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Heather's Spanking Movies




Coed Heather's Movies -- Click Title Frames to see Movie Trailers


Tammy's Academy Interview & Spankings  27 min. 36 sec.  $33.99

Tammy applied to High-Expectations Academy to receive the spankings she needs, rather than be sent to jail for stealing.  She is spanked by both the Headmaster and Headmistress several times.  She is spanked OTK by hand and with a hairbrush.  This is just one long spanking session for Tammy that includes all of the preparations.   

Heather Spanked for Moving from Her Position when Spanked  7 min. 14 sec.  $7.99

Heather had to be punished for moving from her spanking-position when being spanked.  And, her punishment is harder than if she had held her position the first time.  The Jokari Paddle was used, which gives very stinging blows to her bottom.  And, with 192 strokes, she got punished hard for not accepting her first spanking properly!  

Heather Spanked for Taking Clothes Home that Are Not Hers  5 min. 0 sec.  $5.99

Heather decided that she would take home clothes from the Academy that were not hers.  That is definitely against the rules.  Since the yardstick had not been used on her, her Headmaster decided it was time she learned a good lesson.  130 strokes later on her bare bottom, and Heather knew that she had better not take any more clothes home that were not hers!  

Heather Spanked for Getting Pregnant  4 min. 29 sec.  $4.99

Heather had been warned about playing around with her boyfriend, but, of course, she did not listen!  A hairbrush-spanking got her attention, even if it was too late!  140 strokes of the hairbrush, though, made her Headmaster feel better that he had at least done his job! 

Heather Spanked for Not Doing Her Work as the Coeds' Concierge  4 min. 6 sec.  $4.99

Heather is responsible for helping out the other coeds, but she gets real lazy.  The Stirrup Strap is very effective when applied to a bare bottom, or even over clothes!  63 strokes of the strap gave her good incentive to work better! 

Heather Spanked for Spending too Much on Clothes  7 min. 6 sec.  $7.99

Heather was told not to buy any more clothes for awhile.  Of course, you know how well she obeys when she is told to do something!  She went out and bought a nice, very-good-looking dress.  OK, no problem there.  But she disobeyed me.  So ... OTK for 30 hand-slaps!  OTK with the Punishment Strap for 30 strokes on her bare bottom!  Mfade to kneel on the floor with her head on the sofa, she gets 31 more with the strap!  Then she is made to stand and bend over with her head on the sofa to receive 51 more strokes with the strap.  Then, just to make sure she got the point, she is taken over my knee again for a Hairbrush-Spanking of 30 strokes on her bare bottom!  

Heather Spanked in Her Bedroom for Not Signing Up for Classes  5 min. 41 sec.  $6.99

This is the second part of her punishment for not signing up for classes this quarter.  She was made to go to her bedroom for a strapping.  This was just a very simple and direct spanking.  She was dressed in her nightshirt, made to pull it up and kneel on her bed, knees and hands.  Then I just proceeded to whip her bottom hard with the Behavior Attitude-Adjust Strap.  She got 83 strokes with the strap for not going to school!  That'll show her!!!  

Heather Spanked for Not Signing Up for Classes  4 min. 39 sec.  $5.99

Heather did not want to go to school this quarter, so she thought that she could get away with not signing up.  OK, so she did not sign up, but she got spanked hard!  Since this is school-related, I used the 4'-long yardstick on her.  She was made to bend over with her head on the sofa so I could give her 91 strokes of the heavy yardstick.  Those yardsticks work very well! 

Heather Spanked for Not Keeping her Cell Phone On  2 min. 51 sec.  $3.99

Heather thought she would have some time to herself and just not answer her cell phone when I needed to talk with her.  She just turned it off!  How stupid!  These girls just never learn!  To make it easy for me to work on her bare bottom, I made her go to her room, strip naked, place 2 pillows on her bed and lay down and wait for me to spank her.  I used the Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap to spank her hard with 80 strokes!  

Heather Spanked for Buying Too-Short Dress  10 min. 35 sec.  $11.99

Heather went to buy a "dress" and came home with, well something!  It obviously was meant to impress her boyfriend rather than to cover her.  She receives a hairbrush-spanking OTK and standing and bending over.  She is also strapped with the Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap.  This is just a very nice domestic spanking of a disobedient girl.   

Heather Spanked for Not Briefing New Coeds  26 min. 1 sec.  $26.99

Heather reports to her Headmaster for a conference about what she is supposed to be doing.  Unfortunately he finds out that she has not been briefing the new girls as she should and has not brought in one of the new girls she said she was going to.  As a result, Heather ends up in a long punishment session, well ... actually 5 punishment sessions, including falaka punishment and a long 5-minute punishment session.  During her punishment, she receives 84 strokes of the hairbrush while over the Headmaster's knee.  She receives 107 strokes of the Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap during her long 5-minute session, and another 40 very hard ones during her final session.  She also receives 68 strokes of the riding crop on her feet during her falaka punishment session.  This is just one long punishment session for Heather! 

