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This report is extended from other reports that may be of interest.  The previous posts should be considered.  

This report is quite interesting and will be described both as she is spanked now by her husband, and previously by several different people.  A lot of description is provided so this should be an interesting report.  Also, her punishment and spankings are very realistic in terms of what it takes to punish a girl properly.  She is not spanked with just a few slaps, but will be spanked for 10 to 20 minutes or longer with anywhere from 200 to over 500 strokes, even up to 1,000 strokes, during a Prolonged and Sustained Spanking, or Thrashing.  And her spankings will vary from just being a mild spanking to a severe thrashing with a variety of implements during a 1½ hour session, leaving her bottom bruised and blistered for days.

Also, her report describes in-detail how there is often a confusion between spanking-discipline and sexual gratification that starts around the age of 16 to 18.  I have had many such reports, and will discuss them more fully in this report due to the detail our girl has provided. 

NOTE:  I had planned on posting another report from an email I received from a 45-year-old mom, but I will post that one later, since this one is much more interesting and more relevant to what my fans have been enjoying, especially the girls.  It is of interest that over 50% of my fans are actually girls who receive validation of their own desires by realizing that they are not “weird” at all, but actually are quite “normal”.  As I have counseled previously, always remember:

     (1) You have a right to your own beliefs. 

     (2) You have a right to your own desires. 

     (3) You have a right to be yourself without the shaming-proclivities practiced by many self-righteous bigots. 

     (4) You have a right to be spanked for whatever reason, if that is what you want … But others do not have a right to subject you to being spanked if you do not consent! 

As we proceed, I will be providing many asides as we discuss the issues raised by our girl.  So such asides will be fairly obvious, but then when we get back to our girl, the discussion will be highlighted by the appropriate heading.

I’m a 27-years-old girl and am still being spanked, and am spanked more now than ever before.  My husband is the only one who is now giving me my spankings.  Previously I was spanked by, of course, my dad and mom, but also by my grandfather, our female neighbor and a male family friend. 

My husband, in addition to just spanking me, also has some very creative ways to punish me.  For example, before, after or even during my spankings, I am at times required to perform or undergo several sexual acts, which are both for humiliation and my husband’s pleasure. 

NOTE:  I have reports from other girls who are also sexually enjoyed during their punishments and spankings.  Of course, this is one reason for Spanking Fantasies and the Spanking Industry which you all enjoy.  And, this is one reason for the frequent confusion between discipline, punishment and sexual gratification that many confuse.  Whereas my spanking-disciplines/punishments are very clinical; i.e., non-sexual, those who do not understand will attribute something perverted to an otherwise simple discipline session of a girl.

Now, several of the girls who have written to me do climax during their spankings, just from the spanking itself.  Or, as one girl did during a hand-spanking that went on for over an hour, she lost control and peed!  Of course, I had to then spank her harder, but when she got home, she called me and told me how “proud” she was of all the bruises she got on her bottom!  Another girl, our 45-year-old girl whose report will be posted later, thought that she might have been “weird” because she normally has to be spanked to have an orgasm.  I assured her that there was nothing “weird” about such a need.  Another girl was spanked by her aunt who might make her spread her legs as she was over her aunt’s knee ready to be spanked, so that her aunt could massage her to climax.  Or, she might start to spank her and then pause to massage her to climax, or, of course, after the spanking was over, she would be massaged to climax.  While her spankings were given for discipline and punishment, there was a definite sexual overtone every time she was told to report to be spanked.

And, many of the girls found that when they were 16 to 18, after a spanking, they would go to their room to masturbate to climax.  And, this resulted in them often being disobedient just so they would be spanked and then satisfied.  Frequently, with fiancés or husbands, this penchant for sexual gratification associated with being spanked takes on more intense forms.  Some do distinguish between foreplay and discipline, but often the two just really get confused.  But, during a 1-hour+ session, that confusion is quickly dispelled.

