Models’ FAQs

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Model’s FAQs!

FAQs may change without notice!

 How Much Money Can I Make?

  What are the Themes for Your Movies?


  Who Administers the Spankings?


 Do I have to have Acting Experience or Training?   


No! You are being punished and spanked.  You are auditioning for a movie which requires
natural behaviors.  

You will simply be spanked, just as any girl is who has misbehaved or been disobedient!  

All you have to do is do what you are told to do and behave naturally as any girl does who gets spanked.  

Although The Director is dedicated to making your performance exceptional and artistic, you are being
punished and you leave the artistic presentation to The Director.  If you wish to be counseled and punished by
a professional educator who is genuinely concerned about your own well-being and personal growth and
accomplishment, then work with your
Overseer and he will help you to accomplish your own goals.  

There is no "acting" when you are counseled and punished by your Overseer.  This is a real-life counseling,
punishment and spanking experience that you want published as a video on this web site.

 What if I Don't Live Where You Shoot?   


At this time you must live in Columbus, Ohio, or be able to travel there for your shoots.  

We are only doing shoots in Columbus, and you must be able to get there for your shoots.  

We do not pay for any travel expenses.  

  Where Do My Spankings take Place?   


Click on the title frame at the right to see one location!  You will be spanked in the
home of your
Overseer, or in his van, or in another convenient location or studio.  You may see
some of the locations where the models are spanked by looking through this website.  This is not
designed to be a "glossy" production, fabricated to appear to be a punishment and spanking session --
this is a production that presents a real-life spanking, yours, in an environment that portrays an actual home in which you are spanked by your "Daddy" or "
Overseer". It isn't the fine imagery that counts, but the warm environment and imagery of a home, and the firm handling of a girl who needs to be and is actually being spanked and punished.  Our movies are recognized as being realistic because the spankings are in fact real, the scenarios are realistic, and the punishment is realistic; i.e., not the light pats of “play spanking”, but the firm spanking of a girl being punished.  

  Am I Respected During My Performance & Is There any Sex?   


Absolutely, you are respected.             And, there is absolutely no sex!!!

  Are the Performances Open to Observers?    



  Can I Just Model and Not Do Any Spanking Shoots?   


No! There will be modeling shoots, but those are for promotional purposes to entice viewers to watch your
spanking videos.   If you do not want to get spanked, then this industry is not for you.

 What happens if I Want the Spanking to Stop?    


The purpose of your spanking is to punish you.  You are not supposed to like it, and it is supposed to hurt,
and it will hurt!  Our films are realistic and authentic, and in order to produce them so that they are, you
are given real spankings that do hurt so that you cry, since that is what girls do when they get spanked …
they cry.  When a girl is spanked for real, she has no choice as to how long or how hard she is spanked –
the same applies here …
if you want to get paid.  Of course, you can always just leave … and not get paid!

However, if you want the spanking or performance to stop … during your Interview/Audition only, you
will say "
CUT!", or simply get up and walk off the set!  Your Interview/Audition is just like any movie
production you have seen or heard about  -- the production is stopped by saying "
That's all there is to it.  

HOWEVER: If you say "Stop," your spanking will continue.  Saying "Stop!" is a natural-language
statement that is part of your performance.  Many girls say "
Stop!" when being spanked as a normal
statement of resistance to being spanked.  But, as your "Daddy" or "Overseer" will tell you:

"I'll stop when I'm ready and I think that you have been punished enough!"  

If you say "Stop!," your spanking will continue.  If you say "CUT!", your spanking will stop.  

HOWEVER:  If you stop a spanking … you will NOT BE PAID!   

Therefore, if you cannot actually take being spanked, then do not apply.  

If you stop a spanking … you will NOT BE PAID!  

NOTICE:  There is no “safe word” during your actual production shoots.  You cannot stop a
spanking during your shoots … if you want to get paid.  The reason is that “safe words” are used
where there is a possibility of injury; e.g., in BDSM performances, but you cannot be injured from
being spanked … you can be hurt, and you will be hurt, but not injured.  

