Spanking Girls for Behavior-Modifications & Attitude-Adjustments … A Message for Sanya

Behavior-Modification and Attitude-Adjustment Spankings

I have received a message from a very beautiful, attractive, … and disobedient girl who needs her bare bottom spanked hard!  Her name is Sanya (not her real name and I inadvertently spelled it as “Sonya” when I wrote to her!) and she would look just great over my knee getting spanked!  However, all she wants is my money … money that I do not have!  I guess she thinks because I am somewhat retired that I must have a lot of money.  But, I am old enough to have seen these scams many times over the years.  The messages are all the same–they live in the States, but they are now somewhere else out-of-the-country!  Very convenient!  So, be very careful if you are approached by a very lovely and attractive girl who thinks that by flattering you she can eventually get your money … even money that you do not have!

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Of course, if Sanya would like to show up, we can start our session with her over my knee receiving the spanking she deserves, and will possibly help her not to scam anyone again!  …  But, probably not!

However, if she does show up and we get a shoot with her over my knee getting spanked, you will have a lovely video to watch!

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