Ishita: A Lovely India Girl!


This is a lovely and special post about a girl from India who knows the value of being spanked, Ishita!  Ishita went out of her way to find a Master who would care for her and make her be the smart, intelligent, responsible, and productive girl she can be.  After being taken in my her new Master who she chose, she is now doing better in school, better at home, and behaving better as a result of the spanking-attention her bare bottom is now receiving.  Enjoy!

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The following report is from Ishita, a very lovely girl living in India.  Although spankings are now illegal in India, girls who know that they need to be spanked in order to succeed, will often find a Master who will take care of them and spank them when needed.  As with girls in other countries, girls in India know that if they are not controlled and supervised properly, and spanked when they disobey or misbehave, that they will just lay around, go out and party, think about what they want to do with a boy, and do everything else except get their schoolwork done as they should, get their domestic chores done properly, and behave like a fine young lady as they should.  They know that bare-bottom spankings do help them to behave better and, as reported in an earlier post, do in fact make them smarter!  This post presents the report from Ishita, a very lovely, responsible and ambitious young lady from India.

Ishita’s Overview Follows:

I’m a 24-year-old girl, living in India, and am being spanked more now than ever before.  In addition to being spanked, I also am given corner-time naked, have my mouth washed out with soap, have privileges taken away, and am lectured. 

I get spanked a couple of days or so each week with up to 10 spankings.  I am spanked by my Master, who is also my teacher and mentor. 

NOTE:  From her emails, it appears as though she is now being spanked several days a week, as many as 4 to 5, if not every day.  This is as it should be for a girl who has a lot to learn.  As seen below, if Ishita were with me, I would often have her naked and over my knee getting spanked. 


Ishita’s Overview Continues:

All of my spankings are in private and I do not get spanked in front of anyone else.  When I am spanked, I am taken to my Punishment Room to be spanked and punished.  Most often I have to be naked, although sometimes I may have on my bra and panties or only my bra. 

NOTE:  While I believe that a girl should be spanked in front of others to embarrass her more, it may be that private spankings are appropriate for some girls. 

 When I misbehave away from home, I will get spanked when I get home.  When I get home, sir tells me to go to the punishment room and wait for him. Then he chooses the implement which he thinks fits the offence and spanks me with it. If it’s anything which has embarrassed him in public, it’s usually a very hard spanking with the cane or the paddle with me crying lot of tears. 

When I have to be spanked, I am wearing either my schoolgirl uniform or casual home clothes. Normally sir wants me to be nude for spanking me…but sometimes in casual wear if it’s a short spanking or in school uniform if it’s for studies or poor grades.  And, when he has to spank me, I do cooperate, since, if I don’t, I’ll get spanked a lot harder.  When I am spanked, I do beg for mercy but listen to what my sir orders, if not I know the punishment will be much more than what sir initially thought of giving me. 

When I have to be spanked, I take my own clothes off and present myself as he orders.  Although I am spanked in a variety of positions, his favorite positions are with me over his knee or kneeling with my hands behind my head.


Sir uses a variety of implements on me; e.g., of course his hand, but also a paddle, cane, belt, hairbrush, wood spoon, and yardstick.  The yardstick is the one he uses the most.  And, when Sir spanks me, he spanks me for a certain period of time, or just as long as he wants.  But, normally, the maximum number of strokes is 50. 

NOTE:  As my girls know, with me 50 strokes would just be a warm-up.  If I spank a girl by hand, I administer 100 slaps/minute.  So a 5-minute spanking, which I normally administer, would result in the girl being slapped 500 times … 250 slaps to each cheek.  If I use a hairbrush on her, I administer 80 strokes/minute, so that would be 400 strokes.  I guess Ishita should be glad that she is not here with me with me punishing her!  However, whatever her Master is doing, Ishita is being well taken care of, and she is very pleased with the results.  So, her Master should just keep doing what he’s doing!

Sir also spanks me if I’m awake at night, or if I fail to get the lunch or dinner ready on time. 

NOTE:  Ishita found this out just today (Sunday, June 25, 2017) when she stayed up until 3:00 a.m. writing emails to me and then failed to get up on time.  She got up an hour late and had to be spanked!  I am very proud of her Master!  Regardless of what a girl does, she must take responsibility for what is expected of her.

If I misbehave away from home, I will be spanked when I get home. 

NOTE:  Often I will first take a girl to the car, make her get in the back seat, take her clothes off, hand me the hairbrush that is kept there just to use on her, and bend over my knee to be spanked.  Then, when we get home, she is spanked again.

I get spanked for poor grades, talking-back, getting in trouble at work, not doing my chores, not doing what I’m told to do, getting up late, and skipping work, as well as being given Maintenance Spankings and Submission Spankings. 

