Is This Girl Married???

I have just been contacted by a friend in New Zealand, and, after reading this post, she remarked that this “husband” sounds like a “dangerous control freak“!  I couldn’t agree more.  As you read this post, ask yourself whether or not Elsa needs to be very careful.  Then check out the photo-stories and video below.

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I have yet another report that will delay my promised post for another day or two.  But, we’ll eventually get to it! 

However, I received an email this morning from someone who says that he is the “husband” of a girl who contacted me to help her and give her the spankings she needed.  The “husband” wrote: 

Here is Elsa’s husband  [Not her real name.]  I don’t want you to get in contact with my wife again. Thanks!

Now, there are several problems with this message:  (1) He is using Elsa’s email address.  (2) Elsa has already contacted me 3 times with information and questions.  (3) I never initiated any “contact” with Elsa … I only respond to emails that I receive!  (4) Is he really her “husband”? 

Point (3) needs to be really emphasized:  I never initiate contact with anyone.  I only respond to emails that I receive.  Even if we have had an on-going conversation, I only respond to an email that is sent to me.  The reason is obvious, or should be:  I do not know what is transpiring in the home of the girl who contacts me, so I just wait for her to let me know.  If I do not hear from her, actually I just forget her.  Even now, I can go back and see emails that I have received from girls just within the past month, but who stopped writing, and my question is:  “Who is that?  What did she want?  I forget that I even wrote to her!”  So, to even suggest that I “contacted” Elsa is ludicrous.  But, you can decide:  Do the following emails suggest to you that this is a married girl? 

Hello, just got your email address from a spanking site.  I have some problems and think that a good spanking can resolve them all.  My name is Elsa, and I’m 24 years old.  I am studying pediatrics at a University.  But I am lazy.  I don’t like to work hard and thus, my assignments are never too good.  Furthermore, I have a part-time job and I often pretend to be sick to escape from it.  What can you advise me?  I really need to change my behaviour.
Thank you, Elsa

My response: 

Dear Elsa, 

It is good to hear from you.  Where do you live?  How tall are you?  How much do you weigh?   At 24, there may be some things that can be done.   I look forward to hearing from you.  I will be out for an hour or so, but expect to see your reply when I return.  

Best wishes, Headmaster Ken

When I returned, I found the following message

Dear Headmaster Ken,
I live in Sweden. I’m 168cm and I weigh 51kg.  Like what can be done?
Yours sincerely, Elsa

I then replied: 

Dear Elsa, 

It is good to hear from you.  Well, at least you have done what you were told to do, which is a good start.    

 Now, here’s one problem … I’m in the U.S.!  So, I will not be able to supervise and control you directly, so most of what has to be done is up to you.  One thing you can do to possibly wake you up, is to watch the following movie:  “Lazy Bitch”!

 Your first message stated:  “I have some problems and think that a good spanking can resolve them all.  [That is probably true, but to do so, you would have to have someone correcting you who actually knows what to do.  {An aside:  It is obvious that her “husband” does not know what to do, and I probably could have helped him, as I have helped several other husbands correct their wives behaviors and attitudes.  I do hope that he works things out with Elsa, since she does need help, and I could most likely have done so.}  There is more to giving a spanking for correction than just making you bare your bottom, bend over, and get spanked.  Most of the correction is accomplished by a proper lecture and guidance before the spanking.  Close supervision, control and bare-bottom spankings are required to actually achieve any real behavior-modification and attitude-adjustment.  What has to be achieved is a change in your Dispositional Behavior.  Since you are studying pediatrics, you are concerned with the physical difficulties that children have, but not necessarily their behavioral difficulties.  However, you will most likely take a course in psychology.  If you do, you must understand the challenges of achieving a modified Dispositional Behavior.  It requires a lot of effort, mostly on the one who is disciplining you.  It is of little value to just have someone spank you whenever you misbehave.  Yes, “spanking can resolve all your problems”, but ONLY if you have someone who really knows what they are doing when they supervise, control and spank you.  I can do that, but it is unlikely that you can afford to come here for the 6 weeks it would take to change your Dispositional Behavior.]  

My name is Elsa, and I’m 24 years old.  I am studying pediatrics at a University.  But I am lazy. I don’t like to work hard and thus, …  [You have actually answered your own question as to what can be done to help you … Nothing!  “I don’t like to work hard“.  Gee, isn’t that too bad?  In that case, you have no real future, unless you find some guy who is willing just to put up with you and take care of you.  Even if you were to make it here so I could work with you, nothing can be done, since you do not want to work hard and do what I tell you to do.  I can only work with girls who actually have a goal and are willing to work to achieve that goal.  I never make a girl do anything.  I guide her, work with her, encourage her, and direct her.  And when she does not obey me, I spank her, but only because it helps to encourage her to work harder and do what she has to do to achieve her own goals.  When you actually have no goals, which you do not since you are not willing to work hard to achieve them, then there is nothing that anyone can do to help you, especially at 24 years old!  So, the first thing you are going to do, if you actually want me to help you, is to let me know that you are actually willing to work hard, do what I tell you to do, and then do it.] 

 … my assignments are never too good.  [They are “never too good”, because you are nothing but a “Lazy Bitch”!     Now, do you want to be known as a “Lazy Bitch”, or as a fine young lady who is accomplished and works hard to help the children you are training to help?  If you are not willing to work hard to achieve your goals, you should just drop out of school and stop pretending that you actually want to do something.  You don’t.  How do I know?  Because you told me that you are a “Lazy Bitch”!  So let me know who you are … a “Lazy Bitch”, or a girl who wants to be a fine young lady who wants to work hard and achieve your goals.  If you do, then the time and effort it would take me to supervise, control and spank you would be worthwhile, otherwise it is just a fantasy and you are not really serious.]    

 Furthermore, I have a part-time job and I often pretend to be sick to escape from it.  [Once again, confirming that you are just a “Lazy Bitch”!  Is that really what you want to be?  If not, then you obey me and stop faking sickness and get to your job and work.  What is your part-time job?]  

  What can you advise me?  [Well, I have probably given you more “advice” than you wanted!]  

 I really need to change my behavior [Yes, you do,  But, are you actually willing to do so?]

 I look forward to hearing from you … and just how soon you are going to come to see me so that I can get to work on your bottom and actually help you to succeed!  

Best wishes, Headmaster Ken

I then received the following message

Dear Headmaster Ken, thank you for your time and your information.  Unfortunately I am not able to open the link you sent me.  {An aside:  You must download Real Player (free) to see the movie.  But it is worth it!}  Your email made me think a lot and now I’m willing to work harder.  {An aside:  Now that is improvement!  She recognized the problem and actually wants to do something about it!  Unfortunately, her progress has probably been obstructed.}    I need some improvement.  But I need someone to look after me.  {An aside:  Girls who come to me, actually do know what they need, and that they need someone to “look after” them, to supervise them, control them and spank them when they disobey.  Unfortunately, most people do not comprehend what is needed and how to help the girl achieve her goals.}

Someone who will correct my bad habits and control me.  I travel quite frequently and can manage to come to US for 5 weeks maybe.  {An asideDoes this sound like someone who is married???!!!}

I need some discipline in my life.  I really appreciate your message.  It has completely changed my life.  {An aside:  This is the response that I receive from girls who I have actually helped, whether just through an email or in person!  I work hard to help girls, and they do appreciate the effort and results!} I have never been spanked before and believe in traditional punishment.  {An aside:  This is a temporary problem.  Girls who have never been spanked, may not realize just how much a spanking hurts.  But, a spanking cannot injure a girl, but it will really hurt, so it all depends on how serious she is in improving herself.  Getting spanked at 24 when she has never been spanked before is not a physical problem, but a mental problem.  Is she willing to take the pain that a spanking will give her?  For now, who knows?  She now has more problems to deal with, and her “husband” really has some problems to deal with since he is unwilling to seek out assistance that Elsa wanted.}   Thank you, Elsa

I then replied: 

Dear Elsa, 

 It is good to hear from you and, even more important, that you appreciated what I told you.  

 I will post the movie on my website so that you may be able to watch it there.  It would just be a very instructive film for you to watch, and realize that other girls have the same problem, and a good caning/spanking/strapping would do you a lot of good.  

 I am very serious though about you having to work harder.  Spankings are only effective if they make you pay-attention-to-the-details of your behavior so that you will actually change your behavior.  If so, they are very effective and it seems that they would help you.  

 And, yes, you do need someone to supervise, control and spank you.  It is essentially impossible to obtain the behavioral changes you want on your own, or even with me just telling you what has to be done.  The main reason is that you would not really be able to evaluate your behavior, as you need an outside observer to see what you are really doing and who can immediately correct any problems.  

 And, yes, controlling you is also important.  Without control, there will be no change.  

 If you can come here for 5 weeks, then a lot can be accomplished.  I live in Columbus, Ohio.  When you come here, there is a possibility that you could stay in a guest room that I would have to prepare for you.  I have the room, but for now, it is just more-or-less a work room and storage area.  If I know that you will actually be here, I do have an extra bed that could be put there and a desk and chairs.  Not much, but sufficient.  In fact, the rather sparse conditions would probably be best for your training and behavioral modification, since you would not be too comfortable and would have to focus only on your behavior that has to be changed.  

 You can see my home in the first attachment.  Then, you can see my Punishment Room where most of your training will take place.  I live in the back patio, the Punishment Room, and in the furnished basement.  My Homecare Provider, Daija (who you can see in the upper-left corner of my promo site,, lives in the other half as she takes care of the home, shovels snow, mows the lawn, etc.  We communicate via an intercom, and I only see her a couple of times a day as necessary, mainly in the kitchen which we share.  

 The next attachment shows you what I will do with you to punish and correct you.  More details of what happens when we first meet later, as required.  

 Although you have never been spanked before, I start with a Spanking Evaluation when you first arrive, so you do not have to worry.  No spanking will injure you, it will just hurt with varying degrees of pain.  A spanking is supposed to hurt, and it will.  You are supposed to cry, and you will.  More later.  

 Please send two photos:  (1) Headshot, and (2) Full-length dressed.  Nothing else is needed, although you can send whatever other photos you want, if you want to.  

 When you come here, you can either stay in a motel and report to me daily, which would be somewhat expensive, or, as noted above, you can stay in my home with very few accommodations.  

 Best wishes, Headmaster Ken

I sent the following attachments with the above email

Then I received the silly message, cited at the beginning, from the “husband”, to which I responded: 

Dear Elsa’s “Husband”, 

 Elsa never said she was “married”, and from her questions it did not appear as though she was.  

 So, this is only for you, whoever you are.  As you can plainly see, I never got “in contact” with Elsa at any time.  I only responded to her inquiries.  When she says that she can come to the U.S. for 5 weeks, that does not sound like a “married” girl.  So, either you are not her husband, or you have a lot more problems than HER contacting me and asking for MY help.  Why isn’t she asking for YOUR help?  

 Best wishes, Headmaster Ken

And, just now I received another message … which confirms exactly what I thought initially … Elsa is NOT married!!!  Her “husband” wrote

Dear I presume Ken,
Elsa is in fact my fiancé and we will get married very soon.  I consider myself as her husband.  Yes she travels a lot with her friends but this will stop once we’ll be married.   
{An aside:  This “husband” has a lot to learn!} 
I don’t want my wife to have any male friends.  I hope you understand.  
{An aside:  Is he serious???  He is clearly a throwback to the 1940’s and 1950’s!  Are we taking bets yet on just how long this “marriage” is going to last?}
Furthermore I don’t believe in spankings and all that.  
{An aside:  My, my, he is in for an awakening!}
Sincerely, William

To which I replied: 

Dear William,  {Not his real name.} 

I do understand that you probably have more problems than you are willing to recognize.  I could have helped, but one must understand the problems.  

 Since you are now only her fiancé, and yet you are already pushing to take total control of her life, …  Well, that will be interesting.  And, she is not to have any friends after you are married???  Is this still the 1940’s???  I counseled a couple about 15 years ago, and when I walked into the home, it was classic 1950’s!  They divorced within 6 months, and I did not even recommend it.  The wife had just had enough of his boorish behavior and control.  

 And, your “wife” is going to stop traveling???  I am sitting here laughing at the idiocy of such a belief and even more that your marriage will last … if it actually gets that far.  She is not to have any male friends?  What a joke.  I was married for 42 years before my wife died 5 years ago, and she had so many male friends I could not keep up with them.  But, they did not affect our marriage one bit.  

 But, most important … You don’t “believe in spankings and all that.”  I don’t either for children, but at 24, Elsa has her own feelings, her own desires, and knows what she wants and needs.  Apparently you do not.  

 I am certain that this message will not be well-received, but of even more concern is … you, as only her fiancé, presumes to control her emails!  [Laughing!  ]  Well, anyway, … 

 Good luck, you are going to need it,   Ken

As seen below, I do help husbands with their wives in terms of helping to punish and correct them.  And, I will even take them on road trips to do so.  

But, most often I will just have them in my home and Punishment Room giving them what they need

OK, I need to get back to completing the post I was working on before I was laughing so hard I had to get this post ready.  Let me know what you think about this “husband” and their “marriage”