Are 18+-year-old Girls Actually Spanked? Addendum—21-year-old Sarah’s Report.

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I recently received a very lengthy report from “Sarah” concerning her spankings that she has received from her dad and others.  She has always been punished by her dad and others, and wanted to let me know more about what has happened to her and continues to happen to her.  However, I am presenting this report here instead of on my promo site with girls who have responded to my Spanking Survey since Sarah’s lifestyle appears to be more of that of a girl being controlled by an HOH, even if it is her dad, and they both seem to be getting a lot more “enjoyment” out of the relation than what may be strictly construed as the domestic discipline of a daughter.  Yes, she is being given corrective spankings, and no, she does not enjoy them, but she seems to enjoy both the lead-up to the spankings and her activities after her spankings.  Also, her dad, although he does discipline and punish her, he also enjoys doing so and does use her sexually to the extent that he massages her to climax and makes her submissively model for his enjoyment.  So, although there is no sex involved, there is certainly a lot of sensual satisfaction, which may explain the reason for the great number of spankings that Sarah receives. 

In addition to Sarah completing the Spanking Survey on my promo site, she also wrote to me to provide extensive details.  In fact, she seems to be very proud of the fact that, at 21-years-old, she is still being spanked and is spanked in front of whoever happens to be present when she is.  To that extent, she appears to be an exhibitionist who really enjoys “showing-off” for anyone who wants to see.  So although her spankings are clearly for discipline and punishment at home, she apparently also “enjoys” receiving such discipline and punishment.  Without expressly saying so, she indicated that she frequently masturbated after her spankings … even knowing that if caught doing so, she would be spanked.  

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From her survey, we have the following:

Sarah was last spanked at her current age of 21, and was spanked the most often when she was 18 as a freshman in college.  

In addition to being spanked, she has also been punished as follows:  Grounded, Corner-Time Undressed, Mouth-Soaping, Privileges Taken Away, and Lectured.  

Addendum 1, 5

She says: 

“After any punishment spanking, I also have to then stand facing the wall with my hands behind my head and stay there for at least 30 minutes.  I have to stay there until Daddy says I can go to my room.  If I have been out on a school night, I may also be grounded.  When I am, I not only am grounded, but get spanked every day after school.  This works most of the time, but I am really obstinate and continue to go out during the week, and continue to get spanked when I do.  If I talk-back to Daddy, he’ll also wash my mouth out with soap in addition to spanking me.  Of course he just lectures me a lot, telling me what he expects me to do and how to behave.  And, he will take privileges away from me, like my phone and Internet emails!  Of course, if he catches me using either, I’ll get spanked really hard.” 

In addition, she says that she is punished as follows: 

“I am made to strip naked so Daddy can inspect all of me including my groin area and be given a vaginal inspection.  Daddy says that I have to be given these Submission Inspections to make sure that I am totally submissive to his control and to just generally check-up on me to make sure that I am behaving myself.  In fact, however, I know it is just for him to make sure that I obey him so he can enjoy me and my naked body regardless of what he tells me to do.  I know that I am much more obedient when I know that he can do anything he wants with me.  In addition to my Submission Spankings, my Submission Inspections establish my obedience to Daddy.  Further, especially after I am on my back with my legs up and spread for his inspections, or when I have to kneel with my head on the floor and my hips raised high with my legs spread, he also spanks me in that position so he can see me cry and to just spank me because he wants to.  He gives me a lot of Just-Because Spankings to assure my continued obedience to him.  But, with my vulva fully exposed for his inspection, he frequently sits beside me and takes his time slowly stroking my clit so he can enjoy my passionate responsiveness.  I don’t mind.  He’s my Daddy and I want to please him, and if making me passionate pleases him, I want him to do that.  After he strokes my clit, he’ll also press his thumb into me and grab me tight and massage me to make me climax.  Then he takes my hairbrush and spanks me hard.  And, I have to keep my bottom raised to get spanked or he’ll use my strap on me.” 

Addendum 1, 6

Sarah says that she is spanked almost every day, and most often more than once a day.  When she was 18, she got spanked several times a day—when she came home from school, after dinner and before bed, in addition to other times when she misbehaved or disobeyed her dad. 

