Whipping Therapy for Controlling Drug-Use

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


Whether controlling a girl’s penchant for cheating on her boyfriend, cutting, drug use, shop lifting, being compulsively disobedient, or whatever, Whipping Therapy can help a girl to behave herself and overcome her compulsions. If a girl has a compulsive behavior, Whipping Therapy may be able to help correct her compulsive behavior. But, if used, the whipping must be severe. The difficulty with many “punishments” designed to correct behavior is that they are not serious punishments—which is why the behavior persists. A firm, but not severe spanking will not correct a girl’s behavior. To be effective, a spanking or whipping must be severe so that the girl is crying convulsively and is hyper-obedient after her punishment. 

For example, as seen in the top photo-story, if a girl cheats on her boyfriend, then she must be whipped severely so that the whipping is such that it is not worth it to the girl to cheat. If she is just spanked, she’ll cheat again.   But Whipping Therapy is for more serious compulsions than a cheating girl.  Also this is one reason why it is important that a girl be submissively-obedient.  A submissively-obedient girl is more likely to focus her attention on her boyfriend, fiancé, or husband and not cheat.   A cheating girl is one who is only focused on her own personal pleasure rather than what will make for a truly happy and productive relation.  She becomes self-destructive and harms herself and her partner.  And, to be submissively-obedient a girl will need to be routinely spanked and punished in front of anyone who is present.  As I have previously said:  “A crying girl is the sign of a well-run home” and “A well-run home is necessary for a long-term and happy relationship.”  A girl who has to look forward to her next spanking and punishment will not have time to think about running around and cheating. 

I have helped several girls overcome their “cutting” compulsion by administering “Whipping Therapy”. Whipping Therapy is very effective for overcoming cutting since the whipping replaces the pain of the cutting, but in addition, once the cutting stops and the whipping satisfies the compulsion, then the whipping can be controlled and gradually reduced to where the girl no longer needs the whipping; i.e., she can actually be “cured”.   And, the whipping is more effective if it is given in the room where the girl frequently does the cutting; e.g., in the bathroom. 

Whipping Therapy 4

But Whipping Therapy may also be effective for controlling drug use as confirmed by the experiences of a girl who wrote to me concerning her drug use and desire to quit.   Nikkei contacted me as follows: 

hi Ken, My name is Nikkei. I have seen your videos and think they are awesome.. great job… I need that kind of discipline in my life, but can never find it… I need to be scolded like you do with the girls and then stripped naked and spanked and whipped hard—just like you do with your girls. I don’t know if you would like to help me or not… but I did want to say that your videos are awesome. Please let me know if you can scold me, spank me and whip me to help me behave. Nikkei

I replied and she responded: 

Dear Master, thanks for responding, and I am sorry that I did not address you properly. Yes, if you are really going to help me, then I must know my place and you are my Master. I have to say that I thought I was weird because I am interested in such things and believing that severe whippings could help me. So I appreciate your info on folks that have been spanked and whipped before and have modified their behavior so that they are now over their compulsions. I know that you have a wealth of experience in this area and am confident that you can help me. I will arrange to get to Columbus, and I will be able to pay the consulting and training fee for a 10-week program. I have to say that you are pretty darn strict and spank very hard, but that is what I need. I have not been a good girl. I lack self-control and make really bad choices. My bad choices are related to alcohol and drug use, especially drug use. I am very bad I know, and need my bottom spanked and whipped very hard. I tend to get caught up in the moment and just let loose. I need you to help me overcome my compulsive behaviors! I will be obedient to you and do whatever you tell me to do and take whatever spankings and whippings I need. Nikkei

I replied and she responded: 

Dear Master, I am willing to take whatever whippings you think are necessary to help me move in the right direction and overcome my drug use. I’m worried that I’m going to fall into very bad habits this summer that will cause me to lose total control, which is a reasonable fear for me considering the last 2 summers. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to help me overcome my drug habit, even if it is severe, I have had a very bad week over here and am ready to change, seriously, sir, I’m ready to change.   Nikkei

With that, a very strict and severe 10-week Whipping Therapy program was initiated. The results were confirmed by her follow-up message shown after the following photo-stories. 

Whipping Therapy 2

Whipping Therapy 3

Dear Master (and you really are one!)- Just wanted to say hi and thank you for whipping the crap out of me during some rough times. I could not have succeeded without the whippings you gave me. I haven’t done coke in 7 weeks, since the end of your program, which is the longest I have gone in the last 2 years. So thank you!!!   I will not have to go into treatment, because your Whipping Therapy program helped me to control my own behavior … and if I mess up I will have severe consequences as I will have to return for more severe whippings! … which I now know I will never need!  Stringing a girl up and just whipping the crap out of her really works to control her compulsions!  I know it did for me!  – take care, Nikkei

If you have compulsive behaviors that you need controlled, please contact me for your own Whipping Therapy program.  

Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4

OTK Spankings & Punishment Sessions, Part 1

Amy, 10

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I previously published posts on another blog site during 2009 to 2011.  I published 33 posts in that blog.  You can see those posts at:

Blog, 2009-2011

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


In a future post I may present a report from a girl who is an Obedient Domestic Submissive who wants to be spanked, punished and controlled by her Master.  

Although since her spankings are quite intense, and she wants to be treated more as a Slavegirl,

I may not post it. We’ll see. 

The video of an OTK spanking shown at the top of this post is indicative of the types of spankings that are most common, and possibly the most effective. Although a girl needs to be spanked hard to punish her properly, most often she does not need to be severely spanked, as will be described in a future post. And Maintenance Spankings are found to reduce the number of Punishment Spankings a girl will need. 

 OTK-Spankings & Maintenance Spankings:

Amy, 15

Many spankings may just be Maintenance Spankings. One girl recently informed me about the effectiveness of Maintenance Spankings, when she wrote the following: 

“(I am now receiving 2 Maintenance Spankings per week.) I have noticed with the second maintenance spanking a week, I am more focused. Since he started the second maintenance spanking, I have not had to get punishment spankings so often, so it actually has reduced the number of my spankings. Not by a lot. But enough that I am not constantly sitting on a sore bottom 3 to 5 days a week.” 

Amy, 16

More in my next post!   

Spanking Girls in a Strict Home


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I previously published posts on another blog site during 2009 to 2011.  I published 33 posts in that blog.  You can see those posts at:

Blog, 2009-2011

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Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


The following report was submitted as part of my Spanking Survey Questionnaire. However, it is so detailed and instructive, that I am going to present it in this Blog with my own observations and other reports from girls in similar situations. Since this girl is forced to wear an Auburn hat or jersey at times, I will simply refer to her as “Auburn”. 

Auburn states: 

My dad & I had to move in with my new stepmom’s whole family for financial reasons and part of the deal was that anyone in my new ‘family’ had the right to punish me however they wanted and for whatever reason while I lived in their house! I thought those punishments were bad and unusual until I read some of the other accounts on this site and others. But there’s one part of my situation that I haven’t heard anyone else mention and I wonder how common it is.

Her “situation” will be presented in detail in this post. However, I will also report on another girl who is similarly very strictly spanked and punished in a manner similar to Auburn’s, but still somewhat different. However, being spanked by several different people within and without the home is not that uncommon and is fairly common in strict communities. That said, the use of a “jury” is very uncommon! So, thanks for your report about your spankings and punishments, Auburn, as this will possibly open up some “creative” avenues for others in giving effective punishments to girls. Although, as we will see, this “jury-option” may not be the best. 

Auburn states: 

I’m a 23-year-old girl, and I am still being spanked. I do get punished frequently and am punished in a variety of ways. In addition to being spanked, I am also grounded, given corner-time naked, have privileges taken away and am lectured among other punishments. In addition, I am punished as follows:

  • I am made to bend over or kneel and present myself so a butt plug can be inserted into me.




Although this is uncommon, I had another girl, who I will call “Willow”, report the same. A butt plug may be inserted after her Preemptive Spanking that she receives before going out, so that, in addition to a sore, warm bottom, she is continually reminded by the butt plug to behave herself in public or at a party she may be going to. In addition, she was made to sit on a “protrusion stool” after her Academic Spankings as she was sent to study to punish her for getting poor grades. A “protrusion stool” is essentially a stool with a dildo secured in the center of the stool. The protrusion normally goes into the vagina, but can be a butt plug, in which case it will be inserted into the anus when she sits down. 

  • I have very strict rules about what I can wear and I am spanked if I do not obey.


Again, in a strict family household, dress rules are common and may include the girl being given a dress inspection before she goes out. If there is a problem, she will be spanked. As noted later, Auburn has the same problem with dressing properly. 

  • I am made to remain naked for long periods of time. I am made to run naked for bike rides across the street to our neighbors.

Willow frequently had to be naked in the home and complete her domestic chores nude. And, as with Auburn, Willow’s chores were checked, and if there was a problem, she would be spanked. As she was naked, it was easy to make her bend over a sofa arm, for example, so a belt could be used on her. Apparently Auburn was made to present herself naked outdoors, which Willow never did. However, I have known of 2 other girls who were naked outside, and the one enjoyed it as she was an exhibitionist. 


  • I am forced to ask for spankings and enemas.



Willow had to report to her dad every evening and tell him if she needed to be spanked for misbehaving during the day. If she did not report a misbehavior and he found out about it later, she would be spanked and punished much harder. Enemas were also given for disobedience. Being forced to ask for spankings is an excellent method for training a submissive girl. Auburn appears to not really be submissive, and she needs to be spanked a lot and made to submit more so that she properly learns. 

