21-Year-Old Girl: Please Write

OK, now in addition to the 21-year-old girl, who has not written to me yet, I have received Spanking Survey reports from two 18-year-old girls:  one who is spanked 1 to 2 days a week, and another one, who I would really like to hear from, who is spanked over 25 times a week, she is spanked every day, as a lot of girls should be spanked.

Anyway, I will not post these girls reports until I get the details I need.  So please write to me so we can discuss your spankings in more depth.

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Dear 21-year-old girl who just sent a Spanking Survey report.

Please write to me and tell me more about your spanking experiences.  You should have a lot to tell in view of the many different people who spank you and how many spankings you receive each week:  20-25.

Please contact me at:  Headmaster@SpankedCoeds.com.

We can discuss your situation and provide others with information that they may be able to use in their own situation.


19-Year-Old Young Fiancé Wants and NEEDS to be Spanked

Spankable Bottom

This 19-year-old girl, almost 20, Jemma Michelle, who is a young fiancé, continues to provide the extensive information that I want and need so as to be able to help other girls who are similarly situated.  This is the 2nd installment of her report.

REPORTS  THAT  WILL  NOT  BE  USED:  I have also received several new reports on my Spanking Survey that will not be used since they just provide statistical information rather than personal experiences and the details that help other girls and are of more interest to everyone.  While the new reports are interesting, and of value for my statistical surveys, from a 28-year-old girl, a 30-year-old girl, and a 23-year-old girl, in particular, they just describe the routine spankings and punishment of a girl, but no real specific details as Jemma Michelle provides.  Jemma Michelle is a very special girl who is actually striving to be the best girl she can be, who is pleasing to her fiancé and appreciates all of the work he actually does in helping to train her properly to be his bride and wife.  Many girls do not know how to serve properly to please their boyfriend/fiancé/husband, and need to be trained to please him properly.  Jemma Michelle realizes this and appreciates the training that her fiancé provides her.  I do have many messages from girls who want to be spanked hard and trained to be obedient, behave properly, and learn to provide desired sexual services.  It is not obvious for a girl to know what to do, and, as will be seen in this post, there are many spanking and loving positions that a girl must learn, there are a variety of implements that help to punish a girl properly, and there are a variety of items that contribute to a properly spanked and trained girl.

I hope to have a series of the spankings and training of a young fiancé girl and a follow-up with her as a young bride.  We’ll see what can be done, but for now I just need more detailed information about such girls.

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


Our young fiancé has updated her report to me and is providing a lot of interesting information that should be helpful for other girls, and interesting to everyone.  She wrote:

Dear Ken

 I really don’t mind if you use my name.  I would actually prefer it if you did.  It would make me feel special…

And Jemma Michelle, her real name, is very special—she is very forthcoming in terms of how she is disciplined and punished, and how much she appreciates her fiancé, James, in providing that discipline and punishment, as well as the training he is providing her in helping her to become the best bride she can be for his pleasure and her own.

I’m just giggling to myself thinking about what would happen if my parents would wonder if it was me if they read this post.  I don’t even know if they read blogs!  Maybe we could find out? 

And I did ask her to provide an email of her parents for me and I would send them a link!  Smile  But she has not provided one yet!

In regards to a “Punishment Room”, we don’t really have one [in the home where she and James live].  We have a chest in front of our bed that acts as a toy box, and a few implements around the house.  Frequently I am sent to my bedroom to get ready to be spanked, so, to that extent, I guess our bedroom is my Punishment Room. 

As shown below, a chest in the bedroom can be used for many different purposes.

Bedroom Storage Chest, 3

A paddle is hanging up in the kitchen, and a hand carved spoon, but in regards to a punishment room per say, nope, other than my bedroom.  

Hanging a paddle and strap on the inside of a closet bedroom door, which some girls have to do, helps to remind the girl every day when she opens her closet door what happens to her bottom if she misbehaves or is disobedient.   Also, hanging a strap and paddle on the wall beside her bed or dresser serves the same purpose.  Of course, if, as with Jemma Michelle, she is often spanked by her mom, then hanging a paddle in the kitchen makes it very convenient for her mom and, again, “reminds” Jemma Michelle every time she sees it what happens to her bottom if she does not help with the kitchen chores that have to be done.  One girl had to keep a hairbrush on her dresser that was not used for her hair, but for her bottom and reminded her each day to behave properly or it would be used on her.  When it was, she was sent to her bedroom to get undressed and wait.  When her dad came in, she had to hand him the hairbrush and then bend over his knee to be spanked.

Bedroom Hairbrush Spankings

The following 7½-minute video shows 3 different spankings of Mila in 3 different positions, one of which is a hairbrush spanking in her bedroom.  These spankings also show the loving-attention that should be given to a girl, even as she is being spanked hard.


Mila Learning Not to Cheat-0



Spanking Library

We have kinda sorta punishment places … the chair by the fire place, the couch in the den, the kitchen table chairs which I have to occasionally fetch and bring to either the living room or bedroom… honestly I don’t know why we just cannot leave the chair in the bedroom … ha-ha.  

The bedroom is an excellent Punishment Room.  See photo-story below.

Bedroom OTK Spankings

As for chair placement, a chair placed in the foyer to the home makes it convenient to spank a girl when she most needs it.  See photo-story below.

Foyer Punishment Chair

If he sends me to any room it’s typically the bedroom.  If I am told to “dress” for my spanking, I can get to be a little creative … corset – leggings – makeup and I always lay out the implements on the end table nice and neat.  But typically when I’m told to “dress” for a spanking it’s never just a spanking, it’s followed by love – training and teaching.   

One 18-year-old girl was very direct when she asked me to spank her, punish her, and train her:

I need sexual training, obedience training, domestic training, and submission training.  I need to have vaginal sex training and sucking training, and I do want submission training and need to be dominated and controlled to obey sexually and domestically–and to be severely spanked when I disobey or misbehave. 

 I need to be told what to do domestically and sexually and spanked hard if I disobey–and I mean really hard!  Regardless of how much I scream and cry, you are to keep on spanking me until you think I have been punished enough.  I want the prolonged and sustained spankings that you administer–10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes or longer!  I do need to be made to be submissively obedient and need to be required to give oral sex on demand, and vaginal sex on demand.  If I am ordered to bend over and present myself to be used, then that is what I must do.  If I am told to kneel and suck, then that is what I must do.  I must open my mouth to receive my Master, suck properly–suck hard and stroke slow–then receive his cum and keep my mouth open until he orders me to swallow, and then open my mouth again to show him that I have obeyed.  If I disobey any order, I must be severely spanked.

 I understand that you are in control of me from the moment I walk in the door. And I know that I will have to immediately remove my clothes and that you will take my clothes and hide them from me so that I will remain naked unless you order otherwise.  I know that you are my Master and I must obey you and be spanked and whipped hard if I disobey you, or just any time that you want to spank or whip me, I must bend over as ordered and keep my bottom in position until you are through with me.  And I know that after I am spanked I will have to suck my Master.  I have been resistant in providing sexual services for my fiancé and need to have my bottom worn out until I immediately obey when told to present myself for sexual use.  And, I know that this is all part of my training to be the submissive girl I want to be and am supposed to be.  I am being sent to you by my fiancé so that you can train me to be a proper girl who is obedient at home and will serve my future husband as he orders and to take care of the home as I should and to be polite and submissive in public when he takes me to parties and out for dinner, and when we have guests in the home.  And, I must learn to present myself for a spanking in front of company since my fiancé does spank me in front of guests and will continue to do so after we are married, but I resist now and need to submissively present my bottom as he orders for my spankings.  

 I know that you will have to just blister my bottom hard to make me obey and expect to have my bottom red, bruised and blistered as many times as it takes to make me obey.   I need to be roughly handled, used and abused just any way that you want to use and abuse me, and spank and whip me hard and severely as many times as you want.

We scheduled an 8-week training program, after which she was returned to her fiancé as a well-spanked and trained girl.

Spankinga and Whipping a Disobedient Girl

James (yes that is his real name) pushes my limits.  I’m younger and have no idea what I am capable of, so I guess in a way I am very absorbed in pleasing him.  However it’s not just our home that I’m punished in … my parents’ home doesn’t have a specific punishment room either.  But much the same as my home now it is kitchen chairs, recliner and couch that are used for my spankings as I am made to bend over as told.  Sometimes I was spanked OTK on my bed.  And that happens here at home as well—I am sent to our bedroom and James comes in and takes me over his knee and spanks me.  Just no stuffed animals and posters to be strong for. 

As noted in the following photo-story, sometimes a girl must get her bottom “prepared” to be spanked by having hot water sprayed on her bottom and then have a heat-ointment rubbed onto each cheek.  When this is done, however, she must still be spanked just as hard as if her bottom had not been prepared, since the point of preparation is so her spanking will hurt more.  The intensity of the strokes must be just the same, or even harder, than if her bottom had not been treated.

Getting Ready to be Spanked

My parents always kept my underwear on until they found out that James was spanking me on my bare bottom.  Ever since it’s been bare bottom.  However there was and still is a tempo. I still get “Ready” for my spankings the same way, pants off and folded… and they always start on my underwear, they just now have doubled in time, as once my mother or father pulls them down they inspect to see how the spanking is going, they no longer wet my underwear (every time) with water to make the spanking more impactful and (my suspicion is that since I was only allowed to wear white) to make them see thru.  James as well typically starts the same way – but still enjoys soaking, SOAKING, my underwear with near boiling misty water that he gets out of the Hot tap, followed by him pulling them hard up exposing my cheeks and reapplying the hot water (and if I used or he used the heat cream before it seems to just make it so much worse – open pores… maybe?) then off they come.  Depending on how loud I am in screaming and crying they get balled up and put in my mouth.  If they come out of my mouth before I am asked to take them out of my mouth, I get extra implements – time – or just spanked really, really hard. 


Angelina OTK Spanking-0



Spanking Library

In terms of positions, my parents always spanked me OTK or bent over a chair, the bed or couch, legs together.  And for keeping my future attitude and ethics in check, that was their job and they got very efficient at it with my spankings.  When my fiancé came along and spanked me on my bare bottom the first time it changed the clothing aspect of things….. Once I moved in with him, he started to spread my legs.  He got more and more comfortable with this and soon after the next time we were at my parents he found a reason (a good reason) to spank me after supper—on the panties first – legs together, but then they came down, came off and he trapped one leg and spread them apart so he could spank me more thoroughly between my cheeks.  I was so red, I think my whole body blushed as James did that.

 When I looked back, my mother had a very noticeable smile.  She even went into the kitchen to grab (my most feared items) the large spoon and the cord from the toaster.  From the hand to the spoon to the cord… I couldn’t stop crying and begging… and when it came time, James slowed down and rubbed my backside with me still over his knee.  My parents watching… and my mother came up and asked to take a look at my bottom.  And called over my father..  They both felt the welts and my mom disappeared for a minute, put an egg timer on the table and told James that I needed about 5-6 more minutes of the spoon, and to turn it around and “Touch up” my thighs with it.  I was in agony, and that was the last time I would ever speak out about my mother’s cooking. 

Regarding Jenna Michelle’s mom and her enjoying spanking her, she is not alone.  Several years ago when I was teaching karate, I had one of my girl students come to me and complain that her mom was spanking her.  I always liked working with this girl since whenever she reported to me in my office in her ghi (karate uniform), she immediately knelt in front of me with her back straight and crossed her arms behind her back.  Well, the first thing that happened was that I made her stand up, hand me the Punishment Hairbrush, drop her bottoms and bend over my knee.  One of the first lessons in karate is that you do not complain about anything, especially getting hit.  She received the normal 10-minute, hard hairbrush spanking.  Then, with her screaming and crying, she was back kneeling on the floor.  After she got herself under control, I told her to just accept her mom spanking her as part of her karate training in accepting whatever beatings she had to take.  After all, if she could not take a spanking from her mom, how was she going to take being punched hard in karate?  The spanking I gave her aside, the point is that there are many girls who are being spanked by their mom’s, or their mom wanting to watch them get spanked by someone else than you might think.  I spent over a year in Florida mentoring and spanking an 18-year-old girl who had just started community college and asked me to make sure she did well in school, knowing that she would have to be spanked frequently in order to get the grades she needed and behave as she should.  She lived with her single mom who could no longer spank her as she needed.  However, when I spanked her, her mom was right there to watch, and when I thought she had been spanked enough, her mom would tell me to spank her for another 5 minutes or so and to spank her harder.  I have had several such reports.  So, yes, Jenna Michelle’s mom probably does like to spank her or watch her being spanked.  Smile

Spanked by Mom Banner



I am spanked with me on my back legs up, OTK, laying down, bent over (arm of chairs or side of bed) touching my toes and laying down doing the middle splits is James’ favorite.  OTK with both legs trapped if I’m squirmy or one leg trapped and spread. 

