Raven 58!

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The Headmaster

Above:  Circa 1900-something in Laos conducting black
ops as an Air Force pilot.  


Shown below are some photos from the War in Laos during the Viet-Nam War that may be of interest.  

Years:  1969-1970.

After seeing them you can get back to more important things!  

There is also a lot to see in Viet-Nam, like this old Buddhist Temple!

Of course, shown above is my wife as a sniper ready to take on the VC.  

In Viet-Nam I initiated the largest military operation by a FAC of the Viet-Nam War —

A 7-battalion operation in Tuy Hoa Province.  NOTE:  There are some Raven pilots who claim that
they initiated larger operations, but since they did not even know how to initiate
such an operation, it is very doubtful that they actually did—one does not just
call up the Army and order a military operation of 7 battalions!
I, however, have film of the operation I initiated.  

I initiated it in order to protect the City of

Tuy Hoa, which was going to be attacked by the North Vietnamese Army.

The above photos are not from that operation, but are characteristic of operations in Viet-Nam

and Laos.  However, I do have several thousand feet of movie film of the operation

that I hope to get converted so that I can get photos from the film.

I now have some of the film converted, so I will share film-grabs soon.

Scroll down past the following scans to see a lot of photos taken by me when I was not there!!!

Click on scans to enlarge.

The burning of Saravane by the N. Vietnamese

That’s me in Viet-Nam beside an artillery battery.

I received the Senior Pilot Rating, and a lot of medals, including:

2 DFC’s, Bronze Star for Valor, and 30 Air Medals, among others.