High-Expectations for Girls

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Frequent Spankings

In one of my previous blogs I mentioned that the proper training of a girl depended upon “expectation for results”.  Over the past many years, I have developed and implemented a training program for girls founded on that principle.  The “expectation” is that the girl either does her best in everything she does, is obedient to my directives, and behaves herself, or … she gets spanked.  The program has been used with a number of college girls and working girls who were 18- to 24-years-old, and the use has proven to be quite successful.

This program for girls has achieved exceptional results for the girls in their academic and personal life.  It is a program that I have designed which incorporates spankings to achieve desired outcomes.  And it has been implemented so as to determine its efficacy in achieving desired results.  The outcomes have been exceptional.  When spanking is incorporated into the training program, the girls are much more productive and obedient.  Shown below is Daija exemplifying the spankings that the girls receive, especially during the first 2 weeks of training.

Spankings Received by Girls

(Click on all photos to see an enlarged version.) 


Paragraph Heading 1

Instructional programs that are implemented with no real consequences for girls who are disobedient, do not get their work done properly and on time, or who do poorly on their tests, provide no real incentive for the girls to work hard to achieve their own goals.  And, the emphasis must be on the girls wanting to achieve their own goals, rather than some false agenda imposed by someone else.

I also tell the girls that if they can achieve their own goals by any other means, then they should do so, since my program is very strict, they are expected to achieve excellent results, and they will be spanked hard if they do not.

Here I will mainly describe the need for spankings and when they are administered, since that is the main distinction between this program and others.  However, in practice, each girl is most often not spanked all that much. During the first couple of weeks they will be spanked almost every day and most often 2, 3 or more times a day.  But after that, with some exceptions, the number of spankings each girl gets is more like 2 or 3 a week, and then even fewer as the girl adjusts to what is expected.  After a couple of months they may only need 2 to 4 a month.

However, there are some girls who require continuing and frequent spankings.  It just all depends on the girl and what her goals are-the more difficult her goals, the more spankings she will need.  For example, it is reported that Carly Simon, a singer, needed to be spanked before every performance, since it helped her to perform better.  It is also reported that Corina Ungureanu, Olympic-champion gymnast, was repeatedly spanked by her coach, top-ranked gymnastics coach, Belu.  But, Corina said this about the spankings she received:

Gymnast Corina about Spankings

Although spankings of girls are most notable in athletic programs; e.g.,Tonya Harding (ice skating), Martina Hingis (tennis player), Mary Pierce (tennis player), and Dominique Moceanu (gymnast) to name a few—for academic and personal pursuits, the same is required for many girls who want to excel at what they do.  Of course, those are the girls who I frequently focus on and it may provide a distorted view of just how many girls need to continue to be spanked frequently after the first two weeks.  But, of course, this is a spanking site!

My program was developed with the assistance of some of the girls being trained.  When one girl was being given an orientation of what she would be expected to do during her training; i.e., she was told that she would have to get up and present business reports to other girls; she said:  “You are going to have to make me do that.  Spanking me would help.”  So, each day that she was to give a report, she was made to bend over my knee to be spanked before being sent up to the podium to give her report.

Spanked Before Giving Report


Paragraph Heading 2

Before giving a detailed description of the program, I will present an overview of the spankings that the girls receive.  As seen below, disobedient girls are immediately spanked hard and, as a result, they do very well.

Punishing H-E Academy Girls 2

But, the most important aspect of the girls’ training and the reason for their exceptional results is that they live and work under a program of “High-Expectations”.  They are expected to accomplish a lot, are praised for exceptional work, and are spanked hard when they do not achieve desired results.  [It is noted that there is more to the program than the techniques described here.  Much of what is needed cannot simply be described, but one must learn how to obtain "High-Expectations".]

Part of the success for the program is that the girls are supervised very closely, are given strict dress requirements, and are firmly spanked when they disobey or misbehave.

Most often the girl is taken to her room to initiate her punishment as she is made to undress.  Then she is made to present her bare bottom to be spanked, whether OTK, kneeling on her bed, bending over in some manner, … whatever the position she is then spanked hard.  Then she will be made to assume at least 2 more positions for her further punishment.  See the photo below:

Punishing H-E Academy Girls 1

It is important that a girl is spanked long and hard enough that she knows she has been spanked and will change her behavior to avoid being spanked again.

However, another girl I interviewed stated very simply:

“I believe that if a girl does not do what she is told, she should be spanked immediately, and punished more if you think she needs it.”

Shown below are girls who were given immediate spankings, and then had to report to be stripped naked and spanked again.  Girls are spanked as required, regardless of who is present.

Girls Lining Up to be Spanked

In this program, the girls frequently must be spanked on a daily basis for the first couple of weeks or so until they understand that their obedience and proper behavior will be obtained.  After that, and after they begin to see the results of such strict control, they may only require to be spanked once or twice a week, although some continue to need more frequent spankings for the first couple of months or so.  Some girls, however, will need fairly frequent spankings just to keep them motivated to do their best.  And, only their best is accepted.  If a girl is capable of getting an “A” in a course, and instead gets a “B” because she did not study properly, she will be spanked very hard.

Another aspect of their training is that they must learn to be totally submissive to their Headmaster.  Many punishment sessions in other programs result in a girl being given Corner-Time.  At High-Expectations Academy, the girl is made to submit to impress on her that she will be obedient.  See the photo below:

Punishing H-E Academy Girls 3

In this program, the first two weeks is for the proper orientation of the girl where she learns that she will be obedient and behave properly, or will be spanked hard.

A further control-technique is to make the girl report for a daily evaluation at 8:00 in the evening.  She will report to the living room where she will be stripped naked and made to stand at attention.

Punishing H-E Academy Girls 6

Then, as shown above, she will be taken OTK and spanked.


Paragraph Heading 3

Shown below are details about the training program.  Again, the emphasis is on required spankings that the girls receive since that is the distinctive difference between this program and other, less challenging programs.  Again, however, after the first couple of weeks or so, most girls will need to be spanked one 1 to 4 times a month or so–it just depends on what the girl needs to succeed.

Academy Program 2

Academy Program 3

Academy Program 4

Academy Program 5

Academy Program 6

Girls are expected to do exactly as they are told.  They are closely supervised and spanked when they disobey.  To see Kyndall get spanked for not taking her bath when ordered, click on the photo below.

KyndallOrdered2TakeBath_ 9

To see Kyndall get spanked again to further her punishment, click the photo below.

KyndallsBedtimeMurgha_Naked 4

Of course, girls are just spanked whenever they need it, and often they will be spanked in the living room as shown below.

Academy Program 7

To see this spanking, click the photo below.


Academy Program 8

If you want to be strictly controlled and spanked when you disobey or misbehave, please contact me and tell me about yourself.  Also, send several photos of yourself, at least one headshot and one full-length.  If you want to send nude photos that will be alright, but is not required.  Tell me why you want to be spanked in order to achieve your goals.  These programs are not free and will cost a minimum of $200.00 for a weekend session.  Longer programs generally cost $200.00+ per day depending on what you want to achieve.  You can contact me at:  Headmaster@SpankedCoeds.com.

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