Submitting a Spanking Application

Yesterday I received what was purported to be an application by a girl to be my “daughter” and for me to control her and spank her.  But, clearly, she was not all that interested and did not really want me to spank her.  Although I told her to reply in an hour or so, she could have replied at any time and just begged for my forgiveness and to spank her for not being obedient.  But, she didn’t.  She was just not really serious.  See her message below. 

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First, let’s take a look at her total message.  I have cleaned up the spelling and sentence structure some, but this is her message:

Now, let’s take a closer look at her message:

Hello Headmaster! 

How are you? I recently stumbled upon your blog. I must say your videos are very domestic and authentic. I saw your latest post about slavegirl control. Although I am not too much into slavery, I’ll rather want to be your daughter, although you may punish me like a slavegirl.  

She has started out correctly—she has stated that she has seen what I do and appreciates the very domestic nature of the spankings.  And, she recognizes that whether a girl is a “slavegirl” or “daughter”, she will still have to be spanked hard.  Actually, if you think about it, there often is not much difference between a “daughter” and a “slavegirl”:  Each one must be obedient.  Each one is spanked hard when she is not obedient.  What happens to a “daughter” when she comes home past curfew?  She is spanked hard.  So, this girl-applicant recognizes that she will be strictly controlled and spanked hard as my “daughter”.

I wanted to know what the process is for applying for your training.


I want to be controlled by someone 24*7. I want you to spank me, inspect me daily for hygiene and cleanliness, tie me down and spank me for 2-3 hours, humiliate me, slap me on my face, and cane me.

OK.  She is stating exactly what she wants done to her and how she wants to be controlled.  This shows that she has actually given some thought to what it will mean to be my daughter and how she will be treated and controlled.  Even tying her down and spanking her for “2-3 hours” is very insightful.   She probably recognizes that this does not actually mean a continuous spanking with no stops during that time.  But, what will happen is that she will be tied down so that I can spank her for 5 to 10 minutes, and then pause as I sit down and have a drink as I enjoy watching her squirm, kick and cry, before getting up and spanking her again when her crying has subsided.  I will normally bind her legs only above her knees so that she can kick some without interfering with her spanking.  If she kicks to obstruct the strap or paddle being used on her, then I will have to spank her again, twice as long and much harder with a Disobedience Spanking!  

That is, a 2- to 3-hour spanking simply means that she will be kept crying for that period of time.  And, then during the last 20 minutes is when she will be spanked very hard and continuously so that she ends up crying convulsively.  The reason for that is that then she will be very hyper-obedient when I untie her and she will jump to do exactly what I order her to do for the next day or so.  Of course, I will continue to spank her during the next day or so for one thing or another, but she will still be very hyper-obedient.  

Further, she has requested that her face be slapped when necessary.  I have had girls who actually prefer to be slapped rather than spanked.  Many do not acknowledge this desire.  However, to be a true domestic daughter, what often happens to a girl when she talks-back to her dad?  He slaps her.  Hence, this girl will definitely be slapped, repeatedly, if she talks-back or is insolent in any way toward her Daddy.  Most often, I will slap the girl once, and then make her kneel in front of me as I sit on a chair and make her cross her arms behind her back and hold her head up to be slapped.  This maintains control over the slapping.  There is no flailing.  Slapping is perfectly safe if done properly; i.e., never slap the ears!  Of course, after I slap the girl 10 to 20 times, I will take her over my knee and spank her hard so she never talks-back or is insolent, like rolling her eyes, shrugging her shoulders, or being insolent in any way whatsoever.

I also want to know if you can yourself sometimes shave me smooth and wash me properly.

Well, of course, I can, and she knows that I will.  She must keep her vulva shaved smooth, and when it isn’t, I will shave her smooth and then spank her for not doing so herself

Or at times when I have really messed up, you tie a dog leash around my neck and humiliate me and pull the string of the dog leash and take me for a walk as you do a pet.