As a senior in college, she is still being spanked 5 to 10 times a week, but when she was 18, she got spanked 20 to 30+ times a week—she got spanked in the morning before school with a Preemptive Academic Spanking, after she got home from school with a Preemptive Academic-Study Spanking, after dinner with a Punishment Spanking for something on her Punishment List (she had to keep a Punishment List so her dad would always have some reason to spank her), she got spanked before bed just-because her dad wanted to spank her, she got spanked immediately whenever she misbehaved or disobeyed, which she did almost every day, and she got spanked repeatedly on Saturday and Sunday.  As a result of all of her spankings, she was easily spanked 30 times or more every week.  

Addendum 1, 7

Addendum 1, 8

Addendum 1, 9

However she says:  

“Even though looking back I see that I got spanked a lot, maybe more than I should have, at the time it did not seem to be so much.  I got spanked in the morning, and then it was several hours later when I got home from school that I got spanked again.  Then it was another few hours until I got spanked after dinner and then another few hours before bedtime.  But, probably the reason it did not seem so much was that in some way I really ‘enjoyed’ getting spanked.  I didn’t actually like the spankings, but I liked being told what to do in preparing to get spanked, and after it was over I liked the feeling of contentment I had knowing that Daddy loved me and spanked me because he wanted me to do well.  I just enjoyed all of the attention he gave me at the time.”

Addendum 1, 10

Also she has been spanked so often because there are a lot of people who can spank her, and there are still some who do other than her dad.  She has been spanked by her Dad, Mom, Aunt, Older Sister, Boyfriend’s Dad, Girlfriend’s Dad and Mom, and Babysitting Dad.  She says: 

“Mom spanked me the most when I was young, less than 15.  Other than the few times when I had to be spanked really hard by dad, dad only started spanking me most often after I was 15.  My aunt spanked me when I visited my cousin, but the last time she spanked me was when I was 16.  My older sister spanked me a lot since she was in charge of me a lot.  She was responsible for me after school until mom or dad got home, and could spank me if she wanted to.  Of course, she did and I had to get my clothes off and bend over to be spanked or she’d tell mom or dad and they would spank me really hard.  My boyfriend’s dad still spanks me when I am disrespectful or misbehave when I visit.  My girlfriend’s dad and mom both spank me and still do, as they also spank their own daughter, which is why we are friends.  The dad of the girl I babysit spanks me for not taking proper care of the girl or not getting my chores done when he returns.  I not only have to babysit the girl, but I have to get chores done.  Actually, he pays me a lot, $20.00/hour, so I do not mind the spankings!  Although I secretly believe that he pays me a lot so I will not object to being spanked, and I don’t!” 

Addendum 1, 11

And, when Sarah is spanked, she is spanked in front of just whoever is there; e.g., she is spanked in front of her Dad, Mom, Uncle, Aunt, Grandfather, Grandmother, Older Male Cousin, Older Female Cousin, Younger Male Cousin, Younger Female Cousin, Older Sister, Younger Brother, Male Neighbor, Female Neighbor, Girlfriend’s Dad and Mom, Boyfriend’s Dad and Mom, Boyfriend, Male Family Friend, Female Family Friend, Female Teacher, Babysitting Dad and Mom, House guests, Female Friend, and Male Friend.   Sarah simply says: 

“Whoever is in the home when I get spanked watches me get spanked.  It is no secret to anyone that I get spanked.  In fact, I think many come over just to see if I am going to get spanked!” 

Addendum 1, 12

Sarah gets spanked bare bottom in front of all those named above; i.e., just whoever is present.  Sarah says: 

“I am always spanked on my bare bottom, so anyone who is present sees me get spanked on my bare bottom.  And, of course, they watch as I get undressed and bend over to be spanked.  They get to see the whole show!” 

She continues: 

“Wherever I am when I misbehave, I get spanked.  If away from home, I am taken to the car and spanked in the backseat.  At a friend’s home, I will be spanked in the living room.  At my girlfriend’s home, I may be taken to her bedroom to be spanked.  My boyfriend’s dad just bends me over his knee and spanks me wherever I misbehave.  At my neighbor’s home I am normally spanked on the back porch.  When I visit my girlfriend, we both frequently misbehave and both of us will be spanked by her dad or mom.  My neighbor spanks me when dad is not home and I misbehave in outdoors, like yelling and arguing with someone, or inappropriately sunbathing in the backyard.  When I was younger he looked after me after school and frequently spanked me for misbehaving.” 

Addendum 1, 13

If Sarah got spanked at school, which she did, she also got spanked when she got home, since when she got spanked at school; her dad had told them that they must send a note home with her to be signed.  When he signed the note, he also spanked her. 

When she is spanked she is naked or naked from the waist down, or at least she has to bare her bottom.  

Addendum 1, 14

As she says:  

“I am always spanked on my bare bottom.  In the car and other such places I must pull my clothes down to expose my bottom.  At home I am normally naked.”

And she does cooperate by taking her own clothes off and getting into the position ordered when she gets spanked, since as she says: 

“I have learned that I must cooperate and do what I am told when I am going to be spanked.  When I was 16, I resisted once and got beat very hard.  I had to go to my room, take my clothes off and kneel on my bed with my bottom raised for dad to spank.  I have seldom resisted since.  Although when I do, I am spanked harder right then, and also sent to my room to be spanked later as, like before, I have to kneel on my bed and get my bottom up in the air to be spanked.” 

Addendum 1, 15

Sarah is frequently spanked OTK, although she may be made to bend over and grab her ankles, bend over the bed, table, desk, chair, etc., lay down on the bed with her hips over pillows, kneeling on the bed, knees and elbows with her hands over her head, kneeling on the floor, knees and head on the floor, and any other position her disciplinarian tells her to assume.  She says: 

“I have to do whatever the one who is going to spank me tells me to do.  If I don’t do exactly what I am told to get into position to be spanked, Daddy will whip me really hard when I get home.” 

Addendum 1, 16

The common implements are used on her:  Hand, Paddle, Strap, Belt, Hairbrush, and Ping-Pong Paddle. 

When she is spanked, Sarah is spanked quite severely.  She receives about 200 to 300 strokes of the strap or paddle, and is spanked for about 5 minutes, although often it is much longer, especially when being spanked by her dad.  Her dad just likes to spank her and especially when he has her over his knee he has a tendency to just keep on spanking her for as long as he wants, which may be 10, 15, 20 minutes or more.  And, whoever spanks her must spank her until she cries, so her disciplinarian can spank her for as long as desired.  If she is not spanked until she cries, her dad takes her over his knee and finishes the job.  The maximum number of strokes that she has received is around 500 although she thinks that some of her spankers administered more.  She’s not sure.  But, she does know that they can just keep on spanking her for as long as they want.  

Addendum 1, 17

If she is spanked away from home, then she is Spanked Bare Bottom In Private, Spanked In Car Bare Bottom, and Spanked At Home.  She says:  

“If I misbehave away from home, I will be spanked right there, and then again when I get home.  Normally when we get home, I just have to go to the living room, take my clothes off and wait for Daddy to spank me.” 

Addendum 1, 18

Sarah is spanked for Poor Grades, Talking-Back, Swearing, Trouble At School, Not Doing Chores, Not Doing What Told, Past Curfew, Skipping School, Drinking, Smoking, Having Sex, and she is given Maintenance Spankings, Preemptive Spankings, and Submission Spankings.   She says: 

“Daddy knows that I have sex, of course, but he says that he must still spank me if I do without his permission.  Since I can ask for his permission, if I don’t then Daddy has to spank me.” 

Addendum 1, 19

Addendum 1, 20


With the foregoing overview from the survey form completed by Sarah, the following are excerpts from emails that I received from her.  Enjoy! 

Addendum 1, 21

Addendum 1, 22

Sarah’s Exhibitionism!  Sarah

“Daddy makes me reort to him and submissively model for him.  I go to him wearing my nighgown and then strip naked.  Then I just have to present myself any way that he orders.  Of course, there is a lot of groin exposure both for his viewing and massaging.  And, if I am not obedient or hesitate to expose myself as he orders, I’ll be right over his knee getting spanked with my hairbrush!” 

