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About the Finishing School


Strict Discipline & Bare-Bottom Spankings!

Girls at the Finishing School are expected to follow all rules precisely and to be obedient to what they are told to do–if they are not, they are spanked hard.  

Each evening before bedtime girls will be heard crying as they are spanked hard for their misbehaviors and disobediences during the day.  Disobedience and misbehavior are not tolerated, and girls are stripped naked and spanked hard for any such activity!  Each evening they must report to their bedroom where they will be evaluated for their behaviors during the day.  Each girl is spanked for 3 minutes with a hairbrush for each disobedience or misbehavior.  Spankings start at 10:00 and will continue until all girls have received the spankings they need.  


Girls Obediently Present Their Bottoms to be Spanked!

Girls at the Finishing School know that they have to be spanked and obediently remove their panties as ordered and raise their nightgown before bending over their disciplinarian’s knee to be spanked.  Then when ordered to remove their nightgown and bend over to be spanked naked, they immediately obey.  When properly positioned over their disciplinarian’s knee to be spanked, they raise their bare bottom round and firm so that they can be spanked hard.   They then hold their bottom in position to be spanked and do not attempt to cover their bottom with their hand to protect themselves from their spanking or to move their bottom to avoid being spanked!  Our girls are all very responsible and accept their punishment as any good girl would do.  

Our Happy Girls!

Girls at the Finishing School are happy girls because they have learned how to achieve their goals and actually become fine young ladies with great accomplishments!


Girls Obediently Present Themselves for “Corner-Time” after being Spanked!

Girls at the Finishing School know that to be punished properly, they must be given time to think about what they have done and what they are going to do to behave better and be more obedient.  That time is provided for them after their spanking when they have to stand or kneel at-attention for about 30 minutes to think about why they got spanked.  Also, as shown below, they must present themselves so that their bottom is presented for the other girls to see so that they will also think about being obedient and behave properly.