Now, this is something that most girls do not think of.  But, this girl knows that to control her completely, she must submit to me as ordered, and one way to assure that submission is to treat her as a “pet”.  And, since I have a Pit Bull and use a choker-chain to take her for a walk, I can very easily just put that collar on this girl and take her for a walk.  Although, I will probably just get her own collar so that she is in fact “collared” to remind her that she must obey me and will be “taken for a walk” if she doesn’t, or to simply reinforce the fact that she will be obedient to me

I want you to care for me as a dad but not hesitate in punishing me like a slavegirl. I want to spend days where you wake me up in the morning and spend entire day using me up, treating me like your property and control me sexually.

Actually, with this girl, when I get her up in the morning, I will take her over my knee to give her a Morning Obedience Spanking.  This will help to let her know that I do expect her obedience during the day and she will be spanked if she disobeys me.  Of course, each night before bed she will receive her Before-Bedtime Punishment Spanking to further her punishment for anything she did during the day for which she was not punished or was not punished enough.  

But also, I will control her sexually by making her strip naked and present her naked body to me as ordered as I probe her with dildos and vibrators.  Or, depending on how sensual she is, I may make her kneel to satisfy me with her mouth after she is spanked, or just anytime during the day that I want to use her for my pleasure.  She will definitely be controlled sexually, and enjoy it herself!

OK, let’s see what our girl has missed out on!  Click on the following banners to see the films

My, my, look at all of the sexual control and passion she has missed out on!!! 

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And at times you could just blindfold me for an entire day and spank me, sexually use me, tie me up and  inspect me for the entire day, and the best part would be that I am not even able to anticipate things or see what you are doing to me. Please reply.    Regards

What a wonderful and very lovely message.  This girl seems to be very lovely and would be great to work with and enjoy.  I finally found a girl who understands her place as my “daughter” who is closely supervised, strictly controlled, spanked often, inspected daily, and generally just participates in a very lovely Daddy/Daughter fantasy.  …  But, then she flaked out!  How disappointing.  She seems as though she is a very lovely girl. 

I responded as follows: 

My Dear Daughter __________, 

Thank you for your message and interest in being trained and spanked.  

First, yes, all of my training is very domestic, and the videos shown are authentic spankings because the spankings are, for the most part, very authentic.  That is, the girls in my films are actually being spanked for things they have done and need to be spanked.  

Actually, there are very few girls who are actual “slavegirls”, and most such requests are more into being a “Play Slavegirl” than being an actual one.  However, your request does appear to have all the qualities of you being trained and punished as a “slavegirl”, even though you will be my “daughter”.  Many years ago I did mentor college girls and treated many of them as a “daughter” in order to help them do better in school.  But, in so doing, they had to obey me completely, the same as a “slavegirl” would have to do.  So, I actually do not distinguish too much between the two.  However, my latest post is concerned with those girls, those very few girls, who do want extreme control, severe and brutal punishment and spankings, etc.  I am preparing a possible follow-up post concerning Consensual Slavegirls that will spell this out more clearly.  However, let’s get back to you.

As you request, essentially every girl I work with and train, is treated like a “slavegirl” in that I expect your total obedience and you will be firmly spanked for disobeying me or misbehaving.  

From what you request, an excellent program can be developed.  


How old are you?  Where do you live?  Can you get to Columbus, OH?  How tall are you?  How much do you weigh?  Can your spankings, punishment, etc. be filmed?  

 I will need answers to these questions immediately before proceeding.  

 By “immediately” I mean within an hour or so.  If I do not hear from you, I will assume that you are not serious.  I say this, not because of you, but because I have recently had very bad experiences with other girls where I waste my time extensively in developing programs for them only to have them flake out on me.  

 Make sure that you are serious.  

 Your Daddy, Ken


As she did not respond, apparently she is not serious.  Are you?  If so, submit your application by contacting me directly at: