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NOTICE:    Sometimes I receive reports from girls who are under 18-years-old.  I will not post any reports from my Spanking Survey from girls who are under 18-years-old.  However, I have received reports through my survey from such girls who are being sexually abused.  When that happens, I will notify the police, regardless of the country where the girl lives.  I have previously notified the police in Denmark concerning a 12-year-old girl who was being sexually abused.  I first contacted the FBI and they told me that they did not have a direct line to Denmark and I would have to contact the police there directly.   I did.  I do not know the results of the information I gave them, but they were informed.  However, if a girl is just reporting that she is spanked, I just ignore the message.  It will not be published.  If you are under 18-years-old and are being sexually abused, you may contact me through my Spanking Survey or by email, and I will see if I can help.  

ALSO:  Even if you are 18+ and are reporting about your spankings when you were less than 18, I will not publish those reports either.  If you were spanked when you were under 18, then that demonstrates a lack of parental control and creativity.  I never did spank my own daughter, and do not advocate the spanking of children!  If your parents are not competent enough to know how to control you, then that is their problem and yours, but not anything that we are interested in here!  

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The post is about the spankings and punishments of Serbian girls!

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If you are a Serbian girl, you can click on the “Survey” banner below-right to leave your own report or email me at:!  Please let me know how you are spanked and punished.  I have had many reports over the years, more than 10, in particular from Serbian girls in very strict religious communities concerning how they are severely spanked and punished, and sexually enjoyed and controlled.  Their submissive-obedience is critical and demanded and they are severely spanked if they disobey or do not sexually submit as ordered.  Let me know!  

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The latest one is from a 25-year-old girl reporting about her spankings that she received at 22 and 18 from her mom and aunt.    Enjoy!    ALSO:  

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And, if you are living with your single mom, an aunt, or other family member who still spanks you, please let me know how you are spanked and why.  If you need a good, hard spanking, contact me.  

I have recently had several requests from girls to be spanked.  However I will do so only if their spanking-punishments can be filmed.  I get no “thrill” out of spanking a girl, and will do so only if it will actually help a girl by punishing her for her bad behaviors or disobedience.  But, since I no longer charge a fee for such spankings, I will need to film the spankings, although her face does not have to be shown.  

Also, I have helped single mom’s with their 18+-year-old daughter, but that is because both the mom and the daughter wanted such help, and, most often it was for a girl who was in college who realized that if she did not find a “Daddy” who would get her under control, she would not graduate!  At the same time, the mom was often also spanked for domestic issues.  

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