Some of these positions are shown below.

Legs-Up Spanking Position

Middle-Splits Spanking Position


Clarice's Naked Whipping Bending Oveer Table-0



Spanking Library

In terms of implements, Hand is a favorite, belts, wood paddle no holes, spoons, short, cord (but it’s really rare I get that) ruler, hairbrush… I’m most definitely forgetting things.   Once or twice when we went camping I cut switches.  But James likes “THUDDY” implements. 

It could be that if the Dragon Flogger replaced the toaster cord that it would be used more often, and Jemma Michelle would receive a more effective spanking between her bottom-cheeks.

Most recently my mom and I went to a few different bakery’s looking at wedding cakes, the first one had me convinced that going with cupcakes were the way to go.  So we tried a few samples and they were amazing, omg I was sold.  They were the least expensive option and I knew my fiancé would say yes just with that in mind.  I thought they were adorable and the whole fact that they would even be in their own boxes.  Loved it, loved it, loved it!  The second place we went to had typical fondant cakes, and though I was kind to the baker I did have some “holier than thou” attitude toward him… and was fairly unimpressed with the product.  Although my mother twisted her face a bit at me I felt that I didn’t cross the line.  But I was getting a little cranky at this point and by the time we got to the 3rd bakery I was out of patience….. And after trying the vanilla version cake I uttered a little too loudly “this is terrible” and spat it out into a napkin, I thought discreetly, and that no one had noticed.  

When a girl is in public, it is important that she watch her manners and be respectful toward others.  When a girl behaves as Jemma Michelle did at the bakery, I would do much more than just give her a strict look, I would immediately take her to the car and spank her.  See the photo-story below.

Punishment for Misbehaving in Public

Of course, the severity of the punishment depends on what the girl has done and how bad she is.






Spanking Library

Well on our way back to my fiancé’s and my house, I gushed about how great the cupcake place was and how I was so happy they were inexpensive and omg they tasted so good! My mother said very little in the car ride home, very little other than to say she thought they were all upstanding places and that I should be happy with any one of them.  I had a feeling that I might be in trouble, my bottom tingled a bit just thinking about it, and I didn’t want that so I invited my mom for tea at home.  The second we got out of the car I knew I had screwed up.  She sternly asked me to put the kettle on.  And then called my fiancé at work.  She explained to him that I had insulted the baker in his shop, had spat his cake out in front of him and had said quite loudly that what he had made for me was “terrible“.  I really (and I’m sorry if your reading this, mom) I really thought I whispered that but it makes no difference it was unacceptable.  My mother then handed me the phone, and after saying that I was here at home, I was instructed by him to go to the bedroom and to hand my mother the Heat cream, hairbrush and the wooden spoon.  And then he hung up. 

When a girl is going to be spanked at home for her misbehavior in public, it is important for her to immediately get ready to be spanked as soon as they get home.

Quickly I went to the bedroom, not even excusing myself from the kitchen where my mom was and hurriedly tried to find what I was instructed to find and in my rush I grabbed the paddle, the spoon, the heat cream, and the hairbrush and brought them quickly to the kitchen.  My mother was pouring the boiling water into a spray bottle, the same one we use on our dog when he barks at the neighbors across the street.  And as she was midway through pouring the water, asked me to get “Ready”.  So somberly but briskly I took down my jeans and folded them placing them on a kitchen chair.  

It is also important for a girl to fold her clothes neatly when she takes them off and place them neatly where they belong.

My white underwear was the only thing that would come between her and me for a while I hoped.  And as my mom pulled out the kitchen chair she asked me to turn around and touch my toes.  The second my hands met my feet she started to soak my panties with hot, hot water.  I knew they were now see thru.  And my bottom was going for warm to hot as she continued to soak them for what must have been 2 to 3 minutes.  And that’s when she took them down – then off and dried my bottom with the front side of my underwear.  Then she immediately applied the heat cream, while explaining how the hot water would open the pores and that this way the cream would work fully and more effectively till my fiancé came home to finish the job. 

Actually, getting a girl’s bare bottom very hot and wet before applying the heat-cream is important for just the reason Jemma Michelle explains—it helps to open the pores of her skin, which will let the heat-cream sink in more, which will make her bottom more sensitive and, therefore, her spanking will hurt more—the purpose of a spanking.


Clarice's OTK Bare-Bottom Attitude-Adjustment-0



Spanking Library

Then over her knee I went, my bottom well warmed at this point, before she even applied a single spank I already had a fire on my backside.  And then she brought the paddle down onto my bottom.  I squirmed and squealed as it felt like she had a branding iron.  I begged her to stop for what felt like hours… and then the oven beeped… she told me to kneel… as she got up to reset the oven timer… and then started with the hairbrush.  My makeup was running, I couldn’t control myself so she trapped one of my legs with hers and used the other one to spread mine apart, spanking my bottom and my upper thighs till once again the oven went off… again, she told me to kneel… then she came back and asked why I had brought a 3rd implement… and in between sobs I tried to explain that it was an accident.  But she just smiled at me and said “Over.. Now“, spreading my legs once more, she turned the spoon around and used the flat handle to spank between my cheeks where the brush and paddle didn’t reach effectively. 

Jemma Michelle’s parents and fiancé know how to administer a proper spanking so that it covers a girl’s entire bottom.  Too often the inner-cheeks are missed as well as the upper thighs and the inner-thighs.  For effective punishment, all areas of a girl’s bottom should be spanked—which I’m sure Jemma Michelle can attest to.

I was beyond sobbing and bucking.  I accepted what had happened and I would never do it again.  And that’s when she asked me to get up and sit down… she poured me some tea and then passed over to me a piece of the same cake I had called terrible.  And as I ate the cake with tears streaming down my face she asked me:  “How is it?“.  And I said:  “I think we just found our wedding cake!” 

To punish a girl properly, she should probably be crying convulsively, as Jemma Michelle does, since then she will be very hyper-obedient for several days to a week or more after that.  If she just cries, even crying freely, she will not be hyper-obedient and will have to be spanked much more often.  So, after a girl is spanked, it is important to determine if she has learned her lesson, and, if not, she needs to be spanked some more.


Clarice Bending Over Chair Arm Spanking-0



Spanking Library


19-Year-Old Wants to be Spanked

19-y.o._Frequent Hand-SpankingsFor the best in the spanking of Girls-Spanked-Bottoms, please go to Spanked Coeds by clicking on the bar below:


Contact the Headmaster directly at Headmaster@SpankedCoeds.com

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


This 19-year-old girl has sent the kind of spanking-report that is of value to other girls.  She provides extensive detail and a variety of spanking experiences.

19-Year-Old:  Please send a photo of the Pottery Wheel Spanking Machine.  Also, since you are spanked in front of others on the Internet, please send some photos of you being spanked, and you will get a lot of “exposure” on this Blog.  I know that many other girls, as well as guys J, would love to see you getting spanked and how you are spanked and punished.  Also, please send a photo of you kneeling in front of the wood stove getting your bottom warmed up.  And, anything else you would like to provide that would be helpful in portraying how you are spanked and punished … Corner-Time photo, getting spanked in car, getting spanked at the construction site, the train yard, the golf course, the quarry, the boat, and, of course, at home.  If you send these photos and any other description you want about your spankings and punishments, I’ll publish a special post just about you.  If you want, give more personal details about school, work, home life, etc.    And, thanks for all of the info you have provided!  Please send your updates to:


I have received several messages recently from girls who have asked to be spanked and punished for things they have done, and to be supervised and controlled in their daily life and spanked hard when they disobey or misbehave.  This 19-year-old girl in this current post characterizes many of these girls who know that they need to be spanked and actually look forward to being spanked and controlled.


Our girl states it very clearly when asked why she needs to be spanked:

I’m punished because I need guidance. Ownership. Value. Leadership.

She reflects the desires of another girl who said:

I like a man who takes charge, and does not hesitate to make me bare my bottom and bend over to be spanked when I disobey or misbehave!

And another girl who said:

I feel safe, loved, and cared for when I am over my boyfriend’s knee getting spanked.  I know that he cares for me and loves me and wants to help me be the good girl I want to be.  If he did not spank me when I’m bad, I would not think he loved me.”

And another girl, who represents many of the requests I get, is concerned with being controlled and trained to be sexually and domestically obedient.   The current 19-year-old girl is also being trained to serve sexually, as she states that after she is spanked:

He then used me to pleasure himself in my holes and I was told to set up the spanking machine while he watched TV.  He then used the acceleration pedal and spanked me with a leather strap effortlessly for 20-30 minutes till I agreed to go down on him.

The other girl who wrote to me asked me to train her as follows:

I need sexual training, obedience training, domestic training, and submission training.  I need to have vaginal sex training and sucking training, and I do want submission training and need to be dominated and controlled to obey sexually and domestically–and to be severely spanked when I disobey or misbehave.

As seen by the photo-story below, I hand-spanked this girl’s bare bottom hard until it was red, bruised, and sore, and she was crying convulsively.  As with the current 19-year-old girl, I repeatedly spanked this girl for 15 to 30 minutes, just whatever was required to make sure she would be submissively-obedient.


I need to be told what to do domestically and sexually and spanked hard if I disobey–and I mean really hard!  Regardless of how much I scream and cry, you are to keep on spanking me until you think I have been punished enough.  It is important that a girl is punished enough, and she needs to be repeatedly spanked until you think she has had enough—regardless of what she thinks!  You are in control of me, so control me and spank my bottom hard until you decide that I have been spanked enough.  I want the prolonged and sustained spankings that you administer–10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes or longer!  I do need to be made to be submissively-obedient and need to be required to give oral sex on demand, and vaginal sex on demand.  If I am ordered to bend over and present myself to be used, then that is what I must do.  If I am told to kneel and suck, then that is what I must do.  I must open my mouth to receive my Master, suck properly–suck hard and stroke slow–then receive his cum and keep my mouth open until he orders me to swallow, and then open my mouth again to show him that I have obeyed.  If I disobey any order, I must be severely spanked.

19-y.o._Severe and Harsh Spankings

And, our current 19-year-old girl is being spanked more now than ever before, probably because she is now being spanked by her boyfriend who will not put up with any disobedience or misbehavior.  In addition to being spanked, she is also grounded, given Corner-Time Dressed, Corner-Time Undressed, Mouth Soaping, Privileges Taken Away, and Lectured.


More Unusual Punishments

In addition to being spanked, this girl is also punished in some more uncommon ways.  First, before and/or after she is spanked, she may have heat cream applied to her bottom.  There are a variety of “Deep Heat” products on the market.  Click on the following bar to see what is available.

19-y.o._Deep Heat for Bottom Spanking

Also at times it is important to make the girl get her bottom properly prepared for her spanking so that her spanking will hurt more and will be more effective.  Our 19-year-old girl has a very effective way to prepare her bottom for her spanking—kneel in front of a wood stove and get her bottom really hot!  See photo-story below and click on the photo to see where you can get this stove!

19-y.o._Heating Bottom for Spanking

Also, to help this girl in guiding her properly, establishing ownership of her, maintaining her proper life-values, and establishing the leadership of her boyfriend over her, she is spanked with 5 to 10 spankings per week as she is spanked 3 or 4 days a week.  This shows that she is closely supervised and controlled, and her obedience is expected and she will be spanked if she is not obedient or misbehaves.  Since her sexual services are very important, and, as we will see, she is given Submission Spankings and Proprietary Spankings, she is often spanked in order to make her submit sexually.  Proprietary Spankings, in particular, are very important in order to establish ownership of the girl, provide leadership for her, assure her proper values as a girl, and give her the guidance that she needs.  These spankings should be given to her at least once a week.


