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About the Finishing School, page 2


A Strict Training Program

Girls at the Finishing School are provided a very strict training program that prepares them to be exceptional.

The exceptional results are due to the High-Expectations for Success that are demanded of each girl.  

When a girl does not meet those high-expectations, she is soundly spanked.  

The Strict Training Program

Presented below is a description of the Strict Training Program.

At the end is information as to how you can enroll.

The Strict Training Program

If you want the strict supervision and close control provided by a Headmaster that will result in your exceptional accomplishments personally and professionally, then this Strict Training Program may be for you.  

In this program, you will be strictly controlled and spanked when you disobey or misbehave.  To enroll, please contact me and tell me about yourself–why you need strict supervision and control, and what you want to accomplish as a result of this control; i.e., do you need to be punished, do you want to achieve certain academic goals, do you need to be more assertive, etc.?

Also, send several photos of yourself, at least one head-shot and one full-length. If you want to send nude photos that will be alright, but is not required.

Tell me why you want to be spanked in order to achieve your goals.

These programs are not free and will cost a minimum of $200.00 for a weekend session.

Longer programs generally cost $200.00+ per day depending on what you want to achieve.

However, a live-in Resident Program is available where:  

Room and Board = $300.00/week

Training Program = $100.00/day

The Resident Program is more comprehensive and relaxed and should
generally obtain better results in that prolonged conversations are
possible as well as more frequent spankings are administered.  

You can contact me at: Headmaster@SpankedCoeds.com.