Slavegirl Elina, Part 1

This is the first part of Elina’s message.  Enjoy!


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Following are messages from 21-year-old Elina.


Dear Master,

My name is Elina.  I am an Indian girl living in the U.S.  I am 21-years-old, living in Georgia, am a college student studying electrical engineering, living with my parents who supervise me closely, strictly control my activities, and spank me every day, and, in fact, they spank me several times a day.  They are very strict with me and punish me harshly, which I want and need.  I have done very well as a result of their control and punishments, but I need to be more strictly controlled and severely spanked and punished more than what they do.  I have found that I no longer respond as I should to being spanked, and know that I actually need to be punished much more severely than what I am now.  After viewing your Blog posts completely, including your older posts, I want to be your slavegirl.  In particular, I read very carefully the other Indian girl who also wanted to be your slavegirl and she expressed some of my very desires.  The main difference, I guess, is that she had never been spanked, whereas I am spanked several times every day, and have been all through school.  I have been trained very well as a submissive and obedient girl who needs severe spankings to keep me focused on behaving properly and being obedient.  I know that I need these spankings and want them so that I feel better about myself and continue to improve and serve my master properly.  And, I want you to be my Master, and I want to serve you as you desire.  I dream of stripping naked in front of you as I then kneel to satisfy you, and then you severely spank and whip me for not doing so properly.  I want you to control me and punish me severely and harshly.  

After reading the messages from the other Indian girl and how she expressed my own desires, I will repeat much of what she wrote, but will also add onto it my own desires and experiences.  She confirms what I have always thought, which is that Indian girls are trained to serve their Master properly and are spanked repeatedly to make sure that they learn to do what they are told.  Many Indian girls are severely spanked, especially the younger wives in a family.  Not so much anymore, but many families have more than one wife, and the younger wife can be punished by the other wives, and, of course, by the husband who will spank her hard if she disobeys.  Especially American girls who are taken to India as a young wife are spanked repeatedly until they learn their place.

As your slavegirl, I am looking to be very strictly controlled and severely spanked when I misbehave, disobey you, break your home rules in the slightest way, or do not please you in any way.  Being controlled and spanked not only turns me on but it really motivates me so that I strive to be a better girl, but also makes me more obedient and submissive, a better slavegirl, and helps me do better in school, personally and domestically.  Reading your stories about real slavegirl and domestic-girl situations is a big turn on for me also and I want the same for me.  I get very turned on by the thought of being dominated, controlled, owned, severely spanked and punished. 

I know it will hurt extensively but I trust you to use any implement you decide to use on me.  I know I need this punishment as any slavegirl needs to make her behave and obey.  I want you to spank me for as long as you want—30 minutes, 45 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, even 6 hours, and if you feel I need to be spanked longer than 6 hours, then please do so.  You are to make me strip naked and bend over to be spanked and then just continue to spank me as long as you want, pausing to rest before returning to work on my bottom some more with whatever implement you want to use.  And if I do not hold my position, you are to beat me severely and bind me in place so I cannot move my bottom.  My body is for you to use and punish as you desire.  When you order me to bend over to be spanked, I must hold my position regardless of how long you spank me.  If you have to start on my bottom first thing in the morning and want to continue all day, then I must hold my position until you are done.

I continue to be spanked by both my parents, especially when I do not get the grades they expect me to get, which is that I must get all “A”-grades.  When I don’t, I will be over my dad’s knee for 30 minutes as he spanks me severely as I cry convulsively and promise to do better.  When they spank me, I have to take all my clothes off so I am completely naked, and bend over their knee or bend over as ordered.  They then, most often, spank me for 10 to 15 minutes although it can be for an hour or so very hard.  Their strict control and hard spankings make me feel safe and loved, and know that they care how I behave and what I do.  That may be why I feel the need to be a slavegirl—so I will be controlled, punished and loved.  When Daddy holds me over his knee as he spanks me, I feel so safe and loved.  I want that from you.

I not only want you to train me, spank me and punish me, but I want you to be my Master and severely spank and beat me when I disobey you.  I have always wanted someone to dominate me completely so that I will feel safe and loved as my parents do.  I also want an experienced Master and one who is older so that he will know how to train me well.  That’s why you are perfect for me.

As I said, I have been spanked by my parents and my mom literally spanks me several times a day—most often 3 to 5 or more times.  When she has to spank me, I have to strip naked to bare my bottom and bend over for her to use a paddle or strap on me, or sometimes she just uses her hand, which hurts about as much as a paddle.

And then, after my After-School Spanking that she gives me each day when I come home from my last class, for the rest of the day I am crying most of the time, since mom will be spanking me some more, and especially on the weekends when she really gets to work on my bottom.  As I do my chores, she will stop me and make me get my paddle, hand it to her and bend over her knee to be spanked for not doing my chores as she expected.  On Saturday I am spanked every 2 or 3 hours with 15-minute spankings each time.  As a result, I have learned to be a very good domestic girl.  You can count on me keeping everything clean and neat, and, of course, if I don’t, I know that you will have to blister my bottom.  In fact, I have been trained so well that I will self-report if I know that I have not done my chores correctly so you can blister my bottom to help keep me focused on doing my work as it should be done.  I know that every 2 or 3 hours I need to be given an Obedience-Focusing Spanking to help me keep my attention on my work.  Most often I get really distracted and start to daydream rather than focusing on my work, and a severe bare-bottom spanking gets me back on track.

Check back for the next installment!