot of similarity in what each family does.  One of the more interesting differences from other Spanking-Discipline Families that I have reports from is that all 3 of these families used Progressive Spanking as a fairly common practice, even though it requires a lot of time and effort to implement.  Progressive Spanking is a spanking session in which the girl must progressively remove her clothes as she is repeatedly spanked.  And it starts when she first enters the home—she must remove her shoes, and most often she must also remove her socks.  She must then report to her husband/daddy to see if she has to be spanked, or he will tell her what she is to do. 

If a girl is given a Progressive Spanking, then after spanking her over her clothes, she is ordered to strip from the waist down and bend over for another spanking.  Each spanking is for 5 to 10 minutes.  Then she is ordered to strip naked and bend over again for a 3rd spanking.  Of course each time she bends over and presents her bare bottom, her husband/daddy will spend some time caressing her cheeks and probably stroking her clit as he continues to lecture her about her behavior and what is expected of her.  Then, with her naked he will spank her for 10 to 15 minutes or longer by hand and with a hairbrush, paddle or strap.  She must be crying freely before he finishes with her. 

DD Home, 16

Then she will have to kneel naked on the floor as he tells her what she is to do and when to report to the Punishment Room to be spanked again.  This last spanking is often a Before-Bedtime Spanking.  And before this spanking she will have to kneel in the Punishment Room and wait to be lectured and spanked.  This spanking is normally by hand or with a hairbrush for 10 to 20 minutes, although often it will be for 30 to 45 minutes.  One girl reported that her Before-Bedtime Spankings were for an hour after which she had to go to bed naked so she would be ready to be spanked again in the morning for 15 minutes with a hairbrush applied very hard to each cheek. 

Now in a Domestic Discipline Lifestyle Home, it is important for the husband/daddy to keep control of the girls, and one effective means of control is to make the girl stand at-attention and keep her mouth shut!  See the photo-story below about how one family was kept under control. 

DD Home, 25

Continuing now, Scottish-Girl wrote: 

My focus is to find someone professionally experienced in this area, not just someone from a personal ad. My first port of call was contacting UK-based spanking websites, to see if they could provide a service (off camera) for me. Unfortunately the answer has generally been that unless I’m willing to have pictures taken, which will be splashed across their websites, then it’s a no.

When contacting spanking websites that publish spanking movies, the intent of that website is to produce spanking movies and they have no interest in your personal need and desire to be spanked in order to achieve your own personal goals. And, as with Scottish-Girl, it is important to find someone who knows what they are doing, and not just someone who thinks that spanking a girl means beating the crap out of her! I am one of the few spanking professionals who will actually prepare a program for you that is designed to meet your own personal needs, whether that is to improve your academic performance, your domestic obedience, your career goals, your personal goals, or to punish you for your misbehaviors. Of course, such professional services are provided for a fee depending on what is desired. 

Fees are for the counseling services, program development, and continuing monitoring, control, supervision, and spankings that are required for you to achieve your goals. An initial non-refundable Application Fee of $200.00 is required due to the amount of time and effort that is required to prepare an individualized program, and helps to eliminate the girl who simply wants to chat. Final training and counseling fees are dependent on the program and are in addition to the Application Fee. One such program was developed for a girl who was to be controlled and punished 24/7 for 6 weeks at a fee of $1,500.00/week. Her training program is described as follows: 

Training Objective:  To develop self-control, self-confidence, attention-to-detail (being “focused”), rule-based obedience, self-pride, and domestic submissive-obedience with confidence and pride that will lead to being able to choose an exceptional career and personal life that will be enjoyable, in line with her abilities and desires.

Order Obedience:  The primary expected personal development is with respect to her developing self-control and self-confidence.  She is to be in-control of herself!  When ordered to do something, she is to do it exactly as she is ordered to perform.  She is not to complain about what she is told, but is to be obedient and do exactly what she is told to do.  Order-obedience is a critical factor of her training.  And, she must learn that she is in control of herself when she obeys an order given by someone else.

DD Home, 21

She must also learn to select a career path and develop the work-skills that are applicable to that career-path.  This career-path selection process must be addressed the first week of training. 

She must learn to develop her submissive-obedience in completing domestic chores and personal service so that she is happy with her own life and able to be compatible and productive in a homelife with her family and her future boyfriend and husband.

Frequent daily spankings are critical to her proper development. 

DD Home, 22

Training Methodology:  The training methodology provides a very strict training environment in which she must exhibit abject obedience 24/7 to the directives and orders of her Headmaster.  As much as possible, she will be continuously monitored, supervised and controlled concerning her behavior and attitude.  Cameras will be placed throughout the home so that her activities can be continuously monitored from her Headmaster’s office.  If he sees that she is misbehaving or not completing her chores, he can immediately go to her and spank her.  She will be disciplined and punished for disobedience and misbehavior, as well as given preemptive and maintenance spankings and examinations, as well as no-notice spankings and examinations.  It is expected that she will initially resist stripping naked and get ready to be spanked when ordered, and she will move her bottom too much when being spanked or attempt to cover her bottom with her hands, and that she will hate her Headmaster for being so strict with her and spanking her and punishing her so severely, and that she will not always be obedient … but that is what severe bare-bottom spankings and other severe punishments are for—to make sure that she “modifies” her behavior and “adjusts” her attitude.  If she already did not resist stripping naked and presenting herself for her spankings, did not move too much when being spanked or attempt to cover her bottom, did not hate her Headmaster for being strict and severe with her, and was always obedient, then she would not need her Headmaster’s caring, consistent, firm, strict and severe control and training.

Training Activities:  She must submit to the following activities, which will be implemented as determined by her Headmaster, as well as other activities persented throughout this Development Program.

  1. She will be spanked by hand, paddle, strap and other implements determined by her Headmaster.
  2. She will receive Pussy-Whippings with a Flogger; and she will receive Anus-Spankings with a Tiger Cane. [NOTE:       These punishments are determined according to the individual needs of the girl. Not all girls are administered such punishments, but will be if required and agreed to. Only those punishments are administered that are agreed to by the girl!]
  3. She will cry when she is spanked or whipped, or she will be spanked and whipped harder until she does.

DD Home, 23

4.  She will be administered the following types of spankings as determined by her Headmaster:  Punishment Spankings (administered as required), Discipline Spankings (administered as required), Maintenance Spankings (2 to 3 per day for the first 2 weeks of training, and then as determined necessary thereafter), Preemptive Spankings (administered several times per day as required), Disobedience Spankings (administered as required), Morning Obedience Spankings (administered every morning, except Saturday), Immediate Incentive Spankings (administered as required), Before-Bedtime Spankings (administered every night before bedtime, except Saturday), Bedtime Spankings (administered as required), Submission Spankings (administered daily for the first week, and then 3 or 4 times per week, as required), Obedience Spankings (administered as required, but also administered during Obedience Training Sessions each day for the first week and then as required thereafter), Academic-Time Incentive Spankings (administered as required every 45 minutes during study time), After-School Spankings or After-Work Spankings (administered as required), and other spankings determined to be of value for her training.  [NOTE: The spankings that a girl receives will depend on her personal program.] 

5.  She will keep her groin-area shaved smooth and will submit to a Cotton-Ball Inspection to determine if she is shaved smooth as required.  If she is not shaved smooth, she will be spanked hard.  [NOTE: This inspection is required of all girls who are in an extended training program to assure their abject obedience and to assure that they will obtain their goals. These inspections help a girl to focus on herself and what she needs to do to succeed, and to pay-attention-to-detail, which is required for all goal-attainments.]

DD Home, 24

6.  She will present herself as ordered by her Headmaster for full-body nude examinations.  Such examinations will include her entire body, especially her groin area and vagina, but also her hands and feet, especially her nails, her neck, ears, and hair, her mouth and tongue, her breasts and nipples, which must be erect when she reports for her inspections and spankings, her vulva, which must be wet when she reports for her spankings or inspections, and she will be spanked hard if her nipples are not erect or her clit is not wet.  If her nipples are not erect, they will be pinched hard to make them erect and will be pinched hard until she cries.

7.  She will be made to submissively model by assuming various positions as ordered by her Headmaster to train her properly in assuming various spanking and examination positions, as well as  learning to be abjectly- and submissively-obedient to orders and learn to be a proper domestic-submissive.  In order to be trained properly, girls must be submissively-obedient and must learn to present their naked body as ordered.

  1. She will be naked at all times in the home unless ordered to dress.
    1. She will always wear a skirt and blouse when leaving the home, or as appropriate in cold weather, and must always report to the home wearing a skirt and blouse, or as appropriate in cold weather.  She is never to wear shorts, slacks or other such clothing unless authorized.  She will be spanked hard if she is not properly dressed.
  2. She will sit on a Vaginal-Protrusion Punishment Stool unless given authorization to sit elsewhere.  When she does, she will sit upright to perform whatever task is assigned, or she will sit upright with her hands clasped behind her head and her legs spread wide.  She must sit straight and not slouch.  If she slouches or does not sit properly, she will get up off the chair and bend over and grasp her ankles so that she can be whipped hard, and will then sit down properly and maintain her proper position.
  3. She will present herself for vaginal dildo-punishment as ordered by her Headmaster, and will have her pussy scrubbed with a Pussy-Brush to make her wet and for punishment, especially prior to a Pussy-Whipping.  She must be wet before being pussy-whipped, and if she is not, she will be given a pussy-brushing and have her clit stroked until she is properly wet.  Then she will bend over and grasp her ankles to receive a hard strapping before proceeding with her dildo punishment.

DD Home, 12

11.  She will submit to being given an Enema as ordered by her Headmaster.  [NOTE: Enemas are dependent on the training program.]

