Are 18+-year-old Girls Actually Spanked-at-Home? Part 1 of 4.

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Following the Overview, this is the first of 4 reports concerning girls who are 18+-years-old and who are still spanked-at-home for discipline and punishment.

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As cited in the Overview, there are more such girls being spanked-at-home than one might suspect, although not so many that one might actually know someone.  However, if one lives in a conservative community—Amish or strict Baptist or Reformed Christian, etc.—one will most likely find more girls being spanked than in more urban cities or “progressive” and “enlightened” communities.  But, even in larger cities, there are probably more girls being spanked than one might believe.  However, with only 5% of the girl population being spanked, and most of them not really letting anyone know that they are, one can only rely on various anecdotal “evidence” to suggest that some of the girls you meet daily may still be getting spanked-at-home.  The following provides some insight into these spankings and relate what has been seen as the more prevalent trend.

Part 1of4, 1  Here Stephanie reports to her bedroom to be spanked.  She removes her gown and proceeds to bend over her Daddy’s knee to be spanked.  Girls are spanked most often in their bedroom, and those who are spanked in their bedroom are most often spanked naked.  The norm seems to be that they are told that they are going to be spanked, possibly at dinner, told when to report to their room and to “get ready” to be spanked.  Although the dad normally does the spanking, the mom will most likely be standing there watching and telling the dad if the girl needs to get spanked more or harder.  This was the case when I mentored Nancy in Orlando.  Her mom most often said that I should spank her longer and harder.  Her mom was also the one who would frequently make Nancy remove her clothes and bring her to me to be spanked.

Part 1of4, 13  The next most frequent place to be spanked is in the living room or family room.  Again, in Orlando, I spanked both Nancy and her mom, Karen.  And, quite often I would spank them both at the same time, which would be in the family room.  They both had to strip naked and take their turn over my knee as I would use a paddle or hairbrush on them.  Most often these would be 3×3-minute spankings; i.e., I would start with Nancy over my knee and spank her for 3 minutes, and then take Karen over my knee and spank her for 3 minutes, and then repeat the spankings 2 more times.  That way they would each see the other being spanked, and they would each have time to think about the next spanking they were going to get.  When they were waiting, they had to kneel in front of me to wait.

Part 1of4, 12  Also, when girls are spanked in the family room, they are most often spanked in front of others, they may or may not be naked, and more than one girl may be spanked at the same time.  In the 1940’s and 1950’s during family gatherings on a farm, one or more girls would be seen or heard getting spanked either inside in the family room or outdoors.  It didn’t make much difference—if a girl was going to get spanked, she was just spanked on the spot wherever that would be.

Part 1of4, 2  Stephanie’s Daddy administers a blistering spanking with her hairbrush as she kicks and cries.  When spanked in the bedroom the girl is frequently spanked with a hairbrush and often spanked harder than when spanked in front of others.  A girl in Laredo, Texas, was spanked for 5 minutes during a party she was having—specifically for having a party(!)—and she was taken to her room and spanked very hard as her “guests” listened to her screaming and crying.  Then the dad went back to the party room and told the guests:  “You can leave now so I can get back to finishing the spanking she is getting.”  They left and he gave the girl another spanking.

Seen below is a short clip of the spankings that both Stephanie and Desiré received.  The spankings that these girls receive are very similar to the ones I give when spanking more than one girl at a time.

Part 1of4, 3

There have been numerous discussions concerning whether or not girls who are 18+-years-old are actually spanked at home for discipline or punishment.

This is a 4-part series report on this topic, in addition to the Overview.

There doesn’t seem to be much question but that 18+-year-old girls are definitely spanked by their boyfriends, but that is not the question.  Being spanked by a boyfriend seems to be most common as a part of sex, although some girls are also punished by being spanked by their boyfriends.

The question is:  “Are 18+-year-old girls spanked at home by their daddy, uncle, aunt, or someone else for discipline or punishment?”  And, if the girls are spanked, how are they spanked—position, implement used, clothed or naked, etc.?

Part 1of4, 4  Most girls are spanked bare-bottom, even if they do keep their clothes on, or some of their clothes.