  • I am given essays to write, extra chores, vaginal inspections, forced masturbations, pussy brushings, loss of privacy, early bedtimes, wedgies, nipple pinching, and forced to work in the basement woodshop to make paddles.



Willow had much the same except she would just go and buy paddles and straps to use on her. Auburn having to make her own paddles would actually be more effective. I like that! The “pussy brushings” I believe are what Willow received as shown in the photo. These brushes are used to roughly “clean” her clit. 


But also Willow would receive pussy-whippings with a flogger, riding crop or thin strap. Groin area and vaginal inspections were frequent. And she had to always be shaved smooth. If she wasn’t, she would be spanked hard. A speculum would be used to spread her labia lips to see inside her, especially after a date and there had better not be “anything in there” that did not belong there. Also, such inspections were used for the sole purpose of assuring her submissive obedience. Submission and obedience were critical for Willow, as they are for Auburn. If she did not report for evaluation and punishment in a submissive manner with a proper submissive attitude, she would be made to bend over for a hard whipping with her strap. 

Forced masturbation to climax was another punishment she had to do, and was for the main purpose of, again, assuring her submissive obedience. Of course, her disciplinarian probably also simply enjoyed watching her masturbate and climax. 


“Loss of privacy” for Willow was normally a routine part of her home life. She was most often naked and she could not be in a room with the door closed, even the bathroom. If she had to use the toilet, she had to do so with the door open and her dad or others could watch her use the toilet. If her dad did, then after she was through, she most often would have to bend over, reach back and spread her cheeks as she spread her legs for a hygiene inspection. Most often these inspections were followed by him using his belt on her, if nothing else than just for a Maintenance Spanking


Early bedtimes were fairly routine, with Before Bedtime Spankings administered if she had to be sent to bed early. “Wedgies” were not given. Squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples or using nipple clamps were routine. 


  • I have to give family presentations on why my behavior was wrong.



Willow also had to give reports to her family and others who spanked her. As with Auburn, Willow was spanked by many different people. And Willow would have to go to each when she had to be spanked, hand them an implement to use on her and bend over for them to spank her. 

  • At times I am not allowed to talk.



This is a basic rule in most strict families. That is when you are told to shut your mouth, you had better obey! However, it seems as though Auburn’s punishment on this is more strict than Willow’s in that it appears to be for a prolonged period of time, rather than just an immediate order. 

  • I am forced to wear Auburn (Alabama) hat or jersey (seriously!!!!!).



Now that is just really cruel!!!

After listing the above punishments, Auburn continues with her story: 

I am spanked a lot with being spanked 3 to 5 days a week, and spanked 5 to 10 times a week or more.

(Auburn says she is spanked 3 or 4 times a week, but upon reading her entire report, I believe at times she is spanked 5 days a week. If she reads this, she may clarify.) 

When I have a day when I’m going to be spanked, I’ll be spanked 2 or 3 times that day!

I am spanked a lot since there are several people who spank me: of course my mom, but then also my uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother, male family friend, male teacher, and anyone else who may be present can spank me. I take violin, and my violin teacher spanks me. But, if he spanks me I am not spanked again at home.


Willow was spanked by her step-dad, her pastor, her boss at work, her neighbor, her male cousin, and anyone else her step-dad told her she had to obey. At times she was given a “babysitter” who was expected to spank her at least twice during the evening, and to monitor her chores that she had to complete. When she had to have a babysitter, she had to be naked and have spanking implements laid out ready to use on her. Also, the babysitter was expected to give her a pussy-whipping and anus-spanking, in addition to the two OTK spankings that were expected. In addition, the babysitter (normally a man who was at least 10 years older than Willow) could order Willow to masturbate or present herself for dildo or vibrator use to climax. Babysitting was for punishment and Willow could be punished in any manner the babysitter wanted to punish her. 

And, I am spanked pretty much in front of anyone present, but, in particular, my dad, mom, uncle, aunt, grandfather, grandmother, male cousin, female cousin, male neighbor, female neighbor, boyfriend, male family friend, female family friend, houseguests, male pastor, and just anyone present.

This is quite common in strict family households, especially being spanked in front of anyone present. Willow’s dad told her that if she did not misbehave in front of company, they would not have to see her get spanked. But when she did misbehave in front of them, then not only would they see her get spanked, but they could also spank her and were expected to spank her. 

When I am spanked, I have to be naked from the waist down, or only wearing my panties and bra, or only my bra, or, most often I have to be naked. Sometimes the spanker is the one who takes my clothes off, but also I might be ordered to take them off.

Willow always had to take her own clothes off, if she was wearing any. However, sometimes when she came home late from shopping, for example, she had to immediately get her panties off, her skirt up and bend over her dad’s knee for a spanking. Of course, her shoes and socks came off as soon as she entered. Normally after these spankings she had to get up and strip naked and then go sit on a punishment protrusion stool for 30 minutes. Willow was practically always naked when she was spanked. 

Most often, I resist when I have to be spanked, and will then be spanked longer or have other punishments added on, although sometimes I do cooperate when I know that I do need to be spanked.

Willow had learned to be submissive when she had to be spanked. In particular, when she visited her girlfriend and the dad had to spank both of them, she had better be very submissive. If she wasn’t, and the dad had a problem spanking her, when she got home she would be in for a very severe whipping.   With her girlfriend’s dad, they had a punishment room where the girls were sent to be punished. But before they were sent, they had to stand in front of the dad and take their clothes off. Then the girlfriend would run and get the bathbrush and return and hand it to her dad. Then she had to turn around as her dad spanked her hard with 25 strokes to each cheek and then sent her running and crying to the punishment room. Then Willow had to turn around and get her bare bottom spanked hard with 25 strokes to each cheek and then was sent running and crying to the punishment room. Then for the next 1 to 2 hours the girls were spanked, pussy-whipped, anus-spanked, had their breasts whipped with a flogger, their nipples pinched and nipple-clamps attached with weights, punishment dildos used on them, the Pussy Brush used to brush their clit, anal dildos inserted in them, butt plugs inserted, and so on, but especially they were whipped and spanked repeatedly. These punishment sessions were for the purpose of wearing the girls out from activity and crying and to assure their absolute submissive obedience. 


I am spanked in a variety of positions, but most often OTK, although also I have been spanked in the “wheelbarrow” position and once doing a handstand against the wall.

Willow never did any handstands, but was placed in a variety of positions for her spankings. The wheelbarrow position was used not only for bottom spankings, but also for anus-spankings, as well as inserting an anal-dildo. 

I am spanked by hand, with a paddle, strap, belt, hairbrush, wood spoon, wood spatula, Ping-Pong paddle, riding crop, ruler, carpet beater, and yardstick. And, I am spanked for as long as the disciplinarian wants to spank me. I have been spanked with more than 500 strokes!

Willow was spanked with all of those that Auburn has used on her, except for the carpet beater. But, she was also spanked with a Jokari paddle and cane. I am pleased that Auburn is spanked for as long as her disciplinarian wants to spank her. That is how a spanking should be given. A “Sustained and Prolonged Spanking” is a proper spanking. I administer 100 slaps/minute with a hand spanking, and I administer 5- to 10-minute spankings or longer, so a spanking of 500 to 1000 slaps is quite common. If a paddle or strap are used, then a 5-minute spanking might result in 200 to 300 strokes, and a 10-minute spanking in 400 to 500 strokes. Of course with Willow being spanked for 15 to 20 minutes, she was always administered over 500 strokes of an implement. 


I am spanked for talking-back, swearing, getting in trouble at work, failing to do my chores well enough, not doing what I am told to do, coming in past curfew, skipping work, smoking, leaving a mess, being late, failure to pay attention in church, not memorizing bible verses, poor clothing choices, and not eating enough. And, I am given maintenance and preemptive spankings. My step-grandfather gives me what would be called submission or proprietary punishment.


Of course, these are quite common misbehaviors for which most girls are spanked. Willow, being in school, was spanked for poor grades; i.e., any grade below an “A” (and an “A-” is below an “A”!). Willow got spanked a lot for “poor” grades. Also, Willow had to report to her pastor 2 Saturday’s each month to be lectured and spanked. As she entered his office, she had to get undressed, hand the pastor her strap and bend over a table. She was lectured for 15 minutes or so and then whipped for 15. 


If I misbehave away from home, I’ll get spanked when I get home.

If Willow misbehaves away from home, she will most often be spanked right then, and then spanked again when she gets home. This is especially so if they are visiting friends. She will simply be stripped naked right in front of the friends and made to bend over for her spanking. 

Auburn related the following story, and she appreciates your interest in what happens to her. 

My dad & I had to move in with my new stepmom’s whole family for financial reasons and part of the deal was that anyone in my new ‘family’ had the right to punish me however they wanted and for whatever reason while I lived in their house!

I thought those punishments were bad and unusual until I read some of the other accounts on this site and others. (I am certainly pleased that my Blog has helped!)

But there’s one part of my situation that I haven’t heard anyone else mention and I wonder how common it is. (As seen above, although it is uncommon, it is not unknown. There are certain communities in which the strict and severe type of punishment told by Auburn is fairly common—such communities as strict religious communities, Serbian communities, Amish communities, and numerous communities in countries overseas.)

My dad was worried that I’d get punished for unjustified reasons and so he convinced stepmom to institute an appeals process. (This is the first report I have received of such a process.)


