Perverts Are Right on Cue!

The seriousness of what the perverts have done by attempting to entrap me is so far-reaching that I must alert everyone to the routine corruption of the DoJ, both within the FBI and Justice. 

Most people do not know that what these perverts have done is illegal; i.e., it is illegal to go on a Fishing Expedition, which is exactly what these perverts have done.  Your Civil & Legal Rights are very much in peril when you have perverts who have no problem acting in contravention of law. 

Maybe they haven’t reached their quota of unsuspecting innocent citizens, and they need to get it filled before the end of the month.  However, everyone needs to learn about their rights before Federal officials destroy you. 

There is in fact a DoJ RICO Criminal Enterprise that is under the knowing and willful protection of the DoJ and Federal courts.  You see, agents and officials of the DoJ are not really there to protect your rights and obtain justice … they are there to protect the financial interests of the Government and to protect from warranted prosecution any Federal official or agent who has committed a crime against a targeted citizen, especially if that official or agent is a friend and/or associate of a Federal judge. 

One time, a HUD official committed a crime against a private citizen and I recognized immediately what he was doing.  What he did was attempt to allege a criminal act by the innocent targeted private citizen in order to protect himself from his own crime.  Well, I got to the FBI first and alerted them to what this HUD official was doing, thus precluding his ability to destroy the targeted citizen. 

You see, once a file from a Federal agency is sent to the FBI for investigation and prosecution, if the FBI agent assigned to the case does not actually find anything and recognizes that the referral was in fact a Fishing Expedition, he will simply manufacture so-called “evidence” and hold it in secret so that the targeted citizen does not know what is going on, but the manufactured fraudulent “evidence” will be used in secret for Justice to initiate prosecutions, prevail upon various officials not to assist the citizen, and prevail upon Federal judges who will also act to destroy the private innocent citizen.  Federal officials and DoJ agents and officials will simply find a “friendly judge” who will obstruct all hearings, both required by law and those requested, so that the targeted citizen will be destroyed.  And Federal judges couldn’t care less. 

You see, such things as Due Process of Law and the Law itself is nothing more than rotting tripe to Federal judges and Justice Officials.  They mean nothing when they have criminal Federal agents and officials to protect. 

Always remember that Due Process of Law is nothing but rotting tripe to Federal judges.  They couldn’t care less, as long as they can use their court to protect their friends and associates. 

As we have seen with Comey when he changed the words relating to Clinton from “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless”, he did so in an effort to preclude prosecution of Clinton; i.e., “grossly negligent” is a legal term within the statute that would have required prosecution, whereas “extremely careless” isn’t, but means the same

Actually, this denial of the plain English language is even more common by Federal judges where a judge will rule that “jurisdiction” does not actually mean “jurisdiction” in order to protect known criminals from prosecution, since the known criminals are an FBI S/A and an AUSA, as well as a U.S. Attorney, all of whom are the friends and/or associates of the friendly judge.  These Federal employees must be protected at all costs, even by destroying a targeted private innocent citizen.  Federal judges have nothing but contempt for the law when their friends and associates must be protected from warranted prosecution.  A Federal judge will also just; e.g., change the jurisdictional statute of a case if the actual statute would have resulted in an automatic hearing by the U.S. Supreme Court.  You see, hearings that would expose the extent of the criminal activity of Federal employees must be obstructed at all costs.  And another Federal judge, striving for the same ends of precluding hearings, actually just knowingly and willfully denied what the lower court had ruled, all for the purpose of making sure that no hearings would ever be held that would expose the criminals who happen to be the friends and/or associates of the Federal judges

Always remember:  The DoJ is not there to protect your rights, but is there to protect the government from financial liability and Federal employees from warranted prosecution, especially favored Federal employees who are the friends and/or associates of the Federal judge.    

When it comes to protecting the Federal government from warranted financial liability, or Federal employees from warranted prosecution, the DoJ is on a par with the German SS or the Russian KGB.  The employees of the DoJ are part of a DoJ RICO Criminal Enterprise that is tasked with destroying anyone who could expose the extent of the corruption of the Federal government and, in particular, the corruption of FBI agents and Justice Officials. 

Now, there are some honest U.S. Attorneys, but I have not found any honest Federal judges.  One U.S. Attorney did help protect my Spanked Coeds website from being destroyed by YAHOO.  And, he helped to protect my wife when she was in Viet-Nam and was being threatened with being killed.  I greatly appreciate his honesty and assistance

And another U.S. Attorney did protect my wife’s home from being wrongfully confiscated by a collection agency that had no right to do so

So, there are some honest U.S. Attorneys who will help and actually do seek justice, but they are very few and you must be very careful

Here’s the thing:  The perverts who attempted to entrap me were actually acting in contravention of law.  But, hey, who cares?  No one.  This is just common practice within the DoJ.  And their criminal conduct would have been protected if they were exposed. 

The FBI S/A who manufactured knowingly fraudulent FBI documents had clearly done so before, as he did so with great ease and total impunity—he knew exactly what to do.  And the AUSA, who also knowingly and willfully manufactured knowingly fraudulent Justice Documents, had also clearly done such before, with total impunity.  The DoJ is in fact replete with Jack-Booted Thugs who think it is their prerogative to destroy anyone they want to destroy … and, they are right!  Federal judges will protect such Jack-Booted Thugs from prosecution, and will, in fact, knowingly further the destruction of the targeted citizen in order to protect these known criminals. 

And, one reason that Federal judges protect known criminals who are Federal employees is that; e.g., in the case of the FBI S/A, if it was released that he had knowingly and willfully manufactured fraudulent documents in order to protect the government from financial liability and Federal employees from their own warranted prosecution, then every case on which he had worked would have to be reopened and examined to see how many other cases this FBI S/A had corrupted!    

And, don’t even think that the “fruits of the poisonous tree” means anything at all to a Federal judge.  Hell, they helped create the initial fraud that resulted in the “poisonous tree! 

The judicial system is in fact nothing but a joke, a fraud, when there are Federal employees who have to be protected from warranted prosecution, and the government has to be protected from warranted financial liability. 

What does a criminal Federal employee have to do?  Just find a friendly judge. 

The scope of one criminal conspiracy that I have documented is so vast that it will never see the light of day.  It involves an FBI S/A, at least 3 AUSA’s, a U.S. Attorney, a SBA DD, a State judge, and, of course, a Federal judge!  Oh well, it’s all in a good days work for Jack-Booted Thugs who are well-entrenched within the DoJ RICO Criminal Enterprise, along with their facilitating and protecting Federal judges.  What this extensive criminal conspiracy confirms is that the DoJ RICO Criminal Enterprise reaches into every Federal agency, State judicial systems, and, as I can also provide evidence, into offices of State attorney generals and various State departments

If there are any more alerts, I will let you know.  But, this is enough for now.  Now you can get back to your fantasies, while knowing that you are only one Jack-Booted Thug away from being destroyed.  




Right on cue, I received a message from perverts attempting to entrap me into responding to a “14-year-old”.  What a disgrace.  The message was sickening!  Even too corrupt to provide here.

Let this be a warning to all you girls who enjoy my site that you need to be careful.  There are a lot of sick old guys out there pretending to be “14-year-old” girls or “caring” “Daddy’s” who are actually nothing but dirty-old-perverts waiting to harm you.

Best wishes to all who enjoy my site, and the perverts and misogynist pigs can F— Off!