Also, from the number of people who spank her, and who they are, shows that she has many caring friends who help her behave properly.  In addition to being spanked by her boyfriend, she is also spanked by a female friend and a male friend.  But, also she may be spanked by anyone present, showing that she has many caring and loving friends.

Spanking Machine

Another not-so-common spanking is that a Spanking Machine with a leather strap is used to spank her.  One such machine can be found by clicking on the photo below.  She says:

[I am] machine spanked in front of strangers on the Internet.  My boyfriend attached a leather strap to the pottery wheel… it really hurts.

19-y.o._Pottery Wheel Spanking Machine


She also self-spanks.  This confirms that she knows that she needs to be spanked and wants to be spanked.  She does not elaborate on the self-spanking, but some girls are made to self-spank in front of others just as they are made to masturbate in front of others for punishment.  Various spatulas, paddles and straps can be effectively used for self-spanking.  More detail would be appreciated from our girl.

19-y.o._Self-Spanking Banner


Our girl is spanked in front of her dad, mom, uncle, aunt, older brother, female friend, and male friend.  And, she is spanked on her bare bottom in front of them.  As noted, this indicates that she is being controlled by a lot of very loving family and friends.  Some girls are spanked when they are picked up from their home for a date and given a Preemptive-Date Spanking.  When this happens, the girl is made to get undressed by her boyfriend, hand him a hairbrush and bend over his knee to be spanked in front of her dad and mom.  Often this is done especially if she is living with her single mom.  But, our girl is living with her boyfriend so any spankings in front of others is when they are visiting her home or when she is taken to her parents to visit.


She is spanked on her bare bottom in front of strangers on the Internet.  She does not elaborate but it would be good to learn more.  For example, if she needs to be spanked, is the filming set up so that those on the Internet can watch, and how do they know that she is going to be spanked?

If she is spanked at school, she is spanked at home.   Here, more information would be good.  How often is she spanked at school and what for?  When she gets home, is she spanked especially hard or punished in any other way?

If she misbehaves away from home, she is spanked immediately.  She says:

Every situation is different when I’m spanked away from home.  But typically it is OTK hand-spanking to tears on my thighs.  Followed by heat cream if we’re in the car and have time.

When she is spanked, she is wearing only her panties and bra, or PJs, nighty, or she is naked.  She says:

PJs are most common.  I’m bare bottom or drop seated in front of the fire place and for heat cream applications.  No underwear allowed.  Before the spanking starts either my PJs are pulled down and top removed or I’m made to strip.

To confirm her positive commitment to being spanked, she does cooperate when she has to get ready to be spanked.  As with many other girls, she knows that she needs to be spanked, and cooperates in preparing for her spanking.  However, of course, at times she will resist, and when she does she will be spanked harder.  She says:

Sometimes I cry, beg and plead not to be spanked, especially if friends are over.  Sometimes I get into sub-space really easy and even try to amp it up… insert my favorite plug.  Line up the implements.  Put on my cutest PJs and bend over for the heat cream… I load the wood stove and get it really hot.  Sometimes I beg for the spanking.  I almost always put on mascara if I have time.  It really just depends.

19-y.o._Girls Willingly Get Undressed

Mascara is actually very important when spanking a girl, but it must be non-permanent mascara so that when she cries, her tears are more easily seen running down her face.  See the photo-story below.

19-y.o._Non-Permanent Mascara for Spanking

Now, although our girl normally cooperates when she has to be spanked, at times she hasn’t and was spanked harder.  She describes it this way:

I never resist once in position anymore.  But when I did, I was simply promised a longer spanking.  An egg timer would be placed in front of me and every time I squirmed away to avoid my spanking, another minute or 2 would be added to it.

And to confirm that she will be cooperative when she has to be spanked, she takes off her own clothes.  When she is spanked, she is administered anywhere from 75 to 300 strokes and anywhere from 20 minutes to much more than 20 minutes.  She is spanked until she cries, or cries for a certain period of time, or simply as long as her Disciplinarian wants to spank her.

Many girls are cooperative when they have to be spanked, since they do want to be made to behave better and be more obedient.  Kyndall is one such girl.  You can see her getting spanked by clicking on the following title frame.  As with the girl in this report, Kyndall is expected to be obedient and get home when she is told to do so.  When she doesn’t, she has to be spanked.


Our girl is spanked and punished as a girl should be—she is spanked for as long as her Disciplinarian wants to spank her and punishes her as he wants.  When she misbehaves away from home, she is immediately spanked on her bare bottom in private, normally in the car, and then spanked again when she gets home.   While many girls are not spanked again when they get home, it is important that they are so that her dad/boyfriend/whomever can take the time needed to spank her hard.  She describes her spanking:

Yesterday I mouthed off in the car.  I was spanked in the back seat and when we got home I undressed knowing what I was in for.  Heat cream was applied to my tush and I was told to turn on the wood stove.  I knelt 2 feet away from it and inched as close as I could get.  When he came down stairs he held me closer to the stove for about 5 minutes before grabbing my ear and spanking my bottom with a heart paddle.  He then used me to pleasure himself in my holes and I was told to set up the spanking machine while he watched TV.  He then used the acceleration pedal and spanked me with a leather strap effortlessly for 20-30 minutes till I agreed to go down on him.  Afterwards I was made to kneel in front of the wood stove and sent to bed at 7 pm.  At 10 when he came to bed he spanked me some more.  Reapplied the heat cream and said good night.

19-y.o._Presented for Master's Use

Our girl has a very loving and controlled relation with her boyfriend, and knows that he is in control and takes good care of her.

Something else she does that confirms how well she is controlled and how obedient she is, is that she takes off her own PJs when she has to be spanked, and folds them, the bottoms and the tops.  She is very carefully disciplined and leads a very satisfying life.

She describes very controlled punishments as follows:

I receive full disciplinary spankings at home after heat cream is applied and I get my bottom warmed-up at the fireplace.  My spankings are then timed using a beeper and offences all get different lengths of time determined by the disciplinarian.  The average spanking is now 25 minutes—starting off slow and ending fast and hard.  Tears, whimpering and quivering every single time.


She is spanked for many of the common reasons that girls get spanked—poor grades, talking-back, swearing, getting in trouble at school, getting in trouble at work, arguing with her siblings, fighting with others, not doing her chores, not doing what she is told to do, getting up late, smoking, and not getting ready on time.

But then she is given many control spankings, including:   Just-Because Spankings, Maintenance Spankings, Preemptive Spankings, Proprietary Spankings, and Submission Spankings.

Our girl has a very loving and controlled lifestyle in which she is strictly supervised and controlled and is frequently spanked.


Can You Provide Extensive Info About Your Spankings?

If you can provide extensive information, as this girl has, and descriptions of your own spankings, are spanked in front of others, are punished in unusual ways, and are made to self-spank in front of others, and receive a number of Control Spankings, please take my survey by clicking on the following banner.

19-y.o. Spanking Survey


40+-year-old Girl Still Spanked

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


I have been receiving several messages recently from girls who are over 30 and over 40 who are still being spanked.  Shown below is one such girl who is 40 to 45 years old, so I will list her as “42”.  But, these are girls who have been continually spanked.  When a girl has not been spanked for some time, it may be difficult for them to actually accept the pain of the spanking.  Such girls may just have to “play” at being spanked.  Possibly with “conditioning” they will be able to take a “real” spanking, but most will mentally not be able to withstand the pain.  So, be careful. 

“I’m a 42-year-old girl and am still being spanked.  In fact, I am spanked more now than ever before.  I live with my mom, and she is the one who spanks me.

“She’ll spank me with my clothes on, with me naked from the waist-down, and with me naked.  And, I have to pull my pants and panties down when she orders me to do so for my spanking.  And, I had better get them off right-away!  But, I always resist before taking them off, so she spanks me much harder.  I just don’t seem to learn to obey, and with mom, when I don’t obey, I get spanked and when I don’t get my clothes off immediately, I get spanked harder.  With mom, obedience is very important and when I don’t obey, I get spanked.

“After I take my clothes off, mom drags me down across her knee to spank me.  She’ll spank me with her hand or a paddle that we have just for her to use on my bottom.   Although, at the most I’ll only get 150 strokes, but it can be just a few strokes, less than 10, or anything from 75 to 100, but 150 is the most when I am really bad.

“If I misbehave away from home, which I do quite often, I’ll get spanked immediately on my bare bottom.”

42-y.o. Spanked Girl, 2

“I get spanked for getting in trouble at work, for not doing my chores, not doing what I’m told to do, and just-because mom wants to spank me!” 

Girl Over 40



Girl-Spanking-Girl Addendum!

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


This is an update to my previous post.  This update concerns next-door-neighbor relationships.

Since next-door-neighbors often see each other and may be friends, it is not uncommon for a neighbor to watch after their friend’s daughter when she is alone, or to babysit the daughter, or even for the daughter to seek the attention of the neighbor.  Most often, of course, the girl will start to flirt with the husband next door, or he will be asked to watch after her when her parents are away.  But, also the mom next door may be the one who looks after the girl, or even is the one who the girl approaches for friendship and guidance.

I have had only a few such reports from girls who were in a “relationship” with her next-door-neighbor mom, but one may be of interest.  The girl lived in Utah.  She was 19 and had a child.  She had the responsibility of her own child, but still wanted to be cared for as a child.  Her own parents no longer took care of her that way and only provided a guestroom for her and her child and cared for the child when the daughter was at work or in school.

The girl we’ll call Stephanie started to confide in the mom next door and, after a month or so, started to be cared for in a more “loving” manner.  The mom’s husband was a trucker and was gone for several weeks at a time.  When he was, Stephanie would go to see the mom for her to “take care” of Stephanie.  While it started out as more of a loving relationship in which the mom would make Stephanie take her clothes off so the mom could caress and massage her body as she hugged and kissed her, eventually the girl wanted more of a strict-mom relation at times when the mom would be strict with her and spank her.  This actually was not too difficult a transition since the mom had previously been a babysitter for Stephanie when she was younger and had often spanked her.  But now, Stephanie would get frustrated with all of the attention she had to give her own child, and just wanted a “mom” who would make her behave, be obedient, and do what she should do.

Girl-Spanks-Girl, 11

As a result, Stephanie would tell the mom things she had done for which she wanted to be spanked, and asked the mom to tell her what to do in terms of chores she had to get done and how she should behave.  If she disobeyed, which, of course, she did so that she would have to be spanked, she would report to the mom the next time, take her clothes off and go over her knee to be spanked.



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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


I have received a report from a 29-year-old girl who is still being spanked by her girlfriend.  I have actually known many girls who are spanked by other girls and have had many reports from girls who are spanked by other girls, whether they are girlfriends, moms, grandmothers, aunts, or whomever.  And, the reports that I get often indicate that the girl doing the spanking will spank much harder than a man would do since a man often feels “sorry” for the girl.  When I mentored, controlled and spanked Nancy and her mom in Florida for almost 2 years when Nancy was going to a community college, I would spank Nancy but when I was finished, her mom told me to keep spanking her and to spank her harder—if I was using my hand, she might hand me a paddle or strap to use on her.  Nancy’s mom, Karen, always wanted me to spank Nancy harder and longer than I normally would have.  Of course, I did.  And, when I spanked Karen, she would frequently ask me to spank her more and harder to make sure that she was properly punished.  Again, of course, I did.

Following is the report that I received recently from a 29-year-old girl who is being spanked by her girlfriend.  She does not say whether this is a lesbian relationship, or just a roommate relationship.  However, I know of several lesbian relationships, and in each one, the dominant partner has always been very severe in punishing the girl.  Often the punishments are more abusive than disciplinary, but even when the girl is just spanked, she is spanked severely.  See the photo-story below.