Addendum 1, 23

Addendum 1, 24


“I have been spanked quite often since I started college.  I am now a senior and still get spanked 10 to 20 times a week or more.   I get spanked 20 times a week during those weeks when I just want to go out and party during the week instead of studying as I should, or am just out-of-control disobedient—not getting my domestic chores done, talking-back to Daddy, coming home past curfew, and other such childish behaviors.  I get spanked a lot since I get spanked every night before I go to bed and every Saturday and Sunday morning.  That’s 9 spankings a week.  Of course I will need to be punished at least one other time during the week.  But the 9 spankings normally keep me behaving properly and being obedient.  And, since I was spanked so much when I was 18, and the spankings have been reduced gradually over the years, I really do not think much about how often I’m spanked.  I just know that when I get home from school, I will probably get spanked once or twice before bedtime.” 

Addendum 1, 25

“When I was a freshman I got punished a lot, 2 or 3 times a day my first quarter and often more especially on the weekends when I could expect 4 to 6 spankings a day.  Daddy said that as long as I lived at home with him, I had to learn to behave properly, be obedient and study hard, and that he would spank me until I learned, or just any time that he wanted to spank me!  My freshman year I spent a lot of time over Daddy’s knee learning to be obedient and behave myself.” 

Addendum 1, 26

“I was quite rebellious when I started college thinking that I was ‘on my own’, instead of still being controlled by Daddy who had been controlling me throughout high school with frequent spankings.  Daddy put an end to that belief when he made me strip naked and get over his knee for a 20-minute spanking!  From then on, every Saturday and Sunday morning my day starts with Daddy sitting on the side of my bed as I remove my PJs and crawl over his knee to get spanked hard with my hairbrush for 10 minutes.  With me kicking and crying I am ready to start my day, work hard and be obedient for the rest of the week, or at least for most of the time during the week.  Obviously, since I continued to get spanked several times a day, I was still not that obedient!” 

Addendum 1, 27

“I was spanked any time I tried to take a break from my chores, was disobedient or misbehaved!  If Daddy caught me sitting down when I should be working, my panties came right down and I was over his knee getting spanked.  Now I am most often spanked to make sure I behave myself and doing what I should do, so I continue to get spanked first thing Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Saturday and Sunday mornings are for my Maintenance and Preemptive Spankings—Maintenance Spanking on Saturday and Preemptive Spanking on Sunday so that I focus on what I am supposed to do during the upcoming week.  And, once a month I get punished during a 30-minute to 1-hour Spanking-Punishment Session, which is essentially a Submission Spanking.  Naked or almost naked, I am bending over with my hands on the wall as Daddy removes his belt and proceeds to whip me!  And he continues to whip me for as long as he wants.  If he pauses I still have to hold my position since he will probably start up again.  I cannot move until he tells me that my punishment is complete.” 

Addendum 1, 28

“Daddy says he has to give me these punishment sessions so that I know that I must be obedient and that he will spank me whenever he wants to, and he does.  He may stop me at any time in the home and say:  ‘Present your bottom to be whipped,’ and I immediately take my clothes off and bend over and grab my ankles.  He will then spend 5 to 10 minutes whipping me.” 

Addendum 1, 29

“When I am spanked, I normally have to be naked, but at least naked from the waist down.” 

Addendum 1, 30

“Daddy wants to make sure he has a good view of my bare bottom so he can hit it really hard.  Especially before I go to bed, Daddy will sit on the side of my bed, make me raise my gown and bend over his knee to get spanked hard.  My Before Bedtime Spankings started when I was a freshman and have just continued without interruption.  He spanks me for at least 5 minutes, but often longer—just whatever he thinks I need or he wants to do before I go to bed.  If I come in past curfew, he spanks me for 10 minutes plus ¼ the number of minutes I’m late—1 hour late, and I get spanked for 25 minutes straight with my hairbrush or paddle!  He says being in on time is very important so I am rested and ready to work, and I demonstrate that I am a responsible girl.  When he finishes with my bottom, he tucks me into bed and tells me to be a good girl.” 

