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The Finishing School,

Frequent OTK Spankings


OTK Spankings Administered Daily

Girls at the Finishing School expect to be spanked on their bare bottom almost every day to make sure that they continually strive to be exceptional.

When a girl does not meet the high-expectations expected of her, she is soundly spanked.  

Below you will find many movies of the girls being spanked.  These are characteristic of what any girl can expect who attends the Finishing School.

The Strict Training Program

The spankings shown below are indicative of the Strict Training Program that a girl can expect.  She is expected to be obedient and behave properly, and is spanked hard when she disobeys or misbehaves.  This program is for the girl who wants the supervision and control that helps her to feel safe and secure, cared for with pride, and spanked hard as needed to assure success.  

This program is for the girl who believes as Brenda does when she stated:  

"I believe that a girl should be spanked hard when she misbehaves or disobeys her Master.  I have been a live-in housegirl and crave the attention that I received when I was.   I get excited when I have to remove my clothes and bend over my Master's knee for him to spank me.  

I like the feeling of being safe and cared for when I have to do what I am told and be punished hard when I don’t.  If I am not spanked hard when I misbehave or disobey, then I do not believe that my Master cares for me and what I do.  

I need to get spanked hard to help me become a better person, help me achieve my goals, and help me learn how to be a good obedient and submissive girl who obediently serves as ordered, takes care of my home as ordered, and strips naked to be punished as desired by my Master.  It is important that a girl is most often naked when she is spanked, and that she be taken over her Master's knee and given a sustained and prolonged spanking.  

I like a man who tells me what to do, and enforces his orders with a bare-bottom spanking if I do not obey.  I want to be told what to do and be given a good, hard spanking to make me obey.  I want him to tell me when to get up, when to go to bed, what chores I have to complete, what clothes to wear or to strip naked, to shut my mouth when I should not talk, to present my body as he wants for him to inspect and massage, to take a bath when ordered, to prepare meals as ordered, and so on, just tell me what to do all day long.  

I expect to be stripped naked and bend over to be whipped with a strap when I have to be punished hard.  

I expect to be stripped naked and made to lay back on my bed, table or whatever, and get my legs up and spread so that he can inspect me carefully and massage me to climax so that I know that my body is his to use and punish as he wants.  And, he may have to bind me to keep me in position so that he can spank my bottom hard and inspect me closely.  

I want to start each morning naked, over his knee as he uses a  paddle to spank my bottom hard so that I kick and cry to start my day, knowing that I will have to be obedient to my Master all day.  When he finishes spanking me I know that I will be obedient to him all day and be the best girl I can be.  

At night, just before bed, I want to be over his knee again as he uses the paddle to spank me hard to punish me for all the bad things I did during the day and for being naughty.  I want him to spank me hard so that I learn to be the best girl I can be.  If I have not done well in school, I expect to be given an extra-hard spanking to remind me to study better and get better grades in school.  I expect to be spanked each day when I come home from school so that I will study better when he then sends me to my room to study."

The OTK spankings shown below are characteristic of a girl being controlled and told what to do!

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A Girl’s Obedience Training and Spankings

Girls at the Finishing School are treated in a very domestic manner.  The spankings shown below for this girl are characteristic of what girls at the Finishing School receive.