  1. She will present herself as ordered at any time to be spanked and inspected.
  2. She will perform Forced Masturbation, or submit to dildo and vibrator use as ordered but will climax only with the permission of her Headmaster.  She must never climax without permission, and will be severely spanked if she does.  [NOTE:   This punishment totally depends on the selected personal-development program.]
  3. Upon entering the home, she will immediately remove her shoes and socks and then move to the family room where she will immediately strip naked without being told to do so, and stand in front of her Headmaster at-attention with her hands clasped behind her head and her feet spread more than shoulder-width apart and wait for her orders.  Whenever she presents herself to her Headmaster, her nipples must be erect and her clit must be moist.  Her Headmaster will check both whenever she presents herself to him and she will be spanked if they are not as required, and Nipple-Clamps will be attached if her nipples are not erect, and she will be given a Pussy-Scrubbing with the Pussy-Brush if her clit is not properly wet.
  4. She will be given Preemptive Spankings before she leaves the home for any reason (including when she is sent to a barn for punishment, if any), and may be given Preemptive Spankings for other activities even within the home; e.g., when she is sent to take a bath, prepare a meal, or any other activity.
  5. She will be severely punished if she ever talks-back or is otherwise insolent (like rolling her eyes, shrugging her shoulders, or other signs of disrespect, as determined at the sole discretion of her Headmaster) to her Headmaster to include having her mouth washed out with soap and then whipped hard as she lays face-down on her bed, followed by a blistering spanking  OTK with the Master’s-Correction Blistering Punishment Hairbrush.  She acknowledges, consents to and agrees to such punishment, recognizing that she will be screaming and crying, even crying convulsively, throughout the punishment and her bottom will be red, bruised and blistered after her spanking is completed.
  6. She will not swear, drink alcohol, or smoke, and will not lie, cheat or steal.
  7. She will obey all orders given to her by her Headmaster.

This training program is what is required for any girl who truly wants to live in a Domestic Discipline Lifestyle Home. Forget the “agreements” of the other websites—either you want to be submissive and obedient, and to be given hard spankings, and you want to be controlled throughout your day, or you don’t. If you don’t, leave. If you do, then no agreement is necessary since you actually showing up is the agreement. 

A discussion of a Domestic Discipline Lifestyle Home will be discussed in the next post as described by punishments actually received by Scottish-Girl.  

22-Year-Old Scottish-Girl, Part 2:

Scottish-Girl has been very informative about what she wants, which provides a lot of context to write about. If you have any questions or comments about what is here presented, please write and tell me at

This is the 2nd post concerning Scottish-Girl. There will be at least 1 more and probably 2 or 3 more, so keep checking!

DD Home, 1

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


Scottish-Girl wrote: 

It’s not a problem at all with you reporting about the wetness I get when I think about being spanked. I hope it was of use to you and is of interest to your blog readers if you choose to post it. It was quite a release to write it all down to be honest and fill everything out.

Girls are often embarrassed about getting wet when they think about being spanked, or when watching a man remove his belt as he gets ready to use it on her, or when reporting to be spanked, but it is all quite natural and expected. When a girl reports to me to be spanked, I will most often give her a nude inspection to see that her nipples are erect, and to stroke her clit to make sure she is wet. If not, I will pinch her nipples until she cries, and stroke her clit to climax. It is important for a girl to report properly to be spanked! 

I can’t argue that spankings do work. I’m not sure that everyone would feel the same. Especially as we live in an age where it seems to be dying out altogether. It’s strange though, because it’s taken me a few years to come to terms with everything. At the time and immediately after I was just cross about it all and couldn’t see much beyond that. My firm opinion was that I had been essentially blackmailed by a bit of a dirty old man, and whilst that’s partly true, I was ignoring the part I had played in getting into that situation and also the, then unknown, benefit that it had on my self-discipline. I also must say, that despite ending up half naked most of the time, he never touched me inappropriately. I think for him the nudity was part of the discipline, and my embarrassment at it was sufficient for him to make his point.

DD Home, 14

Here Scottish-Girl states what many girls have found out—spankings do work in terms of helping them to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, as she recognizes, there is a lot of social pressure against being spanked. However, the distinction may need to be made that while there is a legitimate concern over spanking children, when a girl is 18+, the decision is hers, and if, as Scottish-Girl has determined for herself that spanking her is beneficial for how she behaves and feels, that is all that needs to be considered, and what somewhat else thinks is totally irrelevant. Every girl has a right to her own feelings … she has a right to her own beliefs … she has a right to live her life as she sees fit … she has a right to live a DD Lifestyle if that is what she wants. 

Also, understanding the fact that I’d been left with a subconscious interest in being spanked took until very recently for me to accept. I have to solely put it down to my experiences on the farm, as I really don’t remember ever even thinking about the topic in my adolescent years. Thankfully there is a wealth of resources and information etc. at the click of a mouse these days. Which means I can at least satisfy curiosities and learn more about the subject and have interesting discussions with people much more experienced with spanking, like yourself. Idle googling was how I happened on your excellent website.

DD Home, 4

There are more girls than one might believe who do have more than an “idle interest” in being spanked. I have numerous emails from girls who want me to spank them for a variety of reasons. Some simply want to be punished for what they have done. Others want the feeling of being wanted and cared for when they are made to do what they are told to do and spanked hard when they don’t. Others want to actually live in a DD home where they are continually controlled, told what to do, and spanked hard when they disobey or misbehave. 

DD Home, 15

Thank you for thoughts on the fetish/lifestyle issue. I must be honest, I used the word “fetish” without too much thought. It’s a word I see a lot on the internet linked to spanking and I don’t really know where I’m at. I’ll do my best to describe it, as I see it, and you can judge for yourself. And maybe give your opinion. I realise there’s some contradictions in my thinking, but I can’t change that. 

Of course, there are girls who simply want to be spanked for cause or just-because. There are actresses who want to be spanked hard and will yell to be spanked harder if they are not being spanked hard enough. Such spankings are a result of a “spanking fetish”. A “spanking lifestyle” is something more involved. A Spanking Lifestyle is for a girl who desires to be controlled and spanked on a daily and routine basis. However, such lifestyles are difficult to maintain, and must be entered into, if at all, very carefully. The “contradictions” Scottish-Girl recognizes in her own thinking is quite common when a girl is just beginning to experience and feel the need to be spanked, and possibly controlled on a more permanent basis. Just proceed carefully. 

DD Home, 2

  1. I know from my experiences that being spanked hurts and is a very humiliating experience all round. There’s no part of the actual act that I enjoy.

Of course, a girl is not supposed to “enjoy” a spanking, which is why it works, as Scottish-Girl has recognized. And, the humiliation is all part of the punishment and effectiveness of being spanked. Part of that humiliation is making the girl strip naked. A naked girl is much more likely to pay attention to what she is being told. Also, a naked girl OTK with her bottom presented to be spanked listens even more closely. 

DD Home, 6

2. I know, now, that being spanked can help focus me and can be of benefit to me personally in the longer term.

Scottish-Girl has learned a good lesson—spankings help a girl to focus her attention and to develop the behaviors that are of benefit to her learning and behaving properly. As noted in the photo-story below, I will often go to a girl’s room, after I’ve sent her there to study, to make her bend over her desk so that I can use a strap on her. These spankings help to further her focusing that is expected when she studies. Also, when I send her to her room she will be naked and must remain naked as she studies so that she is always ready to bend over her desk to be spanked. 

DD Home, 5

Of course, an After-School Spanking is also a Focusing Spanking. It helps the girl to continue to focus on her schoolwork after coming home from school when she may be tired. Tired or not, she is going to study and be alert when she does. These spankings make sure that she will remain alert so that she can learn. After these spankings she is then sent to her room where I will go to her every hour or so and spank her again to help keep her focused. 

DD Home, 7

  1. The subject (spanking) interests me and is now often in my thoughts, and seeing images and videos/reading stories of girls my age being spanked is exciting to me.

Actually, about 50% of those who visit my promo site,, are girls and they visit the site for many of the same reasons that Scottish-Girl does—they like to see other girls being spanked! Watching other girls getting spanked also helps to validate their own desires for being spanked. They now know that they are not all that “weird” and are, in fact, quite normal! To see a fairly “normal” spanking of a girl in a Domestic Discipline Lifestyle Home, click on the following Link  below the Title Frame. 

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4. Imagining myself in a position of being spanked, and all the associated formality and drama is exciting to me.

I have many emails from girls who say essentially the same thing, and some are much more graphic. That is, I often get an email that says that they have watched one of my movies and they have just gotten very wet and climaxed as they watched the movie. And, these are girls and not men! We always think that it is men who visit these sites for their own prurient interests, but, in fact, girls visit the site for the same reasons—to masturbate as they watch other girls getting spanked, and then fantasizing that it is them over my knee getting spanked. And many girls are asking for more of the “ritual”; i.e., inspecting a girl, measuring her, caressing her, massaging her, making her assume a variety of positions, and, of course, spanking her. In the case of Scottish-Girl, however, it goes much further—she is thinking about how it would be if she were controlled in a manner that would actually help her be a better girl and improve herself. The spanking is exciting, but the results are what are desired. 

DD Home, 16

5. I can, in moments of weakness, even fantasise about my previous spankings, which is at odds with how I think I should feel about it.

This is common confusion—girls actually feel excited about reliving spankings that they have had, or spankings that they have seen other girls receive, or spankings that they have seen in movies and pretend that they are real for themselves. But Scottish-Girl essentially answers her own question: Her thinking “is at odds with how I think I should feel”. That is, the current social norms are that spanking is somehow abnormal and if anyone thinks that it is alright must indicate that there is something wrong with them.   In fact, there is a group called “It’s Abuse”, which was initiated at a major university, and their goal is to tell you what you should do and how you should think. And, if you do not agree with them, then it is you who is wrong! According to them: you do not have the right to be involved in a relationship that does not comport itself to the dictates of this group—if you do, you are WRONG! You can see my full report on this group by going to the following post: As you can see, many conflicting feelings are induced by such pontificating groups like It’s Abuse, and others who want to control your thinking and beliefs. 

Here, we promote individual rights and beliefs as stated below: 

  • You have a right to your own feelings,
  • You have a right to your own beliefs,
  • You have a right to your own sexuality,
  • You have a right to satisfy yourself as you want in a consensual relationship, and
  • You have a right to repudiate anyone who would tell you what is “acceptable” behavior in your relationships!
  • You have a right to decide for yourself!
  • You have a right to be spanked!