I still have to submit to whatever punishment is decided but then I can choose to appeal it by writing down exactly how I was punished and then posting it on the fridge and asking for an appeal. (The first problem I see here is that the punishment is already given before the appeal! This is the reverse of what would be known as an “appeal process”. And, as seen below, it really does not work all that well. So, after Auburn is spanked and otherwise punished, she then “appeals” her punishment. And who does the “appeal” go to? Read on!)

The problem is that the appeals process is shit! (OK, now Auburn has it right! But, I guess I should spank her for saying “shit”!  Smile)

Whoever punished me can choose any three adults they want to serve on a jury like neighbors, family friends, my pastor, other family members, even my ex-boyfriend have all been on juries and they aren’t all exactly impartial! (Actually the choice should be made by Auburn so that she is “judged” by her “peers”! Oh well, the object of this process, as seen below, is actually to provide additional “opportunities” to spank Auburn!)

At the start of the appeal I have to strip completely naked and ask each member of the jury to spank me and then ask each one to inspect me!!


(This actually is very close to what Willow has to do. Spankings and full-body inspections are very closely associated so that the girl learns that she is to be submissive and obedient to anyone who controls her. There may be 4 or 5 people in the “circle of disciplinarians” at any one time, and Willow has to go to each one and submit to whatever punishment they want to give her, but she must also ask for pussy-whippings, breast whippings, vaginal dildo insertions, anus-spankings, and so on. She has to go to their home or office, strip naked when she enters, hand them any implements she brought with her, and then bend over to be spanked or otherwise punished. This process is not so much for punishment, but to assure the girl’s abject obedience to being submissive.)

Then, I have to read the account of my punishment and if the punisher can remember anything deemed important that I left out I get paddled for my error.

(This actually is a very important part of a girl’s training; i.e., she must learn to “pay-attention-to-detail” so that she can be more properly subservient in doing her domestic chores and providing required sexual services. If Willow does not provide accurate reports, as with Auburn, she will be taken OTK and spanked.)

Then whoever punished me is allowed to talk about why their punishment was justified and during that time they are allowed to ‘recreate’ all or part of that punishment to show the jury what happened! (A lot of what goes on here is to discourage Auburn from complaining. That is, take your punishment, shut up, and move on, young lady! With Willow it is handled very simply, anyone can give her a Just-Because Spanking at any time. If they say it is for cause, but Willow thinks it is not justified, as with Auburn, she still has to be spanked and cannot complain, since if there was no reason to be spanked, then it is automatically a Just-Because Spanking. If Auburn thought of it in this way, it would save her a lot of spankings!)


Then it is my turn to present my case but I’m only allowed to while wearing really tight nipple clips ‘to ensure I am efficient and don’t waste people’s time’!! (Again, this is a fairly common tactic to make sure that a girl brings up a problem only when there actually is a legitimate problem, and she is not just complaining. Whether the girl is made to wear nipple-clamps or sit on a punishment (protrusion) chair while she is lectured or doing her homework or making a statement, the punishment conditions make it so she will be brief and only state what is necessary. If, when Willow finishes making her statement and she has not said anything important, she will be punished hard. Again, to make her think really hard before saying anything. A submissive and obedient girl is to be seen and enjoyed, and is not to be interrupting her disciplinarians with her banter.)

Then the jury can ask questions. When they are done I have to stand in the corner while they deliberate. (Corner-time helps to establish the proper place of a submissive-obedient girl. Especially if she has a red and bruised or blistered bottom, she must stand in the corner with her hands clasped behind her head so that she is fully exposed to those in the room. Also, in this position, she can be spanked some more if it is believed necessary. I will often spank a girl again when she is in Corner-Time if she has regained too much control from her crying and I want her to cry longer. If her crying subsides, I will spank her again until she has cried the desired length of time.)

This process just sucks!! (I would spank Auburn for her poor attitude! [That’s a joke, Auburn! Although true!  Smile])

Just to get a ‘verdict’ from the jury is 100% humiliating and painful!! (Of course, that is the point of this punishment procedure.)

If the jury agrees my punishment was unjustified they can order the punisher to make whatever amends they want. The first time I went through the appeal I actually won and as compensation my grandfather lost the right to punish me for two days and I got out of all chores for three days and my step-grandfather had to get me a $250 amazon gift card. (Well, that is great! But, as seen below, the “success” did not last long. Actually, Auburn should have remembered why her step-grandfather spanks her: “My step-grandfather gives me what would be called submission or proprietary punishment.” Of course her spankings are not “justified” … they are not supposed to be … they are simply to establish her “submission” and to let her know that her disciplinarian “owns” her!

Actually, if I were on the “jury”, I would have pointed that out and told Auburn that her complaint was totally fallacious and she was to bend over the table and wait as I administered 1000 strokes of a Discipline Strap! OK, Auburn, I guess you won’t want me on any of your “juries”!   Smile)


But every time I’ve appealed since I’ve lost. (Auburn, you are supposed to “lose”, so that there will be an “opportunity” to spank you!)

When that happens then for the next three nights I have to go to each member of the jury and ask them to punish me in the way I objected to, plus they can add other punishments. (This is very similar to the punishments Willow would receive. You are not alone, Auburn!)

Then the following Saturday I have to spend an entire day naked with the person who punished me. (Again, this is fairly common in a strict domestic-discipline family. In many such families, the girl has to report for Domestic-Service every Saturday anyway. She reports at 8:00, strips naked and is taken OTK for her Obedience Spanking. Then she is assigned numerous chores to complete and the time that they have to be completed. As she goes about getting her chores done, the disciplinarian checks them at the time they should be finished. If they are not done or are not done properly, she is taken OTK and spanked hard with a paddle or strap. Also, every couple of hours or so, she is made to report to an Inspection Room where she will be given a full-body inspection to include the use of dildos and vibrators, as well as be given a pussy-whipping and anus-spanking as she has to wear nipple-clamps. The Pussy Brush, Butt Plug and other such devices may also be used on her, and she may be given an Enema.


Also, during the day she will be ordered to masturbate to climax or get on her back with her legs up and spread so a vibrator may be used on her to climax. With Willow, about 3:00 in the afternoon, she will have to stand to have her bottom spanked hard with the bathbrush and be sent running screaming and crying to her punishment room for 30 minutes of spankings. All-in-all, it is a very active and punishing day for the girl who ends up being very hyper-obedient for the next 10 days or so, until she has to report for another Saturday day of punishment. Sometimes these sessions are only administered once a month. It just depends on the needs of the girl—has she learned to be properly submissive and obedient or not?

In the case of Auburn, it looks as though she could use a weekly session for a month or so until she learns to actually be totally submissive and obedient! Smile)


That day starts and ends with the punishment I originally objected to and it includes maintenance spankings and doing chores, sometimes with a butt plug in or something like that. Dad never spanks me but he says that making the appeals process difficult keeps me from using it except when it is absolutely necessary. But I think it might be making my punishments worse, because they know that if they make the punishment extra hard or add an enema or something that I won’t risk having to go through it potentially another six times: once at the trial plus three times with each jury member plus twice on my compensation day. (I believe that you are correct, Auburn, and you might want your dad to stop such sessions.)

I’m saving up enough money to get a place of my own. (Auburn, I’ve had some girls say that and do that only to return a few months later and ask to be controlled and spanked again. The problem is that you may not like the controls, but they may actually be helping you. Maybe you will do well on your own, but from what you have said, it seems as though you know that you need the control and spankings. Let me know what you think.)

In every other way my stepmom and her family treat me great and they live in a gorgeous mansion with a big ass TV and I get to use their car … but I hate the punishments they give even when they are deserved. (Auburn, you are not supposed to like the spankings and punishments since then they would not be “punishments”! But, do you really want to give up on all of the nice things you have and how well they actually treat you? Apparently they do love you and care for you!)

While I’m still living there I don’t know if I should dare to appeal any more punishments since I’ve lost the last 6. (Check my above remarks, Auburn, and just take your spankings!)

Step-grandad says that I’ve got to learn to be obedient and submissive and that I lost my boyfriend, who he really liked, because I wasn’t submissive enough, and my job which he arranged for me, because I wasn’t obedient enough. (You must learn to be submissively-obedient, Auburn.)

(HOWEVER, an aside: Remember, Auburn, that your grandad is not the one dating your boyfriend!   Maybe you lost your boyfriend because you two were just not compatible. If you were not submissive enough to your boyfriend, then maybe you just did not like him that much, or maybe he should have spanked you harder! It is apparent that you are resistant and not really submissive. You may need a boyfriend who can control you better and will not hesitate to give you the hard spankings you need to keep you in line and be obedient. I would say that he was just not right for you. Also, you may need a boyfriend who is at least 10 years older than you are so that he will not hesitate to spank you hard. Boys about your age are often afraid that they might “hurt” you and will stop spanking you if you begin to cry. They are not right for you. When you begin to cry, that is when you need to be spanked harder to make sure that you cry enough! Anyway, it is none of your grandad’s business who you date. He is not the one who has to put up with the boyfriend! If he liked him so much, HE should date him! Smile   I know that you will find someone who is right for you, and will find someone who knows how to control you properly and make you the submissive little girl you should be. If not, he is not right for you!)

If I give up on appeals altogether then maybe he’ll be proud and take that as a sign that I’m accepting my punishments more and go a bit easier on me. (Why not just let him be proud of you because you take your spankings without complaint? Forget about whether or not he’ll be easier on you! That is not important and may be counterproductive! Take the spankings you are given and learn to be submissive and obedient! Your disciplinarians do need to be “hard” on you, since otherwise you will not learn!)

