Slavegirl Control

There are over 200,000 American slavegirls being trafficked in the U.S. and around the world.  They are controlled with severe spankings and sexual subjugation, along with prolonged confinement and Behavioral-Therapy Control Techniques.  Two movies shown below depict some of the ways that slavegirls are controlled through spankings.  And, selling girls is more profitable than selling drugs, so the business has grown over the past few years.  Just be aware of how serious the problem is. 

Our concern, however, is with girls who want the control and spankings they need to help them be the submissive and obedient girl they want to be, and, most often, so that they do better in school, and serve their Master better domestically and sexually.  These are Consensual Slavegirls.  I have reports from several girls who want to be controlled so that they feel safe and loved, and behave properly as they desire.  Their reports will be provided in an upcoming post.  This current post simply shows how these girls, as well as trafficked slavegirls, are controlled through severe spankings. 

If you are a girl who needs such control to do better in school or personally or domestically, contact me and we will see what can be arranged.  

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I have had several requests from girls who want me to take them on as my Submissive Domestic-Slavegirl in order to help them behave properly and to be the submissive and obedient girl they want to be.  As shown below, as my slavegirl, you will be controlled by means of severe spankings and total control as you submit your body to my use as I order.  Click on the Title Frame to see the movie.

Consensual Slavegirl Reports will be provided in an upcoming post.