Girl-Spanks-Girl, 3

Lesbian Relationships:  These relationships are often much more violent than heterosexual relationships.  Part of it is, as noted, girls just do not feel sorry for another girl being spanked and actually enjoy watching another girl being spanked and crying.  Also, however, the dominant partner, the Stud, will not only hit and punch the submissive, but may bite her, cut her or otherwise injure her.  She may be sexually abusive and demand sexual service whether that is being provided oral sex, or making the girl receive vaginal penetrations with various objects, or anal penetration.  She may also order the girl to provide sexual services to a man as she watches.  When done, she orders the girl to bend over the man’s knee for him to spank severely.

But also, girls will be face-slapped repeatedly.  See photo-story below.

Girl-Spanks-Girl, 6

Although, moms spanking daughters, aunts spanking nieces, etc., are not generally lesbian relationships, they often have many of the same characteristics—the girls are spanked severely, they are given Just-Because Spankings, and the spanker enjoys watching the girl get spanked.  See the reports below.

The 29-year-old girl’s report follows:

I’m a 29-year-old girl, and I am still being spanked.  I was spanked most often when I was 27, but have never been spanked too often.  I am only spanked 1 to 3 times a month, and my spankings now are Submission Spankings.

My female friend is the one who spanks me.  And when she spanks me, I have to be naked.  And she takes my clothes off for my spankings.  Of course, I do resist when I have to be spanked, but then I get spanked much harder.  When I am spanked, she uses a tree switch on me and I have to get the switch and hand it to her.

She spanks me for as long as she wants, but the maximum number of strokes has only been 200.  I guess she could spank me longer, but she doesn’t.

Although she mainly just gives me Submission Spankings, if I misbehave away from home, she will spank me when we get home.  She also punishes me by making me do Corner-Time naked.

Now, there are many countries in which girls are spanked by other girls.  And many of these spankings are administered by making the girl stand at-attention with her hands clasped behind her head.  See photo-story below.

Girl-Spanks-Girl, 2

Grandmother Relationships:  Not only in Ghana and other African countries, but in the U.S., grandmothers often administer the spankings to girls.  See photo-story below concerning one such girl and her grandmother in Columbus, Ohio.

Girl-Spanks-Girl, 4

Mother Relationships:  Of course, mothers spanking their daughters are probably the most frequent relationships in which there are girl-on-girl spankings.  See photo-story below.  In addition to that photo-story, I mentored a girl one time who was being spanked almost daily by her mom.  The girl was 21.  She was still living at home, and was controlled by her mom.  I was working with her on her schoolwork and helping her to behave properly so she could get promoted at work.  I also was spanking her as required, but the spankings I gave her were because she needed them.  The spankings her mom was administering to her were because her mom just enjoyed spanking her.  And this seems to be the case in many Girl-on-Girl Spankings—the girl is being spanked just because the mom, grandmother, aunt, girlfriend, etc., just enjoys spanking her.  With this girl, she was spanked every morning when she got up and every night before bedtime.  She had to take her clothes off and bend over her mom’s knee.  This OTK spanking was so the mom could enjoy the spanking more as she slapped each cheek with her hand for a long time.  Frequently, she would keep the girl over her knee for 20 to 30 minutes or more as the girl kicked and cried.  When I spanked her, I used a paddle on her, which was more effective.  In this relationship and most other Girl-on-Girl Spankings, the one administering the spankings enjoys doing so rather than being administered for deserved punishment.  But, in addition to the traditional OTK spankings, moms frequently will make their daughter assume a more unusual position to embarrass the girl more or to make her focus more on presenting her bottom to be spanked.  I was asked by a single mom in Laredo, Texas to help her spank her daughter, and to control and spank her to make her be more obedient in getting her domestic chores done and behaving herself in public, especially when going to bars.  She had a tendency to drink too much and misbehave with boys at the bar, so when I got her home, I had to spank her hard, and again the next morning when she was more sober.  However, the point here is that she liked to make her daughter present herself in the Spread-4 Spanking Position as shown in the photo-story below.

Girl-Spanks-Girl, 7

That is, the girl was made to get undressed, stand and spread her feet more than shoulder-width apart, and then bend forward with her hands flat on the floor and her arms straight as shown.  Although I often used this position as I was sitting and spanking the girl, this mom liked to stand over her with a strap and just spend 15 to 30 minutes whipping the girl.  And, the girl had to hold her position or get spanked much harder and longer.

Girl-Spanks-Girl, 5

Aunt Relationships:  At times, an aunt may take on the responsibility of controlling and spanking a girl.  And, frequently, this relationship is as much sexual as it is for discipline.  The girl described in the following reports was in such a relationship.




Baby-Sitting Mom & Babysitter Relationships:  Although we often think of the baby-sitting dad being the one who administers the spankings of the babysitter, frequently it may be the mom, or, as in the post found at the following link, the mom helps and watches as the dad prepares the girl to be spanked and then administers the spanking. 


As with the girl in the above report, some girls get so that they enjoy the encounter as much as the one spanking her.  While such encounters are very few, they are the ones we report on just as we report on the more “unusual” spanking situations rather than the more routine.

Girl-Spanks-Girl, 8

As noted above, some girls begin to ask the babysitting dad to start spanking them for misbehaviors and disobediences.  And, with all of the different kinds of spankings that can be administered, they may begin to see him quite frequently.  See the following list for the various spankings that are administered.

Girl-Spanks-Girl, 9


The Need for Spanking-Control of Girls

This post is so important in terms of the information provided that I am going to cite 2 long videos, and provide short clips, Part 1 and Part 2 of Sadie being spanked for drug use, to emphasize the facts about what is going on with girls and their recognized need to be closely supervised, controlled, and spanked hard when they misbehave or are disobedient.  Very hard spankings are required for some girls, but, of course, not all—only those girls who are in need of strict control and hard punishment spankings.  The messages contained herein are from girls who have requested such spankings.

StrictDisciplineHomes, 30

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


I continue to have many girls contacting me asking to be supervised, controlled and spanked hard and severely to punish them for being “bad girls” or to make them study more and get good grades, or to serve their man better sexually, or to do better with their domestic chores.  Some of these girls have written the following:

Girl #A: 

I’m a 20-year-old girl, a junior in college who needs to be spanked several days a week with several spankings each day, and I believe I should be, but I do not have someone to give me those spankings and the supervision and control that I want and need.  I am still being spanked, but not enough.  I would like you to supervise, control and spank me on a daily basis to help me behave myself at home and get the grades I need in school.  There is no excuse for the grades I get except that I do not have someone who is strict with me and who will spank my bare bottom hard enough so that I am crying convulsively during and after my spanking so that I learn to obey and get the schoolwork done that I need to do.  I have seen how you spank girls and what you expect of them, and that is what I need.  I want you to strip me naked and make me bend over your knee so you can spank me for as long as you want.  You say that spankings should be 5 to 10 minutes long, but I believe I should be spanked longer than that, 20 to 45 minutes would be better.  That way I am over your knee long enough knowing that you will in fact control me and make me be the good girl I should be and get the grades I am capable of getting.  Just whatever you think I need, I will present my bare bottom for you to spank and will not move until you finish my spanking. 

StrictDisciplineHomes, 31

And, I know that you will have to spank me every day for something, and most often you will have to spank me more than once a day, even 5 to 10 times on some days, especially on the weekends when I am more disobedient and have a tendency to misbehave more, especially in having sex with my boyfriend when I know that I shouldn’t.  I know that when I get home, you will have to strip me naked and give me a full-body inspection when you will determine that I had sex, and will then really give me a severe spanking.  And every day when I get home from school, I want you to make me get my clothes off and bend over your knee for a 15- to 20-minute spanking before sending me to my room naked, screaming and crying to study, ready for you to come back an hour later to bend me over my desk to spank me hard for at least 15 minutes to help me focus on my studies and know what I should have learned.   

StrictDisciplineHomes, 35

Then you are to assign me many chores to do and give me a list of many rules to follow that I have to obey.  And when I do not get my chores done on time as you order, or do not follow the rules you give me, you are to strip me naked and bend me over your knee for a long, hard spanking until I learn to obey.  I want to be an obedient girl, but know that you will have to spank me severely to make me obey. 

Girl #B: 

I need to be supervised, controlled, and spanked so that I feel that I am cared for and loved; to help me be the best girl I can be; and so that I learn to be submissive and obedient, the way a girl should be.  A girl should be obedient and present her bare bottom to be spanked whenever she is ordered to do so.  And she should present her body as ordered for the enjoyment of her man as he wants.  I want you to give me chores to do and spank me hard if I do not do them the way you want them done.  I want you to control everything I do in the home, and I must obey you or be spanked.  If you want me to take a bath, I must obey or get spanked.  If you want me to submit to you sexually, then I must obey, or get spanked.  If you tell me to kneel and suck, then I must obey or get spanked really hard—my sexual service is very important and I want to be made to serve as ordered. 

StrictDisciplineHomes, 32

If you tell me to bend over to get spanked, then I must obey, or get spanked harder.  I want you to train me to be a very submissive and obedient domestic girl.  I just have a longing, a feeling of wanting to be controlled and spanked until I please you as you want so that I learn to please my future husband as he wants.  I believe that a girl should be obedient and submissive to her man and any man who controls her.  I want you to supervise and control me in everything I do.   At any time in the home, I want you to stop me, make me strip naked and then use and enjoy me any way you want, or to bend me over to be severely spanked as you want.  I know that initially I will be crying most of the day, and that is what I want so that I learn to obey and be the obedient and submissive girl I want to be. 

StrictDisciplineHomes, 43

And, the following girl provides the detail that emphasizes just why a girl needs this strict control.

Girl #C: 

I felt lost and lonely for a long time until I found you to take-me-in-hand to administer the punishment spankings that I need.  I needed someone to paddle and strap me to make me behave and be the good girl I should be.  You provided that service and helped me to feel better about myself, behave better, do what I should, and be the good and submissive girl I want to be.  You made me get on my back and get my legs up and hold them up as you used your hand or a paddle, or a strap on me, very hard and for a very long time.  I needed that.

StrictDisciplineHomes, 34

In addition, I longed for a man to use a bamboo rod on my bare bottom and legs before dragging me to the barn to administer a very long belt- or strap-whipping.  You did that as you would spend 20 to 30 minutes or more in the barn whipping my bare bottom.  I live on a farm and I needed a man to strip me naked and make me go outside and cut several bamboo stalks and prepare them to use on me.  It is important that I spend time preparing the rod so that I have time to think about just how much pain I am going to feel when you spank me, why you have to spank me, and what I have to do to be a better and more obedient and submissive girl. 

Then as I hand the rod to you, you made me bend over as you want and proceeded to spank me hard.  You have really been helping me a lot.  When I don’t obey, you first use a strap on me as I bend over your knee.  Then, you drag me to the barn and bend me over a Spanking Horse that I had to make for you to bend me over.  As I bend over, you start whipping my legs with the bamboo rod and then work up to my bottom.  And I do not dare move my bottom or try to cover my bottom with my hands or you would spank me much harder.  I wanted that so that I knew that you were serious about my punishment. 

A spanking is not a punishment spanking if I can move to avoid my spanking, or is not hard enough to make me cry convulsively.  You made sure that I cried convulsively when you spanked me. 

Of course, I have trouble doing my domestic chores and have to be spanked.  For this you may make me strip naked and then take me outside on the porch as you sit on a porch chair and take me over your knee.  Then you’ll spank me hard for as long as you want before dragging me to the barn and bending me over the Spanking Horse as you use a strap on me.  And I mean that you dragged me to the barn, sometime by my hair as I screamed and pleaded with you not to spank me.  But you just ignored my screaming and pleading and used a bathbrush on me first when we got to the barn just because I had resisted being spanked.  You kept a bathbrush hanging just inside the barn door on the wall so that you could easily get it as you made me stand straight with my hands behind my head as you hit each cheek very hard with that bathbrush with 20 to 30 strokes to each cheek, depending on how much I had resisted.  Then you administered the spanking you were going to give me anyway, and it was just as hard even though my bottom had already been bruised from the bathbrush spanking.  These spankings do help me focus better on what I need to do and get my work done as required.  As a result of your help, I am learning to keep up better with my domestic chores, since when I don’t, I am crying most of the day. 