As reported in other posts, heat creams, ginger roots, wood-burning stoves, running hot water on a girl’s bottom as she stands in a shower, etc., can be used to get a girl’s bottom hot before her spanking that will make her spanking hurt more.  Also, such heating ointments can be applied by making her stand up in front of her husband/fiancé as it is applied in a manner that will make her prance and squirm, which some enjoy watching.  Or, simply make her stand up in front of her husband/fiancé and spread her legs more than shoulder-width apart and keep them there as a vibrator is used to bring her to climax before bending over his knee for a hard spanking.  Of course, making the girl sit and masturbate is also enjoyable prior to, during or after a spanking.  Just be creative!  However, as reported in other posts, forced-masturbation is part of the discipline imposed by some Strict Religious Communities, especially, it seems, by Serbian strict religious communities.

Another favorite humiliation is to make me stand with my spanked, red and bruised butt exposed in front of a window for others to see; or, even more embarrassing is to stand in front of a webcam and present my bottom on a Chatroulette website. 

NOTE:  In case you have not heard of it, a “Chatroulettewebsite is an online chat website that pairs random people from around the world together for webcam-based conversations. Visitors to the website begin an online chat using a video, in this case, with another visitor.  So, our girl’s bare bruised bottom can be seen all over the world!

In addition to being spanked, I also have been grounded, given Corner-Time naked, have my privileges taken away, and lectured. 

I am always focused on behaving myself, since I am spanked 3 or 4 days a week with 5 to 10 spankings. 

NOTE:  This number of days spanked and number of spankings is what is required to control a girl properly.  However, it does require a lot of time, which is why most girls are not closely supervised.  However, where she is being controlled by her husband/fiancé, he has more “invested” in the relationship and actually looks forward to the control he has and the spankings being administered just as much as she does being controlled and spanked.  Most parents, however, do not have the time to attend to their daughter’s needs, and will only pay attention to the more obvious and important problems like grades, curfew and domestic chores; and, hence, give fewer spankings—except in homes where the dad has an office in the home and can frequently check-up on the daughter.  As a result, however, the girl who is not frequently spanked does not really obtain any behavior modification or attitude adjustment since most often there is no consistent control.  However, in several Strict Religious Communities, the girls are very closely supervised and controlled, and will be administered even more spankings than our girl is here.  In these communities, the time and effort it takes to supervise, spank and punish a girl is alleviated by giving her Reporting Times for her to report to her dad to be evaluated, inspected and spanked.  Many of these Reporting Times are well-known:

After-School Spankings, Before-Bedtime Spankings, Maintenance Spankings, Preemptive Spankings, Past-Curfew Spankings, etc.  That is, in addition to any Reporting Times, she has to report to her dad and essentially self-report about her behavior if her dad has not witnessed or determined the problem.  And, she does self-report since if her dad finds out what she did and she did not self-report, she will be much more severely spanked and punished.  This is even more pronounced in Strict Religious Communities where girls are essentially brainwashed to be very hyper about reporting on themselves or other girls.

And this is especially so in religious communities where the pastor is directly involved in the discipline and spanking of the girls.  In many such communities, the girls must report to the pastor at specified times to be spanked.  The church, and, therefore, the pastor takes on a very direct control of the girls by ingraining in their training that it is their responsibility and duty to report on themselves and others who they have witnessed misbehaving and being disobedient.  The girl reporting on another girl will be able to witness the spankings that the other girls receive who she reported on, thus giving each girl an incentive to report on others.


If there is any question about the fact that such church communities exist and have a profound effect on the lives of the girls in the church, one has to go no further than a recent report concerning even more far-reaching tactics of a church in which children are actually “abducted” from their families, with the full-consent of the corrupt judicial branch, and then “blasted”; i.e., screamed at, and physically beaten—not just spanked, but beaten!  Click on the banner below to see the report:

While the Strict Religious Communities of which I have received reports do not participate in such barbaric practices, they do instill a real fear in the girls that they must submit to being spanked and sexually “abused” by their family, pastor and others in the community, especially the men of the church.  Also, it is common practice for boys from the age of 16 and older to be taught, and are given “permission”, to spank the girls, regardless of age.  Younger brothers who are 16 or older are given permission to control their older sisters, and the older sisters must obey the boy or they will be whipped very hard by their dad after the brother spanks them.  When a brother tells his older sister to undress and bend over to be spanked, she must obey.