Heather's Long Spanking & Falaka Punishment  38 min. 21 sec.  $38.99

Heather is ordered to report to her Headmaster for a long afternoon of punishment.  She is spanked OTK, kneeling on the sofa, bending over her study desk, kneeling on her bed, and laying down on her bed.  And she receives a new punishment--Falaka Punishment (spanking her feet!).  She receives 60 strokes of the Riding Crop on her feet!  She also receives 66 strokes of the Riding Crop on her bare bottom.  She receives 100 strokes of a new, large Hairbrush as she bends over her Headmaster's knee, and 20 strokes of the Hairbrush as she bends over with her hands on the sofa.  She also receives:  80 strokes of the cane as she bends over her study desk, 150 strokes of the Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap as she kneels on her bed, and 45 strokes of her Headmaster's belt as she lies flat on her bed with her hips well-placed over 2 pillows!  

Heather Sweeps Naked & is Strapped for Drinking  24 min. 42 sec.  $19.99

Heather is ordered to sweep the carpeting that was brought to the Academy.  She is made to strip naked to sweep so she learns to be more obedient and do what she is told.  She was also brought in for a punishment session for drinking.  She receives a long 4-minute whipping with a new strap. 

Heather Strapped for Disobedience  10 min. 15 sec.  $9.99

Heather is strapped hard for disobedience. She is made to bend over the worktable and receives 170 strokes of the Punishment Strap. Her spanking is finished off with 20 strokes of the Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap. For Sample Clip go to: http://www.spankedcoeds2.com, select "Movies" and then your coed of choice! Thanks! Ken



  Heather Learns to Sweep

$31.99 / 44 min. 52 sec.

 Heather Punished for Her Attitude 

$16.99 / 22 min. 9 sec.

Heather Punished for Not Doing Chores 

$15.99 / 16 min. 38 sec.

  Carpet was gotten for the Academy.  It needed to be swept with a sweeper.  The Headmaster had Heather help with the cleaning.  Come to find out, Heather didn't know how to sweep!  She learned after several spankings.  She gets spanked at least 10 times, with a few extra thrown in! 
This is a long punishment session!  Heather had been having a real attitude problem for several days, threatening to revert to her old habits of cutting and burning herself.  Her Headmaster spend a good 20 minutes punishing her with the hairbrush, holded paddle and strap.  He finished her off in the bedroom with 200 strokes of the Slut Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap.  This whipping is just what this strap was made for! 

Basement Punishment Dungeon! Heather is given many reasons to cry!

Heather has been failing to do her chores, like shoveling the snow from the walks.  To impress on her that she is expected to be obedient to her Headmaster's chore-assignment, he punishes her hard, including using the Basement Punishment Dungeon!  She is spanked hard in the lounge area, then dragged downstairs to be whipped.

 Heather Spanked for Wearing Trampy Dress!

$10.99 / 13 min. 42 sec.

Heather's Just-Because Spanking

$7.99 / 7 min. 36 sec.

Heather Spanked for Wearing Slutty Dress

$8.99 / 8 min. 50 sec.

 326-Stroke Hairbrush Spanking!!  Heather goes out and buys high-heeled shoes and a trampy dress.  Sent to her bedroom to wait for her Daddy, he comes in and just starts spanking her with 28 hand-slaps to her bottom.  Then she is made to stand in the corner as he spanks her with 94 strokes of her hairbrush.  Not done yet, he makes her bend over his knee to receive 200 strokes of the hairbrush!  Then making her bend over the side of her bed he spanks her with 126 strokes of the hairbrush!  Back in the corner, he spanks her with 50 strokes of the very hard Stirrup Strap!


To encourage Heather to keep behaving better, she receives a Just-Because Spanking.  First she gets her face slapped 3 times.  Then she is made to lay down on her bed with her hips placed over several pillows to keep her bottom up high to receive the strap.  Then she is spanked with the Heavy Punishment Strap with 60 strokes.  This strap really hurts!  It is only used on girls who have been really bad and need to be strapped hard!


Heather tries to go out for the evening wearing a very slutty dress.  Her Daddy puts a stop to that and not only grounds her but gives her bare bottom a hard spanking with the Blue Punishment Holed Paddle!  ...  That's after she gets her face slapped 6 times!  In all, she gets 145 strokes of the paddle! 

 Heather's Disobedience Spanking

$4.99 / 3 min. 39 sec.

Heather Severely Whipped for Misbehaviors!

