AMBER’s Report (a 26-year-old girl):

I live with my aunt who frequently disciplines me, mainly by spanking me.  At home my mom and dad spanked me, but since I was 16, my aunt is the one who has been doing the spanking.  

I like that my aunt spanks me since my spankings help to keep me focused and on track and makes me a better girl.  I receive spankings over her lap for a variety of reasons.  My aunt has given me both spankings for punishment and what she calls "reminder" spankings to keep me from acting out in the future.  In addition to taking me over her lap to spank me, she also makes me lie on my back on a sofa or my bed and get my legs up and hold them together.  In this position she uses my strap on me to whip me hard.  I normally only get these whippings when I have been really bad.  To make my spankings more personal, I had to go buy a paddle, strap and hairbrush for her to use to spank me.  I have to keep these hanging on the inside door of my closet so that everyday that I get up I will see them and they help to remind me to be good.  

My spankings are practically always on my bare bottom. My aunt will usually spank me before bed, after a shower, in my bedroom either as she sits on my bed or she will bring a chair into the room and I will have to balance over her lap. After I shower, I wrap my towel around me and go to my room where my aunt is waiting to spank me.  My towel will be removed before she spanks. If the spanking is during the day it could be on my panties first then on my bare bottom, but I am always spanked on my bare bottom at some point during my spanking.  

For punishment she will use the paddle or if her hand is tired.  She does spank hard and I do cry.  She always uses the paddle at the end of a hand spanking to make a point.   She says that I have to be spanked with the paddle so that I learn.  

I have been living with my aunt for over a year now. I am given reminder spankings every Thursday night, and then also spanked when I need to be punished.  

My aunt normally spanks me for 5 to 10 minutes with 150 to 200 slaps to my bottom, but keeps me over her lap longer to inspect me.  As I am draped over her lap I have to raise my hips and spread my legs so she can easily spread my cheeks to make sure I am clean and to see if I am a little wet.  She says that it is important that I am “involved” in my punishments, and that I must show it by being a little wet, but not too wet.  If I am too wet, she’ll spank me for that.  But, she’ll also spank me if I am not wet enough.  So, I do have a problem since I am very orgasmic and a hand spanking really turns me on and I get really wet at times, and even climax at times.  But also while she is inspecting me between my legs she will also caress my clit to see how responsive I am, and I do have to be responsive.  The difference is that I must be responsive when she is stroking me, but I am not supposed to be responsive on my own … unless I ask her if I can be.  If, before a spanking, I think that I am going to be passionate, then when I first bend over her knee I must ask her if it is alright if I am passionate when she spanks me.  She practically always says “Yes”.  So as she is inspecting me as I lay over her lap, she will most often also stroke my clit so that I jerk and bounce passionately and climax.  Then, of course, she has to spank me again!  

She will also use this time with me over her lap after being spanked to scold me or tell me what she expects in the future. Although she normally slaps me 150 to 200 times, she will spank me until she has achieved a desired result, the color of my bottom or some tears may be a deciding factor as when the spanking will end.  So, I can easily end up receiving 200 or more slaps.  

I lived with my aunt 10 years ago when I was 16.  That is when she first spanked me. I was a brat and didn't listen to her. She started spanking me with the hope to get a point across.  I left her for 4 years but then returned to her so that I would get the spankings I need to behave properly and learn to work properly.  Now I work for and am disciplined by her.  

I never have felt that I had a say as to when a spanking is over.  As long as she keeps slapping my bottom, I keep my bottom up so she can spank it good.  I just keep on crying and kicking until she decides that she’s done.  I have reached back at times to protect my bottom, more of an instinct reaction than defiance, but that only brought on a more severe spanking and paddling.  She says that by trying to cover my bottom I am resisting being spanked and have to be spanked again, harder.  