OK, now back to:

I am spanked 3 or 4 days each week, with 5 to 10 spankings.  All people listed previously have spanked me in the past, however since I’ve been married, only my husband spanks me.  The aforementioned sex acts only apply to my husband by the way.  Spankings in the past were always OTK, mostly by hand.  Only my dad and granddad would also use the hairbrush at times.  My husband now uses a variety of implements besides his hand, including hair- or bath- brushes, paddles, straps, belts and canes in a multitude of positions. 

NOTE:  In strict homes where girls are spanked, they are normally spanked 3 or 4 days a week, as with our girl here, and with 5 to 10 spankings/week.  So, our girl does represent the norm fairly accurately.  And, most often, the girls will be spanked more than once each day, especially on the weekends.  In fact, in any home where girls are spanked, they will be spanked several days each week, since if they are not, then the tendency to spank the girls will be ignored.  The spankings will just stop.  But, if a girl is spanked 3 to 7 days/week, then the spankings will just continue.

I am spanked in front of:  Dad, Mom, Uncle, Aunt, Grandfather, Grandmother, Older Female Cousin, Younger Male Cousin, Younger Female Cousin, Older Sister, Younger Brother, Younger Sister, Female Neighbor, Male Family Friend, Female Family Friend, and Houseguests.  Again, these are mostly people who witnessed my spankings in the past.  Recently I’m mostly spanked in private, though on occasions I have been spanked in the presence of others.  Once in front of friends of my husband and it was because I embarrassed him in front of them.  The other time it was in front of complete strangers in the parking lot of a popular beach club.  Of course now, I am spanked, at times, in front of the whole world when I have to present myself on ChatrouletteThis is a fairly recent variation, which is only used for punishment spankings because he knows I hate it, when I am getting spanked with my ass (and if naked other parts) fully on display and close up on a Chatroulette webcam of a random chat site. 

NOTE:  For girls living in Strict Religious Homes, the girls are normally spanked in front of anyone who is present, especially if they bring home a girlfriend after their last class.  The girls are often spanked after school, so anyone who comes home with them will watch as they have to strip naked and bend over their mom’s or dad’s knee to be spanked.  Nothing much is thought of it, since all of the girls in the church are spanked in this manner, and all have seen each other spanked.  This is especially so for the 4 or 5 religious communities from which I have had recent reports, as well as reports concerning churches, and communities from the 1970’s and before.  The girls are not only spanked in front of anyone present, but they are also spanked by a variety of people, including their boss at work, their tutors and teachers, and their pastor, who will come to their home to spank them.

Click on the following banner to see Cortney get whipped:

And, I am spanked bare-bottom in front of Dad, Mom, Uncle, Aunt, Grandfather, Grandmother, Female Cousin, Older Sister, Younger Brother, Younger Sister, Female Neighbor, Male Family Friend, Female Family Friend, and Houseguests.  I’m basically always spanked on my bare bottom.   Sometimes it starts over clothing, but it always ends on the bare.  And one reason so many people see me spanked is because I am spanked at the homes where we visit when I misbehave.  When I was in school, if I got spanked at school, which I did, I also got spanked when I got home. 

NOTE:  Again, this is characteristic of strict spanking homes.  However, in most cases for which I have reports, the girls are spanked immediately on their bare bottom, and most often have to strip naked for their spanking.  In most homes, of course, the parents will feel “sorry” for their daughter and believe that she needs a “warm-up” before spanking her on her bare bottom.  However, all that does is minimize the effectiveness of the spanking.  By starting right out on her bare bottom, the initial shock really gets her attention, just as it did with Cortney when she was whipped.

When I’m spanked away from home, details vary, but typically it would be OTK, or sometimes bending over something.   9 out of 10 times, spankings on location would be by hand.   Only in exceptional instances would something else be used, something that just happens to be at hand like a belt or a switch. 