Recognize self-righteous bigots for who they are and decide for yourself what is right for you. 

6. It has been very strange for me to have dreams associated with spanking and wake up wet downstairs and it has taken time to listen to my subconscious.

Here again we have the confusion resulting from cultural norms and what we have been told is wrong thinking! There is nothing strange or unusual or wrong about waking up after a dream of being spanked with your clit so wet you have gotten your PJs or nightgown wet, or even finding that you are massaging your clit to induce climax. What your “subconscious” is telling you is that you actually do enjoy getting spanked!   Again, 50% of my viewers are girls, and girls who write and tell me how much they get turned on by watching other girls getting spanked and fantasizing that it is them over my knee getting spanked. Your own feelings are validated. 

In my head I don’t think a “lifestyle” is something I want at the moment. I’m still young but that may end up being something I explore but I’m a very independent girl and I can’t see that sitting well with me. Before our discussion I think I’d decided that I was simply looking for someone to provide “ad-hoc” spankings for now. Something and someone that would provide both the discipline I was looking for but also the fantasy element that I could anticipate and then look back on. I know this is at odds with the real world scenario of “you shouldn’t get to choose why and when you’re spanked”, but putting that aside as impractical for now; then everything else would be realistic and I’m now grown up enough to know what I need help with. It also seems to me that the lifestyle thing seems to include a lot more than just spanking as a form of discipline and it seems to edge towards sexual control and bondage etc. and I’m a long way from that!!

Again notice how cultural norms continue to come into play: “you shouldn’t get to choose why and when you’re spanked”. But that is only in a relationship that entails a Domestic Discipline Lifestyle Home. So, the “real world scenario” only applies to special circumstances. But real world scenarios also apply to the girl who simply wants to be spanked once or twice a week, or once or twice a month. You determine what the “real world” is for you. And, again, it is nobody’s business what you do with your own life or what you like to do, even getting spanked. But, there are legitimate concerns and Scottish-Girl is proceeding cautiously, as everyone should. A Spanking Lifestyle is not for everyone, and just because you want to get spanked, does not mean that you want to be controlled and spanked every day by someone telling you what to do. 

DD Home, 18

There are actually very few Domestic Discipline Lifestyle Homes that are successful. As noted previously, one such home is not successful because the husband just does not want to dedicate the time and effort it takes to always be controlling and spanking his wife! A Domestic Discipline Lifestyle Homes is actually more difficult for the husband/daddy than it is for the wife/daughter because he has to always be in control and know when and how to spank the girl. 

So most girls will start out by simply reporting to me once or twice a week to be spanked. They will bring with them their Punishment Journal where they keep track of what they have done or not done for which they need to be spanked. Then, a punishment session will be arranged to address their spanking needs. Although I have had some girls who simply come in, get undressed, hand me a hairbrush and bend over my knee for a 10-minute spanking. They then get up, get dressed, go home and report back a couple of weeks later for another spanking. I had one girl who drove down from Chicago twice a month to be spanked on Saturday and then again on Sunday before returning to Chicago. 

Scottish-Girl is accurate also that a Domestic Discipline Lifestyle does tend to involve a more sexual aspect. Part of this is due to the fact that a girl cannot be truly controlled without controlling her sexual desires. And, part of this is also a part of the Spanking Lore that dictates that after a girl is spanked, she should kneel and provide sucking-services to thank her disciplinarian for spanking her. And there are reports from many girls in such relationships that support this lore. But, it is because both partners want that as part of their relationship and fantasy. 

But there is also another aspect of a Domestic Discipline Lifestyle that results in a more sexual overtone—daughters, in particular need to have their sexual activity controlled when they date and will be more frequently given nude inspections in the home. And it is even the daughters who recognize the need for this control. Nancy, the 18-year-old girl in Florida, was the one who contacted me to come and be a live-in mentor for her and her single mom. She was just starting college and knew that if she was not controlled and made to obey, she would not succeed in school, and she knew that her mom needed the strict control also for her to behave and be the good mom she should be, rather than just laying around all the time, not working, and not learning to be the submissive and obedient girl she should be. 

DD Home, 9

When Nancy contacted me, she said that I was to control everything she did and make sure that she behaved herself and was obedient. She said that at any time in the home I could stop her and make her get her clothes off and present herself for a full-body nude inspection, and especially to check to see if she had been masturbating or fantasizing too much as indicated by her clit being too wet. A room in the home was to be furnished as a Punishment Room where she was to be taken for her evaluations and inspections. She was to be made to lay back on the Evaluation Table and get her legs up and spread wide so that I could check to see if she was shaved smooth, which was required, and to see if she had been masturbating or playing around when she returned from a date. And, if there was a problem, I was to spank her severely. 

Also, I was to stop her at any time in the home, make her get undressed and bend over my knee to be spanked any time that I wanted to spank her for Maintenance or Just-Because. She recognized that in order for her to always be focused on what was expected of her that no-notice inspections and spankings would be necessary. By having no-notice inspections and spankings, she would always have to be thinking about what she was doing. Also, that she was to hang a paddle and strap on the inside of her closet door so that every day when she opened her closet she would be reminded of what happens to her bottom if she is disobedient or misbehaves. The reason for nude inspections can be seen by the following photo-story. And, it shows why a girl must be inspected as soon as she gets home from a date. 

DD Home, 3

Now, in a Domestic Discipline Lifestyle there are many reasons for the control of the sexual activity of a girl, depending on the appropriate relationship between the girl and her disciplinarian. The “sexual control” cited by Scottish-Girl is the one that is probably most thought of when thinking about sexual control; i.e., the actual use and abuse of a girl sexually. But that depends on the nature of the lifestyle relationship. That is, there are many such relationships that may include: Husband/Wife (which certainly will include the full control of the wife sexually); Daddy/Daughter (which is as described above, and that does not actually include any sexual activity between the two, but only the evaluation of the daughter and her inspection to determine her sexual activity and the resulting punishment that she will have to receive if she has been playing around); Master/Slavegirl (which is just what it says—the total control of the slavegirl by her master to include using the girl sexually any time that her master wants to sue her); Teacher/Student (which is focused on academics and does not involve any sexual contact, although in some communities it will and is accepted; even to the point of having the girl kneel to “thank” her teacher after she is spanked. Or when the actual instruction is that of sexual obedience, etc.; however, most Teacher/Student relations are most often restricted to spanking the girl for academic failure); Boss/Secretary (which can include a variety of relationships with respect to sex. There are, in fact, many such relationships where the girl must provide sexual services to her boss, and the movie scenarios that depict a secretary bending over her desk to not only be spanked, but to be sexually enjoyed, does occur in real-life scenarios. I previously had a job in a factory in a small town where the boss would take one of the girls to his office twice a day for sex. Everyone knew what was going on, and he just continued each day. If the girl did not obey, she would be fired. But, the relationship may also just be a disciplinary relationship in which the girl is just spanked); HOH/Maid (this is a common fantasy and can involve just spanking or a combination of spanking and sexual enjoyment); Parent/Babysitter (spanking a babysitter probably occurs more often that one might suspect. But it is only for spanking and does not include any sexual aspect, or at least most often. However, I have known of situations where the girl did have to submit to sex as well as being spanked. She had to arrive about 45 minutes early and was taken to a guest room above the garage. There she had to get her clothes off and go over the parent’s knee to be spanked. Then she had to kneel and satisfy him. This was all witnessed by and supported by the wife. Further, the wife would get the girl undressed for her spanking and guide her over her husband’s knee. She would hand him the hairbrush for her spanking and the husband would spank the girl until the wife told him to stop.   Then the girl had to kneel to provide her sucking-services. When the parents came home later that evening, the girl was taken back to the guest room and spanked again. While most anything is possible, such babysitting scenarios are probably very limited.); etc. Whether a relationship includes sexual activity is totally up to the partners, and living in a Domestic Discipline Lifestyle does not necessarily involve sex or sexual control. 

Again, as with Scottish-Girl … what you do is up to you, and is no one else’s business! 

I totally appreciate this isn’t an easy area for a young girl to be taking steps alone, but I’m being very careful. I’ve also ruled out going down this road with a partner. I had a (sort of) boyfriend last year and I mentioned something in passing to him (about liking having my bottom smacked) while we were fooling around, and he gave me a few slaps, but all that taught me was that for me spankings and sex are two separate things and they probably should stay that way.

And this is highly recommended. But actually, if spanking is but foreplay, then that is what you are doing—playing. If a girl wants to be in a true Domestic Discipline Lifestyle Home, then she will have to submit to being inspected and spanked as ordered by her disciplinarian. Especially daughters will have to assume the position shown below as she is spanked during her study sessions, or when she comes home from a date. In Florida, I would spank Nancy in this position several times a week. Misbehavior, disobedience, or not completing academic requirements is simply not accepted, and, in the home, the girl is often naked so that she can be easily and quickly spanked when required. 

DD Home, 5

Another post will be presented soon. 

22-year-old Scottish Girl Spanked by Aunt’s “Boyfriend”, Part 1

Scottish-Girl, 1

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


This post is about the spankings of a Scottish Girl, who I will refer to simply as “Scottish-Girl”. 

Normally such information is reported in a short report on my promo site, but, since Scottish-Girl provides such an extensive amount of information, it is more appropriate to present it here. 

Scottish-Girl is 22, but was last spanked when she was 19, and was spanked most often at that age.  In addition to being spanked, she was also given Corner-Time Undressed, Lectured, and given Chores.  She was not spanked too often, only 1 or 2 days a week, with 1 to 5 spankings (probably only 1 or 2). 

She was spanked by a male family friend who was actually her aunt’s “boyfriend”.  She provides a lot of detail concerning these spankings that will be given below.  She was spanked on her bare bottom and in front of a male neighbor.  She was always spanked on her bare bottom and most often she was essentially spanked naked from the waist down.  Although at times she was spanked wearing only her bra or nighty. 