During your audition, you are given a Spanking Evaluation to see whether or not you can actually take a spanking.  Some girls think they can take  a spanking only to find out during their Spanking Evaluation that they cannot.  On-the-other-hand, some girls are not sure, and during the Spanking Evaluation they find out that they can take a hard spanking.  So, try it out and see just what you can take, and maybe you can make a good income as you are being disciplined and punished.  (A Spanking Evaluation is simply a 5-minute spanking over-the-knee by hand with increasing intensity to see if you can take the spankings required in order for you to be a Spanking Model & Performer.)  

Although you will be spanked hard and your bottom will be red and probably bruised (some girls bruise more easily than others, so you should count on your bottom being bruised), your spanking is not a beating, but a firm, steady, well-controlled spanking for 3- to 10-minutes.  Your first spanking is by hand, although we also have a yardstick, hairbrush, tawse (a type of strap), belt and other implements that we will eventually use on you.   Some girls like the fantasy of being spanked with a yardstick as they were at home or in school.  Others want a hairbrush used on them.  The implement used on you is determined by the scenario of your performance.  

  How Long is a Shoot, How Long are the Spankings, & How Hard are the Spankings?


How long is a shoot?

A shoot lasts 1 to 1.5 hours, and consists of 4 to 6, 15-minute to 20-minute performances; although longer performances are possible.  This is the actual performance time.  However, there will be preliminary conferences, a discussion of the script, your make-up preparation, and any other preliminaries that may be required.   

How long are the spankings?

Your spankings are normally 3 to 6 minutes or so long, although during any full
performance you can be spanked up to 10 minutes during the performance … not all at one
time but cumulative; i.e., several different spankings.  During a 10-minute performance,
you may be spanked 2 or 3 times with 2-minute spankings, or 2 spankings of 3-minutes.

If you are whipped with a strap or belt, these will normally last longer, but the number of
strokes is less than it would be for a hand spanking or with a hairbrush, yardstick, etc.  

How hard are the spankings?

How much do you want to be paid?  The harder spankings pay more.    

  Do I Have to Perform Nude and Show My Face?   


  When Performing Nude, Do I Have to Have My Groin-Area Exposed?  

 If I Perform with Full Body Exposure, Do I Get Paid More?   


Do I have to have My Groin-Area Exposed?

How much money do you want to make?  

Although our movies are not pornographic, in that there is no actual sex, the more of your body
 you show, the more your viewers will enjoy your films and the more they will want to see more
of your films, which means that you will have more shoots and make more money.  

Further, there are specific scenarios where it is natural that a girl is “inspected” or she
masturbates or a dildo or vibrator is used on her.  When a girl is inspected, it is normally done
with her in a legs-up position so that she can be inspected for cleanliness, to see if she is
shaved, and to inspect her vagina to see if she has had sex … or a dildo or vibrator will be used
on her to check for her responsiveness.  

However, even in spanking performances, you may have to kneel as shown to be spanked,
in which case, your groin-area will show.  That is just a normal part of any regular performance.  

Of course, if she masturbates, then there will be both clitoral and vaginal masturbation.  

Under these conditions, you will be more fully exposed.  

Do I Get Paid More for Full-Body Exposure?

Depending on what activity you participate in.  

As noted above, the girl shown in the photo at the right is being spanked and there is no
extra pay for the exposure.  Extra pay is for
activity and not exposure!  

Full nude exposure is expected and is part of the basic shoot pay.  Even in the legs-up
position where the groin-area is fully exposed, if the girl is just being spanked; e.g., with a
Jokari paddle, then that is just part of the normal activity of being spanked.  

However, if there is vaginal penetration with a dildo, vibrator or by hand, then an additional
fee can be expected.  

Any such fees, however, if any, will be determined with respect to each performance,
but the standard is that an additional fee will be paid for vaginal penetration.    

  If I Am Accepted, Can I Recruit My Boy & Girl Friends?