What I am wearing when I am spanked just varies a lot.  Of course, sometimes I have on all my clothes.  Then I may have to expose my panties, or just take them off for my bare-bottom spanking.  And then, I may have to strip from my waist down.  Or, I have to take off all my clothes except for my panties and bra, or only my bra.  And, then I may have on my PJs or nightgown.  Those are very sensual.  And then my bikini does not provide much protection at all and is essentially me naked getting spanked.  And then, most often I am just naked. 

Most often, my spankings start with me fully clothed, and then gradually I have to remove some clothes, get spanked again, and then remove some more and get spanked again.  And, most often I will end up naked!  And, I do cooperate as I am ordered to remove more and more clothes. 

NOTE:  This is often true when a Progressive Spanking is being administered.  The progressive removing of clothes, followed by a spanking after each removal, helps to keep the girl “involved” in her spanking and it is more effective.  Changing up the spanking positions, implements used, clothes being removed, etc., helps to keep the girl focused on what is happening to her, and she cannot just give-in to the spanking.  Also, this shows that to be spanked properly and effectively, a girl must be spanked during a Spanking Session of at least 15 minutes, and most often, 30 minutes plus so that lectures can also be included, and then the session most likely will last more than an hour when Corner-Time is also included.  Proper punishment of a girl takes time, which is why such sessions are normally not administered.

In getting ready to be spanked, in the past I would simply be ordered to get over the persons lap and they would start my spanking, in some cases preceded by some corner-time.  With my husband there are different routines depending on the occasion for my spanking.  Sometimes he will want to see me doing my chores around the house naked from the waist down, sometimes he wants me to masturbate, or sometimes he will simply grab me without warning and start spanking.  It all depends on what he wants to do. 

Normally I cooperate when I have to be spanked, but if I do resist, I’ll get spanked harder.  But, I may also be spanked more rapidly or spanked with exceedingly painful implements and sometimes longer, or spanked again later. 

Most often I am spanked OTK, although other positions may be used as noted.  When I am over a knee, I will be spanked by hand, with a hairbrush, small paddle, wood spoon or other smaller implements.  If I am bending over something, I’ll be spanked with a strap, belt, tawse, paddle or cane.  I may also be spanked with a wood spatula, stirrup strap or tree switch. 

Regardless of the position I am in to be spanked, I am most often “warmed up” by hand, followed by 1 to 5 implements.  So, I normally get spanked for a long time.  In fact, I am spanked with 200 to 500+ strokes and even up to 1,000!  So, I am spanked for 10, 15, 20 minutes or more.  I am spanked for just as long as my disciplinarian wants to spank me. 

NOTE:  Our girl is spanked the way a girl should be spanked for punishment; i.e., for a long time with a lot of strokes, and in front of others.  In very strict homes, and especially in Strict Religious Homes, girls are often spanked during a Prolonged and Sustained Spanking Session while others watch her being spanked.  While girls who live in homes where they are spanked when they are 18+, most do not let others know that they are spanked.  However, in many churches where the pastor spanks the girls, especially for single moms, the girls and families are very open about their spankings, and the church may actually have a youth group for college girls where they can discuss their spankings and the need to be spanked in order to help validate the need for the spankings for the girls, and make them more compliant to being spanked.

There was a very conservative church near our home in the 1960’s where the pastor had extensive control over the parishioners.  When dating college girls from the church, they would say that they could or could not do something because of what the pastor told them.  If they did, they would have to tell the pastor, who could then spank them if he thought it was needed.  Or, he would go to the girl’s home in the evening to discuss the problem with her parents, and such visits normally included a good spanking of the girl.  It has been fairly well established that in these strict religious communities where the pastor has a lot of control, the parishioners are essentially indoctrinated to the beliefs of the church, regardless of what those beliefs are.  From a young age, as one girl reported to me recently, the girls look upon the pastor as a “god”; someone whom they must obey and who can spank them when they disobey, which he did.  While this girl lived in a strict home and church, the church was not controlling completely of the family and social life, so the girls outgrew the church dictates and control.  However, where the church is an integral part of the family and social life, as well as the college life and work life of the girls, the indoctrination continues, and the girls continue to believe that they must obey the pastor and be spanked by him when they don’t.