$10.99 / 12 min. 55 sec.

Heather Spanked for Missing Coed Conference--OTK Spanking

$6.99 / 6 min. 51 sec.

Heather is given a Disobedience Spanking for having moved out of position during one of her Punishment Spankings.  And she is given the spanking when some of the other coeds will be coming home from school so they can hear her being spanked!  Heather receives 70 strokes of the Discipline Paddle as she bends over the Punishment Table. 14 Face Slaps!  218 Strokes of the Slut Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap!!  Don't miss this one!  Heather has been misbehaving for a couple of weeks now and her Headmaster (Daddy) is going to put a stop to it.  Having wrecked the car, gotten jealous of the other coeds, getting drunk in a bar and so on, she deserves a very severe beating .. and she gets it!!!  As she is made to kneel on the floor and bend over the front of the sofa, her Daddy straps her bare bottom with full-force downward strokes.  Then sitting on an ottoman, he applies the Slut Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap full across her bare bottom.  And these are VERY HARD, and SEVERE strokes to Heather's bare bottom.  Crying and squirming throughout her punishment, you know she is being punished for real ... which she is!!!  As with all the girls, they receive real spankings, and Heather is no exception.  Heather missed a required Coed Conference and spent an hour getting herself spanked.  Her punishment started with an OTK, over-the-knee, spanking.  Lifted up off the floor, she is placed over her Headmaster's knee and spanked naked.  She received 82 hand-slaps.  Then she was made to bend over the ottoman to be strapped 60 times before kneeling on the ottoman to receive 50 more with the Slut Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap. 

Heather Spanked for Missing Coed Conference--The Ping-Pong Paddle

$3.99 / 3 min. 6 sec.

Heather Spanked for Missing Coed Conference--The Riding Crop

$3.99 / 3 min. 15 sec.

Heather Spanked for Missing Coed Conference--The Paddle Legs-Up & Hairbrush OTK

$5.99 / 6 min. 24 sec.

Continuing Heather's missed Coed Conference punishment, Heather is spanked with a ping-pong paddle.  Taken over her Headmaster's knee, she receives 110 strokes of the paddle.  Then, standing and bending over, she receives 50 more!  Continuing Heather's missed Coed Conference punishment, Heather is spanked with a riding crop.  Whipped on her back, thighs and bare bottom, she is thoroughly whipped.  She receives 199 strokes with the crop!  Continuing Heather's missed Coed Conference punishment, Heather is spanked with a paddle and hairbrush.  She is first made to lay back on the ottoman and get her legs up and held to her so her Headmaster can use the paddle on her bare bottom with 100 strokes.  Then it is over his knee for 200 strokes of the hairbrush! 

Heather Spanked for Missing Coed Conference--The Slut & Heavy Straps, & Bathbrush

$8.99 / 8 min. 58 sec.

Heather Spanked for Missing Coed Conference--Before-Bedtime Spanking

$4.99 / 3 min. 37 sec.

Heather's Weight-Control & Self-Mutilation Punishment

$8.99 / 8 min. 32 sec. 

Continuing Heather's missed Coed Conference punishment, Heather is spanked with the Slut Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap, the Heavy Strap and a bathbrush!  110 hard strokes with the Slut Strap, 100 strokes with the Heavy Strap, and 93 strokes of the bathbrush!  This is a very hard, severe and long spanking!  Heather frequently has her day end with a Before-Bedtime Spanking.  This day is no different following her missing a required Coed Conference.  20 hand-slaps, 30 strokes of the Slut Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap, and 80 strokes of the hairbrush and she is ready for bed!  Heather has a problem that many girls have -- she cuts herself with razors and burns herself with cigarettes. She has lacked self-esteem and turns against herself when she becomes frustrated with herself. Her Headmaster (Master) will have none of it and is working hard to help her overcome this very disturbing problem. But, he also has to help her lose weight -- with a good spanking! He uses the paddle on her bare bottom as she leans over and grabs her ankles. Then he makes her kneel and then stand as he uses the riding crop on her bottom, back and legs. If she is going to be hurther Headmaster is going to do the hurting.  

Heather's Punishment Session

$29.99 / 38 min. 53 sec. 

Heather's Obedience Spanking!

$6.99 / 7 min. 20 sec. 

Heather Spanked for Drinking, Smoking & Spending Money!

$10.99 / 12 min. 7 sec. 