StrictDisciplineHomes, 39

You are very strict with me, you spank and whip me severely, but I have needed that strict control and punishment, and am happy that I have it.  You made me a very obedient and submissive girl as you spanked me repeatedly throughout the day and I was crying most of the time. 

Now there actually is a reason that these girls write to me and ask to be severely spanked and punished—lack of impulse control!  The statistics are that most girls lack impulse control, and, therefore, do not achieve what they want, since they are constantly disobedient and misbehave.  They are like one girl said who recognized that she needed to be controlled and spanked hard:

I really do desire to be punished hard for my wrong doings.  If every time it hurt for me to sit down, I’d think before I did something, and I’d think about what I was going to do and whether or not it would be worth the very sore and blistered bottom I would be getting if I did it.  If not, then I wouldn’t do it.  Thus very hard spankings on my bare bottom would stop my bad behavior.  I really believe that hard spankings are very effective in correcting bad girls, and I am a very bad girl who needs her bare bottom spanked very, very hard.  And the spankings must be very, very hard to make a believer out of the girl.  Just a few swats or a light spanking will not do.  The girl’s bottom must be red, bruised and blistered when her spanking is over.  She must be screaming and crying convulsively as a result of how much it hurts.  And, to make sure that I am always thinking about behaving myself, I need to be spanked very, very hard every morning before I start my day.  When I get up, I want to be taken naked over my Master’s knee and spanked hard so that all day long I will be sitting on a very sore and blistered bottom.  That way I will always be thinking about what I am doing and that I have to behave myself or I will get spanked again when I get home.  Or, preferably, throughout the day, when I am home, I need my Master to make me get my clothes off and bend over his knee for another very hard spanking to make sure that I continue to think about what I do. 

StrictDisciplineHomes, 38

I think that I should be spanked at least every 2 or 3 hours throughout the day.  And, of course, spanked very hard when I am sent to bed so that I am thinking about how bad I was during the day and how I am going to be better the next day. 

StrictDisciplineHomes, 40

Without those spankings, I really do not think things through critically or rationally, and just behave on impulse.  If I want to do something, I just do it without thinking, unless my bottom is very sore, then I think about what I am about to do and whether or not it is worth another very sore bottom, or if I am, instead, going to be a good girl rather than a bad girl. 

As a result of my impulses, I need continual supervision.  Whenever I am home, I need to have my work supervised all the time and be spanked hard when I am not getting my work done as I should.  And whenever I leave the home or return, I need to be stripped naked and spanked hard, just to make sure that I am continuing to think about what I am doing or going to do.  I know that I am not doing my work good enough and not behaving good enough, and need my bottom blistered until I learn to behave better. 

StrictDisciplineHomes, 36

StrictDisciplineHomes, 37

I know that I am not doing my work good enough and not behaving good enough, and need my bottom blistered until I learn to behave better.”  This last point that the girl makes is actually quite prevalent—70% of girls believe that they are not good enough or measure-up in what they do.  They want to be made to do better.  That is why when they are in school and bring home a poor grade on a test, they expect to be spanked hard to make them study and learn better.  They want and need to be closely supervised when they are supposed to study and to have their Master check up on them to make sure that they are doing the work they have to do to succeed, and are learning what they should be learning.  That is why they also want and need to have their domestic chores supervised—they know that they need to be supervised in order to get their work done properly at home, and when they don’t, they want to be stripped naked and spanked hard and sent back to get their work done right.

Also, 75% of the girls have low self-esteem and, therefore, engage in negative activities like smoking, bullying, and eating disorders.  There is a reason that girls are more prone to eating disorders like Bulimia Nervosa, Anorexia Nervosa, Binge Eating, Anorexia Athletica, Orthorexia, and Night Eating.  All of these disorders result in feelings of disgust, guilt and resulting depression which furthers their already low self-esteem and then their desire to be taken-in-hand and spanked hard to make them obey and behave better.  These feelings, these compulsions, result in more of the self-esteem destructive behaviors and the cycle continues.

These behavioral disorders are very similar to behaviors found in girls who cut.  I have had excellent results when dealing with girls who cut.  I have had several girls overcome their cutting even after they have been in therapy for over 2 years and have had repeated hospital confinements due to the cutting.  When I deal with these girls, it normally only takes 2 to 4 weeks to help them overcome their cutting habits.  How?  With severe bare-bottom whippings with a belt or strap.  The pain of the whipping replaces the release they find from cutting and after a while, they no longer have the need to cut as they begin to feel better about themselves.  Eating disorders result in a failure to rationally discern the reality of what they are doing.  Anorexic girls do not see themselves as thin but as being too much overweight.  Girls with the other disorders fixate on things that they believe are important, but which in reality are causing extreme harm to themselves.  They do not recognize the reality of what they are doing.

That is, these girls lack impulse-control, critical thinking that results in behavior modification, and rational thinking about their environment.  As the girl above has recognized, and girls who cut have come to realize—a severe bare-bottom spanking helps them to see reality as they should, and makes them control their behavior until they develop the dispositional behaviors that are required for them to live a healthy life that allows for a positive self-esteem which then feeds their behaviors to do what is healthy for themselves.

Of course, however, if an anorexic girl is to the point, or getting there, where she is essentially just skin over bones, then such an extreme condition requires medical and hospitalization treatment.  That is, don’t be stupid in thinking that spankings are a cure-all!  They only work when the girl is physically able to take a spanking and is not so far gone that such would be destructive.  Again, don’t be stupid!

StrictDisciplineHomes, 33

If you are a girl who is physically impaired due to Anorexia Nervosa, please go to the following link, and get help:


However, for those girls who are physically and emotionally able to accept severe spankings, then the spankings shown in the following two films may be instructive about what may be required.  Of course, the spankings are adjusted according to what the girl actually needs and what she has done.  To overcome drug use, in coordination with a drug-treatment program of some kind, these spankings may be effective—just as they are in fact effective for cutters, girls who need serious academic attention, girls who need serious domestic-chore attention, and girls who need serious submissive-service attention, among others.

Click on the Title Frames to see the sample clips:

StrictDisciplineHomes, 41

StrictDisciplineHomes, 42

To obtain the full length movie of these clips, please go to:


NOTICE:  So that there is no confusion, helping a girl to live a better life is NOT just a question of giving her a hard spanking.  There is also a lot of proper counseling and proper control and supervision that must be maintained.  That, however, is a “trade secret” which will not be discussed, but simply to say:  Do not try these “remedies” at home unless you actually know what you are doing.  Beating a girl up is NOT “therapy”!  Administering severe spankings is NOT “therapy” independent of an overall control program.  A spanking that results in a girl’s bottom being “red, bruised and blistered,” as the one girl requested, and as shown in the movies, is NOT “therapy” in and of itself!  If you do not actually know what you are doing, don’t do it!  Helping a cutter is much more involved than simply beating the girl’s ass!

Spanking Girls in a Strict Religious Community, Part 2

The report from the following girl is also characteristic of girls who live in Strict Religious Spanking-Homes.  Click on the following title frame to see a girl getting spanked in just such a home.


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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


Girl #2, 18-year-old.

[Girl #1 provided the overall details about the life of a girl living in a Strict Religious Home and Community.  Girls #2 and #3 provide additional details and insights about the scope and extent of the supervision, control and spankings that these girls receive.  In particular, we see that obedience is critical for these girls, and they are severely spanked when they are not obedient.  Also, they will be given Obedience Training Sessions and Spankings, not only in the home but by their pastor and possibly their boss at work.  In addition their babysitting dad may also provide strict obedience training when she babysits.  Essentially anyone who controls the girl may be asked to provide obedience training.  Girl #2 states:]

I am an 18-year-old girl and I am still being spanked.  In fact, I am spanked more now than ever before.  I am also given Corner-Time naked.  Whenever I am a bad girl, daddy spanks me.  And, he’ll spank me wherever we are, in front of anyone present, I am naked, and it will be on my bare bottom and will be hard.  When he tells me to get my clothes off, I do not dare disobey or I will be thoroughly thrashed when he gets me home.  In our community, which is a very strict religious community, spanking girls is quite common, and we are spanked in front of anyone present, regardless of where we are. 

StrictDisciplineHomes, 20

I am spanked every day with multiple spankings.  I am spanked with 15 or more spankings every week.  I am spanked when I get up and when I am put to bed, and punished as necessary in between. 

[This girl characterizes the spankings that girls receive in Strict Religious Homes, and especially Strict Serbian Religious Homes.  In these homes, there are many routine spankings that may include:  Morning Obedience Spankings, After-School Spankings, and Preemptive Going-Out Spankings (whether for shopping, going on a date, or any other reason), Before-Bedtime Spankings, and Evening Academic Spanking (administered before a girl is sent to study for the evening).  So, that can be 5 spankings during a day, and she has not even been punished for anything yet.  So, add in a Punishment Spanking 2 or more times a week, which most girls will receive, and a girl could receive 6 spankings a day.   Then, on the weekends, she will receive Submission Spanking Sessions and any other submission and obedience training she may need.  So, the girl reporting here is probably getting spanked at least 15 times a week, and possibly as many as 30 or more.  With multiple reports from Serbian girls who are spanked daily, 30 spankings a week is not uncommon.  Before-Bedtime Spankings are very common, and in these homes, it is just expected that the girls will receive these spankings.  In fact they are often very ritualistic.  That is, the spankings occur at the same time every night, except for Friday and Saturday when the girl is on a date, but will be administered when she gets home and after her After-Date Inspection and Spanking, which is also very ritualistic.] 

StrictDisciplineHomes, 21

[There is a reason that the Serbian Religious Communities are emphasized—there are more visitors from Serbia to my website than from any other adjoining country by far.  90% of the viewers come from Serbia.  It would be good to hear more from Serbian girls who are spanked, since it appears to be a cultural thing.  That is, when analyzing those who view my promo site, the following stats are determined:  90% come from Serbia, only 2.7% come from Romania, 2.4% come from Bulgaria, and all the other surrounding countries are less than 2%.  Further, the population size of each country is totally insignificant.  See map below.]

Serbia Website Visitors

Seerbian Girl Spanked

[Girl #2 continues:] 

If I get spanked at school, which I do at times, I will get spanked at home, and I mean I will get thrashed when I get home.  Daddy has told my teachers to call and tell him if I have to get spanked at school so he can be waiting for me when I get home.  When I get home, I immediately take all my clothes off and report to daddy and hand him my hairbrush and strap that he will use on me.  Then I am over his knee getting the crap spanked out of me for at least 15 minutes and longer if I had to be spanked twice in the same week.  Then I’m bending over the sofa arm for my 15-minute whipping!  He’ll spend 30 to 45 minutes on my bottom when I get home from school if I had to be spanked at school.  But, he’s not done yet.  After dinner I have to report to him at 7:00 in the living room, hand him my hairbrush and go over his knee again for another 15-minute spanking.  Then, screaming and crying, I’m off to my room to study for the next 3 hours.

StrictDisciplineHomes, 11

StrictDisciplineHomes, 27

Then at 10:30, daddy’s in my room to give me my Before-Bedtime Spanking as I go over his knee for another 15-minute spanking.  Normally my Before-Bedtime Spanking is only for 5 minutes, but when I had to get spanked at school, all of my spankings are longer at home.  So, that is 4 long spankings that I get if I have to be spanked at school.

 [Academic Spankings are quite routine in these strict homes.  If a girl misbehaves at school, and especially if she has to be spanked at school, or if she does poorly academically, then when she gets home, she will be severely spanked and punished.  Especially for poor grades, the girl may spend the evening getting spanked and punished.  As will be seen in movies shown below, a girl may be spanked repeatedly throughout the evening if she did poorly on a test.]  

[I have had reports from 3 girls recently, and several others over the years, who are spanked at their religious girls’ school, and then spanked at home.  And, sending the girl to a teacher or pastor to be spanked is quite common.  If the girl needs to be spanked severely for getting very poor grades, she can be sent to the teacher either during a weekend get-away in a cabin, or to his home for a more personal attention to the girl’s bare bottom.  Shown below are the Before-Bedtime and Morning Obedience Spankings that the teacher may administer.] 


[Some of the college rules for which a girl will be spanked at school are the following

  1. Girls must be chaperoned when visiting a boy for the first time, or when dating for her first 3 dates. She must provide a written and signed statement by her parents that this rule has been followed. 