I’ve always been a naughty and pampered girl growing up….but since I moved to the city, I work away from home and stay with Sir to improve my habits.  I have both learnt how strict discipline works and how it benefits in making my life structured and better.  It’s true that sir spanks a lot and it hurts so much that I cry a lot when I get spanked, but it has really helped me to get so much better in everything I do.  Spankings definitely work in helping a girl to behave better, get better grades, and feel better about herself.  I believe that is the most important part … feeling better about myself and what I can do. 

The following film is the first of 4 parts showing the spankings of Mila.  These spankings are very similar to what a girl should receive for domestic training.  Click the banner:


Following are emails from Ishita:

Hi Headmaster Ken,

 I really apologize for the delay in replying to you. I’m really, really sorry for this.  

NOTE:  It is important for a girl to communicate in a timely manner.  If she doesn’t, I will spank her.  Of course, if the girl, as here, is in India, all I can do is let her know what would happen if she were closer!  The point is that a girl must never give an excuse for not writing, being late, or whatever.  If she is disobedient, she will be spanked, even if, technically, she could not comply with my orders.  The reason is that if she is allowed to give an excuse, then she will most often “find something” for an excuse.  Therefore, no excuses are accepted, and she must just be given the spanking. 

Actually sir, a day after I completed the survey on your website, my results were about to be out.  My results were out on the 19th of June and they were not very satisfactory to my master, so he punished me and then didn’t allow me to use the Internet access for 5 days, hence I couldn’t login and see your reply. 

NOTE:  As seen here, her excuse is quite plausible and accurate.  However, she could have complied with her email to me if she had received better grades; i.e., she had done what was expected of her.  So, the spanking I would give her, while it is for not emailing me, is but further punishment for her grades!

Honestly sir, I didn’t expect any reply after the survey, so it was such a privilege to see a couple of mails from you when I logged in today. Thanks a lot sir for taking out your precious time from your busy schedule to reply to me. 

NOTE:  As seen here, I am very conscientious in replying to girls who contact me.  I treat them as I expect them to treat me.  Yes, my time is precious, but I will reply to girls who are serious and trustworthy.

Sir, I’m from India…I live in a city called Kolkata….I have lived in a small village in my childhood then moved to Kalara last year to do grads and now stay with my master there to pursue my studies. This was my first exam under sir’s guidance. 

 Sir, I was last spanked by my sir last Monday when my results came out. My grades were not up to sir’s expectations and when I received my report card in the college, I knew I would be punished when I get back home. There were a couple of subjects where I got very poor grades, rest were unsatisfactory yet not that bad.

 When sir came home from his office, I was waiting in the punishment room dressed in schoolgirl uniform as was instructed to me by sir.  For studies and studies-related punishment, I always need to be in full schoolgirl uniform.

Sir used a wooden ruler and hairbrush on me and by the time he finished, I was crying really hard.  But after that he took out the cane and gave me 10 hard strokes for the extreme poor grades in those 2 subjects. At the end I was given a 30-minute corner-time being full nude. 

NOTE:  As with girls who I mentor, supervise, control and punish for their academic performance, Ishita is properly punished for poor grades.  And, as I also expect, she is very obedient in getting ready for her spankings.  When she gets home, she immediately gets undressed, puts on her schoolgirl uniform, and goes to the Punishment Room to wait until her Master gets home to spank her.  Ishita is a girl who is taking responsibility for her own progress and accomplishments.  She knows when she needs to be spanked, and helps her Master by being prepared when he gets home.  I am not clear just how many strokes Ishita actually receives, since she says that the maximum is 50, and yet to be spanked properly and with multiple implements, and spanked until she cries hard, it seems as though she is being spanked with more strokes.  Or, possibly, her Master just really spanks her hard.  That could be.  I have spanked a few girls with fewer than 100 strokes, but when I did, they really got hit hard, and still ended up crying convulsively when I finished.  Especially when using the cane, it can deliver a very hard spanking and really hurt a lot.


That’s all about my last punishment sir.

 Once again sir, I was so happy and excited to receive a mail from you.  I’ve seen some of the videos in your website and have been a huge fan of your dominating personality and your presence and your lecturing….I feel your voice can only make a girl submissive. 

 Looking forward to hearing from you, again, sir.

 Thanks, Ishita


 One thing I forgot to mention but I should not have.  After my punishment, I was sent to my room for reflecting on the punishment I received and why I received it.

NOTE:  I like this, and even after a girl is given corner-time, it may be important to send her to her room to reflect some more.  I will start implementing that in some of my punishments of girls.  This is one reason I communicate with Ishita—she has many good recommendations for administering proper and effective punishments to a girl! 

 Thank you Ishita!

But afterwards at night, sir came to my room and hugged me and was, really, very caring to explain, why the punishment was needed and how I need to improve in my studies.  He was very tough during the punishment but was very caring later.

NOTE:  At times, this is also very important.  As can be seen in some of my videos, especially with Mila, I will hug a girl after spanking her to help console her and make sure she focuses on why she was spanked.

Thanks, Ishita

And, thank you Ishita!  Your friend, Headmaster Ken