But I also want to keep some appeals process open because at least then I have a formal way to object to how I’m being treated. (No, Auburn. Just remember that if you do not think you deserved a spanking, then it must have been a “Just-Because Spanking”, which, as a submissively-obedient girl, you are to take anyway!)


Just thinking out loud I guess. Thanks for reading my story!!!!! (And what a lovely story it has been, Auburn. Thanks for sharing!)

Now, check out some hard spankings given to girls living in a strict home.  Click the title frame below: 


Loving Domestic Discipline

LDD, 2.

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I am receiving more reports from girls who are spanked in an LDD home, and are treated in a very loving manner.  As shown above, Bonnie is treated very lovingly, although her dad is very strict, but not harsh with her. 

LDD, 3

Now, LDD does not mean patty-cake spankings.  Light slaps to a girl’s bottom are not effective.  So when Bonnie goes over her dad’s knee, she knows that her bare bottom will be spanked hard.  As seen here, she does not have to be naked, although for most spankings she is.  The photo-story below describes in more detail her punishments. 

LDD, 1

If you are a college girl who lives in an LDD home and are spanked, please write to me and tell me about your spanking experiences:  Headmaster@SpankedCoeds.com

Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4

Most Common & Routine Loving Domestic Discipline (LDD)

Mila's Very Domestic Spankings, Pt 2, 1.

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I previously published posts on another blog site during 2009 to 2011.  I published 33 posts in that blog.  You can see those posts at:

Blog, 2009-2011

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Most of my reports are about girls, like Erika and Danica, who have contacted me to punish them and give them very hard spankings. Erika wrote and said the following: 

I really do desire to be punished hard for my wrong doings. If every time it hurt for me to sit down, I’d think before I did something, and I’d think about what I was going to do and whether or not it would be worth the very sore bottom I would be getting. If not, then I wouldn’t do it. Thus very hard spankings on my bare bottom would stop my bad behavior. I really believe that spankings are very effective in correcting bad girls, and I am a bad girl who needs her bare bottom spanked very, very hard. And, to make sure that I am always thinking about behaving myself, I need to be spanked very, very hard every morning before I start my day. When I get up, I want to be taken naked over my Master’s knee and spanked hard so that all day long I will be sitting on a very sore bottom. That way I will always be thinking about what I am doing and that I have to behave myself or I will get spanked again when I get home.

Mila's Very Domestic Spankings, Pt 2, 11

Danica, a Serbian girl, wrote and asked me to be her Master so that she would be very strictly controlled and spanked hard. She said: 

I do so much better when I am strictly controlled, firmly punished and routinely disciplined. I want to be spanked hard when I disobey or misbehave, routinely spanked on a daily basis, and be very thoroughly inspected so that I know that my Master is the one who controls me and to whom I must be obedient. I want to be spanked a lot with several Maintenance Spankings every week, and Preemptive Spankings when I leave home for social events, school tests, going to work, shopping, and other activities. I expect to be spanked several times every day with scheduled spankings as well as be given Punishment Spankings when I disobey or misbehave. Of course, all spankings must be on my bare bottom and administered very hard by hand, or, preferably with a paddle, strap or your belt. I feel that I need to be closely watched and supervised, thrashed very hard when I have to be punished, which will be quite often, and routinely disciplined with frequent spankings that I receive daily.

Mila's Very Domestic Spankings, Pt 2, 3

I also have reports from girls who are spanked very hard by their dad, like Connie who I have reported on before, and she states: 

I am a 20-year-old girl and am still spanked daily by my very strict and caring Daddy. We live on a farm and I have to help take care of the farm chores as well as the domestic chores in the home. Although he does punish me hard, I have begun to rebel and need to be made to be the submissive and obedient girl I want to be. I want to be punished hard when I disobey or misbehave, but more important, I want that punishment to be effective in making me obedient. It is not enough just to punish me, I have to know that I must obey after I am punished.

Daddy supervises everything I do and controls everything I do, and punishes me hard when I disobey him or misbehave, and he is constantly checking up on me and spanking me just-because he wants to spank me! He says that I have to be spanked daily so that I am always focusing my attention on doing my best in everything I do and being obedient to him. Being obedient is very important and I have to be severely spanked when I’m not. If I have to be severely punished, he will take me to the barn where I have to undress and bend over the Spanking Horse that he prepared just to spank me. He has several different paddles and straps hanging in the barn that he then will use on me. Whenever I am taken to the barn, I know that I will be there for more than an hour being spanked.

Mila's Very Domestic Spankings, Pt 2, 2

But, today I will report about the majority of LDD homes in which the girl is spanked hard, but not harshly nor severely. She is practically always spanked on her bare bottom, and may be naked or have clothes on with her bottom exposed and presented for her spanking. Recently, I have had a daily report from just such a girl … Sharon. Sharon receives Maintenance Spankings every Saturday morning promptly at 9:00. In preparation for the reports she was going to send me, she wrote: 

My maintenance spankings happen every Saturday morning promptly at 9:00. I have learned to get up at 8:30, go to the bathroom, and wash myself down as Bob requires that I be hygienically clean for a spanking. I remove my panties and nightgown before 9:00. Then I am naked for the spanking and remain naked till the next day.

Since I started classes to finish high school, I have been getting spanked more often. Mostly as motivation to get my school work done and maintain the household as well. Motivation for getting my school work done was something I lacked before.

Mila's Very Domestic Spankings, Pt 2, 10

He spanked me pretty hard Saturday morning for my Maintenance Spanking and this morning before he went to work with a Just-Because Spanking.  I’ll get another spanking this evening when he gets home, another Maintenance Spanking, and probably before bed as well I’ll get a Before-Bedtime Spanking.  That will be 3 spankings today, which is more than I normally get. Often I will get 2 spankings, but sometimes, as today, I do get 3 and sometimes 4 spankings, especially if I misbehave or am very disobedient. My spankings can be anything from 5 or 10 minutes up to 45 minutes or more, just whatever I need to punish me properly.

Then, Sharon provided the following daily reports of the spankings she receives every day. 


Since starting classes a couple of weeks ago, I am in a group of teen parents, mostly moms, but there are a few teen dads taking classes to finish High School. Lisa is one of the other students, and I have hit it off quite well considering we were both very ill during our pregnancies. She is quite lucky to be living at home as her parents support her. I also know that Lisa lives rather close to me, in fact just a few blocks away.

This evening she had taken public transportation to get to class but the bus didn’t run after 6:00 p.m. so I offered her a ride home. I called Bob to let him know I would be slightly late but couldn’t get a hold of him so I left voicemail.

As we got closer to home, Lisa began to cry. I asked her several times what was wrong and she just shook her head. By the time we got to her house, she was in full tears. I asked again what was wrong.

I have to go. I can’t tell you. You wouldn’t understand,” she said.

It suddenly struck me and I said “Lisa are you getting spanked tonight?”

She was shocked. She told me as part of her punishment for getting pregnant, her mom and dad decided she would have to endure a spanking every night for three months, then every other night for the rest of the year. I briefly explained about my relationship with Bob, that he spanked me also, and she was relieved.

She said she could have a witness for her spankings but I would have to obey her dad’s wishes. As we entered her home, her dad informed me to call my “dad”, so I called Bob again and I still could not get ahold of him and I let Lisa’s dad know that. Her dad ordered me to remove my clothing and kneel in front of him. I was to keep quiet during Lisa’s spanking and that if I misbehaved in any way, I would get a spanking as well.

I did as ordered as Lisa took her clothes off and went over her dad’s knee. I watched as Lisa got a very hard hand spanking followed by the paddle.   She was crying in gasps as her spanking ended. She was allowed to get up, grab her clothes and go upstairs to her room where she would have to stay till the next morning. I grabbed my own clothes and went upstairs and redressed in her room after I comforted her a bit.

Mila's Very Domestic Spankings, Pt 2, 4

I looked at my watch and realized I was in for my own spanking now as I was over an hour and a half late. Little did I know but Lisa’s mom and dad were friends with Bob and his wife Sara before she passed, and Lisa’s mom Brenda finally got a hold of Bob to let him know I was safe but that I would be late.

I got home and went to see Bob. Not just because I witnessed Lisa’s spanking but to reinforce what Bob said could have happened to me, he ordered me to remove my clothes and stand in the north corner of our bedroom for the next 15 minutes. Tonight the corner felt less lonely but I did not get spanked.

As can be seen, these spankings are very loving and domestic, just what one would expect in an LDD household. 

Sharon continues: 


We woke up this morning together and both of us got ready for the day. As I was getting ready for school, Bob came in and said to me that we need to talk when I am home from evening classes.

He used his I’m in trouble voice, which, in the past, meant I will be getting spanked.   I must admit I thought I would get one last night after witnessing Lisa’s but all I got was corner time. The nice thing about the corner time was I got to sleep naked with Bob.

Bob has a great pair of hands, if you understand.

As many people have told me, time seems to speed up till it is time to get spanked. Then time would be at a standstill when the spanking was being given. Then time sped up again upon completion. Today was no exception.

Mila's Very Domestic Spankings, Pt 2, 5

We ate dinner in utter silence. After the dishes had been cleared Bob finally spoke.