  2. Girls may not be left alone with a boy in the home, and all doors must always be open. The parents of the girls who attend these colleges must confirm that this rule is followed in their home. 

  3. Girls must always perform their academic work in an excellent manner. The college counselor is the one who determines whether or not a girl is performing in an “excellent manner”; i.e., performing up to her abilities.  Two girls who get a “C”-grade are not necessarily punished in the same manner.  One girl may be quite capable while another may have to struggle for the same grade.  The first girl will be severely spanked while the second one will not be spanked at all. 

  4. Girls will always be civil when speaking with others, even their boyfriend and girlfriend.

  5. Girls must not use drugs, alcohol, smoke, or use any form of tobacco.

  6. Girls are held accountable for their behavior either on or off campus. Girls must self-report concerning their off-campus behavior, even their behavior in their home.  If they get spanked at home, they must report to the counselor that they did and why.  If they got spanked for a reason that is a violation of college rules, they will also get spanked by the counselor. 

  7. Girls will attend counseling sessions with her parents so that the counselor can be updated on the girl’s behavior at home. If there have been any significant behavioral problems concerning her studying when told or any other academic-related problems, she will have to take her clothes off in front of her parents, hand the counselor a hairbrush, kept on his desk for just such use, and bend over his knee to be spanked.  Further, if she has not self-reported spankings that she got at home, she will be spanked. 

  8. Girls will not use the Internet for improper searches, or email except for proper communications.

  9. Girls will not take any boy to their bedroom at any time.

  10. Girls will not do more than just hold hands in public, and must submit to a thorough nude inspection when they come home from a date. Of course, if during this inspection it is determined that she had been played with or a dildo or vibrator had been used on her, she will be soundly spanked. 

  11. Girls must never be alone with a boy in a home or apartment without specific permission.

  12. Girls must not display inappropriate posters in their room, play inappropriate music, or be too loud in school or in her home.

  13. Girls will abide by the strict dress code stated by the college.]

StrictDisciplineHomes, 23

[I was an Academic Counselor and Disciplinarian at a strict religious girls-college for 2 months over the summer.  I counseled the girls about how to study, whether or not they needed a tutor, as well as on any personal problems they may have.  I was also the disciplinarian and administered spankings to the girls as necessary.  If the girls were late for class, misbehaved in class, did not have their homework done, or got a “C”-grade or lower on tests and quizzes, they were sent to my office to be spanked.  In this community, girls were expected to be spanked for anything they did that was improper or not acceptable.  And, they could be spanked by anyone who was in control of them, especially at school.  And, they were always spanked on their bare bottom, and could be ordered to strip naked to be spanked.  My office had a supply storage room that was essentially a large walk-in closet and was quite excellent for a room in which to spank the girls.  When the girls entered my office, they had to stand in front of my desk and take their clothes off.  Then they got the paddle that I had placed on the front of my desk and they took it to the Spanking Room.  As I entered, the girl handed me the paddle and bent over a desk that was placed there just for the girls to bend over.  Then she was spanked for 5 to 10 minutes, 50 to 100 strokes, depending on what she had done.  When I finished with her, I went back to my desk as she came out crying and got dressed.  As she got dressed, I called her dad to let him know that she had been spanked so she would get spanked again when she got home.] 

[One girl was sent to me who had gotten a “D”-grade on a test and she really freaked-out!  Not only her, but her classmates came with her and pleaded with me to have her grade changed to at least a “B”-grade.  They said that she would get severely spanked on her bare bottom if she went home with a “D”-grade.  Actually all of the girls got spanked for poor grades, so that was not the problem.  The problem was the “D”-grade.  The photo-story below details the punishment that she would receive.  However, regardless of her pleadings, I had to keep her grade as it was and she had to take it home, get the spanking she deserved, and get it signed and return it to me … and I had to spank her right then.  She had to get undressed in front of the other girls and take the paddle to the Spanking Room, hand it to me and bend over the desk.  As the other girls watched, I spanked her with 100 strokes.  The next day, she came in with the signed test paper and a note from her dad saying that I should take her home for the night and strip her down and also spank her for not listening and learning properly in class.  (This was not uncommon for either teachers or the pastor to do when a girl needed “special” attention.)  She also had to pull her skirt up, turn around and bend over to show me her red and bruised bottom.  Since she had gotten the poor grade simply because she had not been studying properly and did not ask for help, I obliged.  I had been working with her to improve her grades, and she had not obeyed my orders.  She needed to be severely spanked.  She had to report to my home after school where she had to stay overnight so that I could also spank her in the morning.  And, she had to join another girl who was going to stay overnight also whose spankings had already been scheduled.  As shown by the film below, I administered several spankings to the “D”-grade girl:  I gave her an After-School Spanking when she reported to me after class.  Then, I spanked her some more, and then gave her a Before-Bedtime Spanking and sent her to bed at 9:00.  Then, I spanked her again in the morning with a Morning Obedience Spanking.  As a result, however, her grades improved markedly.]

StrictDisciplineHomes, 22


[In a Strict Serbian Religious Community, girls are frequently spanked and spanked in front of anyone present, and spanked anywhere they happen to be, even in public.  Spanking a girl in a store, for example, is not unusual and is expected when she misbehaves.  And spanking her on her bare bottom is also expected.  Our girl continues:]

I was spanked in a grocery store for being rude to the cashier.  Daddy pulled my pants and panties down and I was bent over the register desk.  My daddy spanked me hard with his hand and a hairbrush that we were getting to use on me for future punishments.  He then let the cashier spank me if he wanted, but he declined. I will NEVER be rude to a cashier again especially in front of daddy.

[In a Strict Religious Community, families are treated as one large family in which girls can be spanked by any responsible adult present, or by anyone in the family she may be visiting.  Many of these families live in rural areas where there are more family-run stores.  If a girl misbehaves, as described by this girl, in a store, then she will be spanked right in front of anyone present.  But, most often, unlike the cashier cited here, the cashier or store employee affected by the girl’s misbehavior will most likely not hesitate to spank the girl.  In one instance the girl was spanked by her dad as she was bent over a convenient desk, and then spanked by the salesman.  Then she was taken to the back of the store to a private office and made to strip naked and was then taken OTK and spanked hard with a piece of wood that was in the store.]

It really doesn’t matter where we are or who sees, if I am a bad girl, I will be spanked on my bare bottom. I am glad that daddy does this, it really gets his point across even though I hate to cry like a little baby in front of anyone who sees. 

[This is the same sentiment that I get from many girls who write to me about their spankings.  They complain that they do not like the spankings, but then say that they appreciate the fact that they get them, that their daddy takes the time to correct them and let them know that he cares enough about what they do to spank them when they have been a bad girl.]

If we are in public and there are lots of people around, I am spanked on my bare bottom by simply exposing my bottom as easily as possible; e.g., taking down my pants and panties, or lifting my skirt and pulling my panties down—just whatever is necessary to get at my bottom.  If we are at home or in an uncrowded public place, I’m naked.  Most often I have to be naked when I am spanked.  Daddy will usually take me to a bathroom, order me to strip and spank me right there.  If I get lippy in a crowded public place, he will pull my pants and panties down regardless of who sees. It is SO embarrassing.  But in a bathroom I will quickly get my clothes off and bend over so daddy can spank me. 

When I have to be spanked away from home, I am immediately spanked on my Bare Bottom.  And, I will always get a spanking at home if I am spanked away from home.  My daddy is very open with my teachers and other adults about spanking and tells them to tell him if I am naughty.  If they do, boy does my bottom get blistered.  Daddy just will not tolerate disrespect to anyone in authority.  In fact, just as at school, if they think I need to be spanked immediately, they will make me bare my bottom and bend over to be spanked.  And, I do not dare resist, since they will be calling daddy anyway, and if they tell him that I resisted getting spanked, I’ll get it even more severe when I get home, and will be repeatedly spanked for the rest of the evening.  If I am visiting my boyfriend and his dad believes I need to get spanked, I will have to take my clothes off and bend over his knee to be spanked.  Then he’ll call daddy and I’ll get spanked again when I get home … right in front of my boyfriend. 

[In a Strict Serbian Religious Community, girls must be obedient to anyone in authority and must never talk-back to them or disrespect them in any way.  If they do, then, as with the girl reporting here, the girl will be spanked by the one she offended.  Then her daddy will be called and she will get her bottom blistered when she gets home.  Frequently there are certain people outside the family who will frequently spank a girl.  For example, the dad of her boyfriend is one that is often mentioned.  Girls are expected to be submissive, and if a girl is visiting her boyfriend and she talks-back to her boyfriend or misbehaves in the home in any way, his dad is the one who will spank her.  Also, she will be expected to help with dinner or other chores that she may be told to do.  If she does not help, or complete her chores properly, his dad, again, will spank her.  Others who may routinely spank her are:  her girlfriend’s dad, her babysitting dad, her male next-door-neighbor, her pastor, her tutor, and others in authority who she has to obey.]

Frequently daddy has to encourage me to get ready because I HATE being spanked but I know that I need a good spanking often to keep me in line.  I get spanked several times a day, and know that I need to be spanked to make me be a good girl.  But when I resist getting undressed, bending over or holding my position, daddy reminds me that he will have to spank me harder.  He will spank me in the bathroom and then again when we get home.  Regardless of where we are, if I resist, I will get spanked again, much harder.  If we are visiting friends and I have to be spanked, I normally will just be made to strip naked right in front of anyone present and bend over daddy’s knee.  Then as they all watch, he spanks me hard as I scream, kick and cry.  Sometimes, though if I am really bad, he will take me to one of their bedrooms and make me bend over the end of the bed so he can use his belt on me.  And then when we get home, he’ll whip me even harder.  But also, if I even begin to reach back to cover my bottom as I am being spanked, I know that I will get spanked again much harder later.  Daddy does not tolerate resistance to being spanked, so I normally comply with his orders and do not move my bottom when being spanked or reach back to cover my bottom with my hand.  But if I do, which I sometimes do, I know that I will be getting an even harder spanking about an hour or so later. 

StrictDisciplineHomes, 12

Daddy will often make me take my own clothes off, but sometimes he will remove them.  Especially when he takes me to a public bathroom, he is the one who will strip my clothes off. 

Most often when I am spanked, I am over his knee getting my bottom blistered.  And, I do mean “blistered”.  Daddy just spanks me very HARD!  And normally he will use my hairbrush on me so that he can hit each cheek separately very hard, and it will be hard enough to actually “blister” my bottom.  Often I am crying hysterically as he spanks me.  And when I am going to be spanked, I have to go and get the hairbrush and present it to daddy and then go over his knee to be spanked.  Daddy believes that these formalities help to punish me better by my having to get more involved in the spankings I get. 

I am usually spanked for talking-back to anyone, not just Daddy. If he hears me talk-back anywhere, I am spanked on the bare right then and there. If he feels that it warrants a more severe whipping, it is done in the bathroom. Everyone can hear my cries and wails as my naked body is beaten by him. I once told daddy to “Fuck off.” I didn’t think that I would ever sit down again after that. Needless to say, I won’t ever tell him something like that again. It was in public and he took me to the bathroom, ripped my clothes off, beat my butt with his belt until I was unable to speak. Then, without putting my clothes on, he carried me through the store to the car. The stares we got! Of course I was still crying and screaming. When we got to the car he continued spanking me with his hand. When we got home, he made me take a bath and pulled me out sopping wet to spank me with the wooden paddle. 

How long I am spanked just depends on how bad I’ve been.  If I am mouthy I will have my mouth washed out with soap and be spanked for about 15 minutes.  If I fail a test, watch out.  First, I am stripped and whipped as Daddy likes to call it.  Then, I have to go to that teacher and explain that I am sorry and how I was punished.  This is the worst part, having to tell a teacher that I had to take my clothes off and bend over to be spanked! 