Scottish-Girl, 2

Of course, since she was being spanked by her aunt’s boyfriend, she did resist when she was spanked.  And, as with most other girls, when she resisted, she got spanked harder.  And, as will be seen by her report given below, the “boyfriend” probably spanked her because he “enjoyed” spanking her and, therefore, enjoyed taking her clothes off, which he did for her spankings.  After getting her clothes off, he would spank her by hand, or with a strap or hairbrush. 

When she was spanked, she would be spanked for about 10 minutes with 20 to 30 strokes or up to a maximum of 40.  The length of time for her spanking with such few strokes is probably due to her struggling against being spanked.  For example, if I am spanking a girl by hand, I will administer 100 slaps/minute!  In 10 minutes I would have spanked Scottish-Girl with 1,000 slaps!  If I used a hairbrush on her, she would receive 600 strokes!  And if I used a strap on her, she would receive 500 strokes!  So, Scottish-Girl is lucky she did not have me administering her spankings! 

One thing that is quite normal is that if she misbehaved away from home, she got spanked when she got home.  About 60% of the girls who misbehave away from home are spanked when they get home.  The other 40% are spanked immediately, normally by being taken to a car or some secure area to be spanked.  Although a few are spanked on their bare bottom immediately right in front of whoever is present.  The girls who are spanked in front of whoever is present are normally visiting a home where they know that she gets spanked, or at a family picnic outside where, again, it is known that girls get spanked.  During and especially prior to the 1950’s, it was not uncommon for a girl to be spanked when family members got together for a family gathering on a farm.  During one such gathering on a farm in Illinois during the 1940’s, a family reunion of 100 or so got together.  Of course, the girls were all wearing skirts and blouses, and girls of any age up to about 20 were sent to bed in the afternoon for an hour for a nap.  But during the festivities outside, starting in the morning about 10:00, 2 or 3 girls would be seen bending over their dad’s knee as he sat at the picnic table getting a hard bare-bottom spanking for something.  When required, the girl would have to raise her skirt, pull her panties down to her knees and bend over her dad’s knee to be spanked in front of everyone else.  Everyone just kept on doing what they were doing since there was nothing unusual about a girl getting spanked, even on her bare bottom.  If the girl had to be spanked more severely, she would then be sent running and crying to a bedroom in the home to be spanked again.  Her dad would follow, along with a few who wanted to see her spanking, and go to the bedroom where the girl had to strip naked and kneel on the bed for her spanking.  The dad would then normally remove his belt and whip her hard. 

Scottish-Girl, 3

However, in a Strict Religious Community, the girls are simply spanked on their bare bottom regardless of where they are and who is present.  And most often in these communities, the girls will have to strip naked to be spanked.  It is just no big thing!  If a girl has to be spanked, she will strip naked and bend over as ordered to get spanked.  And most anyone can administer the spanking, especially her boss from work, her teacher, her pastor, her babysitter (yes, girls in these communities may have babysitters regardless of age), her brother, or anyone else who normally spanks her.  “Babysitters” are assigned to these girls at times when they need fairly constant supervision and control.  Especially in the evening or on the weekend when her parents may not be at home, a babysitter will be provided to watch after her.  And, these babysitters can and do administer spankings as required or just whenever they want to spank the girl.  Just-Because and Maintenance Spankings are often administered by the babysitters.  And the girl must present herself as ordered or her dad will severely whip her when he gets home.  Spankings are just very routine and the girls know that they will be spanked when they are assigned a babysitter. 

Scottish-Girl, 4

Scottish-Girl got spanked for many of the same reasons that other girls get spanked:  Talking-Back, Swearing, Not Doing Chores, Not Doing What She is Told to Do, and Drinking, and she is given Just-Because Spankings and Maintenance Spankings. 

OK, those are some of the details.  But the more interesting thing about Scottish-Girl’s report is what lead up to her being spanked.  Her report is an excellent insight into how girls start getting spanked who have not been previously spanked on a regular basis, if at all.  Scottish-Girl states: 

I grew up without really knowing my father. He left when I was young, never to be seen again. I was raised by my mother in Scotland and she was a fairly liberal parent if I’m honest. I’m an only child so I got away with quite a lot. I might have got the odd grounding if I was really misbehaving, but for the most part it was just a verbal telling off.

When I was 18 I failed my last year of exams needed for University, which meant redoing my last year. My Mum was disappointed in me, but she had her own troubles as that summer my mum also lost her job. To save money while she looked for a new job I went to stay with my Auntie on her farm about 2 hours away in a different part of Scotland. She lived there with her partner (she called him her boyfriend but he must be well into his 60’s). He wasn’t my uncle though, and, as they’d only been together about 3 years I’d only met him briefly once or twice.

Although I got on well with my Auntie, she made it clear to me that I wasn’t there for a free ride and I’d have to help out around the farm. That was fine in my eyes. I guessed it would take my mind off the embarrassment of going back to college with students a year younger than me in 3-months’ time.

I settled into a bit of a routine with various chores around the farm. It quickly became clear to me that I wasn’t going to get on with her boyfriend at all. He was short tempered and took issue with every job I did and every supposed bad habit I had. He kept muttering things about “if I were his daughter” and that “I’d obviously missed a firm hand growing up”. For the most part I ignored him and tried to keep out of his way.

About 3 weeks into my stay there I decided I would walk into the nearest town one Friday evening and see if I could find any folk my own age. My Auntie and her boyfriend had gone out, and as money was tight I thought I’d borrow £20 from their emergency “kitty”, which lived in a jar in the kitchen. I figured I could put it back once my Mum had sent some pocket money over and no-one would be any the wiser. Unfortunately for me, it turned out that Auntie’s boyfriend hadn’t gone out with my Auntie and he walked into the kitchen literally as I was raiding the kitty.

He flew off the handle and snatched the kitty from my hands and slammed it onto the kitchen table. I got a massive shouting lecture about how good they’d been to me taking me in and I was repaying them by stealing. He went on and on, and I tried to explain myself but he wasn’t listening.

Eventually he started telling me how he’d have to tell my Auntie and how upset and disappointed she’d be and then they’d tell my Mum and she’d be the same and that I would have to leave and go back to be a financial burden on my poor Mum. By this stage I was pleading with him not to and couldn’t we keep it between just us.

He matter-of-factly told me that the only way that would happen was if he could punish me as though I were his daughter and that meant a “smacked bottom” (as he called it). I was a little shocked as I felt as though I was far too old for this, and we were living in the 21st Century, but he quite calmly told me if the punishment remained a secret between him and I, then so would the crime.

The way I saw it he had backed me into a corner and I had no choice and so I accepted my fate.

It was an acceptance that would cost me many more hard spankings over the next 9 weeks, as he picked up on every excuse to punish my bottom when there was just him and I on the farm. He never once again threatened to expose me as a thief; I think it just became an unwritten understanding between us. Basically he held all the cards now, and if he thought I deserved to be spanked then there was precious little I could do about it.

Fast forward to the next summer (by which stage I had passed my exams and was just waiting to go to University) I was somewhat dismayed to find out my Mum had again arranged for me to stay with my Auntie and her boyfriend for the summer. This time a duration of nearly 4 months, and the discipline picked right back up where it had left off, including the most humiliating spanking I ever got, in front of the guy from the neighbouring farm, when I had accidentally left a gate open and some of his cows had got into the wrong field!

I can’t claim to have enjoyed what occurred over those two summers on the Scottish farm one little bit. But two things came from it. Firstly I found myself a lot more focused on my work in my reset year between the summers and I got much better exam results.  

Scottish-Girl, 5

What Scottish-Girl admits here is what many girls have found out and is why many girls seek the control and discipline that they need to succeed.  Spankings do work in terms of helping a girl to obtain their goals when they have not been able to do so otherwise.  Spankings help a girl to focus her attention on what is expected; hence the need for:  After-School Spankings, Morning Obedience Spankings, Before-Bedtime Spankings, Preemptive Spankings, Maintenance Spankings, Obedience Spankings, Submission Spankings, and other such spankings that help a girl to focus her attention on what is required for her to succeed.  And, the spankings help her to obtain the grades or goals she desires.  These are more of the punishment spankings; e.g., getting spanked for poor grades, not getting her homework done, and other such academic spankings.  Also, to help her learn to always do her best, she is spanked for a variety of domestic reasons:  Not Getting Her Chores Done Properly and On Time, Coming Home Past Curfew, Not Dressing Properly, and so on. 

Scottish-Girl continues: 

Secondly I do now have somewhat of a spanking fetish which I’m coming to terms with and which I am taking steps to explore.

A girl finding out that she may have a “spanking fetish” is one of the “benefits” of being spanked and learning that the girl’s goals have actually been achieved as a result of the spankings. However, there is more to consider. I responded to Scottish-Girl as follows: 

Of course, you are not supposed to “enjoy” a spanking, which is why it works.  And your results confirm how well a spanking works:  (1) You are more focused, and (2) You got better grades.

I worked with a lot of college girls many years ago, and they all did much better as you did as a result of the spankings they received, especially in getting better grades, which was the point of them coming to me for me to mentor them and spank them.

As for your spanking fetish, that can go in a couple of different directions:  (1) Just getting spanked when you feel the “need”; or (2) Living a Domestic Discipline Lifestyle.    Do you know what it is you want?

Note about a DD Lifestyle:  A DD Lifestyle is very difficult to maintain over a period of time unless you can find a true Dom who is also compassionate and understanding, and yet will give you the hard spankings required.  If you are just “playing”, that is one thing and reflects choice #1.  But, if you actually want the control, supervision, and spankings as a result of your daily activities, then that requires someone who understands what is needed, and such a person is very difficult to find.

ADDENDUM: Girls have reported to me about the spankings that they want and need and how satisfying a DD Lifestyle is for them. For example:

Girl #1: 

I need to be supervised, controlled, and spanked so that I feel that I am cared for and loved; to help me be the best girl I can be; and so that I learn to be submissive and obedient to my husband, the way a girl should be.  When I am made to strip naked and stand in the corner as my husband lectures me about my behavior and what he is going to do to my bottom, I know that he loves me and is concerned about me, and wants to help make me be a better girl and to be the good girl I should be.  Then when I am draped over his knee getting spanked, I feel so safe and satisfied, knowing that I am going to be a better girl when he finishes spanking me and sends me back to the corner to think about my spanking and what I have to do to improve myself.