Honey I want you to understand what happened last night and what was going through my mind the entire day. Had you been my daughter two years ago when you became pregnant, you also would be getting spanked severely. Maybe not as much as Lisa, but certainly as harshly.”

Bob went on to tell me how much he loved me and that one day I would be his wife. I remember telling him “Bob I love you and I am already your wife.

He told me he appreciated those words but said he felt I acted in poor judgement, not taking precautions to keep from getting pregnant. He said I should have been on birth control. Then and now. 3 months ago I should not have allowed myself to get pregnant. I tried to explain that I was proud to bear his children. He kissed me on the lips for that statement.

I think you too should receive a spanking for getting pregnant without thinking. But, if a spanking is to be given tonight then it must be voluntary. Honey do you have any guilt whatsoever about getting pregnant at age 16/17. Remember darling if you go for the spanking, It will be a punishment spanking by hand first and paddle second.”

I sat there in tears. Then I stood up. Undressed till I was fully nude and knelt in the very submissive position in front of him “Yes Bob please spank me.”

Mila's Very Domestic Spankings, Pt 2, 6

Again, the LDD relationship is very loving and the spankings are very loving and domestic. 

Sharon continues: 


Tonight was the first time in quite some time that we had nothing going on at home. Bob played his on-line game. After I completed my homework, I sat and enjoyed the evening.

I did wonder what was going on with Lisa as she was not in class this evening. She should have, or maybe is, getting spanked tonight since it is every other night now. That has to be horrible for her. I think after being spanked every night for three months, the every other night must seem like a reprieve. However she admitted to not being able to sit comfortably for nearly the past 5 months.

A friend of mine, who is into domestic discipline, said count your blessings that you are not being spanked. She gets spanked and paddled at least 4 times a week. I don’t want to be spanked that much. In fact once a week is just fine with me.

Mila's Very Domestic Spankings, Pt 2, 7

Not sure what happened on Wednesday, but no spankings???   (Well, see her next report.) But, again in a LDD home, the control and supervision are much more relaxed than they are in a home where the girl is closely supervised, strictly controlled, and severely spanked. 

Sharon continues: 


It has happened before where I woke up and just knew at some time during the day I was going to be nude and over Bob’s knee for some sort of spanking. When I woke up this morning I got that feeling again. I shrugged it off as just a feeling, but little did I know it would happen as it usually does.

I kissed Bob off to work and went about my chores. I swept the kitchen floor and did what few breakfast dishes there were.   My usual morning chores, done mostly to pass the time, till I had to be off to classes.

Somewhere in that time Lisa called and asked if she could have a ride to class. We talked about her getting spanked last night and she told me she was still kind of crying this morning and I could tell she was still whimpering. She said her dad was more than usual heavy handed and her bottom was still rather sore.

I talked her into sharing the ride to classes every day. That way if she needed comfort I was there to offer it. The extra $10 a week gas money was helpful as well. Not to mention on the days she needed to cry while coming home from class she could without having to worry what a cab driver might say about her tears. Besides I knew to an extent how she felt.

The time came and off we went to class. We begin these classes at 3:30 and they are 3 hours so we’re generally out by 6:30. Sometimes 6:45. Both of us are required to be home at 7:30 so carpooling it together will be of benefit for both of us.

During the first class I started getting antsy. I was not sure why. It had nothing to do with the class material. However, I was sure I was missing something. I always double check my backpack before I leave to make sure my homework and any other items I need for class are there. So I couldn’t explain it but I was missing something.

My second class came and the feeling got worse. By the middle of the third class I was in full blown paranoia. I knew I missed something I just had no idea what it was.

Even on the ride home Lisa asked me if I was ok. I said no. I missed something and was sure it was major and that I would be the one with the sore bottom tomorrow.

Mila's Very Domestic Spankings, Pt 2, TITLE FRAME

I finally get home and Bob and the strap are waiting for me. “Did you forget something?” I knew right then and there what I missed. I had missed, for the 4th time, pulling something out for dinner. Because it was the 4th time, I would get the strap.

Hurry young lady and get in here….or do you want a double spanking.” I rushed into the living room. Removed my clothes down to bare skin. I had barely gotten my panties off when Bob grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me down over the sofa arm.

I probably should explain, not pulling something out for dinner seems trivial, but part of my employment agreement is that I maintain the household and that means making sure dinner is at least thawed when Bob gets home. If it is steaks or something like that, Bob grabs his favorite beer, lights up the grill, and cooks outdoors.

Since coming to live here, and accepting the fact that I would get spanked if I disobeyed Bob, this was not the first time I had gotten spanked twice in one day. There haven’t been many of those days but this is not the first.

As I was typing the final few lines last night, I got ordered to stop typing and go to bed. I hadn’t realized I was well beyond my 10:00 after-spanking curfew. In days gone by I would have gotten 4 swats for each minute I was not in bed after my curfew expired. However Bob knows that I am producing these reports and has been a little more tolerant.

To answer the questions growing in your mind, yes I did get another spanking. It was hard but only 90 swats. Mostly with his hand but the last 20 were with the paddle.

I am sitting at my laptop this morning on two pillows. Entering into my outlook a daily reminder to pull something from the stand-alone freezer for dinner right before I leave for classes. I certainly do not want another strapping, and a longer strapping at that, for not pulling something out for dinner.

Well at least she did get her spanking on Wednesday and strapping on Thursday. 

Sharon continues: 

FRIDAY & Preparing for SATURDAY: 

(Headmaster Ken: Something is wrong with my keyboard. Every so often I get an O when I want an I!)

I am writing this at 6:00 a.m. (Central Time) on Saturday. This may be incomplete when I send it because I need to be in the shower at 8:30 and have my panties and nightgown off by 9:00 for my Saturday Morning Maintenance spanking. It promises to be a much longer than normal maintenance spanking because I got strapped Thursday and paddled today as you will see later. Whenever I get a punishment spanking during the week, I get a longer and harder maintenance spanking on Saturday.

Murphy’s Law states, If anything can go wrong it will. That was my Friday. Nothing went right.

I went back to my OB for the appointment to determine if I can resume normal sexual activity. Following a miscarriage of the kind I had you should wait for that activity for several weeks. My doctor told me I needed at least two more weeks of healing before I can resume that activity. He also did not give me the pelvic exam for birth control because if I am not having sex, then I don’t need the pelvic. In two weeks he will perform that rather unpleasant function.

A hospital gown covers very little. Especially if a person has a hot red butt from a spanking in recent past which did not go unnoticed by the doctor. I resented his smirk and the fact that he felt he had to lecture me on proper behavior. His nurse, who is also his wife, told me she is spanked regularly by him still and they are both in their late 40’s early 50’s.

Mila's Very Domestic Spankings, Pt 2, 8

I get home to a phone call from the school stating that classes for this evening have been cancelled due to a water main break. Meaning the test I was supposed to take tonight would be given on Tuesday. Meaning I would have to study more to stay prepared for it. I hate repeat studying for a test. It just seems like a waste of time.

I had planned on making Bob’s favorite dinner … Mashed potatoes, with beef gravy (handmade), mixed vegetables, and my famous meat loaf. I could have sworn I had onion soup mix in the house but I must have used it all…so I had to go to the grocery store for not only the mix, but a few other things I needed.

I hoped that Bob remembered to add money to the grocery card so that I could buy these things. I discovered he had not, and I had to use my own cash for this. Not to worry when this has happened in the past he has given me the money back plus a whole lot more. Hmmm, I wonder who should spank him for a repeat offense.

I went to sleep but I managed to wake up at 4:30 so I set to boiling water and peeling potatoes. Well trying to peel potatoes. The peeler broke so I had to go back to the grocery store to buy a new one. I get to the store and wouldn’t you know they didn’t have any. They did at the hardware store.

So I get the new peeler and get home. Bob is home early from work and he is holding the paddle. I wondered why. Apparently I left the water on boil and not only had the water evaporated, I burned the inside of the pan to a point where it was no longer usable.

Bob undressed me outside on the patio and took me over his knee right there. I got a 10-minute hand spanking and a 10-minute paddling on a blistered and raw bottom from the night before. As Bob put it, the pan can be replaced the house cannot. If a fire had started I would have been in real trouble and maybe a little embarrassment letting the neighbors see what happens to girls who do not use good judgment might prevent a further incident.


After I wrote the report about Friday on Saturday morning, I went back to bed. Actually I was hoping that I would be able to catch a few more zzzz’s before I had to get my regular weekly spanking. I did not get those. I still had to get up early.

I continued to do my domestic activities for about 35 minutes but I certainly did not want Bob to be madder at me than he had been this week. A maintenance spanking and a punishment spanking on my already well spanked butt would not be a good thing.

Although the blisters were still there from my previous spankings, despite the aloe based lotion Bob bought to soothe the hurt, my bottom still had bruises. They were turning yellow as bruises go but they were still there. I figured it would be another 3 days before my bottom was prefect.

9:00 came way too soon it seemed like.   “Sharon let’s get this done. We have a lot to do today.” Bob wanted to go to the greenhouse this morning and get the vegetable plants he plants every year, mostly tomatoes and green peppers. He also wanted flowers for the front of the house.

Normally I would have to be nude the rest of the day, but since this was a planting day, and Bob’s grown children would be coming over later, I could wear clothes. I made sure I hauled out some of my best, although I have met his children many times, they would be told today of their dad’s intent to marry me.