Her parents, of course, believed that she should be spanked and that the pastor should administer the spanking.  In these situations, the girls normally had to put on thin PJs or nightgown so that they were not actually naked, but were spanked as though they were.  Each girl had to have a strap and paddle that they kept hanging on the inside of their closet door, or on the wall beside their bed, so that when they got up each day, they would see them and think more about behaving themselves to avoid them being used on their bottom.  In the evening, as he discussed her problems with her parents, she would be sent to her room to put on her PJs or nightgown and then bring the implements to the pastor and hand them to him.  She would then have to bend over his knee or over a sofa arm chair, table, etc., as he spanked her for a long time.  As you may have heard about some of these religious-punishments from other sources, the pastor is not really concerned how loud the girl screams and cries or begs for him to stop, he just keeps on spanking her, and her parents often tell him to spank her harder, and to keep on spanking her.  These spanking-sessions would last 30 minutes to an hour with the girl made to assume different positions as both the paddle and strap were used on her.  When the pastor went to a home with a single mom, she normally would have the pastor spank the girl much more severely and for a longer time than in homes where both parents were present.  Moms just do not seem to have the compassion that a dad might have for a misbehaving daughter.  Surprisingly, or not, the girls thought that it was alright and that they needed these spankings.

Now, this church was not in a “religious community”, and yet it practiced as though it was.  The small congregation was strictly controlled by the pastor, and the girls did not stray from the church’s teachings, or risk getting harshly spanked.  More-than-likely, this was due to the influence of the parents, especially single moms, who approved of spanking the girls hard when they disobeyed or misbehaved.  When dating one girl, when I picked her up for our date, her dad said: “You had better be home by 11:00 or I’ll whip her from her ankles to her neck.”  And, this girl was frequently and harshly spanked.  And, as her dad said, she had to go to her room, take her clothes off and lay face-down on the bed.  He would then use a strap to literally whip her from her ankles to her neck.  The whippings often would go on for 10 to 30 minutes, depending on what the girl had done.  As with this girl, the parents also spanked the girls, but most often they would ask the pastor to come to their home to administer the spankings, and again, especially for single moms.  Single moms most often would have the pastor come to their home to administer the spankings.  In fact, he had several homes that he visited weekly at scheduled times to administer whatever spankings the girls of the home needed.  And, this might even include the single mom.  When I mentored and spanked my girl in Florida, I also spanked her mom, and spanked her in front of her daughter—as she wanted.  Karen wanted her daughter, Nancy, to watch her getting spanked so she would learn to present her bare bottom as ordered and be obedient as she was spanked.  The pastor here in Columbus, also spanked the single moms and would spank them just as hard as the daughters, to make sure that they would always be an obedient and submissive wife, if they got married.

And, the girls did talk about their spankings in a youth group, especially for the college girls.  In view of the hazing rituals in college at the time, this may not be so surprising.  I don’t know about other churches, but in this church, the college girls had a meeting every Wednesday evening in which they would discuss their behaviors and what they needed to do to improve themselves, and what spankings they had received to help them behave, and what spankings they thought that they should receive.  They did not consider it embarrassing, and often spoke of their spankings in a proud manner; that they had misbehaved and had to be spanked.  I know of several other churches in the States where this is the case that the girls talk openly about their need to be spanked.


I am normally spanked for just not following rules.  And, depending on what I have done, I may receive just a mild 5-minute spanking, but for serious misbehaviors and disobediences, I will be spanked for 1½ hours with a severe thrashing.  This thrashing will leave my butt heavily bruised and blistered for days. 

NOTE:  Our girl is an exemplar for how long a girl should be spanked for the more inconsequential misbehaviors and disobediences—5 minutes.  Anything less than that is not a real spanking, but is given by someone who is just playing.  For more serious spankings, she is spanked for 1½ hours with a thrashing that leaves her bottom heavily bruised and blistered for days.  That is the kind of spanking that helps a girl to modify her behavior and adjust her attitude, so that she develops new Dispositional Behaviors.