When I do try to cover my bottom, she orders me to take my hand away and then finishes my spanking by hitting me much harder.  But then she holds me there and tells me that she will have to spank me again.  After lecturing me, she makes me get up on the bed on my hands and knees.  Then she says I have to stay there until she comes back with the paddle to spank me.  She leaves me there for about 20 minutes and then comes back with the paddle.  Then I’m given 200 strokes of the paddle, really hard.  It takes her 10 to 20 minutes to spank me.  She takes so long because she really likes to hear me cry and watch me respond to my spanking  with crying, pleading and begging her to stop.  Of course, she doesn’t.  She just tells me to stay where I am and keep my bottom in position so she can spank it.  I don’t dare move my bottom this time, although I am really squirming a lot and crying and screaming very loud.  She likes that.  And, since she likes to hear me cry and scream, she frequently gives me these Disobedience Spankings, as she finds the slightest thing during my spanking to have an excuse to spank me again.  

My aunt is very firm and I do feel that I have been given many hard spankings.  And, as seen above, she does enjoy controlling me, especially when I’m naked, so she finds many “opportunities” to spank me, and especially to inspect me.  

Here are some of the reasons for my spankings:  

1) My spankings started when I was 16 and I was missing curfew and coming home smelling of alcohol.  My aunt spanked me over her lap in the living room with my uncle present.  These spankings were hand spankings on my panties.  I was arrogant and accepted them (trying not to cry, but I always did).  When I’d come home late, she and my uncle were waiting up for me.  She would order me to take my pants off and bend over her knee.  I obeyed, since, if I didn’t she would force me down over the back of a sofa and my uncle would pull my pants off and my aunt would use a paddle to spank me.  My aunt was the one who always did the spanking.  Later I figured out that she did so because she just really enjoyed controlling and spanking me … and inspecting me and stroking my clit to make me climax!  Of course, I also enjoyed that so I did not resist too often being spanked, since I was frequently also satisfied!  

2) 4 years later, when I was 20, in debt and not knowing what to do, I finally realized that I needed the spankings my aunt had given me and I moved back in with her so she could pick up with my spankings where she left off and I would have a job working for her in her store.  

3) Once there, my aunt informed me that I would be receiving reminder spankings on a weekly basis to cure my attitude problem. These spankings have continued since they seemed to really work.  My attitude has definitely improved.  These spankings are given in my bedroom before bed, and are with me naked over her lap as she uses her hand to spank me.  After she spanks me, she then keeps me over her lap until she finishes stroking my clit and I climax.  

4) But then she became very strict with me and my punishment included spankings even for just rolling my eyes at her when being instructed to do something.  I learned that rolling my eyes was not a good thing!  This normally happened at home where she would grab my wrist and drag me into the living room and make me take my clothes off.  Then I had to run to my room, and I mean run(!), and get my paddle and bring it to her, give it to her and then bend over her knee.  She would really spank me hard with 200 strokes!  I guess she really did not like me rolling my eyes at her.  She said such behavior was insolent and she did not tolerate insolence.  These spankings were immediate and hard.  There was no waiting for bedtime, just an immediate hard spanking with my paddle.  

5) I have been spanked for not completing my work lists either at home or at the mall where I work for her.  Every morning when I get up, there is a list of things that I have to do sitting on my dresser.  When she gets home in the evening she makes me go to the home-office and stand in front of her desk.  She then reviews the list to determine if everything was done as ordered.  If not, I have to take my clothes off and kneel on an ottoman for my spanking.  And, then, she’ll also spank me later just before bedtime.  Those spankings are always much more formal, with me taking a shower before bending over her lap to be spanked.  These spankings are also much more personal as she most often “inspects” me and then strokes my clit to climax.  So my earlier spanking is essentially punishment, and my bedtime spanking is for discipline and personal satisfaction, for both of us!  

6) I do also earn a spanking for poor driving habits.  I have been spanked for a speeding ticket, a parking ticket, and anytime she sees me not driving properly!  

7) I was recently spanked for lying out in the backyard and removing my top so as not to have tan lines.  I did not think she was home, which she wasn’t when I went out, so I was just relaxing when all of a sudden I see her shadow as she is standing over me.  She ordered me to get up, which I did immediately, and she took my arm and marched me right inside.  In the kitchen I had to take off my bikini and bend over her knee after giving her the large wood spoon that she keeps just to use on me.  For about 10 minutes I could be heard crying loudly as she really worked on my bottom.  I’m sure the neighbors knew what was going on and why, since some of them had been watching me, mostly naked, out on my blanket.  

8) A spanking was given for flirting at the mall.  I sell perfume at a kiosk and my aunt caught me flirting and not staying professional.  She didn’t say anything at the time, but when I got home she told me to go to my room and get ready for bed.  It was only 8:00!  But I knew not to object and hurried to my room.  I got undressed and took my shower.  Sure enough, as I returned to my room, she was sitting on my bed waiting for me with my paddle.  I knew what to do as I dropped my towel and lowered my naked body over her knee.  Flirting earned me a spanking with 300 strokes—150 to each cheek!  But, I did not learn and flirted again a couple of weeks later.  It’s just really hard for me not to flirt!  Well this time I not only had to take my shower, but I could not dry off nor keep the towel around me when I reported to my room.  I had to just get out of the shower and go to my room and bend over the end of my bed with my bottom still wet, warm and soft.  This time she was going to use my paddle on me and wanted to hit me really hard, …, and she did!  She used the paddle right from the start on my bare, wet bottom, hitting me really hard this time.  I immediately pranced and squirmed, and started crying from the start!  And, this time, there was no inspection and caressing when she was done.  Just a girl with a very sore bottom going to bed early, naked and crying, and still wet!  

9) At Xmas time I was spanked for allowing a quick change artist to beat me out of $80 at work.  My aunt had warned me that it could happen but he was cute and I let my guard down.  I just cannot resist a good-looking guy!  This is one time I got the paddle used on me with 500 strokes!  I was really kicking, screaming and crying before she got through with me.  

10) I was spanked in the kitchen for arguing with my aunt regarding how well I cleaned it. I felt she was being too picky and told her so.  That was a mistake.  My clothes came off right there and I was being bent over the side of the kitchen table as she used the wood spoon on me.  Then it was right to my room to “get ready” for another spanking!  


Hopefully this gives you an idea of the spankings I have had and continue to have while living here.  Most spankings here are given before bed, unless I need an immediate spanking, which I frequently do (and then I may also be spanked again before bed) and on my bare bottom, at least they all end that way.  

When I was younger they were given on my dress or panties with my uncle present.  But when only my aunt was there, they would always be on my bare bottom.  Now my aunt is alone so all of my spankings are on my bare bottom and most are with me nude.  My aunt does not have any restrictions now on how or where she will spank me.  Even at the mall, she may just take me to the car, make me bare my bottom and bend over her knee in the backseat.  She keeps a paddle in the car just to use on me.  And, she’s getting so she will spank me in front of my friends, especially my girlfriends.  And she is warning me that she will spank me in front of my boyfriend if I do not start behaving better when he is around.  So I know that pretty soon I’ll be getting spanked in front of him since, as I’ve said, I just cannot stop being giddy around a guy, which my aunt does not approve of.  

My aunt has always told me I'm not too old for a sound spanking and that I will be spanked by her for any number of reasons.  She is a strong disciplinarian that believes in it and always will.  

As I said my aunt and I work together in the mall.  We also have part timers, three now that cover the shifts.  Part of my job is to train and supervise and evaluate these girls.  If one of these part-time girls messes up and it is due to a lack of proper training and supervision, the fault is mine.  I have been given several spankings for not training or supervising them properly.  These spankings are normally a long hand spanking with some scolding in between.  Since the work has to be gotten done, for these spankings she takes me to the car during my break and spanks me while she lectures me on what is expected of me.  There is no problem spanking me in the car since the windows are tinted and she parks in a secluded area.  Even in the car, I still have to be naked when she spanks me.  


When I first arrived at her home my duties were mainly housework and I was gradually trained at the mall.  I was instructed on how my aunt wanted the house to be kept.  I did see my room as my little corner of the world and felt I could keep it as I wanted.  This included not making my bed daily, leaving clothes around, etc. I would keep my door closed and felt I had a right to how it looked.  Well, one day she opened my door and that was the end of my little corner. My bed was stripped and so was I. Over her lap I was placed and spanked hard!  When she finished spanking me I got up crying and had to clean my room, make my bed and get everything neat and straight for her inspection.  When she came back about an hour later I had to stand naked at the end of my bed, just in case I had to bend over it, as she inspected my room.  Fortunately, everything was as it should be.  She told me that I had better keep it that way, and I have.  I guess spankings do work for lazy girls!  


One reason that I accumulated the debt that I have is because I love to shop. It doesn't help that I work in a mall and on my break I am free to roam. One day I found sales on some of my favorite clothes. I bought "Pink" bras and panties, "Bebe" shirts and skinny jeans. The total was well over $200 but "it was such a good sale!"  When I came home I put the bag in my room, turned around and my aunt was there. She didn't agree with my purchases at all. I was made to take everything back to the store and bring her the refund receipts.  As you can imagine that was not the end of the incident. A hard spanking followed that evening and my credit card was confiscated.  Even when she gives me a spanking, she still punishes me with more “sanctions”—confiscated credit card, corner time, housework naked, grounding, loss of driving privileges, loss of phone use, and so on.  She especially likes to watch me clean the house naked!  And when she does, I know that at some point I will have to bend over for a quick inspection and some hard slaps to my bare bottom!  


The following is the most intimate of spankings that I have received. My aunt will tell me to shower and shave and then meet her in my bedroom. I do as I'm told and report wearing only a towel. She will then inspect me for proper shaving using a cotton ball to see if it snags. If it does I am spanked with her paddle for not shaving properly. It is impossible to prevent all snags and I do get paddled every time. She is very thorough, checking every inch of even my most private areas. She says it’s important that I show attention to detail and if I am not shaved smooth, I have not paid close enough attention to what I’m doing.  Also, smooth skin makes it easier to keep proper hygiene.  My aunt's inspections are important and serious to her. It is one of the few spankings I get where the paddle is used immediately and used hard.  I get these nude inspections at least once a week, but I never know when they are coming, so I have to keep myself shaved at all times.  

Also, I receive full-body inspections that are randomly done.  My aunt will tell me to go and shower and to "be sure to shave" as I'm getting in the shower and that's a hint that an inspection will follow my shower.  After my shower I report to her in my room wrapped only in a towel, which I immediately drop.  I stand in the center of the room with my arms out. She then slowly moves a cotton ball, first over my underarms, and then my legs. My aunt will have me spread my legs and move the cotton ball over my thighs and bottom. The final area to be checked will be my most private area. Any snags at all will mean a poor shave and will be met with a lot of hard smacks of the paddle on my bottom, about 20, as I have to stand and take them. This inspection and spanking is followed by a spanking over her lap. If I did a good job shaving it will be a hand-spanking and if not I will feel even more of the paddle, a lot more.  With my aunt, any full-body inspection always ends with a spanking.  And, these inspections can come at any time of the day.  They are not reserved for the evening.  

So, I do get spanked a lot, but it does not seem so, since all of my spankings are ones that I need to make me behave.  

Domestic Submissive Amber!

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The following report concerns the spanking and punishment of Amber.  Again, the name has been changed, but the facts relating to her spankings and punishments are accurate.  In this case, I have extensive emails that were sent to report on how she was disciplined and punished over a period of many years.