Incestuous Disgusting Pig

Included at the end of this post, is a short up-date concerning submissions to my Spanking Survey.  It is not enough for an additional post, but is of interest for those who actually want to be taken seriously when submitting results for my Spanking Survey

Sometimes I receive messages from disgusting pigs.  The one that I recently received from Thomas Andersen is most disgusting.  He is not a Misogynist Pig, but he is an Incestuous Disgusting Pig.  See his message below.


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Thomas Andersen wrote:

Dear headmaster I really need your help.
In December my daughter is getting married but she will need to be trained first, her fiancé is expecting her to behave and take her daily punishments if her chores aren’t done right.
She is in general a good girl but as you know all women deserve to be punished.
Therefore I will make you an offer,
If you take my daughter in for a week I will pay you 15.000$. During this time she should not be fed anything else than seemen (sic), you can also not sleep with her since her virginity is to be presented for her husband.
I hope you will take my offer

My response:

I do not sleep with any girl.  And what you suggest is repulsive and I will not train her in any way.  Keep your money.

I would not post this disgusting message except that it does represent several other messages that I have received in the last few years. 

As for this girl being a “virgin”, I doubt it.  Her dad, Thomas Andersen, represents himself as an Incestuous Disgusting Pig who would take advantage of his daughter and farm her out to someone just for the fun of it.  And, her fiancé must be just as disgustingly perverted. 

I previously had a dad write to me who wanted me to train his daughter, who was 21, and wanted me to severely spank her during her training.  Of course, when I spank a girl, she has to consent to the training.  In this case, the girl’s dad said:  “I don’t care what she wants.  If I tell her that she is going to get spanked, then she is going to get spanked and she has nothing to say about it.”  This is the attitude of a Misogynist Pig.  Also, he would make her masturbate in front of him and anyone else who was present that he wanted to show her masturbating.  While, at times, this may be required, with him, it was just a question of domineering control, rather than actually training the girl to do better or to overcome some unacceptable behavior. 

Another dad wrote and wanted his daughter sexually trained so she could get a husband and would be submissive to him and know what to do.  Now, I have had girls write and want such training, but when a dad writes and asks for such, there is something much more going on in that home than a simple Daddy/Daughter relationship.  The fiancé also wrote and said that I was to train her properly to be obedient and serve him properly, and that he knew that since I would be training her sexually, that I could use her anyway I wanted and she would have to obey.  Oh well! 

Anyway, while a girl may need training for domestic services, she will be trained with spankings and not some fanciful, disgusting sexual activities.  See photo-story below for a brief description of how a girl is trained, …, and why I am no longer accepting applications. 

HOWEVER:  Since Thomas Andersen has more money than he knows what to do with, maybe he can just send me $1,000.00 from his overseas account to me as a non-refundable gift for seeing his name and story posted on my blog!    Thanks, Thomas!  I look forward to your contribution!


If you want to be taken seriously when submitting your report, do not say that you are a 24-year-old girl and the last time you were spanked was when you were “19”, … and then claim that you were spanked “most often” when you were “20”!  Also, the implements you list must be reasonable.  There are certain implements that I use that are practically never used to spank girls, and I use any mention of it as a clue that the report is a fake.  Also, other claims, when compared with each other indicate that the report is a fake.

So, I appreciate all of the reports on my Spanking Survey, but when you write, please make sure that it is at least believable! 

This is important, just as it is in this report where a so-called “dad” wants to send his “daughter” to be trained before she gets married.  And, $15,000.00 for 1-week of training!  GREAT!  I would really enjoy several clients like that!  I can certainly use the income, so anyone who has more money than sense (or just wants to help me out), please go to my promo site and scroll down on the right-hand side to see the “CONTRIBUTION” banner and then click on “Donate”.  Then, just send $100.00, $1,000.00, $5,000.00, $10,000.00, or $15,000.00, or any other amount that will help me to get out of being a pauper!!!  .  Go to:

And, of course, if you really do want to be closely supervised, strictly controlled, and frequently spanked, then send an appropriate amount of money and contact me … but be sure that you are height/weight appropriate; i.e., not “overweight”, …, and that you are attractive.  If you don’t know if you are acceptable, then contact me first before sending any money, since any money sent is non-refundable and is considered an “Application Fee” whether or not you are accepted.  Also, please send 2 photos, 1 headshot and 1 full-length dressed.  Additional photos may be sent, but are not required.  Also, tell me why you need my training and what you want to accomplish; e.g., to do better academically, be more submissive and obedient at home, be more responsible in getting your domestic chores done, etc.  Obviously, you must be at least 18, and not over 26-years-old.  Athletic physical build or comparable is preferred and may be required for acceptance.  Also, remember that I live in a very small and modest home, which is ideal for training girls in that when they leave they will most likely go back to a much more plush home.  But, my home is ideal for training in that there is a lot that has to be done, and any girl will be assigned many domestic chores to complete that will result in a lot of needed spankings!  Contact me at: