Anna’s Report (a 21-year-old girl in Sweden):

I live in the northern part of Sweden near Porjus, the land of the “Midnight Sun” … as well as darkness!  

I don’t know how many girls here are still being spanked, since it is really frowned on(!), actually it is illegal(!), but my girlfriend and I have been spanked for a long time and still are.  And, regardless of the law, I know that there are many more girls who get spanked but do not talk about it.  Actually, we have a population of about 9,000,000, and of those there are about 575,000 girls who are 15- to 24-years-old.  There was a recent report that said in spite of the ban on spanking issued in 1979, 10% of families still spank their children, and as before the ban, girls are spanked more, so I’d say that at least 15% of the girls are still being spanked if not more, I’d say more.  But for our age group, I’d say that at least 5% are being spanked, so that’s still more than 20,000 girls in Sweden who are 15- to 24-years-old still being spanked.  And, where I live, which is more remote where parents believe in spanking, that there are a lot of girls here who are still getting spanked.  

And, there are those who recognize that by not spanking, there is an increase in crime by children, and I agree.  If I know that I am not going to get spanked, then I know I can do anything I want with no real consequences.  Girls who are 18- to 24-years-old are still mentally focused on her physical world, and if she is not spanked then she knows she can do anything she wants to do.  I am pleased that my dad and others still spank me as is my girlfriend, which, I guess, is why we are friends.  We know that when we have to strip naked and get spanked, that our dads care about what we do and want to help us to do better.  

Some parents base their continued use of spanking on the Bible.  But my girlfriend and I know that the reason we get spanked is because we misbehave, are disobedient … and spankings work!  After we get spanked we behave much better, at least until the next time we need to get spanked!  

Advocates for not spanking always argue that it is assault to hit an adult, as though that has anything to do with spanking children.  The problem with their argument is that they do not understand us.  We are very physical and really only respond to someone who is not afraid to strip us down and spank us hard.  

Both my girlfriend and I prefer to be spanked naked.  Well, actually we do not “prefer” to be spanked at all!  But, if we have to be spanked, our punishment is much more effective if we are naked.  But, naked or not, we need to be spanked on our bare bottom.  

I’m in school, and I know that if I bring home a test with a “C” grade or lower, that I will be stripped naked, made to lie back on the sofa with my legs up.  I have to hold them up as Daddy spends 15 minutes or more slapping my bottom … or using a paddle or strap on me!  If I lower my legs or move to avoid being spanked, he will spank me again about an hour later with a harder and longer spanking.  As a result, I get practically all “A’s” and “B’s”!  

If I have to be spanked again for resisting my spanking, I have to report to Daddy in his office, lay down on a table with my hips over some pillows and stay there until he gets through using a strap or paddle on me.  And this spanking will be much harder and 5 minutes longer than my initial spanking.  So very seldom do I move when I am being spanked or resist when I am going to get spanked.  

Of course, if I am disobedient or misbehave, he will make me take my clothes off and kneel on the floor upright with my hands behind my head as he uses a paddle to spank me for 5 to 15 minutes, depending on how bad I was.  Of course, he may also just bend me over his knee to spank me.  Just whatever he thinks I need to punish me properly.  

But, in addition to getting spanked by my dad, I am also spanked by my older brother, my boyfriend (both for discipline and sex), my boyfriend’s dad, my girlfriend’s dad, and my boss at work.  Mom doesn’t spank me, but she may get me ready to be spanked and take me to Daddy for my spanking.  If I need to get spanked, she may tell me that Daddy will spank me and when I have to report to her to get ready.  When I go to my room, she will be there and tell me to get my clothes off.  I do obey, and then she takes me to Daddy for him to spank as she and others watch.  When I’m spanked, I am normally spanked in front of others.  Of course, mom has seen me get spanked, but also, my older brother, my boyfriend, my boyfriend’s mom and his sister, my girlfriend, her mom and dad, and her younger brother, my male cousin, my male next-door-neighbor, my uncle and aunt, my grandfather and grandmother, my boss, and, of course, my boyfriend.  If I have to get spanked, whoever is there can watch.  

My boss is a friend of the family and he knows that I get spanked.  He wanted me to work for him, but my dad said I could only if he would spank me if I misbehaved or did not get my work done properly.  He agreed.  In fact, he said that he would be giving me Preemptive Spankings each morning when I report for work to help me focus on what is expected of me.  Then, again, at the end of the day I have to report to his office to have my day evaluated and spanked for any misbehavior or projects that I did not complete correctly and on time.  As a result I get spanked at the end of the work day 2 or 3 days a week.  

My boyfriend (soon to be my fiance, I hope!) spanks me quite often, in fact on all of our dates I will be over his knee getting spanked at some point.  He says that I must learn to be obedient and do what I am told.  When I don’t, I get spanked.  Most often, after he spanks me, I have to kneel to “thank” him for spanking me.  But he never confuses my discipline spankings with sex.  If I get spanked for sex, it is much more sensual.  If I have to be disciplined, there is no question but that he is punishing me.  He keeps a paddle in the car just for him to use on my bare bottom!  He spanks me for not being ready on time when he arrives to pick me up, and if I am disobedient, and if I do not support his views in public, and for just being a brat!  When in public, I have to agree with whatever his views on a subject are, and if I don’t, he’ll take me to the car to spank me, and then before taking me home we go to his home where he spanks me again.  And, he says that even after we are married, that if his or my dad have to spank me, he expects them to.  Nothing will change after we are married as to who spanks me.  In fact, he plans on taking me to dad at least once a week for him to spank, just so I know that he will.  The same goes for my girlfriend’s dad.  He expects him to spank me whenever we visit my girlfriend, which is once or twice a week.  My boyfriend says that I must learn to be submissive and obedient and these spankings help me to be the girl he wants.  

His dad also spanks me if I misbehave in their home.  The first time he spanked me was soon after we started dating.  I started to talk-back to my boyfriend when his dad said:  “You do not talk-back ever to your boyfriend.  You must always be respectful.  Get your clothes off for your spanking!”  I was shocked, but my boyfriend not only did not object, but he said:  “Get your clothes off if you do not want to have the punishment strap used on you.”  With that, I quickly obeyed.  I then had to bend over his dad’s knee as he slapped my bottom with his hand for 10 minutes!  I was squirming, kicking and crying the entire time!  When he finished, he said I had to remain naked until my boyfriend told me I could dress.  Not only did he leave me naked but told me to go and stand facing the wall with my hands flat on the wall and standing back slightly so my bottom was well-presented backward until I stopped crying and he told me to get dressed.  I soon found out why my bottom had to be presented–every 10 minutes or so, he would stand beside me and spank me again with my strap.  He gave me 20 strokes each time.  After 30 minutes he ended my “corner-time” with 50 really hard strokes of the strap and told me that I had better never again talk-back to him.  I haven’t!  

My older brother spanks me when I misbehave and dad is not home.  He makes me get undressed and just bend over and grab my ankles.  He then stands over me and whips me hard with my strap.  Of course, I have to run and get it after I am naked, and hand it to him before bending over.  He spanks me practically every weekend when dad is out shopping or working.  

So, I do get spanked a lot, almost every day by someone.  And frequently I am spanked more than once a day.  I do not mind though since it has helped me to be the girl I want to be and do better with my school and work.  

In addition to getting spanked, I also have to present myself to be inspected anytime Daddy, my boyfriend or brother want to inspect me.  I have to take my panties off and sit in a chair with my legs up and spread so they can inspect me to see if I have shaved properly, and to stroke me to see if I am properly responsive.  When I am given a clitoral massage, I have to climax.  If not I will be whipped really hard.  My sexual service and use is very important and must be passionately responsive whenever I am massaged.  Also, each evening I have to report to Daddy at 9:00 to see if he wants me to model for him or present myself for him to inspect or spank.  After I started going steady, my boyfriend is also there at 9:00 so he can enjoy watching me model or be used for his pleasure.  In addition to giving me a clitoral orgasm, my boyfriend will also probe me vaginally to make me climax again, and, if I don’t, he’ll take his belt off and just whip the crap out of me.  

As a result, I am not only a very obedient girl and one that behaves properly, but I am also responsive to sexual use and kneel and satisfy my boyfriend as he orders.  

I know that my body is for him to use and enjoy, and I enjoy being used, spanked and fondled anyway he wants.  And, I know that when I am ordered to get undressed and bend over to be spanked by dad, my boyfriend, his dad, or my girlfriend’s dad, I know that I have to obey or I will be taken home and my boyfriend or dad will spend an hour whipping me until I understand that I will be obedient and present my bare bottom to be spanked whenever and wherever I am told.  

It sure is a good thing we have laws against spanking!    




Domestic Submissive Anna!

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The following report relates the spanking experiences and punishment of Anna, a girl from Sweden who I have conversed with for many months.  Her name has been changed, but the facts relating to her spankings and punishments are accurate as she reported them to me.  Although I cannot actually verify the report, it appears to be true.  And, although she says that she lives near Porjus, again, I have no way of verifying that.  But, let’s just take what she reports as true, and if anyone reading this actually lives in Sweden, maybe they can provide additional information.  

The photos, of course, are from my own collection, and Anna is being represented by Amber and Clarice who have been spanked in a manner similar to that described by Anna.  I have also included some of the videos in which Amber and Clarice were spanked that you should enjoy.  

Anna has not been in jail, but this spanking is similar to those she received!  Enjoy!