Part 1of4, 5  However, many girls are spanked naked.

I became interested in this question back in the late 1950’s and 1960’s when I was at The Ohio State University.  While in school, I started teaching freshman and sophomore math courses when I was 19 as well as I also operated a typing business and hired several girls as typists to prepare student papers.  One, in particular, recounted her spankings by her mother and the fact that her mother was making preparations for her own elder-care to be sure that her daughter would never take care of her!  The concern by the mother, of course, was that the daughter would then take out on her the spankings that she had given to her daughter.  At the time of our discussion, the girl was 20-years-old and was still being spanked by her mother.

I also instructed karate at the time and one of my students asked what she could do about her mother who was still spanking her at home.  This girl was 21 at the time.

Now, not only was it becoming clear that girls who were 18-years-old or older were still being spanked-at-home, it was also becoming apparent that “daddy” was not the one necessarily doing the spanking—in many cases it was the mom, or if dad was doing the spanking, mom was encouraging him to spank her longer and harder.   88% are spanked by the dad, but frequently that is because he can spank the girl harder.  That was the case when I took over the discipline of Nancy.  Nancy’s mother could no longer spank her as hard as was needed and Karen welcomed the mentoring and discipline that I gave Nancy for that very reason.

Part 1of4, 6  OK, she’s not her “mom”, but it is still a girl-on-girl spanking!  And, Daija just does a great job of spanking a girl!

As I’ve noted, from 1964 to 1966 I mentored a girl, Nancy, in Florida as she went to a community college.  Since she lived with her single mom, she was also being spanked by her mom, but wanted and needed more firm corrective-attention.  Her mom could no longer give Nancy the spankings she needed.  Nancy contacted me and asked if I would mentor her and spank her when necessary.  Of course, I agreed.  Smiley Faces-1  The point here is that when I did spank her, it was her mom who always wanted me to spank her harder and longer, and would frequently bring her to me to spank.

Part 1of4, 7  Nancy was frequently brought to me by her mother so that I could spank her.  Various implements were used, but normally she would have to bring me her paddle (rather than a ping-pong-paddle, although one was also used on Nancy at times when I wanted to focus more on each cheek individually).  Nancy had to keep both her paddle and strap hung on the inside closet door in her bedroom so every day when she opened the closet she would be reminded of what was probably going to happen to her that day, and she had better work hard to behave herself and get all of her work done properly.

In fact, her mom was very open about the need for spankings, even her own.  Soon after I started controlling Nancy, I also started controlling and spanking her mom, Karen, for domestic-chore problems.  And, when I did, if Nancy was present, Karen still got stripped naked and spanked.

Part 1of4, 9  As shown here and below, both Nancy and Karen were spanked in front of each other.  Karen wanted Nancy to see her getting spanked so that she learned that “spanking is all part of a loving and caring family.”

Part 1of4, 8  Most often, when Nancy or Karen were spanked OTK, a paddle was used on them.

Part 1of4, 10  Bedtime spankings were also quite common for both of the girls.  And, at bedtime, a hairbrush was most often used so a more focused spanking could be administered to each cheek.  Bedtime spankings were normally administered for 3 minutes—150 or 300 strokes, depending on which hairbrush was used (the regular hairbrush (300), or a hard, blistering hairbrush (150)).  Spankings that consist of just a few strokes, fewer than 50, are really of little value.  A girl has to be spanked long enough so that she will actually remember her spanking.  And, she has to be spanked hard enough to make a real effect on her behavior.  Light taps are of little value and are actually more frustrating for the girl than corrective.

Of even better benefit is to whip the girl.  Seen below is a short clip of the whippings that Nancy and Karen received before bedtime.  Not all Before-Bedtime Spankings are OTK.  Nancy and Karen were made to present their bare bottoms as shown here since they were frequently punished in this manner during the day or evening.  When they were, they would be told to go to their room and “get ready for your whipping”.  When I entered their room, they had better be laying face-down on their bed with their hips over a pillow so I could get right to work on their bottom.

Part 1of4, 11

Part 2 will be presented soon.

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