Daddy lives by the expression, “I am the man, and you are a young woman.  You will do what I say all the time or you will be whipped.”  When he says whipped he means spanked.  Daddy is very strict with me.  I am like his daughter although I am not really.  I have to do chores around the house always completely naked so that if Daddy wants to spank me, he can and I will take it.  We also do body inspections like you do on this site. I am expected to be shaved and clean before a spanking and if I am not, it will be more severe. Every day when I wake up, I am given a before-school spanking to remind me who I report to. My teachers all know of the situation and they report to my daddy if I have cheated or been disrespectful. 

[This girl’s daddy is training her properly to be the submissively-obedient girl she should be.  As I have told my girls repeatedly:  If I tell you to do something, get it done!”  If they don’t, they get spanked.  This girl having to be naked when in the home, is the way a girl should be when in the home so that, as she says, she is ready to be spanked when necessary.  Or, as she also admits, so that she can be inspected when told to present herself.]

Seerbian Girl Spanked


Spanking Girls in a Strict Religious Community, Part 1

StrictDisciplineHomes, 14

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


The following 3 reports are being presented since they represent how girls are treated and spanked in Strict Religious Communities, and in Strict-Obedience Homes; and, in particular, in Strict Serbian Religious Communities.  There are some minor modifications for privacy concerns, but otherwise are what was reported in their Spanking Surveys.  The first two of these surveys were submitted in June and July 2015, and the third one in October 2013.  

If any of these girls recognize their survey submission, it would be good to hear from you again


Girl #1, 23-year-old

I’m a 23-year-old girl and am still being spanked, and am being spanked more now than ever before.  I get spanked 3 or 4 days a week with 5 to 10 spankings.  Most often I am naked when I am spanked, but am also spanked by being stripped from the waist down, wearing only my panties and bra, or wearing just my bra.  But, most often I have all of my clothes taken off. 

My spanker is the one who takes my clothes off.  When I am going to get spanked, most often I do resist, but sometimes I cooperate.  When I resist, I will be spanked much longer, or be punished in some other way.  And, some of the other ways in which I’m punished are worse than a spanking.  Other ways that I’m punished are:

Grounded, Corner-Time Naked, Privileges Taken Away, Lectured, …

StrictDisciplineHomes, 15

[These 4 punishments are quite common and are reported by most girls who have submitted a spanking report.  Corner-Time, in particular, is often used for extended punishment, or as the only punishment.  Especially a wife may be sent to stand in the corner until she gets herself under control and obeys her husband.  When a wife gets stressed out, she cannot work right and serve her husband as she should.  An hour or so in the corner helps to calm her down.  In most cases though, after her Corner-Time, she will be spanked and sent back to getting her chores done and being obedient.]

Butt Plug inserted that I have to keep in all day or until my spanker removes it …

StrictDisciplineHomes, 2

[This is generally not so common; however, it is quite common in Strict Religious Communities or Strict-Obedience Homes.  The girl must present the Butt Plug to her spanker and then turn around, bend over and reach back and spread her cheeks.  The Butt Plug must remain in until her spanker makes her report to remove it.  Of course, if she has to use the bathroom, she must ask her spanker for permission and have the Butt Plug removed, cleaned, and reinserted when she is done.  And, she must not have the door closed when using the bathroom.  These girls live in a no-doors-closed home, regardless of what she is doing or how she is being punished.  Anyone in the home can watch her being punished, using the bathroom, or anything else she is made to do.]

Clothing Rules …

StrictDisciplineHomes, 1

The sheer gown shown above can be found at:


The sundress can be found at:  http://www.wikihow.com/Wear-a-Sundress

StrictDisciplineHomes, 3

The girl shown above-left being spanked can be found at:  http://jerusalemmortimer.com/schoolgirl-spanking-stories-and-sexual-politics-9/

The girl bending over the bench can be found at:  http://llamarepublik.com/hashbrowns/index.php/Upskirts-and-Voyeurism/short-skirt-girl-bending-over-showing-ass-pussy-in-public-voyeurism

The Pleated Spanking Skirts must meet definite standards as shown below.

StrictDisciplineHomes, 4

The first girl in the skirt shown above-left can be found at:  https://www.lyst.com/shop/alice-olivia-skirts/

The girl in the green skirt can be found at:  http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Women-2013-8-Color-Soft-chiffon-Short-Skirt-bohemian-pleated-Women-Short-Skirts-high-quality-Skirt/1461539381.html#!

There is another reason that the girls must wear short Pleated Spanking Skirts—they can be forced to masturbate at any time.

StrictDisciplineHomes, 5

The photo above can be found at: 


The girl continues with her punishment list:

Naked for long periods, … 

[Most girls who are closely supervised, controlled and spanked have to be naked in the home, regardless of who visits or is there.  When a girl visits her girlfriend, she may find that he girl is being spanked and she will have to wait, or go and watch her friend being spanked, which she normally will.  After the girl’s spanking she will remain naked and the two will go to her room to talk.  Of course, the visiting girl may also be spanked, and must remove her clothes and bend over the dad’s knee to be spanked if he tells her to.  To see a routine spanking of a girl, click on the title frame below.]

Nikki--Just Spanking_TF

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The girl continues with her punishment list: 

Forced to ask for spanking, …

[Self-reporting about misbehaviors and disobediences is expected of the girls, and if her misbehavior or disobedience is discovered without her telling on herself, she will be spanked much harder.  Frequently these self-reports are expected during the evening family meeting.  However, if a girl comes home and needs to self-report, she will first be spanked as she enters the home, and then, still crying, she will tell her dad what she has done for which she needs another spanking.  The additional spanking will be given immediately, even though she already has a very sore bottom.]

The girl continues with her punishment list: 

Enemas, essay writing, extra chores, vaginal inspections, forced masturbation, pussy brushings, pussy floggings, loss of privacy, early bedtimes, …

[Punishment Enemas are frequently given to embarrass the girl and to punish her for not keeping herself clean, not shaving properly, and other hygiene-related misbehaviors, or just to humiliate her.  Extra chores, of course, are often given to a girl, even if just to determine if she will be obedient without objecting.  If she whines or objects to doing extra chores, she will be spanked hard, and then have to do the chores anyway, and will be given even more chores to do, and a time limit in which to get them done.  Vaginal inspections are quite routine in a home.  A girl can be stopped at any time in the home and made to present herself for a vaginal inspection and to enjoy her with dildos and vibrators.  (In fact, Nancy, in Florida, specifically told me that she expected me to stop her when I wanted to and make her strip naked and present herself for a groin-area inspection to make sure that she was properly wet, and to evaluate her responsiveness with dildos and vibrators.  Also she was to be given Dildo Punishment where a dildo is inserted in her and stroked very rapidly so that she is hurt and crying.  And this girl just lived in a somewhat “normal” home.  In Strict Serbian Religious Homes, girls are treated very severely.)  Forced masturbation is expected at any time and by anyone who spanks her, regardless of where they are.  Pussy brushings and floggings are also quite routine.  A girl may simply be made to present herself for a brushing and flogging at any time … just-because!  Early bedtimes are often used to impress on the girl that she is just a “little girl” and she will do what she is told to do.  But, also, early bedtimes are used to punish a girl, especially on Friday or Saturday when she might have expected to go out.  Even if a date is scheduled, if she has been misbehaving and been disobedient, she will be sent to bed at 7:00 and her date will have to reschedule.  Of course, when he does, she will be spanked hard for not being ready for the previous date.]

The girl continues with her punishment list: 

Nipple pinching, forced to work in basement woodshop to make paddles, …

[Making a girl make her own paddles is an excellent activity to help keep her in line and obedient.  Just like going to get a tree switch or bamboo stalk, making her own paddles helps to make her spankings very personal.  Also, once made, she should hang them in her room on the wall near her bed, or on the inside of her closet door so that every day when she opens the door she is reminded what happens to her bottom if she misbehaves or is disobedient.]

The girl continues with her punishment list: 

Family presentations on why my behavior was wrong, not allowed to talk …

[First, when a girl is told to “Shut your mouth!”, she must obey.  This is especially beneficial when a wife begins to complain too much or sass her husband.]

StrictDisciplineHomes, 16

[Making a girl stand up before other family members or guests is a very effective way to punish a girl and also helps her to focus on exactly what the problems are and what she is going to do to modify her behavior and adjust her attitude.   When done properly, she will be naked as she presents her report so that she is ready to be spanked.  In most, if not all, of these reports, the girl will be spanked.  But also, this is a time when some of those present will say what they are going to do to help correct the girl.  For example, if her boss from work is there (which often he is), he may say that he is going to start giving her Obedience Spankings when she first arrives for work in order to help her focus her attention on what is expected of her during the day.]

She continues:

I am spanked by many different people:  Mom, Dad, Uncle, Aunt, Grandfather, Grandmother, Male Family Friend, Male Teacher, Anyone Present, and Violin Teacher. 

And, I am spanked on my bare bottom in front of a lot of people:  Dad, Mom, Uncle, Aunt, Grandfather, Grandmother, Older Male Cousin, Older Female Cousin, Younger Male Cousin, Younger Female Cousin, Male Neighbor, Female Neighbor, Boyfriend, Male Family Friend, Female Family Friend, Houseguests, Male Pastor, and Anyone Present.

Most often I am spanked OTK, although I am also frequently spanked in the wheelbarrow position.  And one time I was spanked when I was made to do a hand-stand against the wall. 

There are a variety of implements that are used on me:  Hand, Paddle, Strap, Belt, Hairbrush, Wood Spoon, Wood Spatula, Ping-Pong Paddle, Riding Crop, Ruler, Carpet Beater, and Yardstick. 

I am spanked for as long as my spanker wants to spank me and I am normally given over 500 strokes. 

[This girl is spanked the way a girl should be spanked … with enough strokes to make a difference!  Click the title frame below to see Angelina getting spanked.]

Angelina OTK Spanking_TF

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If I misbehave away from home, I’ll get spanked when I get home.  And, I get spanked for a lot of different reasons, which is why I get spanked so much: 

failure to do chores well enough, …

[This girl is being properly supervised, controlled and disciplined.  In most homes, a girl is spanked only if she does not do her chores.  But, in fact she should be spanked if, as here, she does not do the chores properly.  But such girls must be closely supervised and controlled, and most often her disciplinarian just does not have the time to supervise her properly.  This girl is being properly cared for and spanked hard when she does not do her best.]

The girl continues with the reasons for being spanked:

Leaving a mess, being late, …

[In a Strict Religious Home or Strict-Spanking Home, a girl leaving a mess is not tolerated.  It starts with her cleaning her room every morning and making her bed.  If she makes her bed, but leaves clothes out on the floor or bed, she will be spanked.  If she does not clean up after herself in the kitchen or anywhere else in the home, or even outdoors, she will be spanked.  And, being late is never tolerated.  Girls are given curfews, not only when going out at night, but also when they go somewhere during the day.  If a girl goes shopping, she will be told when to be home, and will be spanked if she is late getting home.  That is her daytime curfew.]

The girl continues with the reasons for being spanked:

Failure to pay attention in church, not memorizing weekly Bible verses, …

[Especially in a Strict Religious Home, a girl’s religious behaviors and expectations are very important.  When she goes to church, she must listen to what is said or studied, and report to her dad when she gets home about what she learned.  Also, she will be given Bible verses or religious lesson passages to memorize, and she must stand naked at-attention in front of her dad or other disciplinarian and repeat what she had to memorize.  If she does not state the verses or passages precisely, she will be whipped hard.  Also, she must attend Bible study sessions and any other church activity she is ordered to attend, and then report on what she did when she gets home.]

StrictDisciplineHomes, 9

The girl continues with the reasons for being spanked:

Poor clothing choices, if I don’t eat enough. …

[What a girl wears is very important as discussed previously.  And, a girl must maintain proper weight; i.e., she will be given an ideal weight that she is to maintain, and she must always be within 5# of that weight.]

The girl continues with the reasons for being spanked:

My step-grandfather gives me what might be a submission or proprietary punishment

[Most often, girls who live in a Strict Religious Home, or Strict-Spanking Home will be given Submission or Proprietary Spankings.  Whereas with this girl, it is her step-grandfather who spanks her, in other homes it can be anyone who is authorized to spank the girl.]