Scottish-Girl, 7

When he has to spank me, he normally will give me a prolonged and sustained spanking so that I learn to behave and obey.  When I drape my naked body over his knee, I know that I will be there for 10 minutes or more, normally much longer as I kick and cry convulsively.  In fact he now normally spanks me for at least 20 to 30 minutes so that I am crying and kicking my feet for a long time.  He says that he has to spank me long enough so that I will “know” that I have been spanked and will be a better girl and wife.  And to make sure that I am always thinking about being obedient and a good girl, he has to spank me almost every day.  When he comes home from work I know that I will probably have to be over his knee getting spanked for not getting my chores done right, or having misbehaved and he has to give me a spanking to “catch up” on what I need.  He doesn’t always spank me at the time I misbehave, but I have to write down what I did and then remind him the next time he wants to spank me so that he always has some reason to have me over his knee.  I will normally have 5 or more misbehaviors listed so that when he comes home, or after dinner in the evening he will have a reason to take me over his knee and spend 20 to 30 minutes spanking my bare bottom.   after dinner and after I have cleaned the dishes and kitchen, I get undressed and go to the den where he is reading and I very sensually and warmly kneel between his legs and crawl up into his arms and tell him how much I love him and that my bottom is ready to be spanked as I crawl across his knee.  He then proceeds to slap my bottom hard as I kick and cry.  And, I like this since I am then more focused on being the good girl and wife I should be every time I see my Misbehavior List that I have to keep on the table beside our bed.  Then when he takes me to our bedroom to spank me, he can just sit down, check the list and then take me over his knee and spank me.  I like that!  It helps to keep me focused and knowing that he loves me and cares for me and how I behave.

Scottish-Girl, 8

Girl #2: 

I felt lost and lonely for a long time until I found a man to take-me-in-hand to administer the punishment spankings that I need and had received from my dad and granddad previously.  Of course, at the time I hated the spankings dad and granddad gave me, but then when I didn’t get them I missed them and realized just how much they helped me become the fine girl I am today.  But I need someone to paddle and strap my bottom to make me behave and be the good girl I should be.  In addition, I longed for a man to switch my bare bottom and legs before dragging me to the barn screaming and crying to administer a very long belt- or strap-whipping, just as my dad and granddad had done before.  Although knowing that I am going to be severely whipped, I got excited when dad or granddad would grab me by my arm or hair and drag me screaming and crying to the barn to be whipped.  We live on a farm and I needed a man to strip me naked and make me go outside and cut several bamboo stalks and prepare them to use on me.  My dad planted a bamboo thicket many years ago so he would always have the rods he needed to whip me and my mom.  He has frequently made mom strip naked and go outside naked and cut bamboo stalks and prepare them to use on her.  She then has to go outside and bend over the large log from a tree that he cut down just to use as a Spanking Bench to have mom and me bend over.  There is a blanket placed over the log to make it more comfortable for us to bend over.  Then, as she presents her bare bottom for him to spank, he will spank her for a long time from her ankles to her bottom.  And she cannot kick her legs or he will spank her even harder.  After she is spanked, she is so much nicer, more obedient, and gets her work done much better.  He spanks her several days each week.  Now, my husband has planted just such a bamboo thicket and placed a large log in the yard to bend me over, just as Daddy used to do with me and mom.  I have to get bamboo stalks that are fairly clean so that only a few twigs and leaves will have to be pulled off of them.  The stalks are about ¼” thick and I have to get 4 or 5 of them and then tape them together to make a long “rod” that will be used on my legs and bottom.

Scottish-Girl, 9

Then I hand the rod to my husband as he makes me bend over as he wants and proceeds to spank me hard.  As dad did, he frequently makes me go outside and bend over the log so my bottom is presented for him to whip.  He has really been helping me a lot.  I have medications that I have to take, but I don’t take them as I should.  When I don’t, he first uses a strap on me as I have to bend over his knee.  Then I am outside bending over the large log so he can really work on my legs and bottom.  Then, he may drag me to the barn and bend me over a Spanking Horse that I had to make for him to bend me over.  As I bend over, he starts whipping my legs with the bamboo rod or strap and then works up to my bottom.  I’ll be out there for 45 minutes getting whipped.

Of course, I have trouble doing my domestic chores and have to be spanked.  For this he normally makes me strip naked, if I am not already naked, and then send me to my room to kneel on the bed to be spanked with a yardstick and then be given an hour of punishment and spankings.  He uses the yardstick since it is more “domestic” to emphasize that I had better get my work done right.  He’ll spank me hard for as long as he wants before inspecting me, probing me, and generally just handling my body to show that he controls me and I had better obey him.  These spankings do help me focus better on what I need to do and get my work done as required.  However, after these domestic chore spankings, I will also get spanked before bedtime when I have to bend over the end of my bed so he can use a paddle on my bottom.  I am learning to keep up better with my domestic chores, since when I don’t, I am crying most of the day.

Scottish-Girl, 10

One of the most severe punishments I get is when I talk-back to him.  You’d think that I would learn not to talk-back to my husband, but I don’t.  So, a couple of times a month I am being spanked with the bamboo rod, then taken OTK to be whipped with a strap, and then taken to the barn for up to an hour of spankings and whippings, and then severely spanked before bed.

My husband is very strict with me, but I have needed that strict control and am happy that I have it.  I married my husband because he will spank me hard and make me obey.  He does not always take me to my bedroom or the Punishment Room for a long spanking session.  Sometimes he just wants to get right to my bottom and finish with me.  He’ll make me strip naked, as always, and then take me to the Punishment Room and make me bend over so he can use my strap on me for 10 minutes or so and then go on with whatever he was going to do.   And, properly spanked, and I am back doing what I should have been doing!

Then I continue with my message to Scottish-Girl: 

If you go to my Blog, you will find a number of spanking videos in which I administer spankings to girls.  As seen, the spankings are hard and the girls do cry.  Being a mentor or a concerned “Daddy”, etc., does not mean that the spankings are just pats, they are not.  The spankings are hard, as a spanking should be.

In fact, earlier this week I had an inquiry from a wife in Kentucky who wants to be spanked hard, but her husband is not that interested!  She was asking what could be done so that she could get the spankings she wants in a Daddy/Little Girl Relationship.  Unfortunately, if the “Daddy” is not all that interested, then she’ll just continue to get what they have had, which is that she is spanked at times, but most of the time he just ignores her, and she continues to become frustrated.  Unfortunately, this can also result in them eventually separating.  If you “need” to be spanked, then you should consider that when dating to the point where you might actually want to marry someone.  A LDD Lifestyle (Loving Domestic Discipline Lifestyle) can be very satisfying for both partners, but you need to become accustomed to it with your partner long before you get married.  Attempting to create such a lifestyle later most often never works.

On-the-other-hand, you must really be careful about finding someone who is abusive.  Many years ago I had a girl write to me who lived in Dallas, Texas.  She had let it be known to someone she thought was her friend, a boy, that she enjoyed spanking.  Well, one evening he came over and beat the crap out of her and told her that he was “giving you what you want!”  So, be careful!

So, one of the first things a girl must decide is, does she want a “spanking fetish”, or a “spanking lifestyle”?

Scottish-Girl, 6

Scottish-Girl’s report will be continued in a future post. 

Reply to “Serbian Girls Spankings”

Serbian Girls Punishment, 1

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


I have had a report from a girl in Slovakia concerning my report about Serbian girls being spanked. 

She reported: 

I’ve just read your text (“Serbian Girls’ Spankings”) and you asked for the contact if someone can confirm this.
Well, I’ve read an article (some 15 years ago…) about spanking girls on their pussies. It was printed in a reliable medical magazine, so it was not a joke. It says in the 1960’s – 1970’s it was a very common punishment in few countries, especially in Czechoslovakia. If I remember well, even as many as 90% of girls were spanked between their legs in this country. And the second place belonged to the former Yugoslavia, where it was also pretty common. I remember also Romania and Hungary being mentioned – and remember my surprise there was no mention of Germany (Germans are known from their severity).

And then she continued: 

You mention masturbation a lot of times – in the context of pussy whipping – so let me ask you about something really exotic (for me). You should have heard about it since you are from the US. I’ve read that in the whole XIXth and until at least the middle of the XXth Century there was some very severe method of discouraging girls from masturbation in US – a procedure known as clitoris cauterization (more commonly called “a button blistering”). The girl caught touching herself was taken to the clinic, where she was undressed, secured and had her most tender part repeatedly touched with a hot iron. Usually a scoffer, a needle or the tip of a screw-driver was used. It was heated over the candle flame (or gas flame), but not until red-hot – just enough so that the heat may do its job and produce the blister. The idea was not to deaden the nerves and prevent the girl from feeling sexual pleasure later in her life (with her husband), but to make her stop playing with herself here and now. And I’m sure when the girl was having a blister “down there”, last thing she wanted was being touched there! So it must have been effective.
Now, last cases I’ve head about took place in the 1950’s in California. Do you know anything beyond that and can increase my knowledge? Have you heard from any girl who had to undergo this treatment? or perhaps from someone who made her go through it – or a doctor who performed this?