Mila's Very Domestic Spankings, Pt 2, 9

I began crying almost immediately. Long hard swats Bob was giving me. Bob has large hands and his hands felt more like a paddle when I was getting spanked than the paddle did. Still the tears were flowing and I could feel my bottom getting warm. Despite the fact that the intensity was different, I still felt every swat hard as it was.

The spanking continued for a while, I don’t know how long, maybe 30 minutes. I could feel my stomach begin to get slightly nauseous and the urge to pee was beginning that usually meant I was spanked for over a half an hour. So maybe I was spanked for 45 minutes.


Like all Sundays Bob and I rose around 10:00. We gathered our clothes, especially a brand new red dress Bob had picked out for me, we showered, and went off to Church. I didn’t get inspected before we went to church. Which I thought was a bit strange. Even before we were sleeping together, Bob inspected me for a long time making sure not a hair was out of place and my make-up was prefect as was my jewelry, before we went to church.

Making sure I was wearing clothes appropriate for the venue was important to him. He always looked like he stepped out of a men’s clothing magazine, and he felt I should have that same look from a women’s perspective. I always thought it to be strange that the man in my life had as many, if not more, clothes than I did.

Within recent past Bob had upped my weekly paycheck. So I was able to go out and purchase more clothes and personal items. Jewelry I never had to worry about. Bob was very, very good at picking out jewelry for me. A trait I guess his first wife must of liked because every picture I saw of her had a piece of jewelry in it that I could tell Bob picked out for her.

Since this was the last Sunday of the month, couples who wish to be married would stand up and announce their intent to marry. It was called Promise Day. It was a promise to abide by the churches rules and advice for young couples throughout the engagement process.

Just after the service ended, the crowds of people would lean forward as the names of the couples to be married were called by the minister. Then he called “Bob ___ and Sharon ___.” I wanted to step up and say no we’re not engaged. But I saw Bob on one knee with the biggest ice cube I have ever seen in his hand. I said yes right there.

Bob’s friends, and his grown children that attended, gathered around us to congratulate us and wish us well.

I don’t feel any different. I am still me. But I am engaged to marry the kindest most attentive man I have ever known. However in June 2016 I will become Sharon ___ ___.

Tomorrow morning, I know that I will still have to get up, shower and get ready to be spanked.

Sharon’s life in a LDD home represents the great majority of homes in which domestic discipline is administered; that is, the girls are firmly controlled and spanked hard, are given rules to follow and chores to do, and are spanked hard when they do not do as they are told, but are disciplined and punished in a very loving and domestic manner. 

Click on the following Title Frame to see the domestic spankings that represent most LDD households: 

Mila's Very Domestic Spankings_TF

Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4

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Click on the banner following the below photo to see more girls: 

FTV Banner, 2

FTV Banner, 1

Jennifer’s Life as a Domestic-Slavegirl on a Cruise Ship


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Jennifer wrote to me to update me on her slavegirl status.  She is now on a cruise ship for the summer where she will be used and spanked by guests on the ship.   Following is her message to me: 

Hello Headmaster, I haven’t touched base with you lately and I always feel like I am supposed to report to you and keep you aware of what I am doing. I was offered the opportunity to spend the summer on the boat that they have and I took it. It is for 4 months and my responsibility is to be available to the guests and crew. I have no clothes and no cabin. I am required to remain completely nude and I sleep either with a guest if invited or in the crew quarters. No one may paddle me except the captain and the guest who wants me when guests are on board. Guests can do whatever they want with me, I am completely available to them without restrictions or limitations. I have been on the boat for a little over a week now and our first guests boarded on Friday. I enjoy guests on the boat.

Whipping a Domestic-Slavegirl

Jennifer continued in her next message: 

Headmaster, yes you can share my reports but please not my name or an identifiable photo.

(Of course, her name is not “Jennifer”.  And she is presented below, but is not identifiable!) 

The captain is maybe 40 ??? and he is in charge of the boat and the crew. The crew is hired for the summer. Two college guys, an older woman that cooks and a Hispanic that cleans. I am the new kid. So far I really like it! The first 5 nights I slept with the captain, he has given me to each one of the guys and will give me to them once weekly. He says it is good for a college guy to have the release weekly. The captain has and is spanking me. We took our first guest on board Friday, an older couple, and have slept with them the last 2 nights. Husbands enjoy watching me with their wives and then have me for themselves. The wives usually spank me more than the husbands. Wives enjoy spanking and husbands enjoy watching. We pick up another couple tonight for a week. The crew calls me the ship pussy, which I like.

Always think about you. I decided I wanted to be fucked by you and can’t get it out of my head, and as hard as I know it will be and as painful, I still am dying for you to spank me until you think I can’t take anymore and then more after that! Don’t know what it is about you or how you did it but I want to be owned by you so bad!

Presented for Whipping

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Are 18+-year-old Girls Actually Spanked-at-Home?—Requests to be Spanked

Request for Spankings, 1


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I have received several requests from girls for me to supervise them, control them, and spank them when they misbehave or disobey me. The sentiment of these girls is conveyed by the following message: 

I do so much better when I am strictly controlled, firmly punished and routinely disciplined.

I want to be spanked hard when I disobey you, disobey your home rules, or misbehave; and I want to be routinely spanked on a daily basis with maintenance and preemptive spankings; and I want to be given thorough nude inspections so that I know that you are my Master, the one who controls me and to whom I must be obedient and present myself to you naked as you order either for my spanking or your inspection of me. My behavior and body are yours to correct and to be handled as you order.

Request for Spankings, 2

In other posts, I have discussed the need for “Structure and Discipline” for a girl. The messages and requests I have received indicate that this structure and discipline is much more widely desired than I thought it might be. Now, it is not a question of being a boorish moron, but of giving constructive counseling and control. The girls are not interested in nor do they want some Neanderthal who just beats them and uses them for their own pleasure, but someone who is caring and concerned about the girl’s personal ambitions. These girls just realize that they do much better when they are controlled by a loving and caring Master. This sentiment is seen in the following: 

Thank you for all of the advice you have given me and how clearly you explain things that make me feel much better about myself—the control I need, the punishments I need, and especially the spankings I need are all necessary to help me improve and think positively about myself and my abilities and what I do and want.

As a result of your counseling, control and punishment-spankings that you have given me, I am doing much better in school and at work, and when I am negative about myself, or do not succeed as I should in school or at work, you are right there waiting to strip me naked and make me bend over to be spanked hard. And, the hard spankings you give are necessary so that I know that you will not accept anything from me but my best.

Request for Spankings, 3

As seen here, there is more to the proper care and training of a girl than simply spanking her once-in-awhile when she misbehaves or is disobedient. Training and controlling a girl properly requires a lot of time and dedication. She must be continuously supervised in some manner throughout the day. And, if she needs to be spanked, she must be spanked. 

Too often, a girl’s Master will be too “tired” or “has other things to do” to pay attention to the activities of a misbehaving and disobedient girl. Such discipline is totally ineffective, and may be counterproductive. Close daily supervision, strict control, and firm punishment are required to help a girl properly. 

Strictly Controlled: 

To strictly control a girl, she must be given definite Rules-of-the-Home to follow. Then, her daily activities must be evaluated every day. I prefer an evening “Family Meeting” where the girl has to report naked for the meeting and kneel to discuss her day. She must be naked so that she is ready to be spanked in the event a spanking is required, which it normally is. 

Request for Spankings, 4

When the girl is at home, I will check up on her at least once every hour. If she is studying, then I will check to see if she is getting her homework done.   I will quiz her on what she has studied and, if she does not answer correctly, I will bend her over her desk for a spanking. 

If she is doing her domestic chores, I will check to see if they are done properly. Of course, if not, she will be made to bend over for a spanking. 

Firmly Punished: 

When a girl has to be spanked, it is not enough to just give her a few pats on her bottom, or to just give light slaps.   To make a believer out of her, she must be spanked hard, but not a “beating” … just a very firm and hard spanking by hand, with a paddle or strap. And, the spanking must be long enough that she actually knows that she has been spanked. A spanking should be at least 3 minutes long, and, most often, it should be 5 to 10 minutes or longer. Of course, she can be given several shorter spankings, 1- to 2-minute spankings, but then the spanking session must be long enough that she is spanked properly. 

Request for Spankings, 6

Click the title frame below to see a spanking-session. 

Request for Spankings, 5

Routinely Disciplined: 

To make sure that the girl is continually focused on what is expected of her, she should be given frequent Maintenance Spankings and Preemptive Spankings. For best results, she should be spanked daily for some reason. If she needs to be punished, of course she should be spanked hard. But, if not, then she should be given a Maintenance Spanking. This can actually be given as an After-School or After-Work Spanking. Each day when the girl comes home, she should be taken to a Punishment Room, made to take her clothes off and bend over for a 5-minute After-School or After-Work Spanking. Then she should be sent to study or to get her domestic chores done. 

Request for Spankings, 7

And, she should be given Preemptive Spankings whenever she leaves the home. If she is going shopping, she should be given a Preemptive Shopping Spanking, and then when she returns, she must present what she bought and how much she spent. If there is a problem with either, again she must be spanked. If she is going out in the evening with the girls or on a date, she should be given a Preemptive Spanking. And, when she returns home, she should be evaluated to see if she had sex or misbehaved in any way. Most often, I will spank the girl regardless, knowing that she will probably not tell me what she actually did, and did misbehave in some manner. 

Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4


Go to Spanked Coeds to see more spankings of Casey, along with many other girls. 