If I misbehave away from home, it just depends on where we are, so I may be spanked immediately on my bare bottom, or taken somewhere private to spank me.  I may be spanked in the car, and then spanked again when we get home.  But, all spankings are on my bare bottom.  I am not always spanked again at home, but most often I will be.  And, if I do get spanked when I get home, it may be immediately, or at bedtime. 

Most often I have to take my own clothes off.  But, I may have to leave my panties on, and my spanker will pull them down because they know that I find it to be very humiliating. 

There is no real system according to which I get spanked, but an average spanking consists of roughly the following:  (1) Hand spanking OTK, first over pants/skirt for 2 minutes, next on panties for 2 minutes, and next on my bare-bottom for 5 minutes.  (2) Hairbrush/spoon OTK bare-bottom for 2-4 minutes.   (3) Belt/strap bending over table or couch for 5 minutes.  (4) Paddle/cane with at least 40 strokes, which I will count, but quite often many more.  If it’s more than 100 I don’t have to keep count.  All-in-all a good spanking session like this would easily be upward of 1,000 spanks. 

I probably get spanked for many of the same reasons that other girls get spanked:  Poor Grades, Talking-Back, Swearing, Getting in Trouble At School, Getting In Trouble At Work, Arguing with Siblings, Fighting with Siblings, Fighting with Others, Too Much Noise in the Home, Not Doing My Chores, Not Doing What I’m Told, Coming Home Past Curfew, Getting Up Late, Skipping School, Skipping Work, Drinking, Smoking, Not Ready On Time, Having Sex (before I got married), Just-Because Spanking, Maintenance Spanking, Preemptive Spanking, Proprietary Spanking, and Submission Spanking. 

Despite being spanked a lot as a kid, which as I understand it usually causes an aversion to the practice, I have grown to enjoy and even crave regular spankings.   This change, from hating it and it really being a punishment to me and starting to like it came around when I was 16-years-old.  At that time I started to explore my sexuality, and noticed I would often feel the urge to masturbate after getting spanked.   First I still didn’t like the spankings themselves, but mostly the feeling afterwards.   Soon, however, I did start to enjoy the spankings and it was mostly the shame of having witnesses around that I hated.  My dad and granddad used to alter my OTK position at times from fully over their lap to having me straddle one of their legs or have me over one leg with the other one holding my legs in position so I couldn’t kick them up.  I would then just kinda move along with the spanks as they hit my butt, rubbing myself on their leg.   I’ve had some of the biggest orgasms I ever had at that time in my life doing this.  I was very careful though not to let them on to this.  As far as I know they didn’t know, and just to be clear, they have never touched me inappropriately or took advantage of me.   

I have always been very close with my siblings, and I know (because she told me) my older sister had also grown to enjoy spankings.  Both her and my little brother were always very eager to witness my spankings, and I was equally intrigued by their spankings.  More recently my husband is the only one spanking me, and he is just a perfect match for me.  I used to feel too ashamed to ask my boyfriends to spank me, and even if I would it would only be during sex.  My husband however is just as much into spanking as I am.  He’s just very dominant, and knows I like to be made to feel like a naughty little girl.  What makes it even better for me is that I know nothing turns him on more than spanking my ass long and hard.  Though the spankings themselves most often don’t include much sexual stimulation, they are almost always followed by a sexual release for him.  He either jerks off on my ass or (most often) has me on my knees servicing him orally.  Sometimes I get a release as well, either by allowing me to masturbate after or during a spanking, or by just fucking me, but it’s mostly about him.  My dark red, bruised, welted and blistered ass, while it can definitely be a punishment, is also my biggest reward.

As you can tell from all this, I am spanked both for discipline and punishment, as well as for pleasure.  This is an extremely thin line for me, and during really long and hard sessions I often go back and forward between loving it and hating it.  Somehow some wires in my head just got all tangled up, and so I can go from having an orgasm during a spanking to crying my eyes out, to having another orgasm.  I’m not sure how this came to be, but I think it has something to do with my experiences in my teenage years, which is why I decided to share those. 


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