We have no openings for male performers or models.  There are, however, numerous sites that recruit such, we do not.  Your girlfriends are certainly welcome to apply, and we encourage you to recommend them to us.  They will have to go through the same application process that you have, so they must first apply on-line and proceed from there.  We will not, however, hire them just because you work for us.  Each girl obtains her position as a result of her own talent, and not because of who she knows!  

  Are There Any Physical Requirements -- Weight, Appearance, Body Piercings or Tattoos,

   Dress Codes, etc.?    


Our main concern is with your appearance.  As a performer, you must be attractive, fun loving and have a positive attitude.

Another concern is with your cleanliness.  You are performing with others, so your personal cleanliness and hygiene are critical.  

We do have a Height:Weight ratio that you must meet.  Essentially we are looking for the athletic build, or slim build.  If you are more than 10 pounds “overweight”, then you are probably not acceptable.  If in doubt, just ask.  

You must be attractive.  

Body piercings, tattoos, etc., are considered on an individual basis.  Generally, we are looking for the “clean” look, although if you see our models you will know that most do have tattoos.  

  How Can I Contact You?   


You may contact the Director at:


Our Girls Graduate

With Honors!  …

Because They are Spanked

Hard if They Don’t!

We produce Exotic Fantasy films in the Spanking Industry.  As the industry suggests, the focus of our films is on spanking, and our specific focus is on the spanking of girls.  In particular, our films emphasize the spanking of girls bare bottoms.  While some scenarios portray girls being spanked with their clothes on, the great majority of our films are of girls being undressed so that they are spanked on their bare bottoms.  So, you can count on being made to undress so that you can be spanked.  And, as seen by the photo at the right, you may be spanked in front of other girls; although during your audition, you will be the only girl being spanked as we want to see just what you can do and how you react to being spanked.  Daija is the videographer and will, of course, also be there.  

However, your spankings are part of a domestic theme.  So, you will be expected to perform by doing very domestic activities, like washing dishes, going to bed, and so on.  And, as part of your punishment, as shown at the right, you will be made to stand in the corner or have your mouth washed out with soap, and other such domestic punishments.  But, you will only perform in those scenarios that you have agreed to perform in … except for spanking–you must get spanked, or you are in the wrong industry!  Some of the activities that you may agree to, but the choice is yours, are:  *Mouth-Washing, *Bathing, *Bondage, *Enemas, *Hair-Pulling, *Groin-Area and Vaginal Inspections, *Masturbation, *Faux Sex, and *Dildo/Vibrator use, including use to climax, among other activities.  While there is no actual sex, there may be Faux Sex, if that is what you want to do.  Why would you want to do it?  Because your fans will enjoy it and your movies will sell more, and you will eventually make more money.  The better your movies sell, the more we will want you in our films!  

Very simply, the more you are willing to do, the more money you will eventually make.    

You certainly may bring a friend with you if you want.  However, so as to minimize distractions of cameras and observers, the shoots are closed to all but those required for the particular scenario.  Cameras are unobtrusive as much as possible, so that your performance is as natural as possible.  You may be nude at times, and we work with you to provide a safe, secure and private studio where you can feel comfortable being nude, as if it were your own home.  We will be pleased to meet any friends that you may bring prior to the shoot, but the shoot itself is closed for your own privacy considerations and to encourage the naturalness of the scene interactions.  And, we have found that friends are normally a distraction and we prefer that they wait to see the results of your shoot.  However, there will be another woman, Daija, shown in the photo at the right, with you most of the time during your interviews, consultations, and performances.  Daija is the videographer and will make you very comfortable during your performance.  As seen by the hairbrush she is holding, she may administer spankings at times.  

Our girls have to report to the Headmaster every evening at 8:00 for their Academic and Domestic-Chore Evaluations and Spankings.  They must strip naked and stand at-attention, as shown below, as they are lectured.   If the girls have not done well academically or have not completed their domestic chores properly, they must bend over their Headmaster’s knee  to be spanked hard.  Most often, all girls will have
to be spanked hard!  

This is your character!

Are you an attractive girl who can perform as a disobedient and misbehaving schoolgirl, daughter, secretary, or other such character who has to be lectured and bend
over my knee to be spanked?  

Can you complete our Interview-Audition to receive $200.00?  

Can you perform as required to receive $200.00 to $500.00/shoot?  

If so, then read the rest of this FAQ and then complete the Model & Performer Application.  

How attractive are you?  

How hard a spanking can you take?  

What exotic & erotic activities are you willing to perform?  

But, for the basic spanking performances, similar to what is shown at the right, for which we are known and sought-after, a basic shoot pays $200.00 for a 1½-hour shoot.  

The more exotic/erotic performances, or those in which you are spanked exceptionally hard, pay more.  There have been shoots that pay over $1,500.00.  But, don’t count on one of those, since they only go to models who have been with us for a year or more.  

But, exotic/erotic shoots may pay an extra $100.00/shoot; i.e., $300.00/shoot total.  And, some pay more … $400.00 or $500.00 per shoot.  It just all depends on what you are willing to do and how hard the spankings are that you can take.  Harder implements pay more!  

Your own earnings depend on:

(1) How attractive you are and how well you present yourself for your spankings;

(2) How well you perform the required scenarios;

(3) How hard you are spanked (will you accept only firm yet light spankings, or hard spankings which pay more?).  Those performers who receive harder spankings get paid more.

How much am I paid for my initial Interview/Audition?

As you may know, auditions in the movie industry do not generally pay anything at all!  

However, your Interview/Audition here pays $200.00    … IF you complete the entire Interview/Audition!  That is, if you stop the spankings, or cannot complete your spankings, … you do NOT get paid anything at all!  You MUST complete the entire Interview/Audition in order to be paid!  

Your Interview/Audition consists of:

(1) Photo-Shoot & Spanking Evaluation.  You will complete a photo-shoot and be given an OTK, 5-minute hand-spanking to make sure you can actually take being spanked.  

(2) Performance Evaluation.  You will complete a 20-minute performance to make sure that you can actually act as required.  

(3) You will then be paid $200.00.

As shown at the right, you will be spanked by The Director, Kenneth R. Thompson,
Overseer / Headmaster / Daddy / Master / Boss (the title depending on your agreed-to
relation with him for your performances), or possibly by another girl designated by The Director.  

The Director is an educator and research mathematician. As a former Air Force officer and pilot,
he is very professional and respects the personal dignity of all young women, and especially
those who perform for
Spanked Coeds.  He is authoritative yet understanding, always wearing the expected Academy attire that conveys his respected position.  There is never any sexual encounter, only the administering of spankings, and the groin-area and vaginal inspections required for various agreed-to scenarios. And, there is an emphasis on the production being an artistic production.  Although you need to be spanked, we also want your spanking to present you in a manner that is "enjoyable" for both you and your audience.  You will be made to position yourself properly to present your bottom for the most aesthetic qualities and enjoyment for you and your audience. This is an artistic as well as punishing performance, and you will do exactly as you are told so that it will be so.  Your Overseer works with you in a positive and encouraging manner to achieve your best performance.  

This site is an exotic fantasy site, and is not pornographic in nature.

You are "the coed-next-door" and NOT "the slut-next-door"!

You will perform in an artistic production where you are respected individually and treated very well. It is only in a friendly and trusting relation that we can help you to present your artistic talents in a way that makes a positive presentation of your punishment and spanking.  We enjoy our work and want you to enjoy working with us, even though we do have to be strict and firm with you so as to punish and spank you properly.  We look forward to working with young ladies who come to us for the punishment and spankings that they need and want, and help them to achieve the goals and behaviors that they want.  You will find that your Overseer, and others with whom you work are very approachable, friendly and kind.  They are here to make certain that the video that is produced from your spanking performance reflects the true spirit of a coed being spanked and thereby helped to achieve her own goals -- whether your goals are just to be spanked, or spanked to improve your behavior.  The theme of our movies and the girls we are looking for are characterized by the real-life girl who I mentored and spanked, who said this about what she wanted and needed:  