Addendum 1, 31

“Although I’m a senior in college, Daddy still treats me like a little girl, and I like that.  Daddy also makes me strip naked to be inspected.  I have to present myself naked for his inspection and model for him so he can see all of me.” 

Addendum 1, 32

I have to bend over and reach back to spread my ass-cheeks so he can see if I am clean.  Then I have to kneel so he can probe my anus to see if I need an Enema.  If he feels anything ready to come out, I’ll get an Enema.  I get an Enema a couple times a month.” 

Addendum 1, 33

Addendum 1, 34

Addendum 1, 35

Addendum 1, 36

“Then I have to lie on my back and get my legs up and spread for a very close inspection and spanking.  Whenever I am inspected I will be spanked in a position where he can see me cry.  And I will cry or get hit harder.” 

Addendum 1, 37

Addendum 1, 38

“But he is very loving as he spanks me, as he smiles at me as he hits me hard and watches and listens to me cry.  Although he is punishing me hard, he is very loving and my bottom is his to spank.” 

Addendum 1, 39

“At any time he may stop me in the home and order me to get in the Inspection Chair and present myself for his inspection.  I obey as I sit down and get my feet up on the chair with my legs spread so he can see and inspect my groin area.  Of course, if he sees anything he does not like; e.g., I am not shaved smooth, or I am not properly responsive when he massages my vagina, I’ll have to kneel on the floor and bend over the front of the chair to get spanked.  Most often, he’ll find something and I get spanked really hard!” 

Addendum 1, 40

Addendum 1, 41

“Sometimes when we have company over for dinner I have to strip naked to be spanked in front of them to punish me for something I did earlier, or for being disrespectful or misbehaving at the dinner table.  As he pushes his chair back from the dining room table, I get undressed and bend over his knee for a hard 10- to 20-minute spanking—normally 20 minutes so everyone can enjoy my spanking.” 

Addendum 1, 42

“When he finishes with my bottom and I am crying freely, I have to stand at-attention and face the guests until Daddy says I can go to my room where he will come after the guests leave and spank me again and put me to bed.  This time I have to be naked and he will hit my bottom really hard to make me cry very loud.  He says that I have to learn to behave myself in front of company and I need a very hard spanking after they leave to remind me to behave better next time.  He spanks me for 20 to 30 minutes to make sure I cry enough.  He says that it is important that a girl always ‘cries enough’!  When he’s done, he puts me to bed still naked and crying and tells me to be sure to present my bottom in the morning for him to whip.  I promise to as he kisses me.  I have to get whipped in the morning whenever I am spanked more than 20 minutes the night before.”

“The next morning when Daddy comes in at 6:30, I get into an appropriate position and present my bottom for his corrective attention—normally kneeling, knees and elbows, to present my bottom for him to spank.”

Addendum 1, 43

“I get wet as I see him remove his belt.  Sometimes he’ll stroke his finger along my clit to let me know that he saw me get wet.  But then, he proceeds to whip me for 20 minutes.  When he’s done, I get ready for school and have a very sore and warm bottom all day as a reminder that I have to behave and be obedient.  Of course, I know that after school I may be spanked again, and definitely will be 1 or 2 times in the evening after dinner!” 

Addendum 1, 44

“One thing Daddy is very strict about is me completing my domestic chores.  For example, if I have not cleaned the bathroom properly, he’ll wait until I’m on the toilet and then order me to present my bottom as I stand in the bathroom door.  I wipe and then get up and bend over slightly to present my bottom.  He then spanks me hard and reminds me that I have more responsibilities in the bathroom than using the toilet.” 

Addendum 1, 45

Addendum 1, 46

Addendum 1, 47

“However, most often, especially if we have company, he will have me in the living room making me strip naked and bend over his knee to be spanked.  He really enjoys spanking me when there are others who are there to watch!” 

Addendum 1, 48


To see more of Mila getting spanked, go to Spanked Coeds and click on “Search” for “Mila”. 


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