Performer or Employee Applicant!

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Model/Performer Application

I am interested in applying to be a model / performer in the Spanking Industry working for Girls-Spanked-Bottoms,
and to have videos of me produced in which I am being punished and spanked by my
Mentor, Daddy, Boss, or Master who administers my spankings.  

I understand that my character in these movies is that of a Domestic-Submissive Daughter, Student, or Secretary, and
I am expected to be in-character at all times, including during this application process.

NOTE:  All fields below must be completed for consideration of your application.  

The more information you provide, especially where the form allows for you to tell us about yourself,
the more consideration your application will receive

After completing the application, be sure to click on the “Submit” button.

Also, to confirm that your application is received, please contact the Director at the

following e-mail to let him know that you have submitted your application.

PHOTOS:  Please send at least 2 photos of you:  1 head-shot, and 1 full-length, dressed.  

You may also send additional photos if you want that are of you dressed, partially dressed or nude.  

Click the “Submit” button when you

Have completed your application.

Tell us about your spanking experiences since you turned 18 years old, and how you have been spanked, how often, implements used, dressed or naked, etc.    ALSO, state that you have 2 ID’s, one of which is a government-issued photo-ID.  

Tell us why you want to get spanked; e.g., “To make money,” “Just as an actor,” “I’ve always wanted to be spanked,” “Because I have been bad and want to be given real spankings,” “Because I want to be given domestic-discipline for real and want to be treated as a ‘daughter’ who needs to be spanked,” etc.:

Do you want to receive real domestic spankings; i.e., other than as just an actor?  (Answer "Yes" or "No")  If “Yes”, why?

Those girls who have come to me for real discipline have done better both personally and in their movies.  So, if you want actual discipline, tell me why you need to get spanked.