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Are 18+-year-old Girls Actually Spanked-at-Home?—College Junior Still Spanked

College girls spanked at home, 1.

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I received a message from a former college instructor who confirms, once again, that girls who are 18+ still get spanked-at-home. There are probably more being spanked than we realize, since most girls will probably not tell and most instructors would not ask. But the anecdotal evidence continues to increase that many college-age girls are still being spanked at home. Here’s his message: 

Message = A few years ago I retired from teaching at a university in the United States. Among my learning experiences as a professor was coeds sometimes do get spanked. Although not always the case, most were freshmen living at home. They tended to be spanked by their moms much as they were in high school. None of the young women with whom I spoke seemed to resent it. A few times, I recommended a particularly distressed coed at least talk to her mother about possibly spanking her bare buttocks with a paddle or belt hard enough to make her really cry. Feedback suggested the treatment produced the desired outcome.

Among the anomalies in these informal conversations was a resentful coed. According to this young woman, instead of giving her a spanking like most mothers did their daughters, her mother made her father do it. Another coed admitted her social life would greatly improve if a man had her over his knee and spanked some respect into her! Raised by a single mother, she’d never been spanked by her father.

College girls spanked at home, 2

College girls spanked at home, 3

Go to Spanked Coeds to see more spankings of Kendra, along with many other girls!  


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FTV Banner, 2

FTV Banner, 1

Are 18+-year-old Girls Actually Spanked-at-Home?—27-year-old Girl Wants to be Spanked

Asking for Spanking,  1


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Contact the Headmaster directly at Headmaster@SpankedCoeds.com

I previously published posts on another blog site during 2009 to 2011.  I published 33 posts in that blog.  You can see those posts at:

Blog, 2009-2011

NOTICE:  Due to the amount of spam being received, no comments will be accepted.

Recently, many viewers have found my exceptional videos on Spanking Library.  For immediate download, go to Spanking Library to find some of my excellent spanking videos.



I receive several requests from girls who want me to spank them to help them correct their behavior. Frequently the problem is with their attitude and disobedience. In order to correct a girl properly so that her behavior is actually “modified”, she does have to be totally obedient to me and do exactly what I tell her to do. If she doesn’t, as determined by her disobedience to instructions I give her, then there is nothing I can do to help her. As I have addressed in a previous post, “When I tell you to do something, get it done!”, when I tell a girl to do something, I expect her to do it!  Click on the following photo-story to see the post: 

Asking for Spanking,  3

I cannot be any clearer than that. And, when I give a girl a simple directive, I do expect her to follow that directive, or it is clear that I will not be able to help her. 

And, her disobedience is even more brazen when she tells me that she will submit to my “total control” of her … and then disobey one simple directive! So, do not write to me and ask to be spanked, if you are in fact totally unwilling to be obedient! 

Asking for Spanking,  2

The following email exchange is instructive as to what is required for any girl who actually wants to have her behavior corrected. 


I was looking at your site,

was wondering if you still offer punishment sessions

Im in need of some real discipline. My attitude has become awful and im procrastinating more and more.

What kind of punishments do you precsribe, and what is your process.

Asking for Spanking,  6

Now the first thing I look at is the lack of concern for proper grammar. Not spelling “I’m” correctly, and not spelling “prescribe” correctly??? Evidently she just cannot even correct her message using an automatic spell-checker (and if her spell-checker is not automatic, she needs to get a new one!). Or, if she does not have a spell-checker, at least she should read over her message before sending it to me, especially one as short as the above message is. 

And, after the first line, she should at least have inserted “and I”. And how about a question mark (?) at the end of the second line as well as the last line? All of this suggests a girl who is not really concerned about herself nor doing things correctly. She lacks attention-to-detail, and is, clearly, in need of some strict supervision and spankings. 

If you are looking for professional assistance, which, as seen below, this girl is, then you had better contact me in a manner that indicates that you are worth my time and are actually serious, instead of just some girl looking for “fun”.   Yes, some girls are just looking for a patty-cake spanking to enhance their own spanking gratifications. They are not serious, and I am not interested in working with them! 

I Reply:

Dear (Applicant),

Thank you for your inquiry.  I shut down early in the evenings, but got your message this morning. 

A punishment session for you is possible, but I will need more information. 

Where do you live?  How old are you?  Why have you not been able to find someone near you to punish you? 

I’m in Columbus, Ohio, and you would have to be able to come here, or possibly pay for my airfare, per diem, and services to travel to you. 

Now, there is a difference between “real discipline” and a “punishment session”. 

Punishment Session.    Reason for Punishment

A Punishment Session is given for specific reasons … A specific attitude that you expressed toward someone that you should not have; specific procrastination concerning activities that you should have gotten done; etc. 


As you can see from my website, the punishments that I administer focus on spanking by hand, paddle, or strap, although I have also used the Tiger Cane at times.  In addition, I may also incorporate Corner-Time, Mouth-Washing, Full-Body Inspections (depending on the misbehavior, although in your case it does not seem appropriate), etc.  That is, the specific punishment just depends on what is needed to punish you properly.  (1) Attitude:  This would normally include making you strip naked and bend over my knee for a hard spanking, followed by a mouth-washing, and then made to bend over with your hands on the wall for a sound whipping with a strap.  (2) Procrastination:  This would normally include a series of spankings, each one 3- to 5-minutes each.  The session is normally 30 minutes long, during which time you would be spanked at least 4 times and possibly up to 8, just depending on what is required, and how serious you are about getting this misbehavior corrected. 

Real Discipline.    Reason for Discipline

You must provide specific misbehaviors that you need corrected.  “Discipline” is for the purpose of correcting your behavior, whereas “Punishment” is simply for the purpose of spanking you just because you misbehaved; i.e., you learn that for such misbehaviors, you will be spanked. 


This requires a more long-term control, supervision and spankings.  That is, it is doubtful that in one session you would be able to correct your attitude problems.  What is required here is daily supervision and control where you are immediately spanked for any improper attitude.  The same goes for procrastination, although, procrastination can often be corrected with continuing punishment sessions, and continual supervision and control is not required.  For example, if you have difficulty getting up in the morning to get to work, school, etc., then punishment sessions will be scheduled every morning where you are given Morning Obedience Spankings when you get up.  If you are not up when I get to your home, then I drag you out of bed and spank you.  If you are not getting your domestic chores done, then I will inspect your home at a specific time every day and spank you for anything that is not done properly.  Etc.  Obviously, this is not possible unless you live somewhere close, or you can pay for my accommodations and services during a 2- to 6-week control period. 

Asking for Spanking,  7

The main problem I have found with other girls is that they are just not willing to take the hard spankings that are needed to punish you properly or correct your behavior.  Girls will tell me that they can take a hard spanking (not a “beating”), but then they are not really able to do so.  And, if you are not spanked hard, the spanking is of no real value and you are just playing.  And, when no results are obtained you think that it is not worth it.  Now, physically you can take a hard spanking since there is nothing about a spanking that can injure you.  But, the question is whether or not you mentally are able to take the spankings.  Most girls are just not willing to accept the punishment they need to succeed. 

Just how dedicated are you to accepting the spankings you need to succeed?  I always recommend that if a girl has any other options to achieve her goals, she take them.  I only punish girls who have not been able to achieve their goals by any other means.  If you just need to be punished, then find someone, man or woman, to spank you.   But, if you want “behavior modification”, that requires someone who can actually work with you and administer what punishment you need to actually “modify” your behavior, which also includes some counseling sessions prior to your spankings.  That is, there is much more to what you are asking than what it may appear. 

After looking at my site and seeing some of the spankings I administer, do you really think you can take the spankings? 

Also, depending on your age, I have found that girls who are over 30 most often can just not take the spankings since it has been too long since they have been spanked and are much more sensitive to being spanked. 

Thank you again for your interest, and please let me know if I can assist you in any way. 

Headmaster Ken

Applicant’s Reply


im in west Virginiaim able to travel to you,

im 27 years old, im not to keen on finding someone random to punish me, i want a professional. 

I was spanked and punished for years by my mother and later a partner but have not had a person for a long time. im very used to being spanked. not that i enjoy it. 

It sounds like i could join you for a few days to deal with some issues. 

I really need to spend a few days being totally supervised and spanked and punished for infractions, addressing issues as they come. If that means total control im more than willing to undergo such a thing. 

What would a weekend involve if possible.  

OK, the message is clear, but still no concern for grammar: “I’m” is still not spelled correctly, “Virginiaim” probably should be “Virginia” and “west” should be capitalized. After “Virginia” should be “and I am”, which is probably attempted with the “im” at the end of Virginia. The word “to” before “keen” should be “too”. The two sentences “im very used to being spanked.” and “not that i enjoy it.” should be rewritten in some manner. 

But now she does assert that she will submit to “total control” in being “totally supervised and spanked and punished”.   Well, at least she has the right “attitude” for the control and punishments she needs … or at least she says she does. 

OK, where’s the question mark (?) after the last sentence? My spell-checker even highlights this problem. 

I Reply:

Dear (Applicant),

Yes, anywhere in W. VA is close enough that you can get here.  Please send me a photo or two of you dressed. 

If you could, it would be good to come here Friday evening and then leave Sunday afternoon or evening, depending on how long your drive is.  I frequently drove to Charleston for weekend tours with the Air National Guard, and it was about a 3- to 4-hour drive, I believe. 

You do have a good idea about what will be required:  “I really need to spend a few days being totally supervised and spanked and punished for infractions, addressing issues as they come. If that means total control I’m more than willing to undergo such a thing.” 