The girl continues with the reasons for being spanked:

Talking-Back, …

[Talking-back is absolutely not tolerated in these homes.  Girls are severely spanked if they ever talk-back to anyone in authority over them.  And, that includes at work in the Strict Religious Communities.  A girl’s boss at work will often spank the girl for being late getting to work, not getting her work done properly, or misbehaving, like talking-back.   She is also frequently inspected and punished at least one day a week during a Submission Obedience Session.]

StrictDisciplineHomes, 7

The girl continues with the reasons for being spanked:

Swearing, Smoking, In Trouble At Work, Skipping Work, …

[As shown below, for most “routine” spankings, the girls are simply taken OTK and spanked.  Although getting in trouble at work and skipping work are serious misbehaviors, since the girl will be severely punished at work, she is just given a routine spanking at home.  Although, some dads will spank her quite severely even at home for work disobediences.  But, most often, it is treated as if she had been spanked at school, and must be spanked again at home—she is simply given a good hard spanking that does not take too much time.]

StrictDisciplineHomes, 8

The girl continues with the reasons for being spanked:

Not Doing Chores, Not Doing What I’m Told to Do, …

[It is important for girls to complete their chores properly and on time, and to do whatever they are told to do.  As I spank a disobedient girl, I will often tell her, as I slap her bottom:  “When I tell you to do something, you get it done!” … as her spanking continues.]

The girl continues with the reasons for being spanked:

Past Curfew, …

[Returning home past curfew is very serious, and girls are spanked severely for doing so.]

The girl continues with the reasons for being spanked:

Maintenance Spankings, and Preemptive Spankings.

StrictDisciplineHomes, 6

[For girls living in these homes, Maintenance and Preemptive Spankings are quite routine.  They are not necessarily spanked every time they leave the home, but frequently they are.  However, in a home where the girl is being very closely supervised and controlled, as is the girl reporting here, she will be given a Preemptive Spanking almost every time she leaves the home.  Maintenance Spankings are given several times each week.  One girl I had who lived in a Strict Serbian Religious Home was given the following spankings by me (KRT) when she reported for a few weeks of training:

1)      Report each morning to KRT after getting up to receive my Morning Obedience Spanking.

2)      Report to KRT for any scheduled Maintenance Spankings.  At a minimum, Maintenance Spankings will be administered Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings at 8:00 and Saturday morning at 9:00.  Additional spankings may be given as required. 

3)      Report to KRT each day at 4:00 to receive my Daily Preemptive Obedience Spanking, this is frequently the After-School Spanking, but may be “after-work”, or “just-because”.  These spankings help to focus my attention on what is expected of me during the evening. 

4)      Report each evening at 10:30 for my Before-Bedtime Spanking.

5)      Report each evening as ordered for my Punishment Spankings.  I am not always spanked at the time I misbehave or am disobedient, but I must still be punished.  Normally after dinner I will have to report to the living room where I will be given my Punishment Spanking.

6)      Report as ordered in the evening for my “family meeting”, during which time I will be given Punishment Spankings as required.  

7)      Report as ordered for my Spanking-Submission Session.  This session is required so that I am always ready to submit to my spankings.  I will have at least one of these sessions each week. 

8)      Present myself OTK as ordered for required Preemptive Spankings.   I must learn to present myself properly OTK so that my bottom is properly presented to be spanked.  In particular, I must learn to present my bottom properly in the Inverted-V Spanking Position

9)      After all spankings, I will kneel at-attention and thank KRT for spanking me. 

10)   Must submit to being spanked by tutor when ordered to bend over.  My tutor will spank me for any work that I have not completed properly, for not answering questions properly, and for any other behavior that is not accepted for my academic work.  When I am spanked by my tutor, I must take all my clothes off. 

11)   Must have my boyfriend pick me up at home and meet KRT.  I must then raise my skirt, pull my panties down to my knees, and bend over KRT’s knee to receive my Preemptive Date Spanking in front of my boyfriend.   If I have a steady boyfriend, then my boyfriend will administer this spanking. 

12)   Must report for a full nude inspection before and after each date.  I will get ready for my date and report to KRT for a full nude inspection to make sure I am shaved properly, my hair is done properly and I am ready to dress.  After dressing I will report to KRT for my dress inspection.  When I return from my date, I will stand for a dress-inspection, and then strip naked for a full-body nude inspection.  Most often I will be spanked after returning from a date. 

13)   Must submit to being spanked by babysitter when ordered to do so.  If I have been behaving in a childish manner, or have been repeatedly misbehaving and disobedient, I may be assigned a babysitter who can order me to strip naked and bend over to be spanked. 

14)   I will receive a Preemptive Test-Day Spanking whenever I have a test.  This spanking is in addition to my daily Morning Obedience Spanking

15)   I must tell KRT my destination whenever I leave the home, and call to ask permission if I want to change my destination after I leave.  Most often I will be given a Preemptive Going-Out Spanking before leaving the home.    

16)   Do not oversleep in the morning.  If I do, I will be given my Morning Obedience Spanking and a Punishment Spanking for getting up late. 

To see a Prolonged and Sustained Spanking Punishment, click on the title frame shown below.

Zara Spanked, Vaginally Probed and Whipped_TF_cropped

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Girl #1 provided the following additional comments about her spankings:

My dad & I had to move in with my new stepmom’s whole family for financial reasons and part of the deal was that anyone in my new ‘family’ had the right to punish me however they wanted and for whatever reason while I lived in their house! I thought those punishments were bad and unusual until I read some of the other accounts on this site and others.

But there’s one part of my situation that I haven’t heard anyone else mention and I wonder how common it is. My dad was worried that I’d get punished for unjustified reasons and so he convinced stepmom to institute an appeals process. I still have to submit to whatever punishment is decided but then I can choose to appeal it by writing down exactly how I was punished and then posting it on the fridge and asking for an appeal. The problem is that the appeals process is shit! Whoever punished me can choose any three adults they want to serve on a jury, like neighbors, family friends, my pastor, other family members, even my ex-boyfriend have all been on juries and they aren’t all exactly impartial! At the start of the appeal I have to strip completely naked and ask each member of the jury to spank me and then ask each one to inspect me!! Then, I have to read the account of my punishment and if the punisher can remember anything deemed important that I left out I get paddled for my error. Then whoever punished me is allowed to talk about why their punishment was justified and during that they are allowed to ‘recreate’ all or part of that punishment to show the jury what happened! then it is my turn to present my case but I’m only allowed to while wearing really tight nipple clips ‘to ensure I am efficient and don’t waste people’s time’!! Then the jury can ask questions. When they are done I have to stand in the corner while they deliberate. This process just sucks!! Just to get a ‘verdict’ from the jury is 100% humiliating and painful!! If the jury agrees my punishment was unjustified they can order the punisher to make whatever amends they want. The first time I went through the appeal I actually won and as compensation my grandfather lost the right to punish me for two days and I got out of all chores for three days and my step grandfather had to get me a $250 Amazon gift card. But every time I’ve appealed since, I’ve lost. When that happens then for the next three nights I have to go to each member of the jury and ask them to punish me in the way I objected to, plus they can add other punishments. Then the following Saturday I have to spend an entire day naked with the person who punished me. That day starts and ends with the punishment I originally objected to and it includes maintenance spankings and doing chores, sometimes with a butt plug in or something like that. Dad never spanks me but he says that making the appeals process difficult keeps me from using it except when it is absolutely necessary. But I think it might be making my punishments worse, because they know that if they make the punishment extra hard or add an enema or something that I won’t risk having to go through it potentially another six times: once at trial plus three times with each jury member plus twice on my compensation day.

[This is the only report I have had in which a Punishment Evaluation is structured so unfairly.  In similar situations a girl will have to report for a Family Meeting or Behavior Evaluation.  Sometimes these meetings are held with guests sitting at a dining room table, conference table, or sitting in a rec room or lounge area.  In all such meetings, the girl must enter when called (after all participants have arrived and been seated), strip naked in front of everyone and kneel at-attention and be quiet.  Preferably the meeting will be in a rec room or lounge area where the participants will sit in a circle and the girl will have to stand in the middle of the circle to get undressed and then kneel in the center with her head bowed as everyone discusses her behavior and what spankings she will need.  After discussion, the girl will stand to be lectured about her behavior and what will be expected of her.  Then she will bend over the knee of each participant to be spanked by each one for 3 to 5 minutes with an appropriate paddle or strap.  The number of participants should be restricted to 3 to 5, unless the girl has been really bad and needs a more severe punishment session.  In some homes, these sessions will also include full-body inspections by each participant that may include the use of a Glass Punishment Dildo or a vibrator to evaluate her responsiveness, or she may be given a Pussy-Scrubbing or Pussy-Flogging, or she may be given an Enema, or an Anus-Spanking, or any number of activities to punish the girl, depending on how bad she has been.  Some girls are made to bend over the back of a chair, sofa arm, table, etc. so each participant can use a strap to whip her hard.  In all such meetings the girl will end up screaming and crying hysterically and will have to report to some or all of the participants over the next few days when she will have to ask to be spanked again.]

I’m saving up enough money to get a place of my own. In every other way my stepmom and her family treat me great and they live in a gorgeous mansion with a big ass TV and I get to use their car, but I hate the punishments they give even when they are deserved.

[This is a complaint I get at times from girls who are living well, but are severely spanked.  They want to leave because of the spankings, but do not want to lose the benefits of living in a very comfortable home.  But then, a couple of girls have written saying that they moved out of such a home, only to move back in a few months later, not because they missed the luxuries of the home, but because the missed the spankings.  When they finally got out on their own, they were no longer controlled and began to live in a manner that they did note like—missing paying bills, not getting their domestic chores done, being lazy, developing bad habits like smoking and drinking and swearing a lot, not doing as well in school or work, and so on.  They actually missed the control that they were given before and wanted that control again so that they would feel safe and cared for.]

While I’m still living there I don’t know if I should dare to appeal any more punishments since I’ve lost the last 6. Step-grandad says that I’ve got to learn to be obedient and submissive and that I lost my boyfriend who he really liked because I wasn’t submissive enough and my job which he arranged for me because I wasn’t obedient enough.

[I have had several girls write to me stating just this point—they recognize that in order to get the husband and life they want, they must be submissively-obedient.  These girls write to me asking for such a training program where they are severely spanked if they are not obedient and submissive.  They want training in domestic obedience and sexual submission and service.]

If I give up on appeals altogether then maybe he’ll be proud and take that as a sign that I’m accepting my punishments more and go a bit easier on me. But I also want to keep some appeals process open because at least then I have a formal way to object to how I’m being treated. Just thinking out loud I guess. Thanks for reading my story!!!!!

Reports from 2 more girls will be included in the next post.


18-Year-Old Girl Spanked-at-Home

18-yr.-old, 1

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


I received an interesting Spanking Survey Report from an 18-year-old girl who is still being spanked-at-home, and is being spanked more than ever before.  This girl probably represents the majority of girls who get spanked; i.e., at 18 she is still being spanked, she is spanked 3 or 4 times a week.  She is naked when she is spanked, and she is spanked with only a maximum number of strokes of 75.  To many girls, 75 strokes seems like a lot of strokes, but when I spank a girl, she receives a lot more strokes than that.  For example, see below: 

18-yr.-old, 4

And, if she misbehaves away from home, she is spanked when she gets home.  This girl seems to live in a very domestic home and is spanked in a very domestic manner; i.e., not too hard, not too many strokes, and not too many spankings

If she would like to fill in any more details, please contact me at Headmaster@SpankedCoeds.com

She reports as follows: 

I’m an 18-year-old girl and I am still being spanked, and am being spanked more now than ever before.  In addition to being spanked, I also have to write lines. 

I’m only spanked 3 or 4 days a week, and only once each day.  I am spanked by a male family friend.  When I am spanked, I have to be naked and my friend takes my clothes off.  When he spanks me, I do resist, but then he spanks me harder.  He uses a tree switch on me which I have to get and give to him for my spanking.

18-yr.-old, 2

Although he can spank me for as long as he wants, I do not get more than 75 strokes. 

If I misbehave away from home, I’ll get spanked when I get home.  And, to make sure that I will be obedient and behave myself, he does give me Submission Spankings in addition to any Punishment Spankings that I may need. 

18-yr.-old, 3

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