I replied: 

Clitoris cauterization. and other such female genital mutilations originated in Africa and spread from there.  Today, most of the reports come from the Middle East and North Africa, where genital mutilation is still practiced.  However, although many like to attribute the practice to religious dictates, especially among Muslims, it has no religious foundation, it is strictly cultural, much like so-called “Honor killings”.
However, clitoris cauterization did spread to the U.K. and promoted by some deranged doctor until the citizens ran him out of town!  In the U.S., in the late 1800’s and up to the middle 1900’s it was practiced to a limited extent, again, by deranged religious folk who can be led to believe almost anything by a charismatic preacher!  Up until the 1930’s or so, secondary and college education was very limited and beliefs were very strongly controlled by preachers who controlled the community in a strict religious manner, especially those preachers who immigrated to the U.S. from countries where such was practiced.  This was most often the case on the frontier in religious-centered towns and in small remote villages and towns throughout the south.  The reports you may have heard about in  1950 or later, were probably from a religious sect whose founder had immigrated from the Middle East, North Africa, India, Indonesia or Malaysia.  As far as I know, it was not practiced; e.g., on the frontier except by religious fanatics, and most often the severe punishment of girls was with a bull whip or she would be taken to a barn, made to bend over a work horse, table or bail of hay, and have a Stirrup Strap or other such strap or belt used on her.
Today, clitoris cauterization would be practiced only in very secret and private communities, since it is terribly abusive and would be a criminal act.
I mentioned masturbation a lot since the girls in the Serbian Christian communities were forced to masturbate in front of others.  All 3 recent reports have reported such punishment, and they are continuing to this day.  But most punishments of girls are the result of severe whippings.
Now for your further education … in the early days of our republic, late 1700’s and early 1800’s, it was legal for a parent to kill his daughter if she was disobedient!  In fact the colonies had to enact laws to ban the practice!  As a result, those who moved west resorted to the bull whip, stirrup straps and other such horse tack to severely punish a girl.  While killing was outlawed, making a girl bend over naked to be severely whipped was just considered acceptable practice, and any girl who was not severely whipped was the exception.  Hence the acceptance of girls of any age being spanked well past the 1950 ‘s.  And, even up to the 1950’s and 1960’s, girls were still being sent to bed for a nap in the afternoon since they needed their “rest”.  :)
Well, I guess that’s enough history for now.

I look forward to other reports that girls may have. 

Spanking German Girls

German Girls, 1

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


Although there appears to be a per-capita greater number of Serbian girls being spanked-at-home, there is also a history of German girls being severely spanked. Some of it goes back to the 19th and up to the mid-20th Century and before. But even more recently, although the spanking of girls has declined and is definitely not as severe as previously administered, German girls are still being spanked, and spanked much more severely than in the U.S. Although, again, Serbian girls also seem to be spanked just as severely and more frequently. 

Elma came to the U.S. for a year of college and asked me to supervise, control and severely spank her so that she would do well in school and because she was accustomed to such spankings and knew that she would not do as well as she should if she was not controlled and spanked severely. She stayed in my Guest Bedroom where I could keep track of her more easily. We had an initial meeting in which the rules of the home were laid out and I gave her an initial spanking to let her know what to expect. 

Her letter to me is shown below and the photo-stories present some of the history of spanking German girls as well as what I did with Elma. 

German Girls, 12

Dear Headmaster Ken

This is Elma.  I am writing to thank you for all of the spankings you gave me when I attended Ohio State.  I can’t tell you how much it helped me make it through school and improve my domestic obedience when I was there and, more important, when I got back to Germany and dad picked up with my spankings as he has always done.  The severe spankings you gave me made it so that dad’s spankings were not the shock they would have been if you had not really spanked me severely.  If you remember, I was 20 when you spanked me and I am now 24 and dad still spanks me almost daily.  You told me to write and tell you about the spanking of girls in Germany, and I am just now getting around to it!  I guess I should return to you so you can spank and punish me hard for not responding earlier!

German Girls, 11

The day after I got home, dad asked if I had been spanked while in the U.S. and I told him I had, that I had asked you to make sure I did well in school. He was pleased with that. I showed him the grades I had gotten, all A-grades except for 2 B’s. He ordered me to get undressed and bring him my strap that was still hanging on the wall beside my bed. I begged him not to spank me, but then he said I would have to get spanked very severely for resisting. With that, I immediately got undressed and ran to get my strap. I handed him my strap and then had to bend over the back of my Punishment Chair. He proceeded to whip me severely as I pranced and cried but did not dare resist or move my bottom or get up in any way. He spent 10 minutes whipping me and then left me there to cry for about 20 minutes and then came back and whipped me again! Then he ordered me to stand in the corner for an hour, after which he was going to severely whip me for resisting my spankings. Right then I knew I was back home and that I would be getting the spankings that had always helped me be my best. An hour later and I was in my room laying face-down on my bed as dad used my cane on me for 20 minutes. I haven’t resisted a spanking since then!

German Girls, 4

The reason I came to you to mentor me and spank me when I was in school was because that is the one thing that would help me do my best in school. Dad would never put up with any poor grades, not even a B-grade as I found out when I got home, not getting my work done on time, playing around instead of studying, not getting my chores done, talking-back, misbehaving in any way, and especially being disobedient. By you controlling me and supervising me closely, and severely whipping and spanking my bare bottom, you helped me do well in school. If I did not have your supervision and control, I would have felt that I was now “free” from the strict control of my dad and I would start to play around and after a year I would not have accomplished what I should have. And then I don’t know how hard dad would have spanked me when I got home!

German Girls, 2

I believe that German girls have always been spanked much more severely than girls in the U.S., and they were spanked very hard regardless of age. As long as they were home with their family they were spanked. Not so many girls are spanked now, but still a lot of us are. I am getting spanked almost every day for something. Most of my spankings now are in the evening after dinner. That is when dad takes me to the family room and orders me to get undressed and kneel in front of him to discuss my day. Of course there is always something for which I will need to be spanked. Then I am over his knee or bending over in some manner so he can spank me. Previously he used to mainly use the cane on me, but now he is often just using his hand or a paddle. But, the strap is also used a lot. When I come home from a date, I can count on both the strap and cane being used on me.

German Girls, 3

And my boyfriend also spanks me a lot.  He says that I have to learn to obey him and he will spank me hard if I don’t.  I guess he and dad had a talk and dad told him that he should spank me hard.  Well, I actually do like it.  I like a man who takes control of me and makes me do what he wants to do with me and to obey him.  You actually helped me to learn that.  I liked the fact that you would not let me get away with things and I had to obey you and you kept control of me.  You supervised me more than dad can and were very strict with me.  I did not think that you would be so strict with me domestically, but I sure had that wrong!  You made sure that I got my chores done, did not go out too much and spanked me every time I got home.  That actually helped me more than you may know.  And making me strip naked for my spankings also helped me a lot.  A girl should feel very vulnerable when she has to be spanked and being stripped naked makes a girl very vulnerable.  Also it helps her to obey, knowing that her bare bottom is ready to be spanked hard.  I really appreciate all of the time and effort you took in supervising me and spanking me.

As for German girls, yes we are spanked a lot, and have traditionally been severely punished when we disobeyed or misbehaved.  And it did not make any difference who was present.  If we had to be spanked, we got stripped naked and made to bend over to be spanked in front of anyone present.

German Girls, 5

Some of the more severe spankings I got was in my bedroom.  If I am sent to my bedroom to be spanked, I know that I will be in there for a long time and most of the time I will be getting severely beaten.  Frequently these spankings are given on the weekends when dad will have more time to attend to my bottom.  My bedroom is what you may refer to as a Punishment Room.  I am sent there to “get ready” for my spanking.  I have to strip naked before I go and then I will be left in my room for 20 to 30 minutes or so before dad comes in to whip me.  This makes me more anxious and my spanking will be more effective.

German Girls, 6

However, since I have returned, dad has started giving me more OTK spankings than he did before, and using his hand rather than a strap or paddle. My boyfriend is doing the same, so I’m not sure if they have coordinated their spankings of me or if he just wants to spank me by hand more often. However, by so doing he is actually spanking me more, but not quite so severe. Especially on the weekends, he will frequently have me over his knee spanking me. He seems to be looking for the slightest excuse to spank me now.

German Girls, 7

Actually, it reminds me of some of the spankings you gave me which were more like a Just-Because Spanking than anything else. I know that you had to do it to make sure I would obey you and you could keep control of me, but for dad, I think it is just because he wants to spank me.

German Girls, 9

In fact, however, these spankings are reminiscent of traditional families many years ago, and those very strict families even today, in which the dad simply administered a lot of spankings. When he came home from work each day, the children would have to be standing and waiting to serve him. One would go and get his slippers, another one his pipe, one would bring him his beer, and then his newspaper, and then go help with dinner or stand in a corner and wait to be told what to do.   If a girl, or boy, did not serve him properly, she would be immediately stripped naked and taken over his knee and be severely spanked. Then she might be sent to the basement or upstairs to a room to wait for him to come and spend up to an hour thrashing her.

German Girls, 10

I have not been treated that way, but have known of some girls who were.  Dad is strict and spanks me a lot, but he does not abuse me, although I may think he does at times!

One thing that has not changed are my Before-Bedtime Spankings. If I am spanked before bed, it will be severe. This is a time when dad just goes to work on my bottom and doesn’t stop until I am crying convulsively and my bottom is red, bruised, and blistered.

German Girls, 8

Not sure how many girls are still being spanked as I am here in Germany, but I do know that in previous years, all girls were spanked severely, and some of us still are.

German Girls, 12

Spanking Survey: 45-Year-Old Spanked Wife

45-Y-O Spanked Wife, 4

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


The following report shows some of the problems I have in publishing many of the reports I receive; i.e., they are inconsistent and difficult to determine if they are real or just made up.  If I do not believe them, I do not publish them! 

For example, in this report, the most glaring difficulty is who spanks her and who sees her being spanked.  When asked “Who Spanks You”, she replies:  “Male Pastor”.  But then in her detailed report she says that she is spanked by her husband and his dad.  So, which is it, or have these disciplinarians simply spanked her at different times in her life?  Who knows, but it raises questions as to the authenticity of this report. 

Next, she says that she is naked when she is spanked and she is spanked in front of “Anyone present”.  But then, when asked who she is spanked in front of bare-bottom, she replies:  “Grandfather”.  Well, if she is spanked “In front of anyone present” and she is “naked”, then she is spanked on her bare bottom in front of “Anyone present”.  Again, this glaring inconsistency raises into question the authenticity of this report. 