I need to be very closely controlled. I feel better when I am over your knee getting my bare bottom spanked hard for not obeying you or when I misbehave. That spanking tells me that you love me and care for me and will help me do what I need to do. I want and need the control that you give me. I need to be told what to do and to be spanked hard if I disobey. When you told me to take a bath and I resisted and said I would take it later, and you dragged me to the bathroom, stripped me naked and put me in the tub, that is exactly what I needed. I was actually just testing you to see if you would make me obey. Now I know that you will and I know that I have to obey you. Then, when you dragged me out of the bathtub naked and wet, and pulled me down over your knee as you sat on the toilet seat and spanked my wet bottom hard with my hairbrush, then I knew that I had better obey you! I like that and am very happy with my sore bottom! I now know that you will give me the control that I want and need.”  

Girls who are in need of discipline and punishment characterize the girls we are looking for.  If you can play the part, then you are who we want.  You do not have to actually be submissive, you just have to act as though you are.  You’re an actor, behave like one!  

NOTE:  There is no "casting-couch" for Spanking Models and Spanking Performers.   

However, if you wish to make more money and want to perform in more erotic & exotic scenarios, then you can ask to be considered for an Erotic Casting-Couch Audition. This Erotic Casting-Couch Audition will pay $250.00 instead of the normal $200.00 and, if you pass the audition, you will be considered for higher-paying shoots which pay $300.00 or more per shoot.  

Shown above are 2 positions that a girl might be ordered to assume during an Erotic Scenario Performance.  In these positions she can be spanked, massaged to climax, have a dildo or vibrator used on her, among other activities.  These performances pay more.  

Yes, and yes!  

You are a model and performer in an Exotic Fantasy Industry where nudity is sought-after by our viewers.  The more of your body you show, the more likely you are to be sought-after and enjoyed.  The more you are sought-after and enjoyed, the more likely it is that you will be offered more shoots, which means that you will make more money.  If our viewers do not like your performances, then we cannot use you in any future films.  

Your spanking will be on your bare bottom.  When you are spanked over-the-knee or bending over furniture; e.g., a sofa arm, you are expected to kick your feet, bounce and cry.  You must cry.  Crying is a natural part of a girl being spanked, and our spankings are realistic and authentic … therefore, you will cry when you are spanked.  The main requirement for your performance is that you are spanked on your bare bottom.  At times, you may be spanked over your clothes, but most often you will be spanked on your bare bottom.  And, your spankings start out on your bare bottom.  There is no “warm-up” as there is with other studios.  The reason is authenticity.  Girls who are actually spanked for real, are spanked on their bare bottom right from the start.  In addition, by spanking you on your bare bottom right from the start, your reactions will be more authentic and your film will be much better.

Now, in addition to getting spanked, to provide substance to
your performances, you will frequently be getting dressed
and undressed.  These are just the natural activities of a girl
who is going to be spanked.   

So, you will perform nude and you will show your face, in
particular, so that your viewers can see you cry …
you must cry!  

Girls do cry when they are punished, especially if they are spanked or have their face slapped.  Why have your face slapped?  Because this is a realistic part of the home-life of a girl who talks-back.  What happens   if a girl talks-back to her dad?  She gets her face slapped.  The same happens here.  Do you have to have your face slapped to   perform here?  No, as with everything else, except getting spanked, you must agree to whatever happens to you!  Madison, shown here, requested that she be slapped and   have her hair pulled.  That’s the kind of girl  I am looking for … one who enjoys her work and wants to do her best!  

However, you must cry!  


Daija and I were out today and found a very lovely, and beautiful blond-haired girl who would have made an excellent model!    The Problem?:  Her boyfriend!  Sometimes we find very promising girls who are controlled by their boyfriend, even though it is the girl who is making the most money!    In fact, often that is the problem.  The boyfriends become jealous of all of the money the girls can make and do whatever they can to obstruct the professional goals of the promising model!    

Don’t let someone else control your life … and your income!

Check out the FAQs to see what you can make!    

$100.00 for your short audition!   $200.00 to $500.00/shoot!

Qualified girls may be chosen for a shoot in the Caribbean and be paid $1,000.00 plus travel and hotel!