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The following 2 girls represent many of the spankings, punishments, and submissions that girls are given.  There is nothing really unusual about their spankings and enjoyments, just very basic attention to their bare bottom and demands for submission.

Girl #1:

I’m a 28-year-old girl who is still being spanked, although I was spanked the most when I was 24.  Other than being spanked, I am lectured when I misbehave or do not obey. 

NOTE:  Being lectured is most often given when a girl is spanked, both before, during and after.  The lecture helps to focus the girl’s attention on why she is being spanked, especially after her spanking when she is sent to do Corner-Time.  Frequently, I will continue to lecture the girl as she stands in the corner, as well as administer spankings as she stands there to continue to remind her what happens to her bottom when she misbehaves or disobeys. 

I only get spanked once or twice a week with a couple of spankings or so. 

NOTE:  This is probably normal when the disciplinarian is not actually living in the home.  If the disciplinarian (dad, mom, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc.) is actually living in the home, then he/she will see more reasons to spank the girl, and she will be spanked 4 to 6 or 7 days a week with 5 to 15 spankings, rather than just a couple of spankings

My male neighbor is the one who spanks me when he checks up on me.  When I have to be spanked, he takes my clothes off so that I am naked as I go over his knee to be spanked, or made to kneel on my bed with my head lowered to the bed and my hips raised, or my hands clasped behind my head as he uses a yardstick, paddle or strap on me.  When he comes over to spank me, I do cooperate in letting him take my clothes off, although if I resist in any way, I will get spanked harder. 

NOTE:  Most often a girl should be made to take her own clothes off, since this will help her focus her attention on herself and the spanking she is going to get.  When the male neighbor, boyfriend, etc. takes the clothes off, it is more sexual and sensual.  With the male neighbor or boyfriend, such activity normally results in making the girl kneel and provide sucking-services after she is spanked.  With this girl, the male neighbor most likely does not engage in any sexual activity … since he only comes over 1 or 2 times a week

When he spanks me, he spanks me long and hard!  He will just keep on spanking me until I am crying for a long time.  He wants to hear me cry and will keep spanking me until he thinks I have been crying long enough.  He will administer a very hard spanking of up to 400 strokes!

NOTE:  Boyfriends normally do not give a girl a Punishment Spanking, since they do not want to “hurt” the girlfriend.  They do not want her to cry.  But, to be effective punishment, the girl must cry when she is spanked.  As with this male neighbor, he is not concerned about the girl’s feelings, but knows that she must cry when she is spanked.  And, as shown below, to be really effective, the girl must cry convulsively so that she has a cathartic experience after her spanking and she becomes very hyper-obedient. 

If I misbehave away from home, he’ll take me to his car, make me bare my bottom and crawl over his knee so he can spank me hard.  Then he takes me home and spanks me again! 

NOTE:  Repeated spankings of a girl who misbehaves away from home is critical in order to help her be the best girl she can be.  I have had many requests from girls who ask for just that.  They say:  “If I could not sit down after I am spanked, I would think twice before I misbehaved in public again.  I need you to really just blister my bottom good so that I become the good girl I want to be.” 

I get spanked for talking-back, swearing,  fighting with others, not doing my chores, not doing what I’m told to do, getting up late, drinking, not getting ready on time, having unauthorized sex, and not serving sexually as ordered.  And then, in addition to my Punishment Spankings, he just spanks me whenever he wants to with Just-Because Spankings, Maintenance Spankings, Preemptive Spankings, and Submission Spankings

NOTE:  Girl #1 is a well-spanked and properly disciplined and punished girl.

Girl #2

There are many “older” girls (those over 24-years-old) who are spanked by more than one person, as is this 30-year-old girl

Girl #2

I’m a 30-year-old girl who is still being spanked, although I was spanked the most when I was 28.

I am also given Corner-Time Naked, have my mouth washed out with soap, and am lectured.

NOTE:  As shown below, more girls should have their mouth washed out with soap, and done so as I do … with a soapy washcloth and toothbrush!  … And, of course, followed by a hard bare-bottom spanking

I am spanked 3 or 4 days a week with 5 to 10 spankings.   I am spanked by 3 men—my male neighbor, my boyfriend for punishment, and my male pastor.  And, I am spanked in front of all three.  And, I am spanked on my bare bottom in front of all three of them plus a male family friend.

When I am spanked, I have to take my own clothes off.  I may be wearing my clothes, but I have to take my panties off for my bare-bottom spanking.  I am most always spanked on my bare bottom.  I may just have to strip from my waist down, but quite often I have to remove all my clothes so I am naked when I am spanked.  Although in the evening I may have on my thin, sheer nighty which does not provide any real protection, but is more sensual for the spanker to enjoy!  But, even then, most often I will be naked and over his knee in the Inverted-V Spanking Position since my bare bottom will then be fully exposed and presented for my very hard spanking that I receive in the evening.

However, when I have to be spanked I do resist, but then, after I take my clothes off, I will be spanked much harder, and also be given a Disobedience Spanking later.

I am spanked with several different implements in addition to being spanked by hand.  I am spanked with a paddle, strap, belt, hairbrush, wood spoon and a stirrup strap.

I am spanked a lot because I misbehave a lot and get spanked for talking-back, swearing, and not doing what I am told to do.  But also, to make sure that I am always thinking about behaving myself, I am given Just-Because Spankings, Maintenance Spankings, Preemptive Spankings, Proprietary Spankings, and Submission Spankings.

When I am spanked, I normally only receive 50 to 100 strokes although at times it will be up to 300 when I have been very bad!  If I misbehave away from home, I’ll be spanked on my bare bottom in the car, and then spanked again when I get home.