However, all of that said, her report does reflect the spankings of many wives who are spanked by their husbands and other family members, like her husband’s dad, and by members of the church like her pastor.  This report is very characteristic of authenticated reports from girls and wives who live in very strict religious communities, and previously in homes during and prior to the 1960’s when spankings of girls were more prevalent and acceptable.  Not only were girls spanked by their pastor, but they were also spanked by male neighbors, the dads of her girlfriends, male teachers, babysitting dads, male company in the home, and so on.  Practically all spankings were administered by men, although aunts and grandmothers were also known to administer some good spankings. 

45-Y-O Spanked Wife, 5

For this girl, who was spanked most often around 1990, it would appear that she lived in a very strict religious community where being spanked by a male pastor was accepted, as well as being spanked by her husband and his dad.  Being spanked by a fiancé’s or husband‘s dad is quite common in strict religious communities even today.  The fiancé’s/husband’s dad represents the primary authority figure, other than the pastor, so that he still provides some of the discipline and punishment in the extended family.  This is especially so if the girl is visiting her fiancé’s/husband’s home and misbehaves.  When she does it is the dad of the home who administers the required spanking. 

So, this report will be presented as she submitted it to me, but I will make notes along the way to help clarify some of the inconsistencies as well as to expound on how many of the wives and girls are treated from more reliable reports that I have received. 

She reports: 

I’m a girl who is (approximately) 45-years-old and am still being spanked.  However, I was spanked most often when I was 25.

In addition to being spanked, I am also given Corner-Time Naked.

I am spanked 1 or 2 days a week with up to 5 spankings.

I am spanked by my male pastor, my husband, and my husband’s dad.

45-Y-O Spanked Wife, 7

[NOTE:   In homes where the wife is spanked by the husband, his dad and the male pastor, she is often spanked by the pastor during a Family Meeting in the home when the pastor comes to visit once or twice a month.  When he comes in, the wife, husband, pastor, and possibly some others (grandfather, neighbor, and boss from work among possibly others) sit around a dining room table to discuss the misbehaviors and disobediences of the wife.  The wife must sit with her head bowed and her hands clasped in her lap.  She must not speak.  The husband then states how she has been misbehaving since their last meeting, and how she has been disobedient, like not completing her domestic chores, spending too much money shopping, talking-back to her husband, and so on.  Then others at the table report anything that they have seen about her behavior that needs correction.  When it is clear that she will have to be spanked, she is ordered to stand up and stand in front of her pastor.  Since she knew that she was going to be spanked during this Family Meeting, she had to wear only a sheer gown that could be easily removed.  As she stands in front of her pastor, he grabs the bottom of the gown and she bends over as he pulls it off over her head.  She then must stand at-attention with her hands clasped behind her head or arms crossed behind her back. 

45-Y-O Spanked Wife, 8

She is then told what implement to bring to the pastor, most often a hairbrush so that each cheek can be more easily spanked, although straps, paddles, etc. may also be ordered.  She hands it to the pastor and then goes over his knee or assumes whatever position she is ordered to assume.  As everyone watches, he proceeds to spank her hard for as long as he wants, but most often for at least 10 minutes.  When he finishes spanking her, she has to stand naked in the corner for up to an hour as the others discuss how they will help to control and correct her during the next week or two before their next meeting.  If she works, then her boss may say that he will be spanking her more often at work, and will spank her each day before she starts work as a Preemptive Spanking as well as any time that she does not get her work done as ordered.  Sometimes, after about 30 minutes, if the husband believes that she needs to be punished some more due to her insolence or significant misbehavior or disobedience, he may call her back and make her bend over the side of the table.  He will then use his belt or a strap to spank her hard, and then send her back to the corner for another hour.  Then as she remains in the corner crying, the others attending the meeting will have snacks and drinks, and talk about how the wife was going to learn to do better and how hard she should be spanked next time if she didn’t.] 

45-Y-O Spanked Wife, 9

[She continues:] 

When I have to get spanked I do cooperate in getting undressed and getting ready to be spanked.  If I don’t I’ll get spanked harder.  The one spanking me takes my clothes off.  A strap is used to spank me for as long as my disciplinarian wants to spank me.  But, the maximum number of strokes is about 50.

[NOTE:  First, most wives and girls do cooperate when they have to be spanked.  If they don't, then the most common consequence is that they will be spanked harder.  However, a more effective consequence is that the wife or girl be given a Disobedience Spanking about an hour after the first spanking.  This helps the girl to focus on just why she is being spanked.  Just spanking her harder does not really do any good since she does not know if she is being spanked harder because she did not cooperate or because of her misbehavior or disobedience.  By separating the two, it is more effective and she is spanked twice! 

50 strokes of a strap is actually not that many.  If I use a Punishment Strap or Stirrup Strap on a girl, I will administer 35 strokes/minute.  So, 50 strokes will not even be a 2-minute spanking.  Also, it is difficult to believe that if a disciplinarian is spanking her for “as long as he wants”, that he will spank her for less than 2 minutes, or for more minutes but with very few strokes during that time.  Even if I am using a Discipline Strap (that is lighter than a Punishment Strap) I will administer 50 strokes/minute.  So again, either this girl is not really being spanked all that much, or her husband is just not really spending very much time spanking her.  If I have to punish a girl that requires a severe whipping with a Punishment Strap, then I will spend 5 to 10 minutes or longer spanking her.  That could be up to 500 strokes.  Many girls write to me, or I interview them, and they confirm that they are whipped with 500 strokes or more when they need a severe whipping.] 

45-Y-O Spanked Wife, 3

45-Y-O Spanked Wife, 2

45-Y-O Spanked Wife, 1

[She continues:] 

If I misbehave away from home, I will get spanked on my bare bottom in private.

I am given Submission Spankings.

[NOTE:  Submission Spankings are very important in a strict religious or strict discipline home.  This is one thing that makes me believe that this report is fairly accurate.  I’ve had some recent reports from girls who claim that they are given not only Submission Spankings, but also Proprietary Spankings.  I coined the term ‘Proprietary Spankings’ about a year ago.  Prior to that time, it was never heard of, so I doubt that most girls are ever given Proprietary Spankings.  In fact, such spankings are only administered to Slavegirls; hence, the term “proprietary”.  Slavegirls are “property” and, therefore, they must submit to being given Proprietary Spankings to let them know that they are “property”.   Submission Spankings are different—they simply confirm that the girl will strip naked and bend over to be spanked when ordered to do so.  There is no proprietary intent involved.] 

[She continues:] 

I got spanked by dad when I was growing up, and after I got married my husband took the strap to me when I messed up. His dad spanked me too, but not a lot of times. I got my strapping in the living room usually and then I had to stand in the corner for a few hours. The whole family could see me, which I hated. Whoever spanked me took all my clothes off and that’s how I did my corner time. When I was in the corner I was not allowed to talk and all our kids knew that when Mommy was in the corner they were not supposed to talk to me.  

[NOTE:  In a strict religious home, or in a home where spankings are quite common, any girl will be spanked naked in front of anyone present, even the children.  One single mother told me that she wanted her daughter to watch her getting spanked so that she would learn that it was quite normal and she had to obey her disciplinarian when she was told to get undressed and bend over to be spanked.  When I spanked Nancy and her mom, Karen, in Florida back in the 1960’s, that was the norm.  When I had to spank Karen, Nancy would just stand and watch.  Frequently, I would spank both of them together, so that as Karen was sent to the corner, Nancy had to get undressed and bend over for her own spanking.  Many recent reports from girls living in a strict religious home also indicate that any of the girls in the home—wives, daughters, visiting girls, etc.—will be spanked in front of anyone present and will be stripped naked to be spanked. 

However, there are also "Naked Homes" in which everyone simply remains naked in the home for most of the time.  There is nothing unusual about seeing someone naked, and certainly not seeing them get spanked naked.  In a strict religious home or strict discipline home, when a girl is going to have to be spanked, she will most often have to strip naked and remain naked in the home until she is told she can get dressed.  As she is naked in the home, others will know that she is going to get spanked and when.  If she is normally spanked in the living room, then those present will go to the living room shortly before the girl is to be spanked and sit and wait.  After the girl is spanked, she must remain naked for the rest of the day, and when anyone comes to the door, she must greet them, still naked, and invite them in.  Also, she must remain naked and she cannot have any doors closed on her in the home, even the bathroom!     

45-Y-O Spanked Wife, 6

Now, since this girl was spanked by her dad and then her husband essentially took over with the spankings after they got married, it is probable that she was also spanked by her fiancé before they were married.  In most homes where the husband spanks the wife, he was spanking her before they got married.  In fact, reports that I have received show that when girls are spanked by their fiancé, they are spanked in front of her parents, especially if she is also spanked by her fiancé’s dad.  Over the years, several girls have reported that when their fiancé came to pick them up for their date, that they would give them a Preemptive Date Spanking in front of her parents, especially if she had a single mom.  When her fiancé came to pick her up, she would have to get undressed and bend over his knee to be spanked either by hand or with a hairbrush. 

When she is spanked by her fiancé’s dad, there may be more involved.  When she visits her fiancé if she misbehaves, then it is his dad who does the spanking.  In fact, frequently she is being trained in the home to do domestic chores, and when she does not help with dinner, or do assigned chores, his dad will spank her.  Also, however, when she misbehaves when in the presence of her fiancé, he may take her to his dad for him to spank, and tells her that even after they are married, he will take her to his dad once or twice a month for him to spank, normally on Saturday or Sunday.  These spankings help to establish the domestic control that her fiancé has over her, and that she must be obedient to whatever he tells her to do.] 

Wife Frequently Spanked

Helen 5

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


Helen, 23-year-old wife: I received a kind message from Helen who is a housewife and is frequently spanked. In fact, she was spanked when she was dating her husband before they were married, so she knew that she would be spanked after they were married, …, which is why she married him. She has always wanted a man who would take control of her and make her obey him, submissively-submit to serve him when ordered to do so, take care of the domestic chores in the home that any girl should be expected to do, and behave herself. And when she doesn’t do these simple things, she wants to be spanked hard. And she must be spanked hard. 

If her date would not spank her or not spank her hard enough, she would not date him again. She wrote to me and thanked me for showing the movies of Mila being spanked: 

“Dear Headmaster,

I really enjoyed the movies of Mila being spanked. They reminded me of some of the spankings I have received from my boyfriend who is now my husband.