 Comprehensive Punishment Session! Hand-spanked OTK. Strapped hard bending over the ottoman and kneeling on her bed! Face-slapped 10 times! Hairbrush used 100 times on her bare bottom OTK. Ping-pong paddle used 120 times on her bare bottom as she kneels on the ottoman. 50 strokes of the cane! 131 strokes of the Slut Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap! 400 hand-slaps on her bare bottom! Dressing and undressing as ordered to assure obedience. Whipped and spanked, Heather is severely punished! Her punishment finishes with her kneeling on her bed naked getting the strap used on her VERY HARD to impress on her that her obedience will be obtained!  Heather is spanked OTK on her bare bottom with the Blue Holed Paddle. First, she is made to pull her skirt up and panties down, then she is ordered to strip naked for her spanking. This is just what the title says: An obedience spanking for Heather. 200 strokes of the paddle impresses on her that her Headmaster is serious about her obedience.  Coed Heather does a lot of smoking, drinking and spending too much money.  Her Headmaster thinks it is time she got that under control.  He spanks her naked OTK and also uses a hairbrush on her.  Then she has to bend over, hands on wall, for another spanking. 

 Heather Strapped for Letting Boyfriend Beat Her!

$3.99 / 3 min. 5 sec.

 Heather Strapped OTK Bare-bottom for Being Irresponsible

Headmaster's Choice!
Don't Miss This One!

$5.99 / 6 min. 14 sec.

Heather's Hard Punishment

$15.99 / 21 min. 4 sec. 

 JUST  A  REALLY  GOOD  BEATING!!  Heather stays with a boyfriend who beats her.  She does nothing to get out of this abusive relationship ... for real!  Her Headmaster, "Daddy", is  not going to put up with it any more.  So he strips her naked, makes her kneel on the ottoman with her hands on the floor, and spends 2 minutes, 22 seconds just beating the crap out of her well-presented bare bottom!  (Since the clip is only 3 minutes long, you know that this clip is nothing but spanking!)  100 strokes of the Slut Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap.  This is what that strap was made for -- a girl in need of a SEVERE  BEATING!!!  SEVERE  STRAPPING!!  Heather wants the total control of her "Daddy", her Headmaster, to make her be the responsible girl she can be.  For several days she has been very irresponsible, and her "Daddy" is not going to put up with it any more.  He is very soft-spoken with her as he lectures her.  Then he just whips the crap out of her!!!  100 VERY  HARD  Strokes of the Slut Behavior Attitude-Adjustment Strap.  CRYING!  Heather is crying before her spanking starts as she knows what is coming.  And then she cries convulsively as her whipping continues.  This punishment is for real.  No fake crying.  No light taps of the strap.  You can tell from the first stroke that this is something different!     Heather has had a very bad attitude problem for several days.  Heather is punished very hard!  Her Headmaster told her to report for punishment.  As she does she is face-slapped 11 times and then told to get her pants down.  During a 20-minute punishment session, she is spanked by hand with 241 slaps; spanked with a hairbrush with 130 strokes; paddled with 55 strokes; and strapped 190 times!  This is one continuous action-packed punishment session.  Heather cries a lot during this punishment. 

 The Punishment of Heather--The Slut Behavior-Adjustment Strap!

$8.99 / 8 min. 55 sec.

The Punishment of Heather--Weight Control Paddling

$4.99 / 3 min. 40 sec. 

The Punishment of Heather--Hand, Hairbrush & Paddle

$15.99 / 17 min. 49 sec. 

 256 strokes of the Slut Behavior-Adjustment Strap to Heather's bare bottom!  CRYING!  Heather really cries a lot during this punishment.  As with all of Heather's spankings, this is real punishment.  Nothing has to be made up with Heather.  She is just a very irresponsible, disobedient and misbehaving little girl who frequently needs her Headmaster's (or "Master", as she calls him) punishing attention.  During this punishment session, Heather is punished for not asserting control over herself.  She is strapped OTK and kneeling on the floor as she bends over the front of the sofa.  This is just another excellent whipping of Heather.  She needs a lot of corrective attention, and this is one more that she gets.  A nice domestic spanking of an over-weight girl.  Made to stand on the scales, raise here skirt and pull her panties down, a wooden paddle is used to spank her as she is lectured about her weight.  Crying, she promises to do better.    As can be seen by this photo, Heather receives more harsh punishment.  The bruises from the holed-paddle are evident, and she could not sit down for a couple of days without remembering her spanking!  Her punishments were recorded over a period of several weeks as she is spanked 2 or more times every week, plus some "touching-ups" where just a quick 2-minute spanking of her bottom is sufficient.  HOWEVER, this session demonstrates that she is frequently punished with some rather harsh spankings.  Here her bottom is slapped by hand 206 times.  Her hairbrush is used on her with 163 strokes.  And, the dreaded Blue-Holed-Paddle is applied hard 223 times to her bare bottom!  Heather knew that she had been spanked when this session was over!  As almost always, Heather cried throughout her punishment.  Crying is common with Heather, and here she does not disappoint her Headmaster who spanks her until she is crying.   


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