Asking for Spanking,  8

To achieve what you want, I would have to have “total control” over you.  If this is what you want, I will send you some “Consent Agreements” that you will have to sign and bring with you.  You can be assured that nothing will be done with you that you do not agree to.  But, you must agree to accept hard spankings that are left to my discretion.  That is, you cannot tell me when to stop or how hard to spank you.  To make you feel more at ease, you can talk with Daija to know that I am quite reasonable, understanding, and compassionate, but that I do not tolerate a smart-mouthed, disobedient, misbehaving little girl, and will spank you hard when you disobey me or misbehave.   If you want, I will send her phone number so you can call her.  However, I am strict and only maintain a very professional relation with any of the girls.  I can be familiar with you, but you are never to be familiar with me.  There is no sex.  However, depending on what is required, I may give full body inspections that include a Cotton-Ball Evaluation of your groin area to make sure that you are shaved smooth.  If the cotton-ball “snags” on any hair stubble, you will be spanked.  And, if you are not shaved smooth, I will shave you. 

Now, as you can see, I frequently will film the spankings and punishments that I administer.  If possible I would like to film your sessions, and can do so without showing your face if required.  Other than some minimal compensation for your board (i.e., we will most often go out to eat, so bring along enough for your meals), I no longer charge a fee for my services, even though you will find that I will dedicate the entire weekend to counseling you, supervising you, controlling you, and punishing you, a service that would cost hundreds of dollars if you actually had to pay for them.  (Previously, I have charged from $150.00 to $250.00/hour, or $1,000.00/weekend sessions.  I no longer charge anything since I am essentially “retired” and now just help girls as I can!  )   The filming is done by Daija, so you should feel comfortable in doing so.  She is very friendly and supportive of you. 

If you wish to proceed, just let me know what you want.  I will then send you the required forms to sign and a description of what you can expect when you come here.  Since I will have total control of you, most of your spankings will be with you naked.  And, you may be naked when in the home unless I allow you to dress.  I will send you a list of “Home Rules” that you will follow or be spanked.  You will be assigned various domestic chores to complete so that I can evaluate if you follow orders precisely and are obedient to whatever I tell you to do.  “Addressing issues as they come up” is exactly how we will proceed.  Within the first 10 minutes of when you arrive, you will be spanked to set the proper “tone” for your weekend.  When you come here, you must wear a skirt and blouse.  You will remove your shoes and socks immediately upon entering and then go and stand at-attention in the center of the room with your hands clasped behind your head.  I will briefly lecture you, and then order you to remove your panties, raise your skirt and bend over my knee for a 5-minute hand-spanking so that I can evaluate what it takes to spank you “hard”.  After that, you will just do whatever you are told to do.  Let me know if this is acceptable to you. 

The initial spanking is for me to determine how well you take a spanking and that you will take a hard spanking even though you don’t like to be spanked.  You are not supposed to like being spanked, and when I spank you, you will not enjoy them.  You will cry or I will spank you harder. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Headmaster Ken

NOTE:  From now on, you are to address me as “Headmaster Ken” (or otherwise as you want) when you write and will answer all questions with “Yes sir” or “No sir” when you are here.  There is much to accomplish with you in a short period of time, and I am very strict with you.  You will be obedient or get spanked. 

Applicant Continues


well if you could send me all the forms so i could have a look at them.

What are the groin inspections about, i dont mind it, i just would like to know more. 

Also would you be asking Daija to spank me. 

As for the filming im sure i could accept, 

It takes me an awful lot to cry, does that mean you will just spank me until i do.

Well, the grammar and spelling problems still persist. 

I Reply.

Dear (Applicant),

Do not worry about the crying.  If you do not cry, I will spank you harder, but if you still do not cry, that will be it.  It is important if you can, but not critical. 

Now, our email exchange, in part, is to see if you will actually be obedient and do what I tell you to do.  If you won’t, then I really cannot work with you.  It is very difficult correcting attitudes and behaviors, and the only way that can be accomplished is if you work with me and do what I tell you to do.  Some things may seem to be trivial to you, but I never tell you to do anything that is not necessary.  I told you to address me as “Headmaster Ken”, and instead you initiate your email with “okay”.  That is disobedient and disrespectful.  If you do come here, I will schedule a punishment session for you due to your disobedience.  That punishment session will consist of you being given a 3X3-minute spanking session; i.e., 3 spankings of 3-minutes each with you in 3 different positions using 3 different implements. 

Asking for Spanking,  9

As for the groin inspections, that will probably not be necessary for the correction you need.  Some things I suggest or recommend is to obtain your response, and you have responded properly; i.e., you are willing to accept what has to be done.  For the correction and punishment you need, there is no reason to have the groin inspections, shaving, etc.  The point of such activities is to make sure that a girl will be obedient and submissive to what has to be done to achieve her goals.  Your initial compliant response is sufficient.  Girls come to me for a variety of reasons, many of which are to obtain her submissive obedience to her boyfriend or husband, which includes a variety of sexually-oriented activities, although no actual sex.  Anyway, since such does not apply to you, we can move on. 

Headmaster Ken

I have not heard from her since. It is clear that she cannot follow even the most basic directives and/or cannot take the punishments she will need, even though she has stated that she will submit to being “totally controlled”! Regardless of the reason, this applicant just cannot be helped. 

If you need to be counseled and spanked in order to help you overcome attitude, obedience, and/or behavior problems, please contact me … but be certain that you will in fact obey me when you do. If not, don’t waste your time nor mine. 

Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4

As seen in the photo-story below, there are a variety of reasons that a girl comes to me to be counseled, spanked and punished. The sessions are tailored for each girl. Some only require basic counseling and spankings to punish them for specific misbehaviors. Others require a weekend of close supervision, control and spankings. Others require to be made to submit to sexual massaging to climax, and hard spankings with their legs up, or kneeling to be spanked and whipped. Others may need to be shaved and given Cotton-Ball Inspections and spanked hard if they fail the inspection. Others may just have to report once or twice a week to be spanked. Others may require my in-home inspections of their domestic chores and to be spanked for any failure to properly care for their home. 

Asking for Spanking,  4

Whatever you may need, your counseling, spanking and punishment program is designed specifically to address your particular misbehaviors or disobedience or special training. 

Contact me for your own program tailored to meet your needs. 

Asking for Spanking, 3

Asking for Spanking, 4

Click on the Title Frame below to see Kendra get spanked for 4 minutes and 25 seconds!   As seen here, the spanking does not have to be too hard, but must be continuous. And, the girl does not always have to cry, but when the spanking is over, she must know that she got spanked! 

Asking for Spanking,  5


Go to Spanked Coeds to see more spankings of Kendra, along with many other girls!  


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FTV Banner, 2

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Domestic Discipline: Girls Know Importance of Spanking a Girl Hard!

Spanking Girls Hard, 2


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I previously published posts on another blog site during 2009 to 2011.  I published 33 posts in that blog.  You can see those posts at:

Blog, 2009-2011

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Not too often, but sometimes a girl will return and ask to be spanked hard, realizing that she should not have left previously to avoid the spankings she needs in order to achieve her goals. 

Spanking Girls Hard, 1

And, often these are girls who are over 24-years-old, like the 32-year-old who returned to be spanked. Over the years (some 50 years) a few other girls have returned who were 19-, 20-, 22-, 26-, 28-, and 36-years-old. When they do, I will take them back only if they submit to a very hard spanking session with a bathbrush and other implements. They have to report at 9:00 Saturday morning for a 3-hour punishment session that simply consists of a series of spankings. Every 20 minutes they are spanked for 3 minutes with an implement. So, in 3 hours, the girls are spanked 10 times (30 minutes)—actually 3 hours, 3 minutes! They have to be naked and they go over my knee when spanked or have to bend over with their hands on their knees. And, after each spanking they have to stand in the center of the room with her hands clasped behind her head so that I can continue to spank them if required—which I normally do. It is important that the girl continues to cry throughout the 3-hour punishment session. If her crying subsides too much I will spank her again by hand until she is crying freely. 

Spanking Girls Hard, 3

Most of the girls who returned accepted their punishment in order to assure their own success. 

The spankings are administered with several different implements, most often used in the order shown below, from less-severe to most-severe implement. The number of strokes shown is what is administered for a 3-minute spanking; i.e., I actually do not “time” the spanking for 3 minutes, but I know how many strokes are administered per minute, and simply count the strokes for a 1-minute, 3-minute, 5-minute spanking and so on. This way, if the girl is kicking a lot or struggling a lot, she still receives the required number of strokes, even if it only takes 2 minutes, or if it takes 4 minutes or longer to administer a “3-minute spanking”. So before a spanking is administered, it should be determined how “long” the spanking is going to be and then administer the appropriate number of strokes. 

Spanking Girls Hard, 4

Spanking Girls Hard, 5

When this spanking session is over, the girl becomes very hyper-obedient, jumping whenever she is ordered to do something! She will in fact not be able to sit for a day or so without discomfort, and will have a bruised and sore bottom for several days. So, it is important that she be given chores and assignments to complete immediately so that she gets used to being obedient and getting her work done exactly as she is ordered to do. 

Shown below are spankings of two girls, one with a Tiger Cane and the other by hand. The important thing here is to see how strict the girls are handled. They are to do exactly what they are told or they are spanked.   That is the control required of a girl after she has been given a 3-hour punishment session. 


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