I married my husband because he would spank me when I misbehaved or did not do what I was ordered to do. And I knew I was going to marry him when he caught me one day cheating on him with another boy. And all I did was accept a lunch-date with a boy. My boyfriend caught us at the restaurant and ordered me to get to his car. I was so embarrassed, but knew better than not to obey. We had been going together for 3 months or so and he had been spanking me on a very regular basis, in fact almost every time he took me out!   So, when he ordered me to get to his car, I got up and ran to obey! He followed me out, got in the car and took me to his home where he proceeded to strip me naked and whip me hard.

Helen 11

I thought of that whipping when I saw your movie of Mila getting whipped for cheating on her boyfriend. The main difference is that I was whipped much harder and much longer! Of course, I was naked, but I did have to bend over with my hands on the wall similar to what Mila had to do. But my boyfriend whipped me for 20 minutes and then paused for about 10 minutes as he lectured me about cheating on him and then whipped me for another 20 minutes. Then he paused for 10 minutes before giving me another 20-minute whipping! He enjoys whipping me for an hour or more when I really need it! Right then I knew that I would be marrying him! He would not let me get away with even the slightest thing, not even just having a friendly lunch with someone. He knew that lunch with a boy is never just a ‘friendly lunch’, as he ‘explained’ to me as he was whipping me.

Helen 12

Click the following link to see the above movie:

Of course a girl must take care of the home. And, when we were just dating he would come to my home and inspect everything to see if I was doing my domestic chores right. I not only had to do them, but I had to do them ‘right’! And, if I didn’t, of course, I got spanked. Of course the bathroom had to be kept clean. But I did not know what ‘clean’ meant until he came in and found toothpaste still on the sink.   I had rinsed out the bowl of the sink but had not really washed all around the side and I had dropped toothpaste on the edge of the sink. Of course I was already naked, which I had to be when he inspected my home, so he just sat right down on the toilet seat and pulled me over his knee and got to work on my bottom. I was screaming, kicking and crying right from the start. Again, as he was spanking me he continually ‘reminded’ me that ‘clean’ means ‘clean’! When he got done, I spent the next hour washing that bathroom thoroughly, and from then on I washed it every day so it would be spotless! Once in a while I would mess up and not have the bathtub drain properly cleaned or something like that and would have to go over his knee for a spanking, but most often I passed inspection. But, when I didn’t, I got spanked hard. The movies you have of Mila getting spanked are very familiar to me! I get put into a lot of different positions for my spankings and I get spanked for many of the same reasons that Mila gets spanked. That is, my husband checks everything very carefully every day and if there is the slightest thing wrong, I will get spanked. He is home most of the time since he is a business consultant and does most of his work in the home office. As a result he will stop his work every hour or so and check-up on me. He will check to see what I have gotten done and whether or not I have done the chores he ordered me to do when he gave me my Morning Obedience Spanking when we got up. Every morning when we get up I have to go over his knee to be spanked. When I go over his knee, he spends 5 minutes or so telling me what he expects me to do for the day in addition to my normal chores. Then he spanks me for 10 minutes to make sure that I will obey him and remember what to do.

Helen 13

Click the following link to see the above movie:

Normally he works at home in his office in the morning and leaves the home right after lunch. After I get spanked at 6:30 in the morning when we get up, I go and prepare breakfast as he gets ready for his own work. After breakfast I get busy with my own chores as he goes to his office. At about 10:30 he comes out to check on my work. Of course, if I have not gotten my work done properly and done the special tasks he ordered me to do, I’ll get spanked. Most often he has to spank me for something. At 12:00 I have to report to his office and bend over his knee for my Preemptive Lunch Spanking. Then I prepare lunch, we eat and he leaves. He often is gone until about 4:30. But, one day when he came home I was outside in the street talking with some of my girlfriends. When I saw him coming I ran as fast as I could to get inside! Of course, I was too late. As soon as he came in the door I was over his knee getting the crap spanked out of me! Of course I had gotten my clothes off as fast as I could, and I was already naked as is expected, and he just pulled me over his knee and started slapping my bottom hard. Then I had to get the hairbrush and go back over his knee for him to continue spanking me. Then I had to kneel on the floor and get my bottom up for him to use my strap on me! I should have known better than to be outside talking when I should have been inside getting ready for my husband to come home so I could get spanked and then kneel and satisfy him! This time I got spanked for an hour and then had to kneel and satisfy him and then get spanked again! Then I got spanked for not having dinner ready! Well, I never again was outside after 4:00 in the afternoon!

Helen 1

One thing I have learned to do is to stand up and stay still as he spanks me. This is especially important when I have to be spanked before sending me to the Punishment Room for more spankings.   Sometimes he just wants to give me a quick spanking and will make me stand and wait until he is done. But, other times, when I have to be punished hard, he will start my punishment by making me stand up with my hands clasped behind my head as he uses a bathbrush on me with 20 strokes very hard to each cheek. Then I have to run fast to the Punishment Room to wait to be spanked and punished a lot.   I get these punishments once or twice a month.

Helen 2

One thing that is very important is that I am always spanked on my bare bottom.

Helen 3

Also, I am most often spanked at the Punishment Chair.

Helen 16

And, all of my spankings are very domestic. My husband is actually just very concerned that I am obedient and submissive, that I get my chores done properly and on time, that I serve him as he orders, and that I behave myself. When there is a problem, he just wants me over his knee getting spanked.

Helen 15


Click the following link to see the above movie:’s Very Domestic Spankings.wmv

Of course, sometimes I just need some special punishment, like when I stay out way past curfew.

Helen 14

Click the following link to see the above movie:

Presenting my bottom properly to be spanked is very important. My husband will take several minutes getting me into position for my spanking. He says that a properly presented bottom is very important for an effective spanking. And, if I do not keep it in position, he will really blister my bottom with the Punishment Hairbrush. Especially when I am taken to my room and made to kneel on the bed, he will take a long time getting my bottom in position as he massages me and uses dildos and vibrators on me before taking my strap and whipping me hard.

Helen 4

When I have to be punished, getting me ready for my spanking is very important, and if I am not already naked, I will be.

Helen 5

Of course, I normally get a Before-Bedtime Spanking. These spankings can be administered in my room, of course, but often I will have to report to his office or the Punishment Chair to receive my spanking.

Helen 6

I am often spanked in the kitchen as I am preparing a meal or when my husband comes to check on whether or not I have gotten my chores done.

Helen 7

In addition to the kitchen and my husband’s office, I will be sent to my room to ‘get ready’ to be spanked. When he comes in, I go over his knee and get spanked hard. He really enjoys spanking me in our bedroom.

Helen 8

Although I have emphasized how important it is for me to be naked when I am to be spanked or inspected, it is worth emphasizing again. Even when we have company I may have to be spanked and when I am I have to be naked. Our friends know that I am spanked, as are the wives of all of our friends, which is why we are friends. We do not hide anything from each other. If they are visiting and I misbehave, they know that I will be spanked, and when I am I will have to strip naked. It is important for a wife to strip naked when she is ordered to do so, and I do. Then after I am inspected and lectured about my behavior, I am taken to the Punishment Chair and made to bend over his knee to be spanked … right in front of our company.

Helen 9

Also, even in front of company, if my husband wants to enjoy me, I will have to strip naked and kneel as ordered for him. He may massage me to climax, or he may order me to masturbate in front of everyone to climax. I must not hesitate to obey. Then, when he is done, I have to get into the Kneeling Punishment Position so he can use the Stirrup Strap on me for my Proprietary Spanking. All of the wives receive Proprietary Spankings, as they should. In fact, once a month we have a ‘party’ at one of the homes (there are 5 families) as we rotate homes for the party. All of the wives will be stripped naked and enjoyed by their husband and then ordered to submit to the other husbands for them to enjoy. If there is a problem, of course, they will get spanked hard. In addition to being enjoyed with dildos and vibrators, all of the wives will have to line up to be taken over the knee of each husband to be spanked for 5 minutes each with a hairbrush. So each wife gets spanked for at least 25 minutes, and most often a lot longer since most of them will misbehave and have to be punished. These parties normally start about 8:00 and will last until 1:00 to 2:00 in the morning if not longer, sometimes all night.

Helen 10

Well, that’s about it except that you should know that sometimes I find out what a sofa-arm is for … to bend me over to get spanked! Although I was whipped when I cheated on my boyfriend, I liked the movie of Mila having to bend over the sofa arm to get spanked. I’m in that position once or twice a month for something. Sometimes he just puts me in that position just for the sake of some variety so that I am not always over his knee. And, instead of using a hairbrush, although he does use it at times, he’ll take his belt off and use it on me, or make me get my strap to hand to him for him to use to whip me. I get these spankings at times when I come home and have spent way too much shopping! Anyway, I really enjoyed watching Mila get spanked over the sofa arm, as well as all of the other positions!

Helen 18

Helen 19


Click the following link to see the above movie:

Well, that’s about it. Let me know if you want to know anything more. My husband is sending me to you next week and expects you to spank me hard. He also says that you are to enjoy me as you want with dildos and vibrators, and that I must kneel to thank you as ordered for you spanking me. I expect that and look forward to serving you. Although I don’t want it, I know that you will have to spank me really hard. And, I am really dreading your Master’s-Correction Blistering Punishment Hairbrush that you have described for me. I know that I will be screaming, kicking and crying the entire time, and you will really blister my bottom!

Of course, I am reporting to you for the Behavior and Obedience Counseling and Punishment I need to be a better wife, and will send you the $750.00 for your weekend counseling session tomorrow. I look forward to having you correct me and sending me back to my husband as a well-spanked and obedient young lady. He says that he wants to start limiting the number of spankings I need and knows that you will give me what I need so he can start punishing me when necessary, but not having to give me all of the preemptive and maintenance spankings I have needed. He thinks that when you finish with me that I will be a very hyper-obedient girl and will do what I’m told to do and behave better. I hope so!

Your Domestic